The Place and Time of the Research Population, Sample and Sampling

According to Kinnear, Likert’s Scale correlates with statements of someone’s attitude toward something. Examples of statement alternative are from agreed to disagree, etc. 17 here, the writer used always to never. It can be seen in the following illustration. Table 3.1 The Score of Statements Item Scale Scores A : always 5 B : sometimes 4 C : seldom 3 D : very seldom 2 E : never 1 1. Students’ anxiety in learning English a. Conceptual Definition Anxiety is a state of being uneasy, apprehensive, or worried about what may happen which is characterized by a feeling of being powerless to do something . b. Operational Definition Anxiety is the scores that the students obtained after they answered the questionnaire items about their anxiety in learning English by the following indicators: Subjective-emotional component, Cognitive component, Physiological responses, and Behavioral responses. c. Specification of Instrument The instrument consists of thirty items about students’ anxiety in learning English that contains ‘four’ indicators, as shown in the following table: 17 Husein Umar, Metode Riset Bisnis, Cet.Kedua, Jakarta: PT Gramedia, 2003,p.99. Table 3.2 Instrument Indicators No Indicator Total Item Number Positive Negative 1 Subjective-emotional component 1 7 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 2 Cognitive component 1 7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 3 Physiological responses - 7 17,18,19,20,21,22,23 4 Behavioral responses - 7 24,25,26,27,28,29,30 Invalid items, see appendix Data validity above searched by Microsoft Excel. Valid item instrument above showed that 19 valid items are item can be used at study research, and 11 invalid items of instrument are rejected. In this paper the writer used the degree of significance of 5. df = N-2, 40-2= 38; α alpha 5 so, “r” table = 0,312 If “r” value of item instrument “r” table, it means that item instruments showed valid. Then, If “r” value of item instrument “r” table, it means that item instruments showed invalid. 18 2. English Learning Achievement a. Conceptual Definition English learning achievement is the scores that students obtained in learning English after they have followed teaching- learning process in period of time. b. Operational Definition English learning achievement is the scores of English that students obtained after they have followed teaching-learning process in particular of time, and the writer took the score from the result of final test UAS of the second semester in the academic year 2012-2013. 18 See Appendix 3