Format External Examiner Dr. Abu Zahrim


Curriculum Vitae

  b. Tel. No. : 088-320000 ext 3063

  Ogos 2001- Jan 2005 Universiti Malaya B. Eng. (Chemical) 1996-2000

  Oct 2008-Ogos 2011 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia M.Sc. (Chemical and Process Engineering)

  7. Academic Qualifications : Swansea University Ph.D. (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)

  e. E-mail Address :

  d. Mobile Phone : 012-7806036

  c. Fax No. :088-320348

  a. Office Address : Chemical Engineering Programme, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Jalan UMS, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

  1. Name : ABU ZAHRIM BIN YASER 2. Designation (Prof./Assoc. Prof./Dr.) :Dr.

  6. Contact :

  5. Nationality : Malaysian

  4. Identity Card No./Passport No. : 760718017699

   July 1976


  3. Date of Birth: 18

  8. Field(s) of Specialization : Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Composting

  9. Current Research Areas : Coagulation-Flocculation, Adsorption, Composting, Membrane Separation, Anaerobic Digestion, Food Waste, Leachate

  10. Brief Career History: Abu Zahrim Yaser is Head for Waste Management Committee and a senior lecturer at Chemical Engineering Programme, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). He obtained his PhD from Swansea University (UK), MSc from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia) and


BEng from University of Malaya (Malaysia). Dr. Zahrim’s research mainly focuses on the

  integrated wastewater treatment and composting. He is a Guest Editor for Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Springer Publication. He has been receiving various funding from Malaysian government and international funder for the treatment of agro-based industries wastewater. To date, Dr. Zahrim has published 6 book chapters, 27 journals and


50++ other publications. His paper entitled “Modelling and optimisation of coagulation of

  highly concentrated industrial grade leather dye by response sur face methodology” was


awarded as Chemical Engineering Journal Top Cited Papers (Elsevier). His paper, “Treatment

  of highly concentrated dye solution by coagulation/flocculation-sand filtration and


nanofiltration”, published in Water Resources and Industry (2013) is one of the most highly

  cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016. His group won Best Poster (2nd Place)


for a study entitled “Macromolecular flocculation of lignin particles” at Third International

  Conference on Recycling and Reuse of Materials (ICRM 2014), India. Besides that, he is actively involved as a reviewer for several journals. The Elsevier (UK) has recognised him as among the Outstanding Reviewers for the Desalination journal (2010), Industrial Crops and Products journal (2015) and Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (2016). He is a visiting scientist at the University of Hull for developing an advanced composting process (2015). He was the secretary for the 4th International Conference on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering (ICCBPE 2012) and the Workshop on Progress in Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology (PWTRT-2013). He received Universiti Malaysia Sabah Excellent Service Award (2015). Dr. Zahrim is a member of Institutions of Chemical Engineers (United Kingdom), Board of Engineers (Malaysia) and Malaysia Water Association.

  11. List of Postgraduate Students Supervised as Main Supervisor and Graduated: Ph. D.

  1) Azreen Ibrahim Coagulation-flocculation of leachate. Sept 2017- (Main supervisor) ON- GOING


  2) NASIMAH ASMURAN - M. Sc. Optimisation of Hybrid Coagulation/Flocculation-Sand Filtration System for Decolourisation of Anaerobically Digested Palm Oil Mill Effluent. Feb 2014-Nov 2015 (Main supervisor) - COMPLETED


  d) Outstanding reviewer for Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (2016), Industrial Crops and Products journal (2015) and Desalination (2010).

  32 Others e.g. newsletter, popular media etc. 19

  6 Proceedings

  27 Chapter in Book

  Journal Articles

  Publication Quantity

  13. Number of Publications :

  f) Bronze medal Lignin particles agglomeration using dual coagulants Pertandingan Penyelidikan dan Rekacipta (PEREKA UMS) - Oktober 2014.

   place Third International Conference on Recycling and Reuse of Materials (ICRM) 2014.

  e) Best poster 2 nd

  c) Visiting scientist at the University of Hull for developing an advanced composting process (2015). This programme was funded by British Council.

  3) RICKY LEE NYUK SAN.- M. Sc.- Ammonia nitrogen removal from aqueous solution using modified oil palm empty fruit bunches based adsorbent. Feb 2014-July 2017 (Main supervisor)

  2017. See:

  b) My research was highlighted by international magazine, Arab Water World in July

  Trends for the Removal of Coloured Particles in Industrial Wastewaters, Springer Publication.

  a) Guest Editor for Environmental Science and Pollution Research (I.F. 2.741) - Recent

  12. Achievements/Awards:

  Artocarpus heterophyllus seeds. Feb 2016- (Co-supervisor)- ON-GOING 8) NUR AQEELA SYUHADAH AJI (MY1621013T) Freshwater integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA). Feb 2017- ON-GOING 9) NUR HANISAH MOHD FUAT (MK1611012T) Enhanced Oil recovery - ON-GOING

  6) TENGKU MOHD AL-MIZI TG. MOHD. AZMI (MS1511020T) Large scale composting of empty fruit bunch. Sept 2015- (Main supervisor)-ON-GOING 7) LIJA YUSUF (MK1521010T) Ammonia nitrogen removal from synthetic solution using

  5) ASIS TAHANG ( MS1511005T) Composting of empty fruit bunch: Economic analysis. Sept 2015- MSc (Mathematics with Economics) (Main supervisor) ON-GOING

  4) DEXTER ZICK DONNY (MS1421088T) Coagulation-Adsorption of Palm Oil Mill Biogas Effluent Treatment. Feb 2015- (Main supervisor) ON-GOING

  14. List 10 Significant Publications (Latest) : SCOPUS citations: 373; SCOPUS h-index: 10 (as 4 October 2017)

  Book Chapter

  1. Abu Zahrim Yaser and Nidal Hilal (2016) Treatment of dye solution via low pressure nanofiltration system. In A.F. Ismail, T. Matsuura (Editor) Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy and Environment. CRC Press. ISBN 9781138029019

  2. Abu Zahrim Yaser (2015) An Overview on integrated anaerobically digested palm oil mill effluent (AnPOME) treatment system. In B. Musta, Khim, P. C., Leong, W.V. Yang, Y.C. (Editor) Sustainability and Challenges of the Oil Palm Industry. Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

  3. A.Y. Zahrim, T. Asis, M. A. Hashim, T. Al-Mizi, P. Ravindra (2015) A Review on the Empty Fruit Bunch Composting: Life Cycle Analysis and the Effect of Amendment (s). In. P. Ravindra (Editor) Advances in Bioprocess Technology, 3-15, Springer.

  4. Abu Zahrim Yaser (2014) Current Advances in Anaerobic Digestion of Highly Concentrated Dye Effluent. In J. Fu (Editor) Dyeing: Processes, Techniques and Applications. Nova Publisher, pp. 217-227.

  5. Yaser, A.Z., Nurmin, B., and Rosalam, S. (2013) Coagulation/Flocculation of Anaerobically Treated Palm Oil Mill Effluent (AnPOME): A Review. In: P. Ravindra, A. Bono & C. C. Ming (Editors) Developments in Sustainable Chemical and Bioprocess Technology.

  Springer. ISBN: 978-1-4614-6207-1 (Print) 978-1-4614-6208-8 (Online), pp.3-9

  6. Rakmi Abd Rahman, Nor Zaini Md Nor, Abu Zahrim Yaser and Zalina Haris Ahmad (2004) Chemibiological treatment of difficult wastewater: Case study on tanning wastewater. In: Z.Ujang & M. Henze (Editors) Environmental Biotechnology: Advancement in Water and Wastewater in the Tropics. International Water Association Publishing. ISBN 1843395037. pp. 315-322.


  1. Abu Zahrim Yaser and Ravindra Pogaku (2017) Editorial - Recent trends for the removal of colored particles in industrial wastewaters. Environmental Science and Pollution

  • 15862

  Research. Volume 24, Issue 19, pp 15861

  2. Tamrin, K.F. , Zahrim, A.Y. (2017) Determination of optimum polymeric coagulant in palm oil mill effluent coagulation using multiple-objective optimisation on the basis of ratio analysis (MOORA). Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(19), pp 1586315869.

  3. A.Y. Zahrim, Z.D. Dexter, J.G. Collin, N. Hilal (2017) Effective coagulation-flocculation treatment of highly polluted palm oil mill biogas plant wastewater using dual coagulants:

  Decolourisation, kinetics and phytotoxicity studies. Journal of Water Process Engineering 16, pp. 258-269.

  4. T. Asis, A.Y. Zahrim and K. Assis (2017) Analisis prestasi proses pengkomposan sisa industri sawit dalam skala industri bagi jangka masa 3 tahun. Sains Malaysiana 46 (8), 1201- 1210.

  5. A.Y. Zahrim, L. N. S. Ricky, N. Hilal and K.F. Tamrin (2017) Ammonia-Nitrogen Recovery from Synthetic Solution Using Agricultural Waste Fibers. Indian Journal of Science and Technology 10(6), pp. 1-4. (ISI)

  6. Bolong, N., Saad, I., Makinda, J., Yaser, A.Z., Abdullah, M.H., Ismail, A.F. (2016) Influence of oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB) agro-waste properties as filtration medium to improve urban stormwater. Jurnal Teknologi Volume 78, Issue 8, August 2016, 39-46.

  7. A.Y. Zahrim, P.S. Leong, S.R. Ayisah, J. Janaun ,K.P. Chong, F.M. Cooke, S.K. Haywood, (2016)Composting paper and grass clippings with anaerobically treated palm oil mill effluent. International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture 5 (3), 221-230.

A.Y. Zahrim, A. Nasimah and N. Hilal (2015) Coagulation/flocculation of lignin 8

  aqueous solution in single stage mixing tank system: Modeling and optimization by response surface methodology. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 3, 2145- 2154.

  9. A. Y. Zahrim, A. Nasimah, S. Rosalam (2014) Lignin Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Calcium Lactate: The Effect of Polymers and Magnesium Hydroxide As A Flocculant Aids. ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering 14(2), 19-27.

  10. A.Y. Zahrim, A. Nasimah and N. Hilal (2014) Pollutants Analysis during Conventional Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Ponding System and Decolourisation of Anaerobically Treated POME via Calcium Lactate-Polyacrylamide. Journal of Water Process Engineering 4, 159-165.

  11. A.Y. Zahrim (2014) Palm Oil Mill Biogas Producing Process Effluent Treatment: A Short Review. Journal of Applied Sciences Volume 14, Number 23, 3149-3155.

  12. A.Y. Zahrim, Chu Chi Ming and Rosalam Sarbatly (2014) Report on the Workshop on Progress in Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology (PWTRT-2013) on 19th 22nd December 2013. Current Environmental Engineering 1(1), 59.

  13. A.Y. Zahrim and R. Mariani (2014) Diluted Biologically Digested Palm Oil Mill Effluent as a Nutrient Source for Eichornia Crassipes. Current Environmental Engineering 1(1), 45-50.

  14. Abu Zahrim Yaser, Cassey TL, Hairul MA and Shazwan AS (2014) Current Review on the Coagulation/Flocculation of Lignin Containing Wastewater. International Journal of Waste Resources 4, 1-6.

  15. Zahrim, A. Y., Hilal, N. (2013) Treatment of highly concentrated dye solution by coagulation/flocculation-sand filtration and nanofiltration. Water Resources and Industry 3, 23-34.[Top cited articles in Water Resources and Industry, Elsevier from 25 Feb 2016-]

  16. Zahrim, A. Y., Hilal, N. and Tizaoui, C. (2013) Tubular nanofiltration of highly concentrated C.I. Acid Black 210 dye. Water Science and Technology, 67, 901-906. [Top 20 Articles, in the Domain of Article 23306271, Since 2013 BioMed-Lib]

  17. Zahrim, A.Y., Tizaoui, C. and Hilal, N. (2011) Removal of highly concentrated industrial grade leather dye: Study on several flocculation and sand filtration parameters. Separation Science and Technology 46, 883-892.

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  19. Zahrim, A.Y., Tizaoui, C. and Hilal, N. (2011) Coagulation with polymers for nanofiltration pre-treatment of highly concentrated dyes: A review. Desalination 266 (1-3), 1-


  20. Zahrim, A.Y., Tizaoui, C. and Hilal, N. (2010) Evaluation of several commercial synthetic polymers as flocculant aids for removal of highly concentrated C.I. Acid Black 210 dye. Journal of Hazardous Material 182 (1-3), 624-630.

  21. Zahrim, A.Y. and Asis, T. (2010) Production of Non-Shredded Empty Fruit Bunch Semi- Compost. The Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (Special Issue for Agricultural and Food Engineering), 71 (4), 11-17.

  22. Zahrim, A.Y., Rachel, F.M., Menaka, S., Su, S.Y., Melvin, F. and Chan, E.S. (2009) Decolourisation of Anaerobic Palm Oil Mill Effluent via Activated Sludge-Granular Activated Carbon. World Applied Sciences Journal 5 (Special Issue for Environment), 126-129.

  23. Rakmi Abd-Rahman, Zahrim A.Y. and Azizah Abu-Bakar (2007) Choroorganics in Papermill Effluent: Identification and Removal by SBBR. Journal of Applied Science 7 (15), 2160-2163.

  using photo-

  25. Abu Zahrim Yaser, Rakmi Abd Rahman and Mohd Sahaid Kalil (2007) Co-composting of Palm Oil Mill Sludge-Sawdust. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10 (24), 4473-4478.

  26. Zahrim A.Y., Rakmi, A.R. and Kalil, M.S. (2007) Sludge composting: A case study on Palm Oil Mill Sludge (POMS). ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering 7 (2), 102-107.

  27. Rakmi A.R., Abu-Zahrim, Y., and Azizah, A.B (2006) Biological removal of chloroorganics from water and wastewater. JURUTERA 1, 6-7.

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