Reading the short story Identifying the data Inventorying the data Classifying the data Analyzing the data Reporting the Data

3.5 Instrument

In conducting this study, I used two types of instruments. They are observation sheets and lists of question. I made a record of my findings in an observation sheet. In the observation sheet I wrote down interesting character’s dialogues, narration, and interesting hymn presented in The Fall of the House of Usher which was used as the data of this study. These observation sheets are attached in the appendices. Besides observation sheets, I also utilized lists of question to help in determining what is happening and understanding the concepts and situations presented by the author in the work. The questions were also designed to focus mainly on figuring out the problem statements. These question list are attached in the appendices.

3.6 Data Analysis

In this study, I use qualitative data since the data collected are sentences and phrases. I use systematical method to complete the data in analyzing the novel. I do some observation through the following techniques:

a. Reading the short story

Reading the short story is the basic step in data collection in literary study. I thoroughly read the short story several times in order to understand the whole contents of it, especially elements that are related to the topic.

b. Identifying the data

Identifying means the activity of separating data from non-data by marking, underlining and bracketing the suspected data in the short story and then numbering them.

c. Inventorying the data

Inventorying means to list all the identified data and put them in a table. This table contains columns of data number, form of data and the data location.

d. Classifying the data

Classifying means grouping the data based on problems of the study. The data does not always answer the three questions. Therefore, to answer the problems, the inventoried data must be classified. There are three problems that have to be solved in this study. Each problem is supported by a certain number of classified data.

e. Analyzing the data

The data are analyzed using structuralism approaches to gain the objective of the study. There are some steps that will be conducted to analyze the data. First, I expose the data from the short story in order to reveal the problems. Then, explain the data through interpreting and analyzing the data using structuralism approaches. By using structural approach I analyzed the intrinsic elements of the story. After analyzing the intrinsic elements, I could find the quintessential- features of gothic tale in the story. In the final step, I give some conclusion in order to answer the statements of the problems.

f. Reporting the Data

In the end, the findings were presented in the form of qualitative descriptive report. The result of analysis of the short story was discussed in the chapter iv and the list of the supported data were attached in the appendices. CHAPTER IV RESULT OF ANALYSIS

4.1 The Intrinsic Elements of The Fall of the House of Usher