I. Pilihan Ganda. Pilihlah jawaban yang benar!
Dear Nyoman,
My name is Rachel and I am 21 years old. I am from the United States and grew up with my
Mother, Father and younger brother at our home in Miami, Florida. My brother is 15 years
old and plays soccer at the local high school. We have two dogs, named Maggie and Hershey
and I love animals! I am curious to hear more about your family.
I go to a university in Seattle, Washington and am studying History. I live with my two friends,
Stacey and Kinsey. The summer holiday is almost over and I'm excited for the term to start
again. I only have 3 years left and then I want to go home and be a history teacher. What did
you do this summer in Bali? When does your school start? What are your favorite subjects?
I hope all is well and that I hear from you soon!
With Love,



How many people are there in Rachel’s family?
a. three
b. four
c. five
d. six
e. seven
What does Rachel do?
a. Rachel goes to college as a university student
d. Rachel is a high school student
b. Rachel works as a history teacher
e. Rachel is a housewife
c. Rachel is a soccer player
Where is Rachel currently living?
a. Florida
b. Seattle
c. Indonesia
d. Bali
e. Java
What will Rachel do when she graduates?

a. She will move to Bali
d. She will play football at the local high school
b. She will teach history in Florida
e. She will teach history in Seattle.
c. She will be study in a university in Seattle
Which is true according to the letter above?
a. Stacey and Kinsey are Rachel’s dogs
d. Rachel is living at her her home in Florida.
b. Rachel is a high school student
e. Rachel’s brother is a high school student.
c. Rachel lives with Maggie and Hershey in Seattle

The following text is for questions 6 – 9.
Dear Komang,
Thank you for your letter! It was so wonderful to hear from you and learn more about your life.
What is your favorite holiday? Is there a special way that you celebrate that holiday? Here in
Canada, we have many holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Eve, but my favorite
holiday is Christmas. On the evening before Christmas, my family goes to church where we light
candles and sing songs. It looks and sounds very beautiful inside the church. Outside, there is usually
a lot of snow. The children like to throw snowballs at each other.

How about you?Tell me more about Galungan and Kuningan holiday! I heard that the holidays are
I hope to hear from you soon!
With much love,


What is the writer’s favorite holiday?
a. Easter
b. New Year’s Eve
c. Christmas
d. Galungan
Which one is true?
a. Meg lives in Bali
d. Easter is Meg’s favorite holiday
b. Meg doesn’t celebrate Christmas
e. Christmas is in summer.

c. Meg’s family is a Christian family
Which one is not happening during Christmas where Meg lives?

e. Kuningan




a. Meg’s family goes to church
d. Meg lights candles inside the church
b. The weather is usually snowing
e. Meg goes to the beach
c. The children plays with snowballs
What does the writer mean when she wrote “I hope to hear from you soon”?
a. She wants Komang to come to her place
d. She wants Komang to stop writing to her
b. She wants Komang to speak loudly

e. She wants to move to Komang’s
c. She wants Komang to write a reply to her soon
Rendy : Bob, my classmate, Tom?
Bobby : With pleasure.
Rendy : Tom, this is Bobby, my close friend.
: Hi, nice to meet you, Bob.
Bobby : Glad to meet you, Tom.
a. do you know
b. may I introduce you
c. have you met
d. have you seen
e. have you known
Sisca: Hi, my name is Sisca. How do you do?
…………, nice to meet you.
a. How are you?
b. I’m fine
c. What is your name

d. I’m alright
e. How do you do

Mrs. Shella is my neighbor. (12) ______ lives in the villa next to my house. (13)_____ is a teacher.
She teaches English in a school in Singaraja.
Mr. Hendra is Mrs. Shella’s husband. (14)________ is a policeman. (15)_______ works at the police
station in Tejakula. I often meet (16) ______ in the morning when I am going to school.
Mr. Hendra and Mrs. Shella are good people. (17)_______ are friendly to everyone. Everyone in my
village likes (18)_______, because (19) ________ always help other people who is in need.
(20) __________ house is across the village temple.

a. she
a. she
a. he
a. he
a. he
a. them
a. them
a. them
a. them


Marcell : _________________________________.
Virga : Really? That’s wonderful! Congratulations.
a. My lovely kitten died last night.
d. My little sister killed my hamster.
b. My horse has been sick for three days.
e. My bird won a contest yesterday.\
c. My rabbit was hit by a car this morning.
Agus : ____________, Rani. You won the competition. You deserve to get that award.

Rani : Thanks.
a. It’s awful.
d. You must be joking.
b. Congratulations.
e. I hate it.
c. How irritating!
Tude: Congratulations, Maia. Your design won the contest.
Maia: ______________, Tude. I’m really glad I won.
a. Thank you very much
d. You can’t be serious
b. Congratulations
e. I don’t like it
c. This is awful
Mrs. Anwar : I heard that your son had won a scholarship to Pajajaran University. ...............!
Mrs. Budiman : Thank you. I am proud of him.
a. Congratulations!
d. Please accept my apology




b. her
b. her
b. him
b. him
b. him
b. they
b. they
b. they
b. they

c. hers
c. hers
c. his
c. his
c. his
c. their

c. their
c. their
c. their

d. herself
d. herself
d. himself
d. himself
d. himself
d. themselves
d. themselves
d. themselves
d. themselves

e. he
e. he
e. she
e. she
e. she
e. theirs

e. theirs
e. theirs
e. theirs


b. I am sorry to hear that.
c. Please accept my condolences
Adib : You have a very beautiful face, Retno.
Retno : ______________.
a. I am so sorry for that.
b. Thank you for saying so.
c. No, thanks.

E. Thank yoi

d. I have a boyfriend.
e. I am angry.

All students must join the class meeting from 15th December to 21st Desember2008.

What kind of the text is it?
a. a letter
b. a label
c. a postcard
d. an announcement e. an Obituary
27. What is the text about?
a. The class meeting in a school.
d. The plan of having a class meeting.
b. The winner of the class meeting.
e. The death of somebody
c. An invitation to join a class meeting.
To : All students and teachers
Come and visit our new library. Lots of new books (brand new novels and non-fiction books) are
available. You can also enjoy our newest DVDs collection.
Head of library



What are the things offered in the new library?
a. Books and DVDs.
d. New DVDs and non-fiction books.
b. Old and new books.
e. Candies
c. New books and novels.
Why does the writer make the announcement?
a. To resume a new novel.
d. To make the reader find the DVDs.
b. To invite the reader to visit the library.
e. To keep people away from the library
c. To let the reader know about the head of library.
Who made the announcement ?
a. the visitors
b. all students
c. all teachers
d. the librarian
e. the school principal\

English Conversation Club (SCC) is opening registration for new members. Join us and improve your
Every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.00 at the school hall
For registration, please contact Wayan (VIIA) or Anissa (VIIB)
31. When do the members have meeting ?
a. in the morning.
d. in the afternoon at three o’clock.
b. on thursday afternoon.
e. every day
c. on thursday morning.
32. Where do they have the meeting ?
a. in the ECC’s meeting room.
d. at the cafetaria.
b. in the VIIA classroom.
e. at Wayan’s class
c. at the school hall.
33. How long does the meeting last ?
a. one and a half hours.
d. two hours.
b. one hour.
e. five hours
c. one and a quarter hours.
There will be a holiday camp next month. All scouts of Tejakula must join this camp. The activity will
take place at Bedugul camping site and last for three days. For further information, please contact
Mr. Yudhi.
Bondalem, May 12th,2018
The Chief of Scout Organization


When will the activity be held ?
a. In May
b. In June
d. In August
e. in April
If the camp starts in June 5th, when will it end ?
a. June 6th.
b. June 7th.
d. May 25th.
e. June 30th
Who must join the activity ?
a. All students in Tejakula
b. All scouts in Tejakula
d. All people in Tejakula
e. All scouts in Indonesia

c. In July
c. May 12th.
c. All chiefs

On my holiday last year, I (37)______ to Bali with my friends. I (38)______ with two friends of
mine. It (39) ______ marvelous.
We arrived there on May 7. We were there for five days. We (40) ________ lots of interesting places.
On Tuesday morning we (41)_________ Kuta. There (42) ________ many people at the beach. In the
evening we (43)______ to a nightclub, but we (44) __________any alcoholic drinks there. We only
(45) ______ fruit juice.
The day after, we (46) ______ a boat to Menjangan Island. It (47) ______ amazing. We (48) ______
a wild deer on that island.

a. go
a. travel
a. is
a. see
a. visit
a. is
a. go
a. don’t order
a. drink
a. take
a. is
a. meet

b. went
b. travelled
b. am
b. saw
b. visited
b. am
b. went
b. didn’t order
b. drank
b. took
b. am
b. met

c. gone
c. travels
c. are
c. seen
c. visits
c. are
c. gone
c. orders
c. drunk
c. taken
c. are
c. meeting

d. going
d. travelling
d. was
d. seeing
d. visiting
d. was
d. going
d. is not ordering
d. drinking
d. taking
d. was
d. meets

e. goes
e. traveler
e. were
e. sees
e. visitor
e. were
e. goes
e. does not order
e. drinks
e. takes
e. were
e. meted

Tanjung Puting National Park
Tanjung Puting National Park is an internationally famous ecotourism destination, which is
located in the southwest of Central Kalimantan peninsula. Visitors from foreign countries come to this
park because of its amazing nature. This is called a park, but unlike any park that you have seen in
your city, this is a jungle! It is a real jungle, which is home to the most interesting animal in the world:
Though the park is home to many animals, seeing orangutans is usually the visitors’ main
reason to visit the park. Orangutans, which literally mean, the man of the forest, are the largest
arboreal animal on the planet. Most of their lives are spent in trees where orangutans travel from
branch to branch by climbing or swinging with their long arms.


Where is the Tanjung Putting National Park located?
a. in the jungle
b. in a foreign country
c. in the north
d. in South Kalimantan
e. in the southwest of Central Kalimantan peninsula
According to the text, what is usually the visitors’ main reason to visit the park?
a. to see the jungle
b. to take selfies
c. to see orangutans
d. to work
e. to climb and swing from branch to branch

II. Essay. Terjemahkan kalimat-kalimat berikut ini ke dalam bahasa inggris.
51. Hari Jumat yang lalu, saya membeli sebuah sepeda motor baru.
52. Sinta akan belajar di Jepang selama dua bulan.
53. Saya biasanya makan ayam goreng pada hari Minggu.
54. Saya tidak makan ayam goreng kemarin.
55. Para guru menyukai kami karena kami selalu mengerjakan tugas kami tepat waktu.