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The Yangquan Women Writers Group

Seasons of Woman Maggi Carstairs

  The Young girl is the spring when she smiles And shares her delight in being alive

  A part of the World A growth of joy

  The maiden loves and weds And brings another Spring into her world.

  She now becomes the Summer Rich and ripe

  Glowing in warmth and love The summer wine

  When spring becomes a bride and brings forth Another spring

  Summer becomes the autumn Harvesting her prime for the wealthy

  Of the future Mature and fulfilled, a happy time Alas the winter wind blows cold, and soon the autumn Fades to winter wind

  Alone again, the woman Bides her time Knowing that she has

  Left a legacy behind

Full Moon Maggi Carstairs

  Last night I woke to bright light on my face The window shone like day

  I opened all and stood and gazed At the full moon in the sky Memories came rushing back to me My father angry when the moon was full

  Full of unspent passion Mother crying softly in the room

  Children huddled together scared And I, the artist, singing at the moon

  Laughing at the beauty all around Then overcome with joy

  Holding hands and walking in the night Love Under the blossom trees of youth

  So full of life The God’s laugh at the mortals

  So in tune with moonlight The farmer watches for his crop The tides pour in and overtake their boundaries

  Marking time until the next full Moon

Memory Marguerite Carstairs

  Pink roses When I breathe their scent

  The old house with the roses floods my senses Taking me to a past where

  Young and free Roses ruled my life Musk and Opium The first perfume ever bought for me

  Heavy and nauseating Cloying

  Making me feel ill enough To return the gift

  And cry Roast Meat

The first meal in a friend’s new home

  Tempting the invitation Titillating the tastebuds

  Yearning for the meal to be done With gravy and horse radish

  The scent of God My favourite scent

  The odour of a new baby Washed and fresh

Johnson’s baby shampoo

  Smelling of Talc and milk and baby smells The infant in my arms

  All mine

Cicada Tune Wenjin

  The early autumn cool The chrysanthemu m petal lace long The moonlight fulfilled the window The sight is enriched wither and fall

  The twilight mist and clouds thin The wild geese rare and gone The cicada is crying and the campaign frostbitten The sun is setting

  The crane is returning Where th e wine is being boiled For the drinkers sharing the fragrance

Dream Wenjin

  The dream awakened me at midnight While the moon wildly lit at bed

  The sleepless is only caused by The dear daughter three hundred miles afar

  The tea leaves dry and the coffee cold The refreshment is helpless for the uneasy feeling

  The stars darkened then the dewdrops formed This only made me sentimentally heart broken

  Bitterly disappointed, a poem Might murmur for a heart frame Take the rhythm of rain as music

  And recall darling my sweet heart

Blooming Wenjin

  A glance of your motion With meticulous care of solicitude

  Rare to see your romance of congenial feeling What makes you so deeply ingrained

  Though we have already been engaged You are yet as ever lackadaisical still

  At night and bed you appeared so naive Facing the moon you lost the sense of smile

  The bridal wedding festival did not win your passion What spirit will you intend to play your heart string

  Men and women vary fundamentally common Women are naturally born to be of sheer infatuation

Embrace the Sun Wenjin

  Oh the misty dream at night Why always flickering now and then

  Pack up your bitter smiles To face the sun with your endless lovesickness

  Oh the mysterious moon Why always shifting imperfection

  Pack up your stingy light adorn To accumulate the experience of happiness and suffering

  Oh the sentimental sun Who guides your rotation

  Even if you upsurge audaciously

  Forget all of your disasters To embrace the mundane ideal life at hand

  Why not chase the sun`s enthusiasm To eliminate all the plaintiveness of mankind

Village Morning Wenjin

  Accommodated a fortnight in the village Then immersed in the morning rosy glow

  Following a leisurely walk under heaven The autumn breeze wield the pure clouds The grape vine wave up the village fence Silver beard chrysanthemum reveals the herbal aroma The farmland depict a portrait of bump harvest The loess fertile the green pines Lime stones carve into golden statues Upon the slops lay out snowy pears Over the valley hang rich fruits Beans are planted in the southern plot Ramie is growing in the northern ridges Dripping irrigation project is gurgling on The farmers are praising their ready crops

Peach Flower for Friends Wenjin

  A morning tour in Xiling space A peach garden is at pace Ample fragrance is permeated Spring breeze is beaming around Close up for the rosy petal That every piece is new and fresh So lovely is the posture of peach trees That appreciation is beyond any words

For the Ladies` Writing Club Wenjin

  Again, a new year is coming And the club is full of spring In the female world of writing The ladies excel in their profession Your effort is linked with passion And your creation is outstanding Beautiful lines exhibit your talents That your works enjoy best reading Your blog space is ever shining Your literary pursuits compete with wine You are advancing but not alone The Red- maned -horse carries you to win

Ages Wenjin

  Ages wait for no man Life is like a painting Hard hacking results in no path Harsh vain only for infinite pain Ancient bricks and classic tiles display the art Beg to be dedicated for half the life Repent to recollect the past with wine Fresh verse is less lingering than classic style

Autumn Wind Wenjin

  Autumn wind, dew and swift Swallows up the gorgeousness of the nature Ought to smash the restless of the innermost Ages change with seasons.

  Autumn wing, I saw you Tacitly shift over from spring and summer With wafting rainfall Sing the morning tune to winter The hell on earth implied inextricable pain The rights and wrongs of times keep you alive Life is much like the moon in the water As well as the stars falling

  Never again complain the pent-up merciful feeling Only wish to compose a page of writing Intersperse the leaves of my soul By a light vessel, fleeing

The Finger and the Orchid Wenjin

  Overcast With hazy vapour Get the fishes around me The vestige of lotus lasts none Only remain the soul

  No rain The orchid cuddled the autumn fish The curly petals Roll off a drop of grievance

Gossip Wenji

  The gossip knife Cut off time On the lips Stamped fiery marks Your happiness

  My distress Could only be gulped down myself Fortunately I Determined to Warm up myself in the late autumn night


  The splendour of orchid The fervently hope of youth No way To count the past No tears To clear up yesterday

  Winter Lan

  The cloudy sky Forecasts the storm Tide over the discursive winter With mighty and mind

Autumn Rhyme Wenjin

  The umbrella trees turning yellow And lotus leaves formed dew

  And accusing the wind and coldness The maple tree is spectacular like fire While the falling leaves laden with sorrow The passing travellers hurried no halt In the gentle and pleasant autumn

We are the Beauty of the Country Wenjin

  Women`s party Women`s gathering Women, Chinese women

  New China gives women chance to win Women`s kingdom is not only kitchen We are the country`s beauty, women Women are also wealth creation Men , too, are products of women Women are the pride of the history Women are the Godess of the society Since there is woman The world becomes harmonious as wind and rain Since there is woman Man`s love is dwelled within Dear friends, Dear sisters We`ve brought the gentle spring breeze

  We are the paragons of the community We are the body guards of the family We are the pillar of the society We are the beauty of the country ,

I am the God Wenjin

  I am a slice of cloud in the heaven That casually shadows you your affection

  Or lost in self satisfaction It`s my firm belief that God exists nowhere in this habitat If you are reluctant to abandon Take me as him for your imagination

The Story of the Stone Qiu Tingyu

  The poem on the handkerchief forwarded sheer infatuation That led to grievous nights windy wailing and rainy weeping

  And so the classic book revealed her lovesickness The golden saying like ideal marriage led to mutual regret And the numb swear faded into clouds and mists The Yihong compound stood not for true lovers As if entering the Buddhist temple with her own wishful dreams

Departure Guo Xiuying

  The rain beyond the windows Would not clear up the loneliness

  Just like the drowsy rain Banned my feelings Weakened my emotions The desolate color Is so much monotonous The past unusual days Like wind and rain Still marked over the lake With your strolling shadows As if a deformed dancer That contained my tears of endless love

Warm Spring Yang Huiqin

  With endless breeze and rain The willow trees put forth green buds

  The hillside is all over blushed Green grain shoots and vibrates Like kites flicker to skies Hills over hills The terraced fields look like paintings With hoes ploughing the earth The sweats irrigate the bumper harvest

Dream Kongyunge

  There are things That only occurs in a dream

  Or in the wall that is invisibly leaking Dream is a deformed shadow That lies underneath the pillow Dream and myself Reality or illusion

Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai Butterfly Love By Kongyunge

  Intractable situation and inextricably love A love story into butterfly

  Out fly a set of music Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai The butterfly lovers Circled around the butterfly wings A love story of butterfly So beautiful and so dreamy So many lovers Comes no round end So much round ending We’re not satisfied Like the love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

I am Only a Woman Kongyunge

  I am only a woman Sometimes

  And feel romantic Enjoy make ups and lie into the soft bed Quivering Poem is the feeling abuse Keep on writing until More and more poems published What else if could Make myself moved My eyes changed thin And the face long Changed into a stranger that May be Another true self

  I am more like a "girl" I`d like to see The final pattern of myself I`d like to know if I could accept the changed "pea"

Afternoon Kongyunge

  A Sunday afternoon In the sunshine

  As well as proper distances With understandable language And familiar gestures Recite what has all been said I am more like a piece of glass That picked from trash bin And could be easily neglected You and I have noticed the dusts on either side The point is that how to clear them up

At the Moment Kongyunge

  At the moment My mind comes to a standstill As if a tired horse Without any desire Also like a piece of hard stone Without any sense of pain Calm as I am Like a bystander Or an empty photo frame Seems to suggest anything But fail to express anymore

Two Men Kongyunge

  Two men Face to face At times Like two blocks of stone And silence is gold Two men Face to face At times Like two waves of climax And language is the weapon Two men

  At times Like two vines of roots That twines round each other Two men Face to face At times Like a double edged sword That shines like thunder lightening at night Two men Face to face At times Like two sparse stars That hangs about in the remote skies

Success Kongyunge

  Success Needs no complaints Silent rock Often competes with the roaring sea When you hastily leave spring And enter into summer The autumn fruits are almost Hanging all over the branches The youth only regrets Not the fidgets But the bashful hands

Frame of Heart Kongyunge

  Strolling in the street In a frame of heart Although the sky is clear I have the sun in my mind Following the crowd Along the distant hills and wriggling path That undulates in the breeze As if to touch the forgotten warmth That reminds me of the windy time When wither and fall The hand waves high above the clouds Disappearing in the deserted illusion

Never Again Kongyunge

  I used to watch the train to and fro Over the platform bridge Like the common people Dwelled in this city And often wished To board on a flying carriage To another city outside I also dreamed to travel afar And watch the vast sea Where sea gulls fly into the blue sky But now the dream becomes only a dream

  Neither because of having no time Nor having finished The illusion of travelling But for some Inexplicable reasons Like a blooming flower A bird flew away From the cage Under the bright moon light Was it a bizarre and a false tale? But the bird in the cage would never be seen again Maybe The bird`s cage would not have been for the bird It is only a beautiful empty cage

Mind Kongyunge

  I rejected all But lost no mind And so could see the bright moon In the vast night sky Tree leaves changed their color Naturally into yellow My mind belongs to myself No need to pack it and hide I talked on and on And laid on the mother earth That greened the grass, and my mind

  Driving away the coldness The truth of thought Would ward off any wound A non-poetic poet Would be like time and tide Counteracting the river`s light Doves flew into the blue sky And inspired the bright sun Which of you can hold their soft wings in your hand?

Be a Cat Kongyunge

  If you have next life Be a cat And be yourself Enjoy freedom If you have next life be a cat Save yourself and act by yourself Feed yourself without using money Feed yourself fish without fishing yourself If you have next life Be a cat Care of nothing around you Care free of food and clothing

  And be envied by others Therefore when you are carefree You would think of a cat If you have next life What would you intend to be Be a cat And enjoy samsara If you have next life Be a cat Not a man

Everyone Has a Pair of Wings Han Yue

  Everyone has a pair of wings That can help you fly trippingly high Each plume is thick as palm With colourful lithe fragrance Everyone has a pair of wings That can help you dance alone in the dark Each circle would bring along the burning hot mind Each leap would link to the steady star Everyone has a pair of wings That can help make all days a bright spring Every morning-dew reflects the warm spring sun,

  Everyone has a pair of wings That can help you tide over rain or shine Each spiral would echo in the deep valley Each throb would emit heroic sound Everyone has a pair of wings That can increase our pride and staunch Rain or shine The tactful song would ripple in the bottom of our heart Everyone has a pair of wings That marked the brilliant wish So long as you strike the music notes The poetic future would flow like stream Everyone has a pair of wings

  That prints the dream like full moon Each spreading would shuttle the impede Each flight would manifest the vigorous spirit Everyone has a pair of wings That brings the colourful hope Stretch out the wins to greet the sun You would fly high in the sky with sunshine

Fountain Han Yue

  I stood in ceremony Before Muse And seemed to be in a resounding world Hearing afar the gentle voice of the poet The sun suddenly emerged And its rays spread into the pound Then splashed out like shining stars The sky was no longer closed round The universe became so much boundless Joyfully I rushed into the garden of thought Where there was a fountain That sprayed up into the heaven

The Thin Cloud Han Yue

  I am gratifying this hazy feeling The dry sky With tender and calm mood The clear eyes Brushing the light breeze The thin cloud Drifting the aroma of the peaceful life Gently, you

Smog Han Yue

  The sound of music faded into the tall buildings and shallow bushes The night scene is joyful with the moving flow of vehicles and people The lights were dim due to the wild branches and zigzag paths What a chilly night with a slender moon and sparse shadows The frost dropped no spot for the fallen leaves around the pavilions The few fishes in the pound were fancy to visit and sentimental The foot prints on the steps left almost invisible traces What a heavy heart that was filled with smog

The Sun Han Yue

  The mystical sun Brings morning with colourful hope The splendid sun Brings warmth with floating bright rays It is full of vitality Even if the cold autumn wind Blows away the golden fantasy It is so wilful that Everything is resounded with deep echoes When I observed the dissipation charged particles Striking the atmosphere of the North Pole light With cold and indifferent attitude

  From the world outside When I watched the bright summon sun From the window outside My eyes would gaze upon it and Volubly talked about The world and the window would Mirror into the blazing pupils of the eyes Frustrated, sudden dawned, look forwarded, relaxed Nothing would exist but Only the reflection and the eyesight Condensed into the light blue sky Generated the brightness that The primeval world

A Match Han Yue

  Light a match For myself If only to ignite a spark It gives warmth and Hinders away the sombre

Rainy Season Han Yue

  The blinding view Changes not the seasons of sky The murky sky Changes not the seasons of life The perplexed life Changes not the seasons of time The craving time Changes not the seasons of heart The baffled heart Changes not the seasons of somnolence

Introspection Wu Yan

  Facing nothing Examining over and again Designing a pattern Stiffen Dead Wooden Repeatedly emphasizing Like nothing And thus To start right now Staunch temper Is the sword

  With sharp blade facing the heart However Silence is gold Of course I understand

Autumn Tale Wu Yan

  In the autumn tale The falling leaves keep silent But buffeted by the wind

  In the autumn tale The stars are silent But only keep watching in the cold dark night In the autumn tale The rain occasionally rattles on As to complain the dreary hidden bitterness In the autumn tale the wind would often be stupefied That makes the wild scenery cowered off In the autumn tale the heart broken acciaccatura is beyond The implication of bleeding color In the autumn tale the dark shadow of loneliness remains heartrending With the nightingale melancholy singing

Deem Wu Yan

  It is deemed that If the moon was cheered by stars There would be joys in the lunar palace It is deemed that If the flower was foiled by leaves The delicacy would avoid the grief of wither and fall It is deemed that If there was light await the dark night The nightingale would sing without grief It is deemed that If the pen was ploughing over the paper The splendour would emerge out of blank

  It is deemed that If the magnificence was coming after dawn The weary bird would fly back to its nesting harbor It is deemed that If there was oasis in the desert Solitude would cast the emptiness It is deemed that If romance was created by angels in fables Devils would cease casting vicissitudes It is deemed that If heavenly promise was true to earnest There would be no sentimental regret It is deemed

Plum Guo Guangshu

  The autumn wind sweeps away the falling leaves And no flower trace can be discovered But only the plum is blossoming In the severe cold snow and wind The wind is howling under the faint moon The withered trees stand miserable and dreary But the plums appear to be waning In the cold moonlight with fragrance

  And the chrysanthemum is illustrious and influential But only the plum That is scheduled to seclusion blossom A speckle of redness outside the window Is reserved in the coldness with high aspiration The fusion of ice and snow embodying itself The plum manifests superb lofty nobleness alone A solitary wild goose spiralling in the sky And maple leaves piling in the frost woods But a glimpse of plum in the snow Seems as if the spring is waving to you

Awakening Meiyuan

  I am in a trance as if in a dream And so is the dream the same The blue sky is captivating but not as the clouds tempting The goshawk flies away the white dove flies away The little sparrow flies away So does my soul Only if you are hurricane That blows away the bewitching cloud And brings to light the captivating blue sky Where flies the goshawk The white dove the little sparrow And my soul

Duckweed Yin Liping

  In the liquid world I am the loneliest flower Floating to your vision sight But you know nothing About my meek mind In the riotous kingdom of profusion The lotus is delicate

  And the fish is charming But I alone remain silent With some plain flowers For the gentleness of my mood I care neither being luxuriant Nor withered My own aloof life Only intend to dye the lake green When the heavy burden of lush is gone When the delicacy and vitality is vanished And when your life returns to normal I will appear before your eyes And enjoy with you the peaceful greenness

The Spring Wind Yanzhen

  The wind in the March Like a little girl From the mountain valley With a cluster of small bells, Green skirt And a wild lily on her temples The spring wind With a few whistling sound That startled the ladies And delighted the farmers The spring wind Naughtily runs away

  But her trace on the land Would bear fragrance The spring wind Running ahead Burst out laughing For the wonderful view sight

Departure Yan Zhen

  When departed You hand over to me a cup of wine Was it to tell that departure was so bitter So irritating and Uneasy You looked so careless Let the music Flowing over the floor, the table and the shoes But found nobody wearing farewell expressions You murmured That the shop was out of stock While I quickly Or maybe casually finished the drink So that to acquiesce that departure was daily routine

Autumn Whisper Zhang Jinqi

  Time returns to the juvenile season The innocent grinning is delightful With illusion and giggling Dreaming of the swift seasonal shift The unceasing pleasure of friends Is emerged into the falling leaves and sound flowing When enjoying the autumn scenery with friends The tinkle jingling of piano echoes round Gaze freely in the distance Relaxed and happy A full vision of verdant richness That glows the lingering feelings

Cicada`s Singing Zhang Jinqi

  The shade of trees in midsummer is like sea wave The cicada `s singing echoes outside the window Life is but a span and flies like an arrow Four seasons pass on mercilessly as rivers flow But a cheerful frame of mind is better than sweet dew Harmonious existence is that of the paradise above Never weigh down rashly by superficial view A sunny tomorrow will be another day for you

Fogs Zhai Suying

  Amidst the fogs As if entering the mirage Dancing dazedly in the dreamland The heart is overflowing in the floating cloud By every means The cloud is scattering with myriads of golden rays The dream is glowing in the sunshine The heart is flying in the cloud

Flowing Years Zhai Suying

  Time flows like rivers Washing away the riotous memory traces Time rushes like songs Singing hoarsely the loving melodies Time is like dreams Reflecting the endless wishful mirages Time is like poems Reciting the infinite rousing chapters

Pondering Wang Xiaoqing

  Time steps away speechlessly Lapsing with the wind When autumnal tins cover the ground Would you remind me If it is worth of the trouble Picking up the lost memory Away flow the perturbed mind Cashing in on the afterglow Recollect in dreamland the memory

Women, the Moon and the River Zhang Jinghong

  Trace along the Nile civilization For the riotous brilliance The torch lights on the horizon The river tide rolls on Washes the history clean Record a flash of time for yourself Leap over the revival daybreak Embroider your gorgeous costume With the frost dyed leaves Inscribe your farsight and gentleness With the multi-coloured blazing clay Women, the moon and the river

  To embrace the seas and the earth With ecliptic oriental civilization By the indomitable

Noah’s ark

  Where the cable soft, the net deliberate Sowing the seeds of hope and Look forward to the bumper harvest

You and I

  Just like the sky and sea Of the same color And generous without boundary You and I Just like the sky and sea The white cloud and the waves Agreeable to each other like mirror You and I Just like the sky and sea The waves high, the fishes happy The boat in the cloud with you and me

Wink Yuge

  You lingered in the air And then gradually disappeared Like the ten finger tips Murmuring an elegant song I glanced at you through the twigs And peeped of you from the meadow A wisp of breeze just past by And the frail drizzle would approach It was deemed that Like this I was predestined But agilely I rejected

  Yet the stars were still glittering The sun is shining over the world The white cloud is in the sky floating Yet you will be soon The tempting stars and the magic moon Again

Street Lamp Li Xianghui

  Stand the test of desolation Embraced by endless solitariness The silver threads are tied far and wide Equally into a network Steady current Sufficient light Carries radiance and convenience Oh street lamp Never be tempted by the exorbitance around And stand fast your own mission Never flaunt your presence Those like a shining monument

Buddha Cao Yanhong

  Approach to you With the black and white solemn Approach to the roughly carved stone platform Approach to the haughty golden cypress Approach to the pilgrims` worshipping rush cushion Approach to the magnanimous breadth of vision With only a spell of silence Leave out the disillusioned human world And also the rugged and rough trudge journey Won`t it be approaching to your spirit Won`t it be forever Stand aloof from the mortal world

Memory Xiaoqin

  A pretty red autumnal leave Clipped between pages Attracts the vision sight And memory The wordy memory Is alongside the leave No explanation is pardonable Between the two The petty red leave Like a flickering lotus Hiding in between the chapters Retain the unfading memory

  As pleasing as love As limiting as the remotest world The red leaves amongst the book pages Joins the veins of the memory 早 春 廉艳红 隆冬 披起厚厚的絮衣 蹒跚地远行 原野 山庄

Early Spring Lian Yanhong

  The midwinter With the decoration of heavy snow Stretches far and wide The country and the villages Look like a painting The sun is amidst a hazy view Ever so gentle The midwinter In the interim Finally alters lean A tract of lush greenness Emerges in the end

  At once The vast champaign Is full of life purity A new lease of vitality Is reviving already 发 现 小岸

  给我一滴水 我会听到一枕海水声 给我一叶草 我会梦到大草原 可是—— 给我一颗心

Discovery Xiaoan

  From a drop of water I could hear the voice of the sea From a piece of leaves I could imagine the prairie But From a heart What could I discover? 四月 小岸

  四月,人们纷纷涌向郊外 只有你一个人 留在了城市

April Xiaoan

  In April Everyone was pouring out Only you alone Remained in town With tears and rain Dyed the lilac green outside the window As well as the grave Oh April You seemed to be the bridal maid At the lilac yard With gentle breeze eyes

  With rich flourish looks Oh April There is always similar occurrence That happens or repeats The tear drops Were easily shed In April In the rainy afternoon We stepped outside Appreciating the lilac Enjoying the musical sound of the wind As if having a reunion with you After a long separation

Mothers and Babies Xiaobai

  Mothers are the seasons While babies are Tender flowers in spring Running brooks in summer Rich fruits in autumn Snow flakes in winter Mother are the heaven While babies are Gorgeous clouds in the blue sky Ornamental stars at remote firmament A wisp of silver light in the morning A glowing of golden rays at sunset

  Mothers are farmland While babies are A grain of seeds in the soil A cup of mud of the yellow earth The rising sun from the horizon Mothers and babies are Genial breeze as gentle as poplar and willow Soaking spring rain staining like apricot petals Dense mist spreading all over the place Cheerful neon with romantic charming colors

Bosom Friend Ling Ling

  I`d wake up and find Mimi by my side I`d get home and see Mimi fast asleep I`d like Mimi greet me with miew miew I`d like Mimi attach me with her long beard I`d get up and see Mimi happily eating I`d get home and console Mimi her hairy head I`d run after school for Mimi with a light heart I`d run into home and chase Mimi with a ball around I`d think of Mimi when I get delighted I`d hold Mimi in arms when I feel distressed I`d chase Mimi around when I became contented

  Mimi is my intimate friend That we reasonably get along And not to see her get hurt We care for each other with heart Together we get along And share the happy moment

Questions and Answers Wang Hui (age 16)

  Do not ask about the size of the world It is not something to be measured Do not ask the answer of this question The ready answer is none better than your own brain work Do not imagine the darkness before the thunderstorm Close the windows and your eyes Just listen to the hubbub of the nature Do not be curious about the vicissitudes of the forefather The wrinkled implication is the best answer Do not fuss about anything That only the studious probe Provides the vivid answer

Cloud Dong Xueqin (age 11)

  In the sky Floating the white cloud Flashing And Dazzling In the morning When the sun arises The white cloud Dyed into light red Ever so bright At dusk

  The white cloud Turns into tangerine Ever so magnificent How I fancy you The white cloud And a leisurely life In the vast sky I like you indeed The white cloud

Men`s Tears Yin Liping

  Men, men`s tears Men`s tears are turbid blood Men`s tears are pure wine Men`s tears are soluble Men`s tears are vibrating But men do not easily shed tears Man cherish their tears as their lives Like soda men`s tears are bitterly infused into life Like salt men`s tears are soaked sorely into the wound Men`s tears Men`s tears are hale and hearty

  Men`s tears are shed in the dark The soft pillow Accept all sort of wind and rain Men`s tears are dripped into heart The rinsy tears Manifest the obstinate and unruly feeling Man, men`s tears Tears with agitation Oh, men`s tears


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