CommunicationProtocolType common operation parameters

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7.2 Operation request encoding

The encoding of operation requests shall use HTTP GET with KVP encoding and HTTP POST with XML encoding as specified in Clause 11 of [OGC 05-008]. Table 1 summarizes the WNS Service operations and their encoding methods defined in this specification. Table 1: Operation request encoding Operation name Request encoding GetCapabilities KVP and XML GetWSDL KVP Register XML UpdateSingleUserRegistration XML UpdateMultiUserRegistration XML DoNotification XML GetMessage KVP and XML

7.3 Operation exceptions

When a WNS server encounters an error while performing one of its operations, it shall return an exception report message as specified in Subclause 8.1 of [OGC 05-008]. The allowed standard exception codes shall include those listed in. For each listed exceptionCode, the contents of the “locator” parameter value shall be as specified in the right column. NOTE To reduce the need for readers to refer to other documents, the first six values listed below are copied from Table 19 in Subclause 8.3 of [OGC 05-008]. Table 2: WNS exception codes exceptionCode value Meaning of code “locator” value OperationNotSupported Request is for an operation that is not supported by this server Name of operation not supported MissingParameterValue Operation request does not include a parameter value, and this server did not declare a default value for that parameter Name of missing parameter InvalidParameterValue Operation request contains an invalid parameter value a Name of parameter with invalid value VersionNegotiationFailed List of versions in “AcceptVersions” parameter value in GetCapabilities operation request did not include any version supported by this server None, omit “locator” parameter InvalidUpdateSequence Value of optional updateSequence parameter in GetCapabilities operation request is greater than current value of service metadata updateSequence number None, omit “locator” parameter NoApplicableCode No other exceptionCode specified by this service and server applies to this exception None, omit “locator” parameter