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(The Rector o f Uni\rc.rsitas Negeri l'atlang)
?'he proceedings of the International Ser~~iriar
of Cizograpl\y, blaster I'ro~ram of Geograpliy Etluc:ltion. Faculty of
Social Science, Universitas Negeri Pada~ig,Indoncsla. is a serious effort and hard work to improvl: t'lc research
ability of the students of Master Program (S?) of Geography I:tlucation Faculty of Social Scienc2, Universitas
Negeri Padang, so the level VlII of the KKNI (the National Qualifications Framework of Indonc,;ia) c2.n bc achieved
well. This seminar is the final stage of tl:e activities of the Study and Research of Geography ,n 2016 which were
carried out in Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia on July 1 3 ' ~ ,3016 i ~ r t i lAugust I"',
20 16 that is hoped to build the research-based acaden~icatrnosphere conditions in the Master Program oPGeography
Education, Faculty of Social Science, llrliversitas Negeri Padang, so that it will develop into i.xccllencc and high
quality study program.
The good performance indicators of a study program can be assessed and measured from different azpc!cts. namely:
I . The productivity of high lcvel graduates
2. The completion of studies on timelaccording to schedule

3. The research-based academic learning
4. The commendable scientilic cornpeten-e ot'the gr2duates
5. The very small rate of failed or drop out students
6. The quality of student thesis at the level of VIII KICNI
Such conditions cannot be achieved without the hard ~ o i and
k good plnnning of the students and the kcturers as
well as the managers Master Program ( 5 2 ) of Geography Education, Faculty of Social Science, UniyiersitasNegeri
Padang. With the publication of the Proceedings of the International Seminar on the 2016 Geo~rnphyMaster
Program (S2) Geography Education, it is expected tbat all students and lecturers, as well as other rclatetl parties will
execut- the strategies teaching and learning process cfficientl)', effectively, independently and bssed cn research.


Ilniversitas Kegeri Padang- INI)OSESlr\

October 01.2016

October 20 I6
The Rector,

(The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Universitas Ncgcri 1'ad:lr~gr
The Faculty of Social S c i e ~ ~ c cofs Uniicrsitns N e ~ e r iPadang i s tryin;: the best to be a I5culty t iat is active
i r t :wived in creating the high cli~alityteaching force in accordance with the visiori : ~ n d mission of tht! Faculty
Social Sciences of Universitas Negeri Padang. The current conditions o f the Faculty o f Soci:.l Sciences
maintain r
Ilni*.;cr.;itasNegeri Padang has its 1irnit:itionc; however. it ivill continue to take reaconable steps
_:ndthe quality of education of S t . S2. and S3 level so that the graduates will bc qualifitd nntl ablt. to comp.:
in the world of work.
'Thc proceedings of the International Seminar of Geography 2016 with the theme "C;eospati:~l Rased Coas
Ecc~iourismManagement for Geography Teaching Material Development". Master- Pro~ranl(S?) 01. Geograp
T?d!~(-ation,Faculty of Social Science, Universitas Negeri Padang is the continuance o f the activitif:~orthe Study a
Kexarch of Geography in 2016 held in Relitung Regency, B a n ~ k aBelitung lslantis Provinc-;., Indonesia on J L
, 2016 until August I", 2016. It aims to build and create the graduates with hi~.hcompetency in !heir field
accord.lnce with KKNI (the National Qualifications Framework of Indonesia).
I t is hcrped that this activity can be conducted on an nngoing basis in order to provide good scientific r:ontributions

the students and the community, as well as the lecturers, and the college. hl\, great appreciation for the Iiead of I
Master- Program (S2) of Geography Education, Faculty of Social Science, U~ii\~ersitas
Negeri ['adan;: a;ld the teal
who have been working really hard, so that the students become accustonled to thc acadeu

r'ad;~n;:. October 2C
The De

Prof. Dr. Syafri 4nwar, M.

Universitas Negeri Padang- INDONESIA
Sntuyday, October 01,2016

(The Ilcad of 1M:istcr I'rogram of Geography Education,
Faculty of Soci;ll Science, Universitas Ncgeri Padang)

The proceedings of the International Seminar on Geokgraphy 2016 Master Program (S?) of Geozraph!. Education.

Faculty of Social Science, Universitas Negeri Padarlg with the theme "Geospatial Based Coastal Ecotourisrn
Management for Geography Teaching Material Development" is organized in order to provide complete information
about the results of the activities of the Study and Ressarch of Geography 2016 held in Belitung Regeqcy, Bangka
Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia on July 23"'. 2016 until August I", 2016. The descriptions in these proceedings
are the findings related to of maritime ecotourism, coastal conservation, damage to the coastal environment, and
sustainability education in coastal areas and islands which were examined in the perspective of the x i e n c e of
Geography, so it can be used by the lecturers in developins course materials and improving the qualily of student
The support and participation of all parties to continue to develop the qr~alityof academic-based research in the
Master Program (S2) of Geography Education, Faculty of Social Science, L1niversitas Negeri Padnnz is expected, so
that the graduates produced by the hlaster Program (S2) of Geographb Education, Faculty of Socia: Science,
Universitas Negeri Padang are in accordance with the standard quality set by the Government, the Rector and the
Dean, as well as by the study pro,oram.
My great appreciation for the Committee of International Seminar of Geoyaphy who have worked reslly hard for
the perfect execution of this seminar. Finally, it is admitted that this work. is not perfect yet. If there arc: errors or
deficiencies found, criticism and suggestiolis from all parties are welcomed for the improvement of this work.

Padang, October 20 16
The Head of Master Program of Gec)grapty Fducation,

Dr. Dedi FIcbmon, M P

Unibersiras %egeri Padang- li\'DO\ESI.\
Saturda!. October 01,2016