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  Sastra Inggris Unikom The Role of “So” Construction in Constructing Text Cohesiveness in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice INTRODUCTION

Background to The Study

  1 Research Questions

  2 Objectives



  6 Classification and Analysis Data

  7 Conclusion


  Communication  Written  Communication  Oral 


  1. Background to The Study

  2. Research Questions

  1. What Kinds of Cohesive device is

  1. What Kinds of Cohesive device is

contained in “So” Construction ?

contained in “So” Construction ?


2. What the types Cohesive Device is


2. What the types Cohesive Device is

appeared in each Cohesive Device appeared in each Cohesive Device in “So” Construction? in “So” Construction?

  3. Syntactic Function which is

  3. Syntactic Function which is

  3. Objectives


1. To classify kind of cohesive device contained on “so”


  1. To know the types cohesive device is appeared in Cohesive device in “so” construction?

  4. Significance to Knowledge

  In this research is The role “so” construction in constructing Text cohesiveness in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice describes about kinds of cohesive device in “so” construction, Types of each cohesive device occurred in the construction, and also syntactic function in construction. Hopefully, this research can be helpful for all reader, expecially For students of English Department to help them .

  Then, this research can be reference for the next Research.

  Novel Novel 5. Framework of The Theories

  “So” construction “So” construction Cohesion Cohesion Cohesive Device Cohesive Device Substitution Substitution Conjuction Conjuction Ellipsis Ellipsis Syntactic Function Syntactic Function

  6. Method Method  used  in  this  research  is  descriptive.  According  Budiharso  (2007)  in  Buku  Panduan  Lengkap  Menulis  Karya  Ilmiah;  that  is  conducted  by  describing  data  analysis  and  presenting 


7. Classification and Analysis Data 

  1. Classification Phrases: So as substitution

  • So as Ellipsis 

  So as Conjunction

  1. The Analysis of so as Substitution Clause Data 1 “is that his design in settling here?” Design ! Nonsense , how can you talk so! But it is very likely that he may fall in love with one of them, and therefore you must visit him as soon as he Comes. (P&P: 4) Analysis

  Base on example above, can see part sentence that Substitution “so” is clause “is that his design in settling here?. This clause is dependent forming interrogative sentence. The “so” construction Including cohesive clause substitution.

  Moreover, complete construction this sentence


  1. Construction “so” found as the clause

substitution, noun substitution, and adjective


  3. Conjunction “so” found as coordinating Conjunction


4. Types syntactic function each substitution,

Ellipsis, and conjunction as object or complement .

  Thank You