The Strength and the Weakness of Kahoot

17 participants divided into five person in one group and they started to tell about their own information such as their names, their home and their hobby. Everybody should remember each information of the people in their group because the participants asked to tell about other participants own information in a group. The second is the type of ice-breaker that introduces into the topic. This ice-breaking type is a kind of the training session or meeting. It might also generate laughter and conversation, but its clear purpose is to open up the topic of the session. One of the example of this kind of ice breaker is quizzing with Kahoot This kind of ice breaker also used for ice breaking with Kahoot. it will helps the students to know the topic or the material before entering the learning activities. The second type of ice breaker is also used in Movie Interpretation class which was for introduces the topic.

4. Movie Interpretation

Based on the syllabus of Movie Interpretation subject, Movie Interpretation is a course that is designed to help the students to explore basic and cultural trends through a close study to both view and discuss of a variety of important films throughout the medium’s history. The course establishes critical criteria for evaluating films and exposes students to the basic technical elements of the film artists process. All of the elements that make up the film experience are examined, including the contributions of producers, scriptwriters, directors, actors, cinematographers, editors and designers, through semiotic and functional cinematic concepts. The purpose of this course is to discuss knowledgeably the PLAGIAT MERUPAKAN TINDAKAN TIDAK TERPUJI 18 various techniques and interpretive elements within the films covered in class, and to provide innovative integration of the movie in the classroom.

B. Theoretical Framework

The implementation of the ice breaking session in learning activities would encourage the students to enjoy the class and motivate the students to be more active in class. Therefore, this research focused on the students ’ perception of using Kahoot as an ice breaker in Movie Interpretation class. Besides having a research and survey to answer the research problems of this research, the elaboration of several theories about perception, Kahoot, ice breaker and Movie Interpretation would help this research to find the answer of the research problems. This study has two research problems. The first problem is about the students’ perception on the use of Kahoot as an ice breaker in Movie Interpretation class which is answered with the theory from Altman and Hodgetts’ 1985 that perception itself is defined by a person’s view of reality, which comes from the stimuli of the environment. According to the theory, this kind of activity helps to see the student s’ process when the students come up with the certain response, in this case, their response of ice breaker session. The researcher also use some theories from Granic, Lobel, and Engels 2014, as cited by Perrin et al., 2015 about the theory of Kahoot, Flanigan 2011, as cited by Yeganehpour Takkac, 2016 about the theory of ice breaker, Ascough, 2002; Rosie, 2000 PLAGIAT MERUPAKAN TINDAKAN TIDAK TERPUJI 19 Briggs, 1999 about the theory of online education, and also from Leontiev 1981 about the theory of perception to support. The second research problem is about how to improve the use of Kahoot as an ice breaker in Movie Interpretation class. This research problem deals a lot with the participants because the researcher wants to see if there are any aspects that should be improved especially after using Kahoot as an ice breaker in Movie Interpretation class. In addition, to obtain the maximum of the result, the researcher uses Roblyer and Edwards 2000, as cited Al-Bataineh and Brooks, 2003 theory’s about strength and weakness of technology in the classroom in designing every question in the instrument to gain the intended answers from the participants. It is used to see the improvement that should be done in the use of Kahoot as an ice breaker in Movie Interpretation class. PLAGIAT MERUPAKAN TINDAKAN TIDAK TERPUJI