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Katya: Catalina, what shall we do this weekend? I don't know what to do here.
Catalina: Hmm, shall we go cycling? It's quite common here.
K: is it? but how can we get the bike?
C: Let's just rent it, it doesn't cost much, just £ 6.
K: OK, but where can we find it? I mean the bike rental center?
C: Just right on the corner of Van Galen Road and Lodewijk Street.
K: Fine, I'd like that. What time shall we meet?
C: 5 am, does it suit you?
K: Could you possibly make it earlier?
C: Sure, would you like me to go to your house and then we can go together?
K: Sounds like a good idea. Thank you.
C: See you then.

Contoh Teks Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Memberi Saran (
Suggesting / Giving Suggestion)
A : We have been waiting nearly three quarters of an hour.
B : Yes, I think the bus will never come.
A : Would it be an idea to walk?
B : Yes, It’s a good idea.
A : Has the new restaurant opened today?
B : It has opened yesterday already. My friend told me it has a new and delicious menu.
A : Why don’t we eat there?
B : It is a wonderful idea.

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