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18 Songs are tended to be written in a simple language enough to be understood on first hearing. Most songs are written by the author or writer to express their thoughts and feelings. Vendler 2010 explains that lyric is the genre of private life; it is what we say to ourselves when we are alone p. xl. However, there are some contemporary song writers who have created songs that require listeners to pay close and repeated attention to their words. As a result, the listeners will need to learn the song for many times in order to get a better understanding. In addition, actually the combination between poetry and music had already happened since Greek s‟ ancient. The Greeks‟ lyric was a song accompanied by a lyre. It is shown that actually song lyrics have the same typography with poetry. The difference only on the way they are conveyed to the audiences. Then, Burto, Barnet and Berman 1993 explain that lyric is set in the present, catching a speaker in a moment of expression p. 420.

7. Lyric Structure

Song structure or the musical forms of song in popular music are typically sectional, repeating forms, such as strophic form and is generally a part of song writing process. Popular music songs are rarely composed using different music for each stanza of the lyric.

a. Introduction

The introduction is a unique section that comes in the beginning of the piece. Generally speaking an introduction will contain just music and no 19 words. It usually builds up suspense for the listener so when the downbeat drops in, it creates a release surprise.

b. Verse

In popular music, a verse roughly corresponds to a poetic stanza. When two sections of the song have almost identical music and different lyrics, then each section is considered one verse.

c. Pre-chorus

It is an optional section that may occur after verse. It will introduce a new harmonic pattern in order to make the harmony reappearance of the verse harmonies in the chorus seem fresh.

d. Chorus

It contains the main idea, or the big picture, of what is being expressed lyrically and musically. It is repeated throughout the song, the melody and lyric rarely vary. It contains many words.

e. Bridge

In popular music, it is used as the transition. The bridge is a device that is used to break up the repetitive pattern of the song and keep the listener‟s attention.

f. Conclusion

It is a way to end or complete the song through the fade-out or instrumental tag.