A Youth's Thoughts Wael Hussein Bobsait



Thank you to the following people: My father: The man who raised me well and has done everything in order to make me the man who I am. A million thanks won't be enough to make up all the good that he has been doing for me.

  Dr. Waleed Ghandoura (Assistant professor of TESOL and composition at Umm Al-Qura University): Thank you for everything that you have given and still giving from precious advice, correcting my grammatical mistakes, trying to make each idea and poem clearer to

the reader, time, and huge support. I couldn't have done it

without your help and support.


  1-Waiting… 2-In My Heart You're the Only 3-You Don't Love Me? 4-Beautiful 5-She's Just a Mystery 6-My Pearls and Treasures 7-Illusions 8-May 9-No Sign of Her Today

10-After You Leave the Leaves Will Fall

11-Shall I Say I or Me? 12-Before My Ink Dries 13-Can't Write Anymore 14-My Red Rose 15-Where's the Other Half? 16-What to Do? 17-In Between 18-The Queen of My Heart

  21-The Unknown Side of Love 22-Through the Distance 23-A Message… 24-A Day Without You 25-Facts about Life 26-To the Doctor 27-Lost 28-Everything Reminds Me of You 29-A Letter to a Lover

30-How Did You Become My Priority?

Waiting… Waiting till I don't know where, my patience is going to take me

  Waiting till I don't know how much my patience is going to last. Hunted by the past, living in the present, and chasing a chance in the future to meet you.

  Days are passing away, and I'm still standing right here looking for you?! What kind of madness I've been through? How can I wait for someone who I never knew? I became lost on an ocean of thoughts, hoping to see your boat of hope.

  Take me out of there and let me gaze at your face. And make me see the one who I've wanted to face. Give me one reason for making me wait. Or at least tell me why you've been too late?! You left me there to face my fate, and walked away without saying why?!

  Begging to have a look at your face or to hear the tune of your voice.

  Why should my time be paid? And how can you repay the unable to pay? You tore my heart without a knife. You stole my days without possessing.

  You had my brain thinking about you, and you make my thoughts lost searching for you.

  And finally I have you in front of me, hearing your breath and listening to your heartbeat.

  Kissing your lips, touching your skin, and enjoying my time like I've never been.

  Holding you in my arms and making you warm from the cold years that done you so harm.

  I never knew that there are three moons, one in the sky and two in your eyes.

  Forgive me for being cruel with you. Forgive me for not understanding you though what you've been through.

  Now I don't regret my wasted time for you I would sacrifice my life.

  It wasn't I who meant to be hard with you. It wasn't time which made me count the days to see you.

  But it was love that made me crazy. It was love who lost me my sanity. It was love that made me hold on hope that one day you may appear before my last breath.

  It was love the main and only reason for all this.

  So please my love, forgive our love ….…

In My Heart You're the Only In my heart you're the only, and after you left I became lonely

  Alone in the dark, and hearing the bark in a cold winter looking for a spark.

  My life without you has no meaning. Like a dead garden covered with gloom.

  Like a lost ship in the middle of the Dead Sea where no one can see.

  If my prayers can bring you back to life, I would pray for you my whole life.

  And if your soul is still near, please ask her to tell you what she hears.

  My tongue is still saying your name. My eyelid is still covered with your image. And my eyes are still shedding heavy tears since you are gone.

  I tried, tried, tried, and tried. To forget your love and hold on tight.

  And as much as I hide I still clear.

  So tell me sunshine, what can I do? 'Cause I became blind for everyone but YOU.

  And how can I make this through? Without you?

You Don't Love Me?

  You don't love me? What's the matter? You forgot our old days? Like a glass shattered? You stoned your heart from a true love? You froze your ears from listening to my speech? So now my words became heavy on your ears? And my love became something you can't bear? And now you say that I wasn't enough clear? And my absence doesn't deserve your tears? What brought you this hardness my beloved? To be ruthless with the one who always loved? To keep me in the prison of your attraction spill!? Why did you abandon me to your woods of pain? Why did you take my brain so I'm no longer sane? And finally you say goodbye during the heavy rain? As if there's no passion runs through your vein? Now I understand. Because of you, I won't fall in love again.

Beautiful I peered at her from a distance, where I'm barely seen

  Oh God!! How beautiful she is!! I've become numb in front of such beauty! My heart stopped beating and my lungs stopped breathing.

  But only my eyes were on her on and off.

  I sighed facing that sight. It was my first time to see angel. Am I dead? No, I'm not. Then how can I be in heaven? Is this the Earth? Yes, it is. So how can an angel live on it? Her charm makes me wonder. How can a girl be so charming and tender? Stared at her till she noticed. She tried avoiding our eyes contact. But the more she tries to avoid, the more I like to stare. I could see the redness colored her cheeks and lips from shyness. As if they were red roses smell of that magical scent.

  Now they are the only way to quench my thirst. But I am afraid my thirst will last long. For she's out of reach for me at the moment.

  As she turns her head, her silky hair moves with it. Like the winds move the soft grass gently. Her body is like an hourglass. Clock is ticking…….. But with her greatest times is spent.

  No matter how I try to describe. What I saw and what I'm about to see. What I felt and what I'm about to feel. Trying to recognize what's fantasy and what's real. To make all my questions answered and my wounds healed.

  It'll be difficult to choose the right words to describe you. So I decided to say the best word popped in my head. Which is …………………..


She’s Just a Mystery She’s just a mystery. Like any girl in the history

  She's just unknown to me. Thinking of her made me in such a misery.

  And why do I think of thee?! Although thou still yet to come. And dost thou want me? As much as I want thee? And dost thou wait for us to meet? Or thou can't wait for me? For I also unknown to thee as thou art the same to me?! My life has become as black as hell looking for someone I cannot tell.

  Thou became my biggest concern. I cannot focus on anything but thee.

  Why art thou hidden till now? When is the time for thee to appear? Tired of being here thus. Seeking the only path to thee.

  Should I just give up considering thou present? 'Cause I cannot live in reality anymore.

  Nor can I stop dreaming of thee more and more. What life can be worse than mine? Obsessed by a girl whom is so divine Whom her lips is more intoxicating than wine And loving her makes me so fine And her hair is brighter than sunshine Who makes me on fire wishing to see her sign Whom her face is clearer than a full moon And shiner than the sun in the afternoon And her voice is prettier than guitar tunes Who left me sailing in the sea of fantasies Trying, describing and searching for her.

  My poem…. I'm done with all this. My poem, could thou look for the one that I seek? My poem, could thou find the girl who deserves thee? My poem, is she a dream or can she be real?

  My heart, enough beating while she can't hear thee. My heart, for my sake please stop torturing me. My heart, I loved her from the deep of thee, so keep her safety. My heart, even when I die don't stop beating her name.

  My angel, why art thou hidden in the dark when thou art the light?! My angel, why am I more passionate about thee every day and every night? My angel, why am I left by thee drowning in the sea of thy love?! My angel, let me be thine, let me caress thy cheeks, let me be with thee forevermore …..

My Pearls and Treasures

  My pearls and treasures, for you I would sacrifice all flesh pleasures.

  Throw them away with the dusty winds and take them back after the storm ends.

  You're the only rose between the thorns within the hot and merciless desert.

  Ah, my red rose! Love me even when there's no rain for you to grow and for your thirst to be quenched! Nothing is gorgeous compared to the prettiest girl in the east and the west.

  Whom her beauty could overcome angels'. And her smile is like a poisoned spear through the heart.

  Like a queen on her throne, an elegant lady kills me when she looks at me with her stunning eyes! My eyes sleep at night but for you my mind is awake …. Thinking… Which sky did you come from?! For I'm suffering the pain of wondering about who you are and how do you think?!

  Shall I burry myself alive into a tomb?! That has no exit but death?! Shall I live in this whole mess, just asking you…. for one kiss? For you the beauty has been born, the poems have been written, and the emotions have been run through your sensitive veins.

  People told me let it flow, take it slow, and let things go wherever they go.

  Should I take their advices for the record? And pretend like they won't have any effects on my soul?! They say when you are in love you will fly to Heaven. But why am I still on the ground?! It's 3 am now, and I know that you are asleep, but can you read my lines in your dreams?! Can you see how helpless I became?! And how many sleepless nights I had until now?! All this is because of you and for you, but can you feel the hell I'm going through?! For you this poem has started, and for you this poem doesn't know how it's going to end.

  When I look to the future I see a colorful garden, but without

  And I'm still fighting my passions, trying to stay in my domain. I left everything under my witness control and thought that love can't make a big hole.

  But your love broke all my defenses and replaced my witness with madness.

  I've been told that my witness can't be a solid wall to keep away love attacks all.

  But I've been stubborn and hard. And now I started to feel my loss.

  And now after the whole time I spent, writing for you my precious lover.

  You come and ask me if I can come across all the way to you? And if this poem has already ended? But my answer will be…. Well, it depends…….. If you are in love with Me.!


  Waked up after a breathtaking nightmare, hunted by unstoppable illusions.

  I was breathless and mindless, and my head was filled with many confusions.

  Soledad in a dark and gloomy room, away from the people; living in my seclusion.

  Asking myself, "What brought me in this mess?" Trying to get to the conclusion.

  My brain was looking for an answer to help me to get back my sanity.

  And then, it finally found the answer. It was she who made you live in this fantasy.

  It was that girl who made you stay up those nights; she is the one who's never been in vanity.

  She is the pure and innocent soul; who deserves to be called "Your majesty." Then I turned back to my mind. What are those illusions I've been into?

  Like it or not, love it or leave it, you must find a way to run through.

  Because the world isn't the same anymore, and everything you see is like a déjà vu.

  Nor is love the love before, which when you love someone she must love you more.

  And you are not living in a world that can give you what you are looking for.

  Although all the merits that she has, she is not the one whom you can adore.

  Wake up my friend, this is the Earth! Not the Heaven! And nothing More!


  They call it the month of May, when things may and may not happen.

  But I didn’t believe that firstly, for I hadn’t beliefs in passion. I thought this month would be like the others can be driven as a wagon.

  I thought that all months and years should be in the same pattern.

  However, I’ve been proved that it is my fault and I must make a vault.

  To change my old ideas and to add a few amount of salt.

  During these 31 days, I discovered a new love hidden inside. I have known how rough it is to hide love, yet I still hide. Although all the obstacles, I still have some pride, Which might keep me within my bubble from falling into love trouble.

  And now my heart is almost crushed and nothing remained but rubble.

  She said, “You never said that you love me. I can’t see your love.” Well baby, love can’t be seen, nor can I make the blind see.

  She said, “I’m not blind, never was, and never will be.” Then why can’t you see my passion?! Speaking to you every- night! Why can’t you hear the words I write for you, Snow White?!

  In May it has started, in May it may end, and in May you may understand what I say.

No Sign of Her Today No sign of her today made my mind blow away

  Even when she says “Goodbye”, I'd rather to ask her to stay, Although when we sometimes have nothing to say.

  I waited for her but she didn’t sign in today, She made me wonder all the day.

  I couldn’t stop thinking about her…. She made my brain like hay.

  Although I’ve never met her, I miss her though she’s far away.

  She loves me loves me not? I would ask her if she were present this Thursday.

  My best friend told me "Be careful, and stay out of her way." But what can I do? I loved her lovely soul, and I have nothing but my heart to pay.

  As soon as I know that she's ill, I run and ask God for her and pray.

  She is the one who has stolen my heart in the month of May. She's the one when I dream about her, on my back I can't lay.

  Now I can see my heart clearly as if she used x-ray. I don't want to hurt her because I with girl's hearts don't play. I wonder if she were created of secrets, ray, and some clay. 'Cause she is "A human angel", and angels on earth never stay.

  And finally, she logged in today when it was Monday. I gave her hints trying to convey what I want to say.

  She said "I thought we are friends and nothing more till today." So said I "Sure, that’s true; I was just wondering why you were absent yesterday." P.S. Don't blame me reader, because I had nothing more to say! That was the end of my love story after the end of the month of May.

After You Leave the Leaves Will Fall

  After you leave the leaves will fall, and my years will be autumn whole.

  My heart will be broken, my body will be exiled, and so will be my soul.

  The earth will be dry and plant less, and the sky will have no raindrops at all.

  It will drop what people may think is rain, but it is the tears for losing you.

  The moonlight will be gone, the sun will never rise, and I won't have anything to lose.

  I yelled and yelled your name, but you never heard… never turned back.

  The wind had a pity on me "Enough yelling! She won't hear your calls!" "May my calls make her feel the fire which is burning me inside! May my look make her see the cage of sadness that she brought me into May the blind see again, and may the seer see in the dark And may I run out of patience, and forget her like she never took

Shall I Say I or Me?

  Shall I say I or me?! It doesn’t matter as long as we are talking about the same person.

  A person who may not matter to this world for he’s living in his world out of this world.

  A world that has no place for you to live because it is not real. But if you still want to come with me there, then you have to give your fantasy a big room.

  Can you survive the ocean of thoughts? Can you swim within it without getting drowned? Can you mix between fantasy and reality? And live them and feel them at the same time? Can you have the ability to bear what no one can bear? And to act even though you don't know how? Can you make your senses invisible to people? Even to those who are very close? Can you imprison yourself into a cell? That has been made of your own brain's nerves? Can you read my "Between the lines?" Can you discover the secrets of my inner passion?

  Well it's your choice either to find answers or to complete reading what I have to tell you.

  Maybe reading would be much easier than searching for a needle in the middle of hay.

  Perfection is something unreachable, but it is something that you can be close to.

  Seeing through the eyes of nature makes you discover the secrets of life.

  There are words that can't be told for hints can be enough for the clever.

  Sometimes we need to hide our emotions although it's hard to keep the spear in our hearts.

  We smash our hearts ourselves with rocks by keeping all depressions within.

  When people are sad, they cry till they sleep, but poets bleed their tears inside; For they aren't normal people, but they are the most passionate ones.

  They tear their hearts themselves by letting the gloom capture them.

  Can you handle all this? Can you stop teary eyes from dropping

  Those who've never been in the inferno don't know what color it has.

  Nor those who can't understand hidden meanings, can value the value of poetry.

  Nor those who don't stay up late know the inspiration that starry nights bring.

  Make your world out of your own words. Draw drawings out of the beauty of your thoughts and feelings.

  Think the unthinkable, swim in the ocean of thoughts, and only then you might know…. Shall I say I or me?!

Before My Ink Dries Before my ink dries, a new life will begin

  A life that has all good and evil are falling as if they were on a waterfall.

  Mankind live on a ball which takes them left and right all. For each good and evil there is a price has to be paid.

  And those who are hidden under the shadow of lies; One day the truth will discover them once and for all.

  Days are running with no one to count. Birds are singing with no one to hear. Oppressors do whatever they want as if there weren’t anyone to judge.

  Love has been replaced with hatred Humanity is about to be replaced with wildness Poems have been replaced with shameless words and songs.

  Poets are almost dead in this modern society

  But there're some people who do, people who have some emotions yet.

  My ink is about to dry now, and many lives are continuing to begin.

  So I guess even if my ink ended, many lives will still be born.

Can’t Write Anymore

  After I finished many poems, I took a long rest from poetry writing.

  Then I turned back to it, trying to write more than I’ve written before.

  Pen is in my hand, ideas are vague, and I’m not ready… To draw drawings out of the inspiration which my mind usually brings.

  So I started to write, but not even one word has been written. So I guessed, it might be that the pen is out of ink Or maybe I forgot how to hold a pen.

  Then the silence went across the room with the shadow of the day.

  Finally, a low voice appeared speaking to me so slowly! I looked everywhere trying to recognize the voice source.

  Then I discovered it coming from the palm of my hand.

  “Are you still wondering why can’t I write for you?! Do you think that I lost my blood which you write with whenever you need?!

  Is your head out of ideas now? Have you forgotten how to build a poem? Stop for a while, and ask your mind, where are the ideas that I usually have? May you need to take some rest my friend, so please don't kill yourself trying.

  And you shall have your ideas back and so I will turn back to life.

  To write for you as much as you want and maybe more. It's not that you lost your abilities. Nor it is that you forgot how to hold me But it is all about the spark, and the spark will be back again one day."

My Red Rose Walking in the circle of life, sniffing the breeze of your perfume

  Inhaling the smell of your hair, exhaling winds for missing you. The scent of you, my red rose, makes me want to kiss you. Sometimes I feel you so close that I can touch you, But in a while, You disappear my dear deer, and make me wish if you were here.

  Days pass year after year, clock is ticking, and the world veers. Sorry that I can't reach you now. Baby hold your tears and try to cheer.

  I feel the sufferance that you feel. My Rose stay still and try to bear.

  The rain might be so near. I can hear your voice please lose your fear.

  I wish that I was there with you so I can whisper in your lovely ear, To tell you how much I love you, and how you make my days so clear.

  I don't know how you changed my world. You even made my ship steer.

  When I started to love you, I became blind, and everything became unclear, Like you put a veneer on my eyes. I can't see nor can I remove the veneer.

  Being with you is something hard, and being without you is harder than finding a career.

  Meeting you is like a dream that doesn't happen even once in a year.

  My red rose, I love you, even if not being with you is more painful than a spear.

Where’s the Other Half?! A none starry night with half a moon made me wonder…

  Where’s the other half?! Has the moon eclipsed? Or did the stars take its other half somewhere else? I knew the reason myself, and answered myself.

  Why are you absent, my love? The sky is dry and sad without you.

  Even the stars are away and feel so bad. And I have a big hope to see you near to kiss your cheeks and caress your skin.

  Sorry if I am so selfish to prevent the people from seeing a full moon again.

  Put yourselves in my shoes and you would do more than I did. I am not a fool to give back the half moon that I found. Neither am I very generous to give you something more precious than gold.

What to do? In a road that we don’t know when and where it will end

  Did we reach what they call “A dead end?” or should we walk more miles? Your picture is in my hand and I still don’t understand How did I end up being with this angel? Should I let her fly to the sky? Or should I keep her in my arms? Will my arms hurt her? ‘Cause they are not as wide as the sky?

  And till when will I keep her? ‘Cause I don’t have any hope to fly.

  Neither am I an angel like thee, so we both can be in one place. My head is so mixed with many things and I can only think about thee.

  Thy wide eyes make me stand and think more than a hundred times, What to do?

In Between

  Between love and hatred there’s no distance, for distance can be passed.

  Nor is there something in between in life, for life is either black or white.

  Between all the questions there’s a question that stands as the hardest: WHY? The question that confused philosophers and made them in between.

  And made people agree and disagree about life as if they were on the branches of a single tree.

  When it comes to good and evil mankind would like to be in between Most would rather to choose evil, for evil is always the easiest choice.

The Queen of My Heart

  I’ve been thinking since I fell in love with you, How can I express my feelings toward you? For it’s much harder than writing a poem.

  You tied my heart's vein with yours, In a country that I don't belong to.

  So wherever I move on the planet, There's a rope that connects me with you.

  You took a place in the middle of my heart In a place that I cannot control, In a place that I cannot remove you from Because you became the Queen of My Heart.

Holding a Feather

  I’m holding a feather and writing in a hot weather Looking for a muse and new ideas to put them altogether.

  So I can give birth to a new poem out of my fingers’ leather.

  A muse is what every poet looks for, ……..And it is also his treasure.

  Without the muse there’s no poet, And without the poet there’s no poetry.

  A poet’s inspiration is like a spark Which needs to be ignited to create a poem.

  And love is like a rose that Needs to be watered with the care of both lovers.


  She’s a fairy… No! She’s an Angel… Descended from the highest sky! When I first knew her, I wondered, how a girl can be so shy?! She made me become curious to get to know her as if I were a spy.

  I had lots of questions to ask her, especially the question why? She got a heart of glass that can be broken with a single try.

  She’s so sensitive that she gets hurt so easily and may cry. Such an innocent and pure soul that doesn't even know how to lie.

  Falling in love with her is easy… that’s something I can’t deny. Although she's far away from me, I feel as if she is nearby. Once I hear her pretty voice on the phone, she can't stop to sigh. She doesn't need an airplane to travel. She has wings, so she can fly.

  Even if I were the richest man, the world won't be enough to buy.

  It's hard to express how I will act after I see her beautiful wide eye.

  Can't imagine when she says hi in real, I'll feel so alive!! I'll feel so high! And when I think how we will be apart, it'll be tough to tell her goodbye.

  Since I started to love her, it became impossible to forget her till I die.

  A river of tears won't be enough for losing her, even if my eyes dry.

  I'm fond of her now and forever, even if I couldn't be the guy!

The Unknown Side of Love

  Love is like a blind and nescient person Can’t see, and knows nothing in life.

  He doesn’t even know how hard it is for him to be through the distance.

  Lovebirds sacrifice everything they have for… Love. They might cut the distance too just for… Love.

  He’s so selfish that he doesn’t care about what difficulties that you face for him.

  In addition, he’s so insensitive that lovers may die for him.

  No matter how many lovers are victims of Love himself. People still fall for him, and may die to find a true one.

  And I am one of Love victims who fell in his hardest type. Which is: The Love Through the Distance.

  The more that come the more space he gives to get more.

  Love is never filled of victims. Nor the victims themselves are filled of it.

  He’s like a drug that affects your heart and brain. You enjoy it and still ask for more.

  To be a king in Love’s kingdom you must follow his hard rules. To be the hero, to be the predatory, or even to be the victim Just for a chance to be…. a king in Love’s kingdom.

Through the Distance Far away from each other, yet we are further

  Wasn’t it enough for destiny? To break our hearts into pieces?! To make you harder to reach?! And to make me more hopeless?! To lengthen the distance between you and me?! To jail our love through the distance?! Both are living into two different worlds, And both are holding on one simple hope.

  Looking for one chance to meet, A chance which won't last long.

  A few days like a few seconds Which may and my not happen.

  Being an optimistic or a pessimistic, Will it affect the end of this meeting?

  Meeting you became a goal that I cannot control. Regardless all the consequences Good or bad, happy or sad.

  To cry sooner is better than regretting later. And to laugh now is better than crying tomorrow.

  They say love usually doesn't have happy endings. Yet we still love, and yet we still bleed for love…

A Message…

  I love you today, tomorrow, and yesterday, And without you my world turns into gray.

  A message from my heart to yours.

  When my hands touch yours, I won’t know how to behave. The world will become mine, for I’m with who I mostly crave. A message from my heart to yours.

  I can’t forget your pretty face. It took a place in my memory’s base. A message from my heart to yours.

  I love everything about you; I would even kiss your shade. If the distance can be cut, I would cut it with a sharp blade. A message from my heart to yours.

A Day without You

  When a day passes without your voice’s tune, It’ll become dark, and I’ll feel so blue.

  They say: Roses are red, violets are blue. My day gets darkened without seeing you.

  The sound of your laughs, and your face in the afternoon, Are drawn in my memory like an inerasable tattoo.

  When I think about someone, never ask me who. Of course it’s you! And that’s not something new.

  You are the sunlight which is contrasted by the moon. That will brighten my day, and give a beautiful view. Honey from your lips is my medicine when I have flu. Yet I am sick. Only to ask you to give me your lips too!

Facts about Life

  Fantasy overcomes reality, but Only when we walk in our hall of dreams.

  To escape hell and go to heaven, We must face nightmares ended with screams.

  Future is in the front of us, but It’s blended in with secrets that we can’t see.

  Believing in intuition is never enough; For us to throw away facts in the sea.

  Feeling the sufferance won’t let us gain; Ali Baba’s treasures, for sufferance only gives pain.

  Even if we lived heaven on earth, The sufferance in our hearts will remain!

To the Doctor Limping after an endless war with life

  From your passionate heart; the cure I seek.

  With a touch of your hands my wounds would heal. Though I am strong, just hearing your tender words; I am weak! Just being with you would stop the bleed, If I’ve been jailed within you, I’ll be freed.

  With you eternal happiness is guaranteed. A look in your eyes will make the illiterate read.

  To the girl whom to my heart have sneaked To the girl whom inside her eyes I’ve been keyed.

  To the girl whom when she talks I always heed.

  I will never forget our love’s creed Even if… I still bleed!

Lost Lost in my thoughts looking for your embrace

  Couldn’t find you in the present, Yet in my memory you never left.

  Wherever I walk I see your trace. I miss you so much, Yet I can’t touch your shiny face.

  Even when I’m mad at you, I still love you from my deep.

  I can’t even hold your tears when you weep. I love your wide eyes; When you're awake or when you're asleep.

  Lost in your wide eyes, Yet I don't want to be found.

  For your eyes is my best place to reside.

Everything Reminds Me of You Everything reminds me of you

  The moon, the sun, the wind, the breeze. You became a part of my life that I can’t leave, Because your picture exists wherever I go.

  Even if the time wanted me to forget you, It won’t be able to; Ask the sun to not to rise, Or to prevent the moon from appearing at night, To stop the wind from blowing, Or to stop me from sniffing the air.

  Since I began to love you till from this world I leave, In my soul… You will never leave!

A Letter to a Lover

  Dear love, I love you, but not like any lover.

  I love you beyond what the imagination and love can reach. Loving you is so divine. A love that can’t be defined. With a clear head and thoughts I write, For I am writing to the love of my life.

  Do you see the unstableness in my lines? That’s how my heartbeat looks when I’m with you; Fast and unstable, yet it doesn’t need to be treated.

  Do you believe in love from the first sight? ‘Cause I don’t, but do you know why? Because I loved your soul before I see your bright face.

  If your face wasn’t beautiful like your soul, Your beauty would be in vain.

  Since a pure and innocent spirit, can’t suit but a beautiful face. To the God most beautiful grace: I love you on the earth or even in the outer space!

How Did You Become My Priority?

  How did you become my priority? And in my speech the majority?! And to indulge in my lines with no authority?! After I knew you, I forgot the moments of despair.

  If you leave, my heart will be broken with no one to repair. My whole life will be sitting on a wheelchair. Waiting for death with nothing but love as a spare.

  You’re a part of my life that I don’t want to share. Call me selfish, yet I do that for who I mostly care; For life and love are always unfair.

  Whenever you’re around me, time flies through the air. I have no wings to fly, but I don’t need any to prepare. Wherever I turn my head, I always find you there.

  You are the finest jewelry, and the most rare. That will attract even the richest billionaire. Yet you can’t be theirs, for you are my diamond and my mare.

  Through the night or the day at your eyes I always stare. I forget even the earth’s shape; a ball or a square?! You have taken my mind without telling me where.

  As long as it is with you, I don’t need to beware.

  I love you from the bottom of my heart… I swear. Our love’s necklace on my neck I wear. You are my soul mate and my second pair. That will light my night as a flare.


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