Eponyms, Nicknames, and Geographical Names

Eponyms, Nicknames, and Geographical Names

Aardvark US F-111 fighter-

Adventure Captain Kidd’s pi- bomber

acid rock synthesized music

associated with drug use

rate ship

AE George William Russell Bentley’s pseudonym

A Bachelor of Arts P h y l l i s

Aco Michel Accault (La Salle’s

Aegean Ethicist Aristotle abandoned woman nickname


Aerospace Valley California’s for a prostitute

Acronym Islands I n d o n e s i a

Antelope Valley Abba Dabba Jim Tobin (base-

where politicians delight in

creating acronyms for every

Aesthetic Post-Impressionist

Vasili Kandinski Abbé Sieyès Emmanuel Jo-

ball player)


Affable Archangel Raphael seph Sieyès

Acropolis of America N ew

afghan afghan blanket; afghan abbott nembutal sleeping tab-

York City’s Morningside

hound (noted for its long silk- let (nicknamed for its pro-

Heights-site of Columbia

like coat and narrow head) ducer, Abbott Laboratories)


Africa in Miniature C a m e - Abby Abigail

Acton Bell p s e u d o ny m o f

roon Abdul the Damned Sultan Ab-

Anne Brontë

Ada Adelaida; Adelaide

African-American Abolition-

dul-Hamud II of Turkey

Adam Hall Elleston Trevor’s


Abe nickname for a $5-bill

Frederick Douglass bearing Lincoln’s portrait


Adam Smith George JW Good-

African-American Astrono-

Abigail Van Buren Pa u l i n e

man’s pseudonym; 18th cen-


cian Benjamin Banneker known as Dear Abby

Esther (Popo) Phillips, better

tury Scottish economist

Addie Ada; Adela; Adelaide;

African-American Botanist

Abolitionist Quaker E l i a s

Adelina; Adeline


George Washington Carver Abominable Snowman b i g ,


Addison’s disease adrenal cor-

tical defciency

African-American Explorer

hairy manlike creature be-

Matt(hew) A Henson who lieved by natives to inhabit

Adelina Patti A d e l a J u a n a

pushed Peary to the North the higher Himalayas (also

Maria Patti

Pole as well as helping him known as yeti)

Admirable Doctor E n g l i s h

survey the Nicaraguan canal Ab-o’-th’-Yate Benjamin Bri-

author-philosopher Francis

route erley

Bacon—Doctor mirabilis

Admiral of the Atlantic K a i -

African-American Messiah

Abu Zabi (Arabic-Abu Dhabi)

ser Wilhelm II

Booker T Washington

The Admiral Doctor R o g e r

Harriet Tubman Abyssinia Ethiopia

capital of the United Arab

African-American Moses

Emirates (UAE)


Admiral of the Ocean Sea

African-American Movie Pio-

academy whorehouse

Christopher Columbus

neer Ralph Cooper

African Queen Mrs Ian Smith acapulco gold g o l d - t i n t e d ,

Admiral of the Pacific C z a r

of Salisbury, Rhodesia (now high-priced Mexican mari-

Nicholas II

Zimbabwe) juana

Admiralties Admiralty Islands

Africa’s big five Cape buffalo, accommodation houses B r i t -

Adobe State New Mexico

elephant, leopard, lion, rhi- ish nickname for brothels

Adonis from Congress Wa r-

noceros ace marijuana cigarette

ren Magnuson

Adonis of Fifty nickname of

Afro-America’s First Great

Ace of Spies Sidney Reilly

George IV

Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar

Acerbic American Critic

A-funk acid (LSD) funk, drug American Mercury’s HL

Adrian Hadrian

depression Mencken in the 1920s and

Adrian Girls ( d e l i n q u e n t )

Agate Capital Prineville, Ore- 1930s; American Spectator’s

Girls Training School at

gon R Emmett Tyrell, Jr in the

Adrian, Michigan

agates nembutal 1970s and 1980s

Adrianople former name of

Age of Extinction the 20th cen- Achmed Abdullah Alexander


tury when the human popula- Nicholaievitch Romanov

Adriatic bowels diarrhea ac-

tion growth infringed on acid freak habitual LSD user

quired in Italy or other Adri-

wildlife habitat who exhibits bizarre behavior

atic countries

Age of Reptiles early meso- acid head habitual LSD user

Advance Agent of Emancipa-

tion Lucretia Mott

zoic era

Eponyms, Nicknames

Age of Uncertainty John Ken-

Alexander Girls A r k a n s a s neth Galbraith’s name for the

alacranes (Spanish—scorpi-

Training School for (delin- late 20th century

ons)—persons from the Mex-

quent) Girls at Alexander Age of Voltaire the Enlighten-

ican state of Durango

Alain pseudonym of Emile

Alexander of the North

Charles XII of Sweden Aggie Agatha; Agnes



Alexander Serarimovich A l - Agnes Lee Mrs Otto Freer

Alain-Fournier Henri-Alban

exander Serafimovich Popov Agnon Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Fournier’s pseudonym

Alexander Technique m a s - pseudonym of Samuef Josef

Alameda Bernardo O’Higgins

sage and physical-manipula- Czaczkes

Las Delicias

tion therapy developed by F Agnostic Penologist C o l o n e l

Alamo City San Antonio, Texas

Mathias Alexander Robert Green Ingersoll

Alan Alda A l p h o n s o

Alexandretta Iskenderun (1833–1899) who lectured


Alexandria Egyptian port city and wrote about Crimes

of El Iskandariya Against Criminals as well as

Alan Hovhaness Alan Hov-

Alexandrian Century the 4th Cruelty in the Elmira Refor-

haness Chakmakjian

Alan King Irving Kniberg

century before the Christian matory

era when Alexander of Mace- Agrarian Champion E m i l -

Alaric Cottin Voltaire’s nick-

donia conquered Egypt, Per- iano Zapata of Mexico

name for Frederick the Great

Alas Leopoldo Alas y Ureña

sia, and India as well as en-

Agricola Alexander Ackerman, couraging Greek philosophers

Alaskan Ports (south to north)

composer; George Bauer, and poets—the 300s

Ketchikan, Wrangell, Peters-

German minerologgist; Jo- Alexes ten-dollar bills bearing

burg, Sitka. Juneau, Cordova,

hannes Sneider or Schnitter, the portrait of America’s first

Seward, Anchorage, Kodiak,

Protestant reformer; Martin Secretary of the Treasury, Al-

Dutch Harbor, Adak Naval

Sohr, composer; Roelof exander Hamilton

Station, Nome

Huysman, Dutch musi- Alfalfa Bill Governor William

Alaska’s Scenic Capital J u -

cian-painterscholar Henry Murray of Oklahoma


Alaska turkey Alaska salmon

AgriculturaI Wizard of Tuske-

Alfonso XIII León Fernando

gee George Washington María Isídro Pascual António

Albany beef H u d s o n R ive r

Carver Alfred, Lord Tennyson Alfred


Tennyson (1st Baron Tenny- Agritainment farms open to

Albaturkey Albuquerque, New

son—poet laureate of En- public tours


gland from 1850 until 1892) Aguecheek Charles B Fair-

Albemarle Island, Galápagos

Algerian onyx stalagmitic cal- banks


cite A-head acid head; LSD user;

Albert the Good Prince Albert

Algerian Ports Annab (Bone), amphetamine addict

Francis Charles Augustus

Skikda, Bejaia, Alger (Alg- Ai Florence Anthony

Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-

Gotha, Prince Consort of

iers), Mostaganem, Arzew,

Air Capital of America

Oran, Mers el Kebir Wichita, Kansas

Queen Victoria

Alberto Moravia A l b e r t o

Alhambra ( A r a b i c — R e d

Air Capital of the World

House)—ancient Moorish Montreal, Quebéc—head-


castle in Granada whence the quarters of the International

Alberto Savinio A n d r e a d e

Moors ruled most of Spain Civil Aviation Organization


from 711 to 1492 and the International Air

Albert’s disease inflammation

Algonquin Circle F(ranklin) Transport Association

of the bursae over the Achilles

P(ierce) A(dams), Robert Air-Conditioned City D u -


Benchley, Heywood Broun, luth, Minnesota

Albertville Kalima, Zaire

Irvin S Cobb, Edna Ferber, Air Mike Air Micronesia

George S Kaufman, Ring Airtourer single-engine trainer

Albion Britain’s ancient name

Albuquerque Girls New Mex-

ico Girls Welfare Home at Al-

Lardner, Harpo Marx, Dor- othy Parker, Harold Ross,

plane built by Aero Engine

Robert E Sherwood, Alex- Services of New Zealand


ander Woolcott, and others Ajax Annie Besant’s pseud-

Albuturkey Albuquerque, NM

who met informally around onym when working with

Al Capp Alfred Gerald Caplin

the bar of the Algonquin Ho- Charles Bradlaugg for free

Alcibiades Alfred Lord Tenny-

tel or in the offices of The New thought and population con-


Yorker trol in Great Britain

Alcofribas Nasier F r a n ç o i s

Al Hirt Alois Maxwell Hirt Akhiar formerly Sevastopol


The Alice Alice Springs, North- Akmechet formerly Simfer-

Alec Waugh Alexander Raban

ern Territory, Australia opol


Alice B Toklas brownie cookie Alabama Port Mobile

Aleksei Maksimovich Pesh-

kov Maxim Gorki

with baked-in marijuana

Eponyms, Nicknames

Alice Cooper Vincent Furnier

American Agnostics Clarence Alice Faye Alice Leppert

Alte Fritz ( G e r m a n — O l d

Darrow, Felix Frankfurter, Alice Markova Alice Marks

Fritz)—Frederick the Great

of Prussia

Robert G Ingersoll, Ben B

Alien-and-Sedition President

Lindsey, Henry L Mencken John Adams

Alter Steffl ( G e r m a n — O l d

Stevie)—Stephen’s Cathedral

American Apostle of Nonvio-

Alize Breguet carrier-based

lent Disobedience M a r t i n three-place antisubmarine

in Vienna

Luther King, Jr warfare aircraft

Alto Peru ( S p a n i s h — H i g h

American Arctic Alaska north Al Jolson Asa Yoelson


of the Arctic Circle; the North Alkyd Winsor & Newton’s

Pole reached by Americans trade name for alkyd-base

Amazonia Brazil’s Amazon

Robert E Peary and Matthew watercolors

River basin

Henson in 1909 All All Alligator Alley

Amazon of the Keyboard

Teresa Carreño

American Atheist Epigram-

All-American Boy Jack Arm- matists Ambrose Bierce, strong

Ambassador of the Air

M a r k Tw a i n , a n d H L All-American Mirror U p t o n

Charles A Lindbergh

Mencken Sinclair

Ambassador of Good Will

American Atheists Luther Bur- All Bunny Albany, New York

Will Rogers

bank, Thomas Edison, Eman- Allenwood Camp F e d e r a l

A.M. Bernard Louisa Mae Al-

uel Haldeman-Julius, Ayn Prison Camp at Allenwood,


Rand, Margaret Sanger, Gor- Pennsylvania

Amdahl’s Law a c o m p u t e r

don Stein Alligator Alley trans-Florida

system’s speed is determined

by its slowest components

American Ballad Composer

Stephen Collins Foster derdale on the Atlantic coast

highway between Fort Lau-

(for Gene Amdahl)

American Balladeer Pa u l and Naples on the Gulf of

Robeson Mexico

America of the East Poland,

American Balzac Wi l l i a m Alligators Floridians

according to Lech Walesa

Faulkner Alligator State Alabama, Flor-

America of the North Green-

The American Beauty B i l l i e ida, Louisiana, Mississippi,

land, according to Franklin

Delano Roosevelt

Dove (Lillian Bohny)

and Texas American Beauty Rose o ff i-

America of the South Panama


All-the-Talents Administra-

cial flower of Washington,

tion Prime Minister William D.C.; nickname sometimes Wyndham Grenville

America South of the Equator

given young women—Amer- Alma Gluck Reba Fierson

American Samoa

ican Beauty Roses Almanac Trial 1858 case won

America of the West Guam

American Caesar G e n e r a l by Abraham Lincoln when he

American American aloe (cen-

Douglas MacArthur held up an almanac to show

tury plant); American beauty

American Cato Samuel Ad- that since there was no moon

(crimson rose); American

ams on the night of a murder, a

buffalo (bison); American

American Century the 20th witness could not have seen

cheddar (also called Ameri-

century marked by invention his client commit murder

can cheese or store cheese);

American cheese (cheddar);

and industrial activity, dis-

Almirante del Mar Oceano

covery of the North Pole, (Spanish—Admiral of the

American cloth (oil-cloth);

landing of men on the moon, Ocean Sea), title given Chris-

American cotton (upland cot-

ton); American-English

victory in two world wars, de- votion to the democratic

topher Columbus by Queen

(American-style English);

ideal—the 1900s American Chronicler J o h n

Isabella la Católica who also

American fingering (piano);

Dos Passos ered

made him viceroy and gover-

American fries (hashed

nor of all the lands he discov-

brown potatoes); American

leopard (jaguar); American

American Comedians Abbott and Costello, Fred Allen,

Almost-Impeached President

Amos and Andy, Lucille Ball, Andrew Johnson, Richard M.

lobster (Canadian or New En-

gland large-clawed species);

Jack Benny and Rochester (Eddie Anderson), Edgar Ber-


American Morse (code);

Aloha State Hawaii

gen, Milton Berle, Josh Bill- Aloysha (Russian nickname—

American plan (fixed hotel

ings, Victor Borge, Albert Aleksei)—Alex; Alexander

rate including board and

Brooks, Mel Brooks, Alpine Principality Liechten-

food), (food plus room and

(George) Burns and (Gracie) stein

bath); American rig (oil rig);

Allen, Sid Caesar, Eddie Can- Alpine Republic Switzerland

American sable (pine mar-

tor, George Carlin, Diahann Altamont, Catawba T h o m a s

ten); American School (of art-

Carroll, Johnny Carson, Wolfe’s fictitious name for

ists, economists, etc.); Amer-

Charlie Chaplin, Bill Cosby, Asheville, North Carolina

ican twist (tennis) other

American categories or items

Billy Crystal, Sammy Davis,

Eponyms, Nicknames

Jr, Phyllis Diller, Jimmy Du- rante, WC Fields, Redd Foxx, Great Gildersleeve, Jackie Gleason, Whoopi Goldberg, George B Hicks, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Buster Keaton, (Stan) Laurel and (Oliver) Hardy, Jay Leno, David Let- terman, Sam Levinson, Harold Lloyd, Sam Lucas, Jackie (Moms) Mabley, Steve Martin, the Marx Brothers (see Marx Brothers), Florence Mills, Eddie Murphy, Petro- leum V Nasby, Bill Nye, Pat Paulson, Paula Poundstone, Will Rogers, Mark Russell, Bobby Short, Red Skelton, Lily Tomlin, Peter Ustinov, Bert Williams, Robin Will- iams

American Commoner Wi l l - iam Jennings Bryan

American Composer-Pianist

Louis Moreau Gottschalk American Composers S a m - uel Barber, Leonard Bern- stein, William Billings, Aaron Copland, Norman Dello Joio, Stephen Foster, George Ger- shwin, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Morton Gould, Howard Hanson, Victor Her-

b e r t , A l a n H ov h a n e s s , Charles Ives, Edward Mac- Dowell, Gian Carlo-Menotti, Walter Piston, Wallingford Riegger, William Schuman, John Philip Sousa. Virgil Thomson

American Conservationists

John Muir, William T Horn- day, Williard G Van Name

American-Cowboy Comedian- Humorist Commentator-

Philosopher Will Rogers American Critic H ( e n r y ) L(ouis) Mencken

American Crusader for Reli-

gious Liberty Roger Will- iams

American Demosthenes Rob- ert Ingersoll American disease narcotic ad- diction

American Documentary Film

Pioneer Robert Flaherty American (Bald) Eagle s y m - bol of the United States American-English Poet T h o - mas Stearns Eliot

American Etchers Joseph Pen-

nell and James Abbott Mc- Neill Whistler

American Expatriate Painters

Benjamin West and James Ab- bott McNeill Whistler

American Filibuster William

Walker (1824–1860) who in- vaded Baja California, So- nora, and Nicaragua attempt- ing to become the head of Central America

American Film Pioneer

David Wark Griffith

American Founder of

Women’s Suffrage E l i z a - beth Cady Stanton (founder and first president of the Na- tional Woman Suffrage Asso- ciation)

American Frontier Romanti-

cist James Fenimore Cooper

American Gateway to Alaska

and the Orient Seattle American Heartland Illinois,

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin

American Hellenist F r a n k


American Historical Painter

Emmanuel Leutzé

American Humanist Philoso-

pher John Dewey American Humorists George

Ade, Steve Allen, Woody Allen, Steven L Anreder, Rus- sell Baker, Robert Benchley, Ambrose Bierce, Erma Bombeck, Art Buchwald, Al Capp, Johnny Carson, Irwin

B Corey, ee cummings, Fin- ley Peter Dunne, TS Eliot, William Faulkner, Benjamin Franklin, Lewis Grizzard, Joel Chandler Harris, Bret Harte, O Henry, Oliver Wen- dell Holmes, Art Hoppe, Washington Irving, Vachel Lindsay, Don Marquis, Grou- cho Marx, HL Mencken, Ger- ald Nachman, Ogden Nash, George Jean Nathan, SJ Per- elman, James Whitcomb Ri- ley, Will Rogers, Leo Rosten, Damon Runyon, Morrie Rys- kind, Mort Sahl, R Emmett Tyrell, Jr, Mark Twain, Arte- mus Ward, Diane White, Rob- ert Yoakum

American Ice Master J a c k -

son Haines

American Illustrators A n t o n Otto Fischer, Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, N C Wy- eth

American Impressionist

Childe Hassam

American Industrial Painter

Charles Sheeler American Infidel C o l o n e l Robert G Ingersoll, agnostic attorney and public speaker, also known as the American Demosthenes; Luther Bur- bank

American Karl Marx Daniel De Leon—born in Curacao, educated in Germany and the Netherlands, founded the So- cialist Labor Party (SLP) and the International Workers of the World (IWW) in New York City

American Landscape Paint-

ers Albert Bierstad, George Caleb Bingham, James Brit- ton, Frederic Church, Thomas Cole, Arthur Dove, Asher Brown Durand, Edward Hop- per, Henry Inman, George In- ness, J Francis Murphy, Geor- gia O’Keeffe, Grant Wood, and Alexander Helwig Wyant

American Libertarian Philos- opher, Natural Scientist, Printer, and Publisher

Benjamin Franklin American Libertarians T h o - mas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll, Clarence Darrow

American Lighthouse Painter

Edward Hopper

American Lithographer

(Nathaniel) James (Merritt) Ives

American Medical Historian

William Henry Welch American Melodist S t e p h e n Foster American Modern J a c k s o n Pollock American Montaigne R a l p h Waldo Emerson

American National Composer

John Philip Sousa

American Neurologist

Extraordinary Silas Weir Mitchell

American Nine b e s t - k n ow n classical composers arranged chronologically: MacDowell,

Eponyms, Nicknames

Ives, Piston, Hanson, Gersh-

American Woodsman J o h n win, Copland, Barber, Hov-

American Primitive Painters

James Audubon haness, Bernstein

Edward Hicks, Grandma


American Wordsworth Will-

American Operetta Compos-

iam Cullen Bryant ers Irving Berlin, George M

American Propagandist Nov-

The Americas North, Central, Cohan, Victor Herbert, Jer-

elist Upton Sinclair

and South America; the West- ome Kern, Frederick Loewe,

American Prose-Poetry Novel-

ern Hemisphere Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers,

ist Thomas Wolfe

America’s Bermuda R h o d e Vincent Youmans

American Railroad Barons

Jay Gould; Edward H Harri-

Island’s Block Island

American Orator Extraordi-

America’s Best Girl Gertrude nary Robert G Ingersoll and

man; James J Hill; Collis P

Ederle, first woman to swim Franklin D Roosevelt

Huntington; William H

the English Channel American Paradise U.S. Vir-


America’s Burns John Green- gin Islands

American Rebel Upton Sin-

leaf Whittier American Patriot Author Th-


America’s Cicero R i c h a r d omas Paine

American Samoan Port Pago

Henry Lee American Pestalozzi A m o s


America’s Dairyland Wiscon- Bronson Alcott

American Sappho S a r a h

Wentworth Apthorp Morton


American Photographers of

America’s Devil’s Island mil- Distinction Berenice Ab-

of Braintree and Quincy,

itary prison at Fort Jefferson bott, Ansel Adams, Diane Ar-


in the Dry Tortugas west of bus, Peter Beard, Mathew B

American Scott James Feni-

Key West, Florida Brady, Julia Margaret Cam-

more Cooper

America’s Finest City S a n eron, Robert Capa, Imogen

American Sculptors D a n i e l

Diego, California’s nickname Cunningham, Walker Evans,

Chester French, Borglum,

America’s First College H a r- Robert Frank, Arnold Genthe,

Brancusi, Epstein, Lachaise,

Manship, Moore, Smith, St


Gaudens, Ward, and Zorach

America’s First Colonizers

Ralph Gibson, JK Hillers, William Henry Jackson, Ger-

Roger Williams of Rhode Is- trude Käsebier, Jill Krementz,

American Skeptic Philoso-

pher George Santayana

land and William Penn of

Pennsylvania Dorothea Lange, Clarence

American Socrates Benjamin

John Laughlin, Annie Leibo-


America’s First Financier

vitz, J Ghislain Lootens,

Robert Morris Mary Ellen Mark, Edward

American Spokesmen for

Socialism Eugene V Debs,

America’s First Great Writer

Muybridge, Timothy O’Sulli-

Washington Irving, James van, Roy Pinney, Galen Row-

Daniel De Leon, and Norman

Fenimore Cooper, or Edgar ell, Edward Steichen, Alfred


Allan Poe Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Edward

American Temple of Music

America’s First Poet P h i l i p Weston, Clarence H White,

Carnegie Hall

Frenau Margaret Bourke White,

Americans United Americans

America’s First Resort New- James Van Der Zee, Willard

United for Separation of

port, Rhode Island Van Dyke

Church and State (AUSCS)

America’s First Suffragist American Portrait Painters

American Virgin Islands S t

Thomas, St John, St Croix,

Abigail Smith Adams

and other Virgin Islands

America’s First Woman News-

James Britton, John Singleton Copley, Henry Inman, East-

American Virgins U.S. Virgin

paper Publisher Elizabeth Timothy of the South Caro-

man Johnson, John Singer


lina Gazette published in Sargent, Eugene Edward Spe-

American West Indies Amer-

Charleston icher, the Peale family, Gil-

ican Virgin Islands, Common-

bert Stuart, Thomas Sully,

wealth of Puerto Rico, islands

America’s Foremost Free-

thinker Robert Ingersoll James Abbott McNeill Whis-

of Culebra, Vieques, and Mona, Navassa, Swan Is-

America’s Forgotten Photog-

rapher Timothy O’Sullivan American Ports (see entries


lands, Corn Islands, and cer-

America’s Godfather T h o - under states and territories

tain coral reefs in Caribbean

mas Paine such as Alabama Port, Amer-

American Womanist A l i c e


America’s Great Winter Gar-

ican Samoan Port, California

den Imperial Valley, Califor- Ports, etc.)

American Women Reformers

Jane Addams, Susan


American Practical Naviga-

America’s Ice Box Alaska tor Nathaniel Bowditch

B(rownell) Anthony, Eliza-

America’s Inside Fun City American Pragmatist Trinity

beth Cady Stanton, Ida M(in-

New York (concert halls, the- John Dewey, William James,

erva) Tarbell, Lillian D Wald,

aters, opera houses, muse- Charles Sanders Pierce

and Frances Elizabeth Wil-



Eponyms, Nicknames

America’s Largest State

Andrew Furuseth Anders An- Alaska

America’s Sweetheart M a r y



America’s Last Frontier

Andrew Garve Paul Winterton Alaska

America’s Tropical Islands

Hawaiian Islands and the Vir-

Andrew York C h r i s t o p h e r

America’s Last Great Wilder-

Nicole’s ness Alaska

gin Islands

America’s Wintergarden

Andropov Stalinist name for

America’s Leading Operetta

Rybinsk Composer Victor Herbert

Southern California’s Impe-

rial Valley

Angel of the Battlefield Clara

America’s Leading Proletar-

Barton ian Writer John Dos Passos

Amiable Atheist Paul Hein-

Angel of the Bottomless Pit America’s Most Famous Naval

rich Dietrich von Holbach,

the Devil Hero Admiral David G Far-

known to friends as Baron

angel dust p h e n cy c l i d i n e ragut


Ami des Hommes (French—


America’s Most Useful Citi-

Angelenos residents of Los An- zen Jane Addams—author

Friend of Mankind)— Mar-

geles, California o f Tw e n t y Ye a r s a t

quis de Mirabeau

Angelic Doctor T h o m a s Hull-House

Ami du Peuple ( F r e n c h —

Friend of the People)—Jean


America’s Newest Big City

Angie Dickinson A n g e l i n e Miami, Florida

Paul Marat; the revolutionary

journal he edited

America’s No 1 Composer-

Brown Musician Aaron Copland

Amiri Baraka LeRoi Jones

Ammonia King E d wa r d

Angolan Ports A m b r i z ,

America’s Nonsense Poet


Luanda, Porto Amboim,

Novo Redondo, Lobito, Ben- Ogden Nash

Amos and Andy Freeman F

guela, Mocamedes, Porto Al-

America’s Official Poets Lau-

exandre reate Robert Penn Warren,

Gosden and Charles J Correll

angora a breed of long-hair cat Richard Wilbur, Howard

Anarchist Geographers Prince

originally from Angora (An- seph Brodsky, Mona Van

Peter Kropotkin, Elisée Re-

Nemerov, Mark Strand, Jo-

kara), Turkey; long hair goats Duyn, Rita Dove, Robert


or rabbits originally from An- Hass, Robert Pinsky, Stanley

Anarchist Protagonist Michael

gora; long and fluffy strands Kunitz


of wool America’s Oldest City St Au-

Anatole France Jacques Ana-

Angora Turkey’s old name for gustine, Florida

tole, François Thibault

Anatolia Asia Minor

Ankara; long-haired breeds of

America’s Outback Montana cats, goats, and rabbits

Anatomist of Humanity J e a n

Baptiste Poquelin Molière

America South of the Equator

Angora Goat Capital R o c k - American Samoa

Ancient Capital of England


springs, Texas

America’s Outside Fun City

Angry Eagle of Aviation

General William (Billy) year-round outside sports)

Ancient Capital of Sweden

San Diego (bays, mountains,


Ancient Universities of


America’s Poet Laureate

Animist Nation Dahomey Henry Wadsworth Longfel-

Ankara Ancyra or Angora low

England Cambridge and


Andean America ( n o r t h t o

Anna Akhmatova Anna An-

America’s Practical Naviga-

dreyevna Gorenko tor Nathaniel Bowditch—

south) Venezuela, Colombia,

Annaba Bone, Algeria compiler of The American

Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Ar-

Annabella Suzanne Georgette Practical Navigator

gentina, Chile

Andean Common Market


America’s Premier Air

Anna O Bertha Pappenheim— Woman Amelia Earhart—

Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador,

feminist crusader against first aviatrix to fly across the

Peru, Venezuela (Andean Pact

white slavery and first person Atlantic


to be psychoanalyzed America’s Premier City New

Andean Group Bolivia, Co-

Annapolis of the Air P e n s a - York

lombia, Ecuador, Peru, Vene-


cola, Florida

America’s Principal Port

Anna Seghers Netty Radvanyi New York

Andean Lands Argentina, Bo-

livia, Chile, Colombia, Ecua-

Anne Bancroft Anna Maria

America’s Proudest Musical

Italiano Possession Carnegie Hall

dor, Peru, Venezuela

Andrea del Sarto Andrea Do-

Anne Morrow Mrs Charles

America’s Road Rage Thera-

Lindbergh pist Arnold Norenberg

menico d’Agnolo di

Ann Harding Dorothy Gatley America’s Second City C h i -


Annie Oakley Phoebe Anne cago

Andrei Sinyavsky A b r a m


Oakley Mozee

America’s Star-Spangled Sati-

Annie’s Town Anniston, Ala- rist Mark Russell

Andre Maurois E m i l e

Salomon Wilhelm Herzog


Eponyms, Nicknames

Ann Landers Esther Pauline

Apple Island Tasmania (Eppie) Lederer

Apostle of the Anglo-Saxons

Apple Islanders Tasmanians Ann Miller Lucille Ann Col-

Saint Augustine (first Arch-

Apple Isle Tasmania lier

bishop of Canterbury)

Apples Frank Kudelka (basket- Ann Sothern Harriette Lake

Apostle of Caledonia I r i s h -

ball player) Antananarivo Tananarive, the

born Saint Columbia

Appletalk trademark of Apple capital of the Malagasy Re-

Apostle of California Pa d r e

Corporation public (Madagascar)

Junipero Serra

Apron War Korean housewives Antarctica’s Claimants A r-

Apostle of Christian Realism

helped to defeat the Japanese gentina, Chile, Norway,

Reinhold Niebuhr

in 1592 by carrying rocks in United Kingdom, U.S.A.,

Apostle of Common Sense

their aprons for ammunition Russia


Apostle of Culture M a t t h ew

Aqueduct City R o c h e s t e r,

Antarctica’s Only Known

New York Active Volcano Mount Ere-


Arab Africa northern Africa bus on Ross Island in the New

Apostle of Dissent Wi l l i a m

from Egypt to Morocco and Zealand sector


from Mauritania to the Sudan Antelope State Nebraska

Apostle of Enlightenment T h -

Arabia Deserta Desert Arabia Anthony Abbot Charles Ful-

omas Paine

in the northern sector of the ton Oursler

Apostle of Free Trade R i c h -

Arabian Peninsula Anthony Armstrong G e o rg e

ard Cobden

Arabia Felix Fertile Arabia Anthony Armstrong Willis

Apostle of the French S a i n t

also known as Aden, the Anthony Berkeley A n t h o ny


Hadhramaut, or Yemenite Berkeley Cox

Apostle of the Gentiles S a i n t

section Anthony Boucher Wi l l i a m

Paul (formerly Saul of Tarsus)

arabian arabian baboon; ara- Anthony Parker White

Apostle of Humanity T h o -

bian camel (one-humped Anthony Hope Sir Anthony

mas Paine

dromedary); arabian coffee; Hope Hawkins

Apostle of the Hungarians

arabian horse Anthony Quinn Anthony Ru-

Saint Anastasius

Arabian Arabian Desert; Ara- dolph Oaxaca

Apostle of the Indians Barto-

bian Peninsula of Arabian Anthracite City S c r a n t o n ,

lomé de Las Casas

Sea; inhabitant of Saudi Ara- Pennsylvania

Apostle of the Indies S a i n t

bia also called Saudi (plural Antid Oto Leon Trotsky

Francis Xavier

or singular) anti-gods marijuana cigarettes

Apostle of Ireland S a i n t

Arabian Gulf Persian Gulf anti-Semite anti-Jewish person


Arabia Petraea Rocky Arabia Anti-Slavery President J o h n

Apostle of Liberty Benjamin

in the northwestern section of Quincy Adams


Apostle of Mexican Rebellion

the Arabian Peninsula

Francisco I Madero

Anti-Trinitarian Author

arabic arabic numbers (1, 2, 3,

Apostle of New Zealand Rev-

Faustus Socinus, originally

4, 5, etc., as distinct from ro-

Fausto Sozzini man numbers—I, II, III, IV,

erend Samuel Marsden

Apostle of Reason P e t e r

V, etc.)

Anti-Trinitarian Martyr

Araucania region of central Michael Servetus, originally


Chile south of Bío-Bío River Miguel Serveto

Apostle Rebel Dorothy Day

araucanos (Latin American anti-Zionist often anti-Semite

Apostle of the Rights of Man

nickname—Chileans or chil- Antsirane Diégo Suarez

Thomas Paine

enos )—sobriquet recalls the Apache State Arizona

Apostle of Sanity Epicurus

liberty-loving Araucanian In- Apis code name of Dragutin

Apostle of Science Roger Ba-

dians who were never con- Dimitrijevic, chief of Serbian


quered by the Spaniards army intelligence, who engi-

Apostle of the Scottish Refor-

Arch City St Louis, Missouri, neered the assassination of

mation John Knox

dominated by the Jefferson Austro-Hungarian Archduke

Apostles of Freedom S a m

National Expansion Memo- Franz Ferdinand providing

Adams and Thomas Paine

rial arch commemorating the the pretext for World War I in

Apostle of the Slavs St Cyril

Louisiana Purchase 1914

Apostle of the Sword M o -


Archeological Capital of

Apollinaire Guillaume Apolli-

Africa Cairo, Egypt naire, Wilhelm Apollinaris

Apostle of Temperance

Theobold Mathew

Archeological Capital of North

America C h i c h e n I t z a , Apollo of the Box Tony Mul-


Appeasement Premier N ev -

Mexico lane (baseball player)

ille Chamberlain

Apple Capital of Texas M e -

Archeological Capital of South

Apollyon The Devil


America Cuzco, Peru

Apostle of Absolute Beauty

Apple Capital of the World

Archetypal American Painter

Jean Sibelius

Wenatchee, Washington

Jackson Pollock

Eponyms, Nicknames

Archie Moore A r c h i b a l d

Argentinian Ports Santa Fé,

Artist of the French Revolu-

tion Jacques Louís Davíd Archipiélago de Colón (Span-


Rosario, Zarate, Campana,

Arturo de Cordova A r t u r o ish—Columbus Archipelago)

Buenos Aires, La Plata, Mar

Garcia Ecuador’s official name for

del Plata, Puerto Belgrano,

Aruba’s Ports Sint Nicolaas the Galápagos Islands

Ingeniero White, Puerto

Madryn, Ushuaia

(Lago Refinery), Paarden

Architect of American Modern

Baai (Oranjestad), Druif Dance Martha Graham

Argyrol King Dr Albert C Bar-


ARW 493 S t i g S ve r ke r

Architect of the Atomic Bomb

Foghammar J Robert Oppenheimer

Ariel of the Piano F r e d e r i c


Ashcan School (see Eight)

Architect in Chief of St Peters

Ashenden W S o m e r s e t Raphael (Raffaello Santi)

Aristocles P l a t o ’s o r i g i n a l



Architect of the Constitution

Ashland Henry Clay’s home in James Madison

Aristocrat of Sports billiards

Aristocrats of Beans l i m a

Lexington, Kentucky

Architect of Mexican Indepen-

ash-Sham (Arabic-northern) dence Padre Miguel Hidalgo


Aristotle’s Lantern sea-urchin

well known as Damascus,

mouth parts

capital of Syria


Asian Subcontinent B a n g -


The Ark HMS Ark Royal

ladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Thomas Jefferson

Arkansawyer a native of Ar-

Sikkim, and Sri Lanka; Indian

Architect of the New Deal

kansas, also called Arkie

Peninsula Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Arkie Arkansas (or resident;

migratory worker from Ar-

Asia’s big five elephant, leop-

Architect of Non-Alignment

ard, rhinoceros, tiger, water Josip Broz Tito


buffalo Architect President T h o m a s

Arkopolis Little Rock, Arkan-

Asmus Rasmus R a s m u s Jefferson


Meyer Museum, Bergen, Arctic Arctic Current flowing

Arletty Arlette-Léonie Bathiat

Norway; Miller south from Baffin Bay and

(French actress)

Asparagus Capital I s l e t o n , Greenland to cool the coasts

Armageddon Meggido, Pales-

California of Labrador, Newfoundland

tine where the British de-

Asperger’s Disorder f o r m o f and most of New England;

feated the Turks in 1918

early infantile autism Arctic Ocean washing the

Arminius Jacobus Arminius

Asphaltic Lake the Dead Sea north coast of Asia, Europe,

(originally Jacob Harmensen)

Arms-control President

Assemblyman from the Bow-

and North America including

ery Al Smith (Alfred E Alaska and Canada

George Bush

Smith) Arctic big three muskox, po-

Arnhem Land northern end of

Associated States Caribbean lar bear, walrus

island states (Antigua-St Arctic Canada Northwest Ter-

Australia’s Northern Territory

K i t t s - N ev i s , D o m i n i c a , ritories and the Yukon

Arnold Bennett Enoch Arnold

Grenada, St Lucia, St Vin- Arctic Lands Alaska, Canada,


cent) Greenland, Iceland, Norway,

Arrowhead Herman Melville’s

Assyrian Century the 7th cen- Sweden, Finland, Russia

home in Pittsfield, Massachu-

tury before the Christian era Arctic Territories C a n a d i a n


when Assyria ruled the Mid- Northwest Territories

Arroyo del Ajo ( S p a n i s h —

dle East and conquered Arctogaea landmass including

Garlic Gulch)—John Stein-

Egypt—the 600s Africa, Asia, Europe, and

beck’s name for his home

near Los Gatos. California

astrakhan astrakhan cloth or

astrakhan wool of the type Ardent City Liège, Belgium

Arsenal of the Nation C o n -

North America


Art Capital New York City

originally clipped from sheep

Ardent Conservationist

native to Astrakhan on the

Caspian in the delta of the Rachel Carson

Art Center of Rhode Island

Volga Area 51 unidentified flying ob-


Astrodome City H o u s t o n , ject aficionados’ term for se-

Art Center of the Southwest

Texas cret U S Air Force base north

Taos, New Mexico

Astronaut President J o h n of Las Vegas, Nevada

Artemus Ward Charles Farrar

Fitzgerald Kennedy Argentina La Argentina (Anto-

Browne (19th-century Amer-

Astronomical Prophet G a l i - nia Mercé y Luque)

ican humorist)

Artesian State South Dakota

leo Galilei

Argentina’s Principal Port

Asylum for Talent J a c q u e s Buenos Aires

Arthritis Season autumn

Copeau’s Theatre du Vieux Argentinian First Argentina’s

Artichoke Capital C a s t r o -

Colombier best known classical com-

ville, California; Watsonville,

Atacama Atacama Desert of poser—Alberto Ginastera


Artie Shaw Arthur Arshawsky

northern Chile

Eponyms, Nicknames

Ataturk ( Tu r k i s h — C h i e f

Aurelian Century the 100s— Turk) General-President

Atlantic Scandinavia D e n -

reign of Roman emperor-phi- Mustafa Kemal—first presi-

mark, Iceland, Norway

losopher Marcus Aurelius— dent of Turkey

Atlantique (French—Atlantic

the 2nd century The Atheist P e r cy B y s s h e

Ocean)—also name of the

Aussieland Australia Shelley

Breguet maritime-patrol air-

Australia Felix (Latin—Happy Atheist Penologist J e r e m y

craft BR-1150

Australia)—fertile central Bentham

Atoll Soviet Sidewinder-type

Victoria in southeastern Aus- Atheist Poetess Ellen Prouse


tralia Mardan

Atoll Nation Nauru

Australian Alps mountains of Atheist Poets Heinrich Heine,

Atomic Age Capital Los Ala-

New South Wales and Victo- Percy Bysshe Shelley, Walt

mos, New Mexico

ria Whitman

Atomic Capital of America

Australian Atheist Phillip Ad- Atheist’s Bible T h o m a s

Richland, Washington

ams Paine’s The Age of Reason

Atomic Cities L o s A l a m o s ,

New Mexico; Oak Ridge,

Australian Commonwealth

Athenian Century the 5th cen-

tury before the Christian era Australia and its territories

Tennessee; Richland, Wash-

when the Athenians destroyed Australian Desert 1,300,000-


the Persian fleet and com- square-mile area (530,000 pleted the Parthenon—the

Atomic City Los Alamos, New

hectares) in central and west- 400s

Mexico and Oak Ridge, Ten-

ern Australia Athens of Alabama Tu s c a -


Australian Dominion Austra- loosa

Atomic Energy City O a k

lia and its territories Athens of Arkansas Fa y -

Ridge, Tennessee

Australian Ports Port Kennedy, etteville

A-town Allentown

Cairns Harbour, Townsville, Athens of America Boston

Atterdag (Danish—Another

Day)—King Valdemar IV

Port of Bowen, Port of

Athens of Hispanic America

Mackay, Rockhampton, Bogotá

Attic Muse the Athenian histo-

Gladstone, Maryborough, Athens of the North E d i n -

rian Xenophon

Brisbane, Clarence River, burgh, Scotland

Attorney for the Damned

Clarence Darrow

Port Waratah, Newcastle,

Athens of the Northwest

Sydney, Port Kembla, Mel- Faribault, Minnesota

Audrey Hepburn E d d a va n

b o u r n e , Wi l l i a m s t ow n , Athens of the South N a s h -


Geelong, Portland, Port Ade- ville, Tennessee

Augustan Age Latin litera-

laide, Port Vincent, Port Pirie, Athens of Texas Waco

ture’s golden era when

Port Augusta, Whyalla, Port Athens of the West L ex i n g -

Horace, Livy, Ovid, and Vir-

Lincoln, Albany, Busselton, ton, Kentucky

gil flourished during the reign

Bunbury, Freemantle, Perth, Atlanta-Fulton Atlanta-Ful-

of the Emperor Augustus (27

G e r a l d t o n , C a r n a r vo n , ton County Stadium

B.C. to A.D. 14)

Broome, Wyndham, Darwin, Atlantic Bitch Atlantic Beach

Augustina de Aragon Augus-

tina Domenech Zaragoza

Gove, Hobart (in Tasmania

along with Burnie, Devon- Atlantic Canada L a b r a d o r

Au 2 H 2 O former Arizona Sena-

port, Beauty Point, Launce- and Newfoundland, New

tor Barry Goldwater (1908–

Brunswick, Nova Scotia,

ton) Prince Edward Island,

Australian States New South Québec

Auld Ane (Scottish Gaelic—

Wales, Queensland, South Atlantic Community NATO

Old One)—the devil

Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, nations

Auld Brig o’ Don D u n d e e ,

Western Australia Atlantic Highlands H i g h -

Scotland’s Brig o’ Balgownie

Australian Territories Austra- lands of the Navesink around

(brig = bridge)

lian Antarctic; Australian Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Auld Clootie (Scottish Gaelic—

Capital Territory (Canberra); Atlantic Narrows r e l a t ive l y

Old Cloven)—cloven-footed

Northern Territory, Christmas restricted area uniting North


Island; Cocos Islands; Coral and South Atlantic between

Auld Reekie (Scottish Gaelic—

Sea Islands Territory; Heard bulge of Africa and bulge of

Old Smelly)—smogbound

and McDonald Islands; Nor- Brazil, Freetown and Natal


fold Island Atlantic Ocean Edens We s t

Auld Sod (Scottish Gaelic—

Old Land)—Scotland

Australia’s Little England

Indies before European settle-

Tasmania ment

auntie old homosexual

Aunt Jane Tia Juana (river

Austrian Emperor of Mexico

Atlantic Provinces New Bruns-

Ferdinand Maximillian von wick, Newfoundland, Nova

separating Tijuana, Mexico

Hapsburg, also known as Max Scotia, Prince Edward Island

and San Ysidro, California)

Aunty Vicky Queen Victoria

of Baden

Eponyms, Nicknames

Austrian Quintet c l a s s i c a l

Babinski Sign curling of toes composers Haydn, Mozart,

Avon Avon Books; Avonmouth

upward after infancy Schubert, Bruckner, Mahler

(Port of Bristol); Avon Water

Babs Barbara Austrian Waltz Kings Joseph

(flowing from Ayrshire to La-

Babushka (Russian—grand- Lanner, Johann Strauss, and

nark); Avonwick (Devon-

mother)—Ekaterina Breshk- his son Johann Strauss Jr


The Awakened One S i d -

ovskaya, revolutionary leader

Author of the Declaration of

Baby Bells phone companies Independence Thomas Jef-

dhartha Gautama (Buddha)

formed after breakup of ferson

Awakener of Bulgaria

George Venelin


Author of the First Amend-

Baby Boomers people born af- ment James Madison

Awakening Moon full moon in


ter World War II, from 1946

Author of the first draft of the

Axis Salty Mildred E Gillars,

to 1964

Declaration of Indepen-

Baby Boom Generation nick- dence Thomas Paine

American traitor convicted of

treason for broadcasting Nazi

name for the seventy-six mil-

Author of the Virginia Statute

lion people born from 1946 to for Religious Freedom Th-

propaganda during World

War II

omas Jefferson The Baby Bull O r l a n d o

axminster eponymic name for

Cepeda (baseball player) seph Campbell

good grade carpets and rugs

Authority on Mythology J o -

originally made in the English

town of Axminster in Devon-

Baby Doc Haitian dictator

Autocrat of All the Russias

Jean-Claude Duvalier Czar Nicholas II

Baby Langdon Harry Lang- Autocrat of Austria P r i n c e

shire; modern axminsters of-

don Clemens Wenzel Lothar von

ten copy well-known oriental


Babylon Miami, Florida Metternich

Ayrshire Poet Robert Burns

born in Alloway, Ayrshire,

Baby Lucille Lucille Vore

Autocrat of the Breakfast

Baby Ruth Ruth Cleveland, Table Dr Oliver Wendell


daughter of Grover and Holmes

Azalea Trail City Lafayette,

Frances Cleveland Autocrat of Commerce Ve n -


Baby State Arizona in 1912 ice

Azania African nationalist

name for the Republic of

when admitted to statehood

George Spencer Cavendish, Automobile City D e t r o i t ,

Automobile Capital of the

Bachelor Duke Wi l l i a m World Detroit, Michigan

South Africa

Aztecan and Incan Century

the 1000s—great stone struc-

the Sixth Duke of Devonshire

Bachelor Painter Sir Joshua Michigan

tures in Mexico and Peru are

Reynolds Automobile State Michigan

mute witnesses to these indig-

Bachelor President J a m e s Automobile Wizard H e n r y

enous American cultures—

Buchanan—fifteenth Presi- Ford

the 11th century

dent of the United States Auto State Michigan

Aztec State Arizona

Back Bay Boston’s old resi- Aux Cayes former name of Les

Aztec two-step loose bowels

dential section built on mud Cayes, Haiti

acquired in Mexico, the land

flats reclaimed from Boston Ava Gardner Lucy Johnson

of the Aztecs

Bay Avalon Somerset region of

Aztec type microcephalic idi-

Backbone of Asia the Himala- southwestern England be-


yas lieved to be Avalon of Arthu-

Azure Coast Côte d’Azur on

the French Riviera

Backbone of the Confederacy

rian legend; resort port of Cat-

the Mississippi River alina Island off Los Angeles,

Azure Sea L a ke R u d o l f ,

Backbone of England P e n - California


nine Hills; Pennine Ridge Avenue of the Americas N ew

B B King Riley B King

Backbone of Europe the Alps York City’s Sixth Avenue

Baal Shem-Tov ( H e b r ew —

Kind Master of the Holy

Aviation City Seattle, Wash-

Name)—Israel Ben Eliezer

Backbone of North America

the Rockies ington

Babar Jean de Brunhoff’s story-

book elephant; Zahir ud-Din Muhammad (founder of In-

Backbone of South America

Aviation Historian O c t ave

the Andes Chanute

Backfire Soviet strategic su- Avicenna Arabian astronomer-

dia’s Mogul dynasty)

personic bomber equivalent mathematician-physician

Babe Ruth George Herman

to the North American-Rock- Abu ibn Sina (980–1037)

Ruth, the Sultan of Swat

well B-1 Aviocar Spanish transport air-

Babe Ruth’s Legs S a m m y

Back-of-Beyond A u s t r a l i a ’s craft designated C-212

Byrd (baseball player)

sparsely inhabited interior Avocado County San Diego

Babeuf Francois Noël

Back Home Again State Indi- County, California

Babinski Reflex curling of toes

upward when foot is stroked


Eponyms, Nicknames

Bactrian Sage Z o r o a s t e r

Bangladesh Ports Chalna An- (founder of the Magian reli-

Balkan Peninsula b e t w e e n

chorage, Chittagong, Cox’s gion and native of Bactria)

Adriatic and Black seas and

Bazar Bad Boy of Music G e o rg e

terminating between the Ae-

Banjo Andrew Barton Paterson Antheil

gian and Ionian peninsulas

of Australia Bad Boys of 57th Street t h e

Balkans Albania, Bulgaria,

Banjo Eyes Eddie Cantor (Ed- New York Philharmonic in its

Croatia, Greece, Romania,

ward Israel Itskowitz) post-Toscanini period

Slovenia and European sec-

Banjo Joe Gus Cannon bad cholesterol low-density li-

tion of Turkey

The Bank The Bank of En- poprotein

balloons drugs such as heroin

gland Badger NATO nickname for

packaged in toy balloons

Bankwire trademark of US Soviet Tupolev medium

Balthus Count Balthazar Klos-

Banking and Settlement Ser- bomber (Tu-16)

sowski de Rola

vice Badger(s) Wisconsinite(s)

Baltic Baltic Sea between Den-

Banner Cloud forms on the Badger State Wisconsin

mark, Estonia, Finland, Ger-

lee side of a mountain Badlands arid and eroded areas

many, Latvia, Lithuania, Po-

Banner State Texas of Nebraska and South Da-

land, Russia, Sweden

Baotou (Pinyin Chinese— kota

Baltic Republics E s t o n i a ,

Paotou) Bad News Jim Barnes (basket-

Latvia, Lithuania

Bapu (Gujerati—father)—Ma- ball player); Odell Hale

Baltic Scandinavia F i n l a n d

hatma Gandhi’s title (baseball player)

and Sweden (Denmark some-

Bar Barbara Baffin Basin deeper parts of

times included although

much of its coast is on the

Barão de Rio Branco (Baron

Rio Branco) José María de Island and Greenland

Arctic Ocean between Baffin


Silva Paranhos bag drugs packaged in balloons

Baltimore beefsteak b r o i l e d

Barbadian Ports S p e i g h t - or paper bags

liver’s military nickname in

stown, Bridgetown Bagdad by the Bay San Fran-

the US

Barbara Bel Geddes Barbara cisco

Baltimore Oracle HL Mencken

Geddes Lewis Bagdad-on-Hudson New York

Balzac Honoré de Balsa

Barbara Stanwyck R u b y Bagdad on the Subway o n e

Bambino G e o rg e H e r m a n

Stevens of O Henry’s nicknames for

(Babe) Ruth

Barbara Ward Lady Jackson New York City; He also called

Bamboo Curtain old name for

(wife of Sir Robert Jackson) it the City of Razzle Dazzle

the barrier between anti-com-

munist and communist coun-

Barbarossa nickname of red-

Bag Town San Diego, Califor- bearded Frederick I of the

tries of Southeast Asia

nia, where sailors tote sea- Holy Roman Empire; Bar- bags

Banaba Ocean Island near the

barossa I (Koruk) and Bar- Bahamian Ports F r e e p o r t

Gilberts in the equatorial mid-

Pacific Ocean

barossa II (Khaireddin) were

Greek-born Algerian pirates (Grand Bahama), Bimini

Banana Benders Queensland

Barbary Coast North African (Bimini Islands), Nassau


(New Providence), Matthew coast; San Francisco’s water-

banana boat cargo vessel built

Town (Great Inagua) front district a century ago

to carry bananas

Bahraini Ports Al Manamah Barbary States Algeria, Libya Harbour, Mina Sulman, Sitra

Banana City Brisbane

Bananaland Queensland, Aus-

(Tripolitania), Morocco, Tu-

nisia Baiá de Guanabara ( P o r t u -


Barbecue Bob Robert Hicks guese—Guanabara Bay)—

Bananalanders p e o p l e o f

Queensland, Australia

Barbed Wire Capital of the

World DeKalb, Illinois Baird Leonard Mrs Harry S

Rio de Janeiro’s inner harbor

Banda Oriental ( S p a n i s h —

Barbellion WNP Barbellion Clair Zogbaum

Eastern Ribbon)—Uruguay

(pseudonym of Frederick Baked Beans Massachusett-

Band City Elkhart, Indiana

Cummings) sans

Bandit Queen of the Old West

The Barber Sal Maglie (base- Baked Bean State Massachu-

Belle Starr

ball) setts

Bane of the Bureaucrats Par-

Barber Poet Provencal poet Bakst Leon Bakst (originally

kinson’s Law

Jacques Jasmin—a barber by Rozenberg)

banewort Atropa belladonna’s

profession, also called the Balanchine Georgi Balanchi-

(also called beautiful lady,

Last of the Troubadors vadze

deadly nightshade, or death’s

Barbs Barbados island or peo- Bald Eagle Frank Isbell (base-


ple ball player)

bangkok bangkok hat (straw

Barca the Carthaginian M a - bale 100 to 500 pounds of mar-

hat of a type first woven in

harbal ijuana compressed

Bangkok); bangkok straw

bar code Universal Product Baleful Prophet Cassandra

(Siamese straw used in mak-

ing baskets and hats)


Eponyms, Nicknames

Bard of Avon William Shakes-

Barry Fitzgerald Wi l l i a m

Battleground of Freedom

Kansas during ten years of Bard of Ayrshire Robert Burns



debate over slavery Bard of Olney William Cow-

Barrymore family containing

Battle of Seattle November 19, per

some of America’s best be-

1999, police clash with pro- Bard of Prose Boccaccio

loved actors (Lionel, Ethel,

testers at World Trade Orga- Bard of Sheffield James Mont-

John—children of Maurice

nization conference gomery

and Georgiana Barrymore)—

actual surname was Blythe

Battling Battalino Christo-

Bard of the Stumblebum

pher Battalino (boxer) Nelson Algren

Barry Perowne Philip Atkey

Battling Bob Robert M La Fol- Bard of Twickenham A l ex -

Barry Sullivan Patrick Barry

lette, Sr ander Pope

Barton Cannon Barton Dan-

Battling Levinsky B a r n ey Barefoot Diva Cesaria Evora


Lebrowitz (boxer) Barefoot King of Cocos J o h n

Basil Rathbone L aw r e n c e

Battling Nelson Oscar Nielson Clunies-Ross (owner of the


(boxer) Cocos or Keeling Islands in

Basket of Eggs hills of Downs

Batumskaya formerly Batum the South Indian Ocean)

in Northern Ireland

Bauhaus German school of Baritone-Conductor Dietrich

Basque Provinces á 1 ava ,

modern industrial design Fischer-Dieskau

Guipúizcoa, and Viscaya,

linking art and technology, Barney Barnato Barnett Bar-


headed by architect Walter nato (Barnett Isaacs)

Basra belly Persian Gulf diar-

Gropius Baron Britten Edward Ben-


Bay Bay of Bengal, Biscay jamin Britten

Bastille by the Bay San Quen-

(nicknamed Biscuits by sail- Baron Burnham E d wa r d

tin prison in San Francisco

ors), Boston, Charleston, Levy-Lawson


Fundy, Holland, Islands, Baron Corvo Frederick Will-

Bastion of the Caribbean Pu-

Laig, Mission, Naples, New iam Rolfe

erto Rico

York, Panama, Pigs, River, Baron Cuvier G e o rg e s

Basutoland former name of

San Diego, San Francisco, Léopold Chrétien Frédéric


State, Street, Whales; The Dagobert

Bataan Death March 65-mile

Bay—Algoa Bay or Port Eliz- Baron de Reuter Israel Beer

march by American and Fili-

abeth Bay in South Africa Josaphat (founder of Reuter’s

pino prisoners of Japanese

The Bay Hudson’s Bay Com- news agency)

troops in 1942 (World War II)

pany (see Bay) Baroness Orczy Mrs Montagu

Batavia D u t c h n a m e f o r

Bay of Biscuits (naval nick- Bartstow—author of The

Djakarta; former name of

name—Bay of Biscay) Scarlet Pimpernel

Djakarta, Indonesia; Roman

Bay Cities cities surrounding Baronet Peel R o b e r t P e e l

name for the Netherlands

San Francisco Bay (former Prime Minister of

Batavian Republic name for

Bay City San Francisco Great Britain)

the Netherlands during the

Bay of Gold San Francisco Baron Grenville Wi l l i a m

French Revolutionary wars

Bay Wyndham Grenville (former

(1795 to 1806); the Nether-

Bayou City Houston, Texas Prime Minister of Great Brit-

lands during rule of Louis

Bayou State Louisiana, Mis- ain)

Bonaparte (1806–1810)

sissippi Baron Lugard Frederick John

Bath City Mt Clemens, Michi-

Bay of Pigs C u b a ’s s o u t h Dealtry Lugard


coastal Bahía de Cochinos Baron Munchausen R u d o l f

Bat Masterson William Bar-

where an unsuccessful at- Erich Raspe

clay Masterson

tempt was made to liberate Baron Passfield Sidney Webb

Battenberg Mountbatten

Cubans from Castro’s rule Baron Stiegel i r o n m a s t e r

Battery old seawall containing

Bay State Massachusetts Henry William Stiegel

gun emplacements in

Bay Stater(s) M a s s a c h u s e t - Baron Tweedsmuir J o h n

Charleston, South Carolina,

tan(s) Buchan

Manhattan Island in New

Bay Street financial center of Barr body inactivated X chro-


the Bahamas in Nassau on mosome (for Murray L Barr)

Battle-Born State N eva d a —

admitted as territory in 1848

New Providence Island; fi-

Barrington Island, Galápagos

nancial center of Canada in Santa Fé

following the Mexican War

Toronto, Ontario Barrio Chino (Spanish—Chi-

Battlefield City Gettysburg,

BB King Riley B King nese Quarter)—Barcelona’s


BBB Big Bronze Buddha (in brothel area close to the wa-

Battlefield of the Nations

Kamakura, Japan) terfront

Leipzig in Germany in 1813;

b-dacs armed agents of the Bu- Barry Cornwall Bryan Waller

Plain of Esdraelen in Israel

reau of Drug Control Procter

between Megiddo and Naza-

reth; Waterloo in Belgium

Beagles Virginians

Eponyms, Nicknames

Bean Town Boston, Massa-

Belle City of the Lakes R a - chusetts

Beemer BMW (Bavarian Motor

cine, Wisconsin beans barbiturates

Works) car or motorcycle

Belle Riviere (see La Belle bears law-enforcement officers

Beer City Milwaukee

Riviere) Bears Kentuckians

Beethoven Town Bonn, Ger-

Belle Starr Myra Bell Shirley Bear State Arkansas, Ken-

many—birthplace of Ludwig

bellman buster rolling suitcase tucky

van Beethoven

Bell Rock Inchcape Rock off The Beast Jimmie Foxx (base-

Beetle Juice (American na-

the Forfarshire coast of Scot- ball player)


able giant red star of the first

land, the subject of Robert

Beast of the Apocalypse

Southey’s Ballad of Inchcape Aleister Crowley

magnitude in the constella-

Rock Beat Generation group of writ-

tion of Orion

Bell Town East Hampton, Con- ers including Allen Ginsburg,

Bee Wee nickname for a Brit-

necticut William S Burroughs, Jack

ish West Indian

Belly of Paris Les Halles Kerouac and others; "beat" is

Beggars of the Sea Dutch pi-

Beloved City of El Greco To- short for beatitude —the idea

rates and privateers

ledo, Spain that the downtrodden are

Beige Book regional economic

Beloved Friend Nadejda von saintly

survey conducted by the

Meek (Tchaikovsky’s patron- The Beatles George Harrison,

United States Federal Re-

ess and lifetime friend he John Winston Lennon, James

serve Board

never met) Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr

Beige Toaster Macintosh com-

Beloved Infidel Colonel Rob- (Richard Starkey)


ert Ingersoll Beatrice Arthur B e r n i c e

Bela Lugosi B e l a F e r e n c

Beloved Violinist Fritz Kreisler Frankel


Bel Anglais (French—Hand-

Below Sea-Level Cities Braw-

Beautiful City by the Sea

ley and El Centro, California Portland, Maine

some Englishman)—nick-

Ben Block a British sailor Beautiful Kingdom t r a n s l a -

name of John Churchill—

Ben Cur Benguela Current tion of China’s name for the

Duke of Marlborough

Ben Day Process photoengrav- United States of America

Belgeek(s) B e l g i a n ( s ) — s o -

ing process (for Benjamin Beauty Dave Bancroft (base-

called by American, British,

Day, 1838–1916) ball player)

and Canadian armed forces

Bender-Gestalt Test measures Beauvoir last residence of Jef-

during World War II

personality and assesses func- ferson Davis (in Mississippi)

belgian Belgian griffon (small

tional and organic disorders Beaver State Oregon

black or reddish-black ter-

rier); Belgian horse (draft

Benemérito de las Américas

bebop jazz-style music of the

(Spanish— Meritorious Man 1950s

horse); Belgian hare (rabbit);

of the Americas)—the Mexi- Bechuana bill an African diar-

Belgian sheepdog

can Indian Benito Juárez rhea

Belgian Congo colonial pos-

session of Belgium from 1884

Ben-Gurion (Hebrew—Son of

to 1963; Zaire

Beck Depression Inventory

a Lion)—name adopted by

questionnaire used to diag- David Green nose depression and its sever-

Belgian East Africa f o r m e r

Benin Ports Cotonou, Kpeme ity

name of Rwanda

Belgian Ports Antwerpen (An-

Benjies hundred-dollar bills

bearing the portrait of Amer- Beck(y) Rebecca

vers), Bruxelles (Brussel),

ica’s Benjamin Franklin Bedlam nickname of the Beth-

Gente (Gand), Brugge

Ben Kingsley Krishna Banji lehem Royal Hospital

(Bruges), Zeebrugge, Blan-

founded in London in 1247 bennies benzedrine pills

kenberge, Oostende (Ostend),

Benny Leonard B e n j a m i n Beedle General Walter Bedell

Nieuwpoort (Nieuport)

Leiner (boxer) Smith

Belgium Film Pioneer

Benoulli’s Principle p r e s s u r e Beef Barons Armour, Cudahy,

Jacques Feyder

of water against sides of a Morris, Swift

Belial The Devil

wooden pipe decreases as the Beefeaters Her (His) Majesty’s

Believing Unbeliever S u -

velocity of the water in- Honourable Corps of Gentle-

preme Court Justice Felix

creases (observation of men at Arms


Daniel Benoulli, Swiss math- Beef-heads Texans

Belize formerly capital of Brit-

ematician in mid-1700s) Beef State Nebraska; Texas

ish Honduras and continuing

Ben and Pen Benjamin Frank- Bee Gee British Guiana (now

seaport of Belize, whose cap-

lin and William Penn called Guyana)

ital is inland Belmopan

bent-nail syndrome P ey r o - Beehive of Industry P r ov i -

Belle of Amherst Emily Dick-

nie’s disease wherein the pe- dence, Rhode Island


nis is bent out of shape Beehive State Utah

Belle City of the Bluegrass

Benzer’s Raiders b i o l o g i s t Beelzebub The Devil

Region Lexington, Ken-


Seymour Benzer’s students

Eponyms, Nicknames

Bering Bering Sea extension of

Big Ditch Panama Canal the North Pacific Ocean

Bien Aime (French—Well Be-

Big Drink Atlantic or Pacific Berks the Beautiful Pennsyl-

loved)—Louis XV

Ocean vania’s Berks County

Big A Anaheim Stadium, Ana-

Big-D of the West D e nve r, Berkshires Berkshire Hills of

heim, California; Atlanta,

Colorado western Connecticut and

Georgia in the Southeast;

Big-E aircraft carrier USS En- Massachusetts

Amarillo, Texas in the South-

terprise Berlin Bach K a r l P h i l i p p

west; underworld nickname

Big Easy New Orleans, Louisi- Emanuel Bach—also nick-

of the Federal Penitentiary in

ana named Hamburg Bach

Atlanta, Georgia Big Apple New York City

Bermuda High high-pressure

player) system in the Atlantic Ocean

Big Ben aircraft carrier USS

Big Ed Ed Delahanty (baseball

The Big Eight I owa S t a t e , tween Bermuda, Cape Hat-

Franklin; battleship USS

Bermuda Triangle a r e a b e -

Franklin; huge bell attached

Kansas State, Colorado, Kan- teras, and Key West in the

to clock in Parliament tower,

sas, Missouri, Nebraska, western North Atlantic—also

Westminster district of Lon-

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State called the Devil’s Triangle or

don, named after Sir Ben-

(college sports) the Limbo of the Lost because

jamin Hall, commissioner of

Big Finger Australia’s Cape of the many planes and ships

works in 1859 when bell was

York Peninsula lost in the area; area is also


Big Five (British banks) Bar- said to be between Bermuda,

Big Bend big bend of the Rio

clays, Lloyds, Midland, Na- Florida, and Puerto Rico

Grande—bounding southern

tional Provincial, Westmin- Bernese Oberland B e r n e s e

section of the Big Bend Na-

ster Alps

tional Park on the Texas bor-

Big Five System ex t r ove r t , Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt—

der of Mexico

agreeable, conscientious, stage name of Rosine Bernard

Big Benders Tennesseans

emotional stability, and open- Berry City Woodburn, Oregon

Big Bend State Tennessee

ness to experience (five basic Berserkeley Berkeley, Califor-

Big Bertha World War I how-

components of personality) nia

itzer capable of hurling a

Big Four ABC, CBS, Fox, and Bertholt Brecht Eugen Ber-

one-ton projectile nine miles.

NBC television networks (in thold Friedrich Brecht

named for a member of the

late 1990s); at the Johns Hop- Bertie Bertrand A Russell—

Krupp family

kins Medical School—Will- English philosopher

Big Bill Broonzy William Lee

iam Howard Welch, William Bert Lahr Irving Lahreim


Osler, Howard Atwood Kelly, Bert Parks Bert Jacobson

Big Bill Haywood Wi l l i a m

William Stewart Halsted; bessel bessel equation, bessel

Dudley Haywood (founder of


California railroad builders

Charles Crocker, Mark Hop- function, or bessel method

Big Blue IBM Corporation

kins, Collis P Huntington, and (named for the German 19th-

Big Board New York Stock

Leland Stanford; civil-rights century astronomer Friedrich


leaders of the 1960s: Martin Wilhelm Bessel)

Big Boy Arthur Crudry; largest

bessemer bessemer converter

type of steam locomotive

Luther King, Jr., James

Farmer, Roy Wilkins, and or bessemer steel (named for

from World War II era

Whitney Young; Cleveland, its English inventor, Sir

Big Brother big government’s

Cincinnati, Chicago, and St Bessie Love Juanita Horton

Henry Bessemer)

watchful eye as described in

George Orwell’s 1984

Louis; Great Britain, France,

Italy, and the United States at Betel Nut Island Penang, Ma-

Big Burg New York City

the end of World War I, their laysia

big C cancer; cocaine

representatives at the Peace Betsytown Elizabeth, New Jer-

The Big Cat J o h n ny M i z e

Conference—Lloyd George, sey

(baseball player)

Georges Clemenceau, Vit- Betty Carter Lillie Mae Jones

Big Charlie Charles de Gaulle

torio Orlando, and Woodrow Betty Grable Elizabeth Grasle

Big Chief mescaline

Wilson Beverly Sills Belle Silverman

Big Crocodile P W Botha

Big Four Automakers G e n - Bharat Republic of India

big D hallucinogen such as di-

eral Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Biandrata Giorgio Blandrata

ethyltryptamine, dimethyl-

American Motors (nickname Bible Belt rural areas of the

tryptamine, dipropyl-

from the mid to late 1900s) southern United States


Big Four Opera Houses Cov- biblioklept book stealer

Big-D Dallas, Texas

ent Garden in London, La Bi-City Port Gdansk-Gdynia,

Big Dan Daniel Joseph Tobin

Scala in Milan, Staatsoper in Poland

Big Dipper ladle-shaped con-

stellation of Ursa Major

Vienna, The Met in New York

Bicycle Capital of the United

Big Friend B - 2 4 o r B - 1 7 States Missoula, Montana

The Big Dipper Wilt Cham-

berlain (basketball player)


Eponyms, Nicknames

Biggest City in South Georgia

Bing Crosby Harry Crosby nickname for Jacksonville,

Big Poison Paul Waner (base-

Binky pacifier Florida

ball player)

Big Red cardinal (the bird);

Biographer of Thomas Paine

Biggest Little City Reno, Ne-

Moncure D Conway vada

racehorse Man-o’-War

Biologist of the Mind S i g - Big Heart of Texas Austin

Big Red Machine Cincinnati

mund Freud Bighouse C l a r e n c e G a i n e s


Bip Marcel Marceau (basketball)

Big Seven Britain, Canada,

Bird Charlie Parker Big Inch 24-inch pipeline car-

France, Germany, Italy, Ja-

The Bird medical respirator rying petroleum products

pan, United States

(for Forrest Bird) from east Texas to the New

Big Six Eldon Auker; New

Bird Dog Cessna L-19 liaison York-Philadelphia area

York City’s Typographical

aircraft Big Island Hawaii (largest of

Union Number Six

Bird of Happiness J a p a n ’s the Hawaiians); Vancouver Is-

Big Sky Country Montana

redcrowned crane land, British Columbia

Big Smoke old nickname of

Bird Man Mike Barnett (bas- big J big John (slang— police-

London, England as well as

ketball player) man or other law-enforce-

Sydney, New South Wales

Bird of Paradise b r i l l i a n t l y ment officer)

Big Steel U S Steel Corpora-

plumed male perching birds Big-J battleship USS New Jer-


in New Guinea area sey

Big T Tucson, Arizona

Bird-of-Paradise Island L i t - Big Jim brothel-keeper gang-

Big Three The Big Three (mu-

tle Tobago (where birds of ster James Colosimo (1877–

sic publishers Robbins, Feist,

paradise may be seen in their 1920); Postmaster General

Miller)—Robbins Music

wild state) James Aloysius Farley

Corp; World War I peacemak-

Birdofredum Sawin J a m e s Big Joe Turner Joseph Vernon

ers Georges Clemenceau,

Russell Lowell Turner

Lloyd George, and Woodrow

Birds of Paradox fl i g h t l e s s Big John St John the Divine

Wilson; World War II peace-

birds such as cassowaries, cathedral in New York City,

makers Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Jo-

flightless cormorants, emus, famous for its concerts

seph Stalin

Big-M battleship USS Mis-

Big Three Automakers G e n -

kiwis, ostriches, penguins, rails, rheas

Birds of Prey fl e s h - e a t i n g Big Mac M a r k M c G w i r e

souri; Memphis, Tennessee

eral Motors, Ford, Chrysler

predators such as condors, ea- (baseball player); Mc-

Big Town Chicago

gles, falcons, hawks, kites, Donald’s hamburger; New

The Big Train Walter Johnson

ospreys, owls, vultures York’s Municipal Assistance

(baseball player)

Bird Woman Sacajawea Corporation (MAC)

Big Windy Chicago, Illinois

Birkenau German name for Big Mama Thornton Wi l l i e

Big X McGraw-Hill trademark

Brezinka next to Auschwitz, Mae

Bikini State Florida

called Oswiecim by the Poles Big Mamie battleship USS

Bilad al-Sudan ( A r a b i c —

Birken’ead drill maritime tra- Massachusetts

Land of the Blacks)—Guinea,

dition dating from 1852 with Big Minny Minnesota


the sinking of HMS Birken- Big Miss Mississippi River

Bill William

head when women and chil- Big Momma HMS Ark Royal

Bill Arp Charles Henry Smith

dren were given first place in Big Muddy Missouri River

Billie Dove Lillian Bohny

the lifeboats Big N Vladimir Nabokov

Billie Holiday Eleanora Fagan

Birmingham Sam J o h n L e e Big Nail translation of the Es-

Billings Billingsgate (London

Hooker kimo nickname for the North

waterfront market whose

women delighted in using

Birthplace of American

Cajuns New Brunswick Big Narco Saint J e s u s M a l -


foul language)

Bill Nye Edgar Wilson Nye

Birthplace of the American


Billtown Williamstown, Kan-

Industrial Revolution

Big Nasty Ronnie Lee (foot-

Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley ball tackle)


Billy the Kid William Bonney

Birthplace of American Jazz

big O opium; orgasm

New Orleans The Big O Oscar Robertson

alias William Wright and

alias Henry McCarty

Birthplace of American Lib-

erty Faneuil Hall, Boston Big-O attack aircraft carrier

(basketball player)

Billy Rose William Samuel


Birthplace of American Presi-

dents Massachusetts (4); Big Orange Los Angeles

USS Oriskany

Billy Sanders Joel Chandler

New York (4); Ohio (7); Vir- Big P tenor Luciano Pavarotti


ginia (8) Big Pat St. Patrick’s cathedral

Bill of Rights President

James Madison

Birthplace of Aphrodite or

in New York City

Bimshire Barbados

Venus Cyprus

Eponyms, Nicknames

Birthplace of Aviation D a y -

Black Babe Ruth Josh Gibson ton, Ohio where the Wright

Birthplace of Saint-Saëns

Black Bart poetic stagecoach Brothers built their flying ma-

Paris, France

robber Charles E Bolton chine

Birthplace of Schubert Vi -

enna, Austria

Blackbeard Edward Teach—

Birthplace of Bach, Beethoven,

privateer-pirate also known as and Brahms G e r m a ny

Birthplace of Schumann

Edward Thatch (Eisenach, Bonn, and Ham-

Zwickau, Germany

Blackbeard’s curse botulism, burg)

Birthplace of Shakespeare

diarrhea, or dysentery con- Birthplace of Baseball C o o -

Stratford-upon-Avon, En-

tracted in the Caribbean perstown, New York


black beauties biphetamine Birthplace of Berlioz C ô -

Birthplace of Sibelius Tavaste-

Black Belt black-soil growing Saint-André, lsère, France

hus, Finland

area extending from South Birthplace of Bolívar C a r a -

Birthplace of Skiing Morgedal

Carolina and Georgia to Ala- cas, Venezuela

in the Telemark region of


bama and Mississippi

Birthplace of Brahms and

Blackberry Capital M c - Mendelssohn H a m bu rg ,

Birthplace of the Skyscraper

Cloud, California Germany


Birthplace of Spinoza A m -

Blackbird Lockheed SR-71 jet

Birthplace of the British

reconnaissance aircraft Industrial Revolution Sev-

sterdam, Netherlands

Black Carib Garifuna spoken ern Valley in England and

Birthplace of the Tuna Fishing

in Belize Wales

Industry San Diego

Black Castle of Opium A f y - Birthplace of Burns Alloway,

Birthplace of the United States

onkarahisar in western Tur- Scotland

of America Philadelphia,

key Birthplace of California S a n

Pennsylvania where the Dec-

Black Charley S i r C h a r l e s Diego

laration of Independence was

signed July 4, 1776


Birthplace of Camões

Black Country c o a l - m i n i n g (Camoëns) Lisbon, Portu-

Birthplace of Vaudeville

iron-founding sections of gal

Sainte-Mère-église (near

southern Staffordshire and Birthplace of Canada C h a r-

Norman coast of France)

West Midlands of England; lottetown, Prince Edward Is-

Birthplace of Villa-Lobos Rio

Midlands of England around land

de Janeiro, Brazil

smoke-blackened Birming- Birthplace of Cervantes A l -

Birthplace of Vivaldi Venice,

ham calá de Heneres, Spain


Black Dan Daniel Webster Birthplace of Colombia Tunja,

Birthplace of Wagner

Black Death bubonic plague Boyacá

Leipzig, Germany

black diamond black or gray Birthplace of Dante Florence,

Birthplace of Wilde, Shaw,

industrial diamond also called Italy

Joyce, and Behan Dublin,

framesite bort; anthracite or Birthplace of Democracy a n -


hard coal cient Greece

Bishop of Broadway theatri-

Black Diamond City Wilkes- Birthplace of the Gods Greece

cal producer David Belasco

Barre, Pennsylvania Birthplace of Handel H a l l e ,

whose clerical dress earned

black diamonds coal Germany

him this title

bishopese writing in a dull ec-

black disease a n t h r a x o f

Birthplace of Hans Christian

sheep; braxy Andersen O d e n s e , D e n -

clesiastical style

Black Douglas Sir James de mark

Bishop of Rome the Pope

Douglas Birthplace of Hindemith H a -

Bison City Buffalo, New York

Black Eagle Hubert F Julian nau, Germany

Bitter Bierce Ambrose Bierce

Black Emperor of Haiti J e a n - Birthplace of Kant K a l i n i n -

Bitter Sea Dead Sea between

Jacques Dessalines grad (formerly Königsberg,

Israel and Jordan

Black Explorer M a t t h ew East Prussia)

Bituminous City C o n n e l l s -

(Matt) Henson Birthplace of Liszt R a i d i n g ,

ville, Pennsylvania

black fever kala-azar (leish- Hungary

Bix Leon Bismarck Beider-



Birthplace of Melodramatic

black flag symbol of death or Opera Italy

Bjørn Bjørn B j ø r n s t j e r n e

emblem of piracy Birthplace of Mozart Salzburg,


B Kovner Jacob Adler

Black Flower of Society

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s nick- Birthplace of Paganini Genoa


Black Black Sea between Bul-

name for any jail, peniten- Birthplace of Purcell L o n -

garia, Russia, and Turkey

tiary, or prison don, England

Black Africa equatorial Africa

from Ethiopia, Somalia, and

Black Forest Schwarzwald (in

Birthplace of Richard Strauss

mountainous south-central Munich, Germany

Kenya to Gabon, the Congo,

and Zaire


Eponyms, Nicknames

Black Friday September 24,

Blarney Stone Port C o r k o r 1869 (financial panic oc-

black propaganda l i e s r e -

Corcaigh in Ireland (Eire) curred when speculators tried

peated until they seem believ-

close to Blarney Castle con- to corner the gold market in


taining the Blarney Stone the U.S.)

Black Republic H a i t i a n d

Blaue Reiter Blue Rider, Ger- Black Gladiator Bo Diddley

many emerging African na-

man expressionist art move- (Ellas McDaniel)


ment from 1911 to 1914 black gold petroleum

Black Rock Columbia Broad-

casting System (CBS) named

Blau’s theory the larger the or-

black gold of the Amazon and

ganization, the greater the Malaya rubber

for its black granite building

at 51 West 52nd Street in New

proportion of total resources

black gold of the Caspian

devoted to management, caviar

York City

hence the proliferation of the Black Hand secret terrorist so-

Black Russian Writer A l e -

bureaucracy ciety linked with the Camorra

Blessed Isles (see Fortunate and the Mafia

ksandr Sergeyvich Pushkin

Isles) Black Heart of Montana Butte

(1799–1837) whose maternal

Bligh’s Islands Fiji Islands Black Hole Muscovites’ nick-

grandfather was African

Blind Bards Homer and Mil- name for Moscow

Black Saturday C o m -

ton Black Irish brunette descen-

mander’s Internal Manage-

ment Review

Blind Blake Arthur Phelps

dants of Irish women and Blind Bomber G e o rg e

Black Sea Countries B u l -

Spanish Armada sailors Glamack

garia, Georgia, Romania,

blackjack card game, bubonic Blind Boy Fuller Fulton Allen

Russia, Turkey, Ukraine

plague, the black flag of pi- Blind Gary Davis R eve r e n d

Black Sheep of Canadian

rates, blackjack chewing Gary Davis

Liquors 100-proof Yukon


gum, hand-held leather-cov-

Blind Lemon Jefferson

ered flexible club; zinc blende Lemon Jefferson

Black Shirts Mussolini’s fol-

or zinc sulfide Blind Poet John Milton Black Jack General John Jo-


Black Sox E i g h t C h i c a g o

Blind Publisher Joseph Pu-

seph Pershing litzer black lead cerrusite (lead car-

White Sox players banned

Blind Tom Thomas Bethune bonate)

from baseball for life for al-

legedly throwing the 1919

Blind Willie McTell Wi l l i e

black mayonnaise poisonous Samuel McTell

World Series—Eddie Cicotte,

sludge contaminating bays, Blizzard State South Dakota

Happy Felsch, Chick Gandil,

beaches, harbors, and oceans Blitzen Joe Benz (baseball

Shoeless Joe Jackson, Swede

Black Monday October 19, player)

Risberg, Buck Weaver, Lefty

Bloater(s) i n h a b i t a n t ( s ) o f 1987 when the New York

Williams, and Fred McMul-

stock market declined more Yarmouth on the North Sea


than it had on Tuesday, Octo- coast of England where her- ber 29, 1929, which trigg-

black spots black settlements

rings are salted and smoked gered the Great Depression

in white-owned South Afri-

Blockhousers o l d e s t A f r o - Black Money money gained il-

can land

American regiment whose legally

Black Stream Japan Current

gallant assault on a well-de- Black Monk Grigori Efimov-

black tar deadly Mexican-

fended blockhouse won them ich Rasputin

made heroin, also called

Mexican mud or tootsie roll

this nickname during the Spanish-American War

Black Movie Pioneer R a l p h

Black Tuesday October 29,

Blonde Beauty of the Lakes

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Black Muslims religious-ori-


1929, when the U.S. stock

market crashed, trigggering

ented group composed of

the Great Depressuon

Blonde Bombshell Jean Har- low

black nationalists and some

Blondin Charles Emile Grav- militant extremists

Black Wall Street D u r h a m ,

ele—the tightrope walker Black Nationalist M a r c u s

North Carolina

Black Watch Royal Highland

the mid-nineteenth century Black Nightingale Ma Rainey

M(oziah) Garvey

Regiment whose tartans dis-

who crossed Niagara Falls in

blood and guts red ensign of (Gertrude Rainey)

play dark colors

the British Merchant Marine Black Panthers militant black

blackwater fever malaria

Blood and Guts G e n e r a l party

Blackwater State N e b r a s k a

George S Patton, USA Black Pope head of the Jesuit

(with its black soil)

blood-clotting vitamin Vi t a - Order—the Jesuit General

Blackwell’s Island f o r m e r

min K Black Prince Edward—Prince

name of Welfare Island in

Bloodhound B r i t i s h s u r- of Wales—son of Edward III

New York City’s East River

face-to-air missile who always wore black armor

black widow poisonous spider

Lactrodectus mactans

blood pudding blood sausage

Eponyms, Nicknames

Bloody Ground State Ke n -

bogsaat bunch of guys sitting tucky

Blue Moon second full moon in

around a table Bloody Mary Mary I of En-

one month

Bogside C a t h o l i c wo r k i n g gland (Mary Tudor); tomato

Bluenose fisherman or sailor

class district of Derry (Lon- juice and vodka

from Canada’s Maritime

donderry) Bloody Sunday March 5, 1965,


Bohemia Czech Republic; hab- in Selma, Alabama, where

Bluenose Province N ova

itat of gypsies and other un- state troopers attacked de-


conventional people fenseless civil-rights march-

Bluenose(s) native(s) of Can-

Bohemian Reformer J o h n ers, injuring sixty

ada’s Maritime Provinces, es-

Hus Bloomsbury writers whose

pecially Nova Scotia; puri-

Bojangles Bill (Bojangles) center of activities was Lon-


Luther Robinson don’s Bloomsbury Square in

blue ointment mercurial oint-

Bolingbroke Henry IV of En- the early 1900s; Clive Bell,


gland EM Forster, Roger Fry, John

blue peter blue signal flag with

Bolivarian Block C o l o m b i a , Maynard Keynes, Lytton

a white rectangle in its center;

Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia Strachey, V Sackville-West,

flown when a ship is ready to

Bolivarian Republics Bolivia, Leonard and Virginia Woolf;

sail; letter P or Papa in the

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, synonym for snobbish aes-

international code

Venezuela theticism

Blue Rider Blaue Reiter; Ger-

Bollywood Bombay, for India’s Bloom syndrome genetic dis-

man expressionist art move-

film industry ease characterized by retarda-

ment from 1911 to 1914

Bolshevik Feminist Aleksan- tion of growth, abnormal im-

blue room aircraft toilet

dra Kollontai mune function

blue sky statements unsup-

Bomba (Italian—Bass Drum)— blue amytal (barbiturate)

ported by facts

Ferdinand ll—King of the blue acid p a l e - b l u e l i q u i d

Blues Man Roosevelt Sykes

Two Sicilies LSD-25

Blue Steel Hawker-Siddeley

bombay bombay duck (Asiatic blue angels amytal (barbitu-

air-to-surface missile

lizardfish, dried and salted rate)

Bluetooth standard for short-

lizardfish served with curry, Blue-backed Speller The Amer-

range wireless connections

also called bummalo) ican Spelling Book by Noah

among electronic devices

Bombingham nickname for Webster

Bluff City Hannibal, Missouri;

Birmingham, Alabama, for Bluebeard any wife killer such

Memphis, Tennessee; and

Ku Klux Klan terrorism dur- as the Chevalier Raoul whose

Natchez, Mississippi

ing 1963 struggle for black seventh wife discovered the

Bluff King Hal Henry VIII

civil rights bodies of his six previous

Boadbil Abu Abdallah—last

Bonaire’s Port Kralendijk wives

Moorish king of Granada

Bonanza Beech U-22 trainer bluebirds capsules of sodium

boards book covers

aircraft amytal

boat people refugees

Bonanza Land Fo r t S m i t h , bluebook volume containing

Bob Robert

Arkansas names of socially prominent

Bob Dole Disease erectile dys-

Bonanza State Montana people


Bob Dylan Robert Zimmer-

Bonaparte of the Antilles

blue-collar labor fa c t o r y

Toussaint Louverture workers


Bond Street London’s street of blue devils amobarbital cap-

Bob Hope Leslie Townes Hope

fashionable shops sules

Bobby Robert

Bone Algerian port city now Blue Grass Capital L ex i n g -

Bobby Blue Bland R o b e r t

called Annaba ton, Kentucky

Calvin Bland

boneblack animal charcoal Blue Grass Country Ke n -

Bobby Darin Walden Robert

Boney Napoleon Bonaparte tucky


bobo bourgeois bohemian

Bon Homme Richard

Blue Grass State Kentucky

(French—Good Man Rich- Blue Grotto marine cavern on

Bo Carter Armentu Chatmon

ard)—Benjamin Franklin shore of Capri island in Bay

Bo Diddley Ellas McDaniel

The Body Paul Hoffman (bas-

Bonnie Prince Charles

Charles Edward Stuart—the Blue Hen Chickens Delawar-

of Naples

ketball player)

Young Pretender eans

Boer (Afrikaans or Dutch—

Bonny Johnny John Adams, Bluehen(s) Delawarean(s)

farmer)—South African of

second President of the Blue Hen State Delaware

Dutch descent whose lan-

United States Blue Law State Connecticut

guage is Afrikaans

Bonus Marchers ex-U.S. ser- Blue Light District C a r t a -

Bogie Maxwell Bodenheim;

vicemen who marched in gena, Colombia’s red-light

Humphrey Bogart

Washington, D. C., during the district (Distrito Luz Azuil)

Bogland Ireland

Boglander Irishman

Great Depression to get their

Eponyms, Nicknames

bonus certificates cashed

Brady Bonds debt instruments early and were fired upon by

Borodin Mikhail Markovich

named for United States Trea- federal troops under President


sury Secretary Nicholas Herbert Hoover’s command

Borscht Belt Catskill Moun-

Brady boobtube television

tain area, New York

Bragman’s Bluff British pi- Boogie Down New York City’s

bosco South American narcotic

rate’s name for Puerto Cabe- borough of the Bronx


zas, Nicaragua sometimes book book of regulations and

Bosphorus strait connecting

called El Bluff rules

the Black Sea with the Sea of

Brahmsburg Hamburg, Ger- Booker Booker T Washington

Marmora leading to the Med-

many—birthplace of Jo- Book Man nickname by fellow


hannes Brahms prison inmates for Stephen

Boss of Bosses Lucky Luciano

(Salvatore Lucania)

Brains of the Confederacy

Blumberg of Iowa, who stole

Judah Philip Benjamin (attor- thousands of valuable books

Boss Kett Charles F(ranklin)

ney general, secretary of war, from U.S. libraries

and secretary of state of the Boom Boom B o r i s B e c ke r


Confederate States of Amer- (tennis)

Boss Tweed William Marcy

ica) boomer member of the baby-


Boston Brahmin Historian

Bram Stoker Abraham Stoker

boom generation Brandy Nan Queen Anne

William Hickling Prescott

boomerang bomber a d - Brann the Iconoclast Wi l l -

Boston Strong Boy J o h n L

vanced technology bomber; iam Cowper Brann, editor and


stealth bomber publisher of The Iconoclast

Botticelli Sandro di Botticell

Boomer’s Paradise Oklahoma Brass Butte, Montana

— palette name of Alessandro

Boomer State Oklahoma Brassai Gyula Halàsz


Booze Bourse Brooklyn, New Brass City Waterbury, Con-

Bourbon Street New Orleans

York necticut

nightlife center

Borax King Francis Marion brat bananas, rice, applesauce,

Bowen Therapy musculoskele-

toast (diet to relieve diarrhea) Smith of Death Valley, Cali-

tal-release therapy developed

by Tom Bowen of Australia

Brattle Island, Galápagos

Borda Count voting system of Tortuga


Bowery north-south thorough-

Bratwurst Capital Sheboygan, ranking candidates, for math-

fare on Lower East Side of

ematician Jean Charles Borda Wisconsitm

Manhattan, New York City;

notorious for its shabby hotels

Alberto Santos-Dumont Border Country t h e

Brazilian Aviation Pioneer

and saloons

Brazilian emerald green vari- U.S.-Mexican border extend-

Bowie State Arkansas, where

ing from Brownsville, Texas ety of tourmaline

many of its first settlers car-

Brazilian Film Pioneer A l - to San Diego, California

ried bowie knives

Border Eagle State M i s s i s - berto Cavalcanti

Box 500 British secret service

headquartered on Curzon

Brazilian National Composer

Heitor Villa-Lobos Border Minstrel S i r Wa l t e r


Street, London

Brazilian Ports M a n a u s , Scott

boxer’s ear hematoma auris

Belém do Pará, São Luis, Border State Maine (border-

boxitos people from Yucatan,

Enseada de Mucuipe, Natal, ing on Canada)

Mexico where in Mayan the

Recife, Maceio, Salvador de Border States D e l awa r e ,

word means dark people

Bahia, Ilheus, Vitoria, Rio de Maryland, Virginia, Ken-

Boyhood Home of Mark

Janeiro, Niteroi, Angra dos tucky, and Missouri; before

Twain Hannibal, Missouri

The Boy Manager S t a n l ey

Reis, Santos, Paranagua, São

the Civil War they divided the

Francisco, Itajai, Florianopo- North from the South

Bucky Harris

Boris Karloff William Henry

Boy Orator of the Platte

lis, Laguna, Rio Grande, Porto Alegre


William Jennings Bryan

The Boy Shirley Temple

Brazilian ruby topaz altered by heating so it turns pur-

Boris Pilnyak B o r i s A n -

ple-red to salmon-pink and Boris Savinkov Vladimir Rop-

dreyevich Vogau

Bobby Breen

hence passes for a ruby shin

Boy’s Town Omaha, Nebraska;

Brazilian sapphire blue tour- borked what happens to nomi-

redlight sections of many

maline nations torpedoed by an on-

Mexican border towns

Braziller George Braziller slaught of opposition—for

Boz Charles Dickens

Brazil water coffee Robert Bork, unsuccessful

Bozzy James Boswell—biogra-

Bread-and-Butter State Min- nominee to United States Su-

pher and friend of Dr Samuel

nesota preme Court, 1987


Bread Basket Fargo, North Borneo Kalimantan

bra burner militant feminist

bracelets slang for handcuffs


Eponyms, Nicknames

Breadbasket of Canada

Saskatchewan Breadbasket of Russia t h e Ukraine

Breadbasket of Sweden

southernmost province of Skåne

Breadbasket of the World

central North America (Can- ada and the U.S.)

Breakfast Food City B a t t l e Creek, Michigan Bret Harte Francis Brett Harte Brett Halliday Davis Dresser Brewery Capital Milwaukee Brick Lane L o n d o n , E n -

gland’s East End ghetto bricks traditional businesses in buildings bricks and clicks businesses in buildings and Internet busi- nesses

Bride of the Adriatic Venice Bride of the Sea Venice Bridewell London’s old house

of correction Bridge Bum Alan Sontag Bridge House Wi l m i n g t o n ,

Delaware’s detention home for juvenile delinquents

Bridge of Sighs 16th-century Venetian bridge connecting a prison with a palace where prisoners were tried; any sim- ilar structure connecting a courthouse with a prison

Brigitte Bardot Camille Jarval bright lighters city people Bright’s disease kidney dis-

ease named for its diagnosti- cian Dr Richard Bright of London; nephritis

Brilliant Belgian virtuoso-vio- linist Arthur Grumiaux Brilliant Madman C h a r l e s

XII of Sweden Brill’s disease epidemic ty- phus disease recurring years after the original infection and named for its American diagnostician Dr Nathan E Brill

brimstone sulfur

Bringer of Freedom’s Light

John Huss

Britain’s First Woman Prime

Minister Margaret Thatcher

Britain’s Most Exclusive Club

the House of Commons Britain of the South N ew Zealand

Britain’s Playground B l a c k -

pool (seaside resort on Irish Sea)

Britain’s Premier Passenger

Port Southampton britannia britannia metal (al-

loy of antimony, copper, and zinc used as antifriction ma- terial and for dinnerware)

Britannia Bristol-built military

transport aircraft; Britannia metal; Britannia prima (En- gland); Britannia secunda (Wales)—symbol of Great Britain including Scotland with England and Wales; Brit- ish Empire; Commonwealth of nations; Great Britain and Northern Ireland—the United Kingdom; Roman name for Great Britain

Britain’s Queen of the Blues

Beryl Bryden British America British pos-

sessions in or adjacent to the Americas

British Anatomist Extraordi-

nary Henry Gray British Century the 19th cen-

tury British China Hong Kong be-

fore 1997 British Guiana Guyana British Hardware Centre Bir-

mingham British Honduras Belize British Invasion takeover of

United States airwaves by British rock ’n’ roll groups in- cluding The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Kinks

British Isle Ports Whitstable,

Port Victoria, Chatham, Til- bury Docks, Gravesend, Woolwich, Greenwich, Lon- don, Wivenhoe, Harwich, Parkeston, Ipswich, Felix- stowe, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, King’s Lynn, Bos- ton, Grimsby, Immingham, Kingston-upon-Hull, Goole, Whitby, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Seaham, Sunder- land, North Shields, Newcas- tle, Gateshead, Blyth, Leith, Granton, Rosyth Dock Yard, Boness, Grangemouth. Alloa, Burntisland, Kirkcaldy, Me- thil, Perth, Abroath, Mon- trose, Aberdeen, Peterhead,

Fraserburgh, Hopeman, Inv- erness, Cromarty, Invergor- don, Port Mahomack, Helms- dale, Wick, Thurso, Scrabster, Stornoway, Oban, Campbel- town, Greenock, Finnart, Rothesay Dock, Glasgow, Ardrossan, Irvine, Troon, Cairnryan, Douglas, Bangor, Belfast, Larne Lough, Lon- donderry, Sligo, Westport, Galway, Kilrush, Limerick, Foynes, Cobh, Cork Harbour, Rosslare, Dublin, Silloth, Mayrport, Whitehaven, Bar- row-in-Furness, Fleetwood, Preston, Liverpool, Manches- ter, Port Dinorwic, Holyhead, Caernarvon, Milford Haven, Llanelly, Swansea, Port Tal- bot, Barry, Cardiff, Newport, Sharpness, Gloucester, Avon- mouth, Bristol, Portishead, Bideford, St Ives, Penzance, Falmouth, Fowey, Plymouth, Dartmouth, Portland, Wey- m o u t h , P o o l e , C ow e s , Yarmouth, Southampton, Gosport, Portsmouth, Folke- stone, Dover

British Isles Great Britain and Ireland British Laugh Master Benny Hill British Librettist Italian nick- name for Shakespeare, many of his dramatic plots inspired Italian composers

British lion symbol of the Brit- ish Commonwealth as well as of Great Britain

British North Borneo Sabah British Riviera E n g l a n d ’s

south coast from Land’s End to Margate

British Rock Gibraltar British West Indies i s l a n d

possessions or former posses- sions of Great Britain in or near the Caribbean: Bahamas; British Leeward, Virgin, and Windward islands; Jamaica, Tobago, Trinidad

Britons English, Scottish, and Welsh people Brixton Brixton Prison south- east of Plymouth, England; London, England slum; one of London’s largest prisons

broadband high-speed digital networks

Eponyms, Nicknames

Broad-bottomed Administra-

Buddy System trademark of tion o f P r i m e M i n i s t e r

Bruce Graeme Graham Mon-

Countermeasures of Holly- Henry Pelham during the

tague Jeffries

wood, Maryland reign of George II

Brummagen B i r m i n g h a m

Buerger’s disease chronic in- Broken Hill Kabwe, Zambia


flammation of the blood ves- Bronco North American-Rock-

Bruno Jakob Bronowski

sels in a limb or limbs well OV-10 counterinsur-

Bruno Walter Bruno Walter

Buffalo De Haviland military gency aircraft


transport aircraft Bronze Age era of mankind

brussels brussels carpet (wo-

Buffalo Bill Colonel William F when implements and weap-

ven with a raised pattern by a

Cody ons were forged from bronze;

method first used in Brus-

Buffalonians people of Buf- period marked by wars and

sels); brussels griffon (toy

falo, New York widespread violence

dog bred in Brussels); brus-

Buffalo Plains State Colorado Bronzino Agnolo di Cosimo

sels lace (high-quality floral-

Bug-eaters Nebraskans Brook Farm utopian commu-

pattern lace); brussels sprouts

Bug-eating State Nebraska nity founded by leading

(small cabbage-like vegeta-

Bughouse Square P e r s h i n g American transcendentalists


Square in Los Angeles, Union in 1841 but disbanded by

Brussels system universal dec-

Square in New York, Wash- 1847 near West Roxbury, now

imal classification

ington Square in Chicago Boston, Massachusetts; nick-

B-town Beantown; Blounts-

Bugs b o o t l eg g e r- bu rg l a r name of similar ventures

town; Boys Town

George Moran (1893–1957); Brook Farmers Albert Bris-

B Traven Berick Traven Tor-

Tom Burgmeier (baseball bane, Orestes Brownson,

scan Croves

player) Charles A Dana, John S Dwight, Ralph Waldo Emer-

Bubble Boy David, who died,

at age 12, of severe combined

Bugs Baer Arthur Baer

Buhl’s disease fatty degenera- son, Margaret Fuller, Horace

immunodeficiency disease af-

tion associated with hemoglo- Greeley, Nathaniel Hawthorn,

ter living in an isolated envi-

Isaac Hecker, George Ripley,



Built on Oil, Soil, and Toil

Ponca City, Oklahoma Brother John John Bull—long

Henry David Thoreau

bubble-boy disease s eve r e

combined immunodeficiency

the personification of the Brit-


Bukavu Costermansville Bulgarian Ports M i c h u r i n ,

Akhtopol, Bukhta Tsiganski, Brother Jonathan B r i t i s h

ish Empire

Bubbles 18th-century English

firms issuing speculative

nickname for the United


Burgas, Varna, Evksinograd, Kavarna

States and its citizens

bubbly champagne Buccaneer Hawker-Siddeley

Bulgarian Quadrilateral f o r- The Brothers R o c ke f e l l e r brothers—John D III, Nelson,

jet aircraft for military appli-

tress towns of Rustchuk, Schumla, Silistria, and Varna

Bulge The Bulge of Brazil con- Brothers Goncourt E d m u n d

Laurance, David


Bückeburg Bach J o h a n n

sisting of South America’s and Jules de Goncourt—liter-

easternmost coast between ary collaborators

Christoph Friedrich Bach Bucketfoot Al A l S i m m o n s

João Pessoa and Recife Brothers Grimm J a c o b a n d

(baseball player)

Bulldog Jim Bouton (baseball player); Scottish Aviation sin-

Wilhelm Grimm

Buckeye North American Rock-

The Brothers Hildebrandt

gle-engine two-place trainer Gregory and Timothy Hilde-

well trainer aircraft desig-

The Bulldozer Richard Hol- brooke (diplomat) Brown Bomber Joe Lewis

nated T-2

brandt (illustrators)

Buckeye(s) Ohioan(s)

Bullet Joe Joe Bush (baseball brown coal lignite

Buckeye State Ohio

player) Brownie Mary M a r y J a n e

Buckie R(ichard) Buckminster

Bull Halsey Admiral William Rathbun


F Halsey Junior Brownie McGhee Wa l t e r

buckminster fullerine g e o d e -

Bullion State Missouri Brown McGhee

sic-shaped molecule named

bull market stock market short brown lung byssinosis or cot-

for Buckminster Fuller

form indicating an upward ton-dust disease

Buckshot Glenn Wright (base-

trend in securities Brown Shirts Hitler’s follow-

ball player)

Bull Moose T h e o d o r e ers

buckyballs geodesic dome-

Roosevelt—twenty-sixth Brownstone State Connecti-

shaped carbon molecule

President of the United States cut

named for American architect

Bullpup Maxson air-to-surface Brow of the Universe Scandi-

and engineer (Richard) Buck-

missile navia

minster Fuller (1895–1983)

Bullring of Basra white-slave BR Town Baton Rouge, Loui-

Bud Abbott William Abbott

market close to Iraq’s Persian siana

Buddha Siddhartha Gautama

Buddy Rogers Charles Rogers

Gulf coast

Eponyms, Nicknames

Bull Run Manassas

Butcher of the Balkans A n -

cabbage with a college educa-

Bullwood Hall borstal in Es-

tion Mark Twain’s nickname sex, England

drija Artukovic

for cauliflower Bumble Bee Slim Amos Eas-

Butcher of Berlin Adolf Hit-

Cabo Tormentoso ( P o r t u - ton


guese—Cape of Storms)— Bung Karno (Malay–Brother

butcher bird loggerhead shrike

Cape of Good Hope Karno)—Indonesian dictator

Butcher of Budapest S ov i e t

Cacos (Spanish—pickpock- Sukarno

Prime Minister Nikita

ets, poltroons)—nickname of Bunions Rollie Zeider (base-

Khrushchev so named be-

a Guatemalan political party ball player)

cause of his brutal suppres-

Cactus code name for French bunsen bunsen burner (named

sion of the Hungarian free-

Mach l.2 surface-to-air mis- for the German chemist Rob-

dom fighters

sile ert Wilhelm Bunsen)

Butcher of Cambodia Ta Mok

Butcher of the Caribbean

Cactus Blossom Capital

Buntline Ned Buntline—nom

Rafael Trujillo

Phoenix, Arizona

Cactus Jack Vice President son

de plume of Edward ZC Jud-

Butcher of Lyon Klaus Barbie

John Nance Garner also Buranello Baldassare Galuppi

Butcher of Prague Reinhard

called the Sage of Uvalde The Burg New York City

Heydrich—Hitler’s Reichs-

Cactus State New Mexico Burke to kill by suffocation as

protektor of Bohemia

Caesar Augusta ( L a t i n — in the case of William Burke,

butter butts y e l l ow - r u m p e d

Zaragoza)—called Saragossa the Irish criminal who suffo-


by the British cated his victims so he could

Butter Capital O wa t o n n a ,

cafeteria bug Clostridium per- sell their bodies for dissection

fringens Burkitt’s lymphoma c a n c e r


Caffarelli Gaetano Majorano that affects children; named

Buttercup Carl Anderson (bas-

Cagliostro Giuseppe Balsamo for Dr Dennis Burkitt

ketball player)

Buttermilk Tommy To m m y

Cajetan Tommaso de Vio-Ital- Burlington Route C h i c a g o ,

ian cardinal who failed to per- Burlington, and Quincy (rail-

Dowd (baseball player)

suade Martin Luther to re- road)

Butternuts Tennesseans

main within the Catholic Burl Ives Icle Ivanhoe Ives

Buys Ballot’s law if someone

Church and carry on reforms Burma former name of Myan-

in Northern Hemisphere

from within mar

stands with back to wind, at-

Cajun a descendant of French- burmese burmese cat (orange-

mospheric pressure will be

speaking immigrants from eye cat originating in Burma);

lower to his left hand than to

Acadia; their dialect burmese lacquer (grayish var-

his right, and the reverse in

Cajun Country Bayou Teche, nish); burmese ruby (peony)

Southern Hemisphere

Louisiana, also called Teche Burmese Ports Sittwe, Kyauk-

Buzzards Georgians

Buzzard State Georgia


pyu, Bassein, Rangoon, Moul- Calamity Jane Martha Jane

Bye Bye Steve Balboni (base-

mein Burke also known as Canary

ball player)

Burns and Allen c o m e d i a n s Jane whose activities resulted

Byron pen name of George

George Burns (Nathan Birn- in the deaths of eleven of her

Gordon who used the family

baum) and Gracie Allen twelve husbands

title of Lord Byron

Burping Bedpost bassoon Calhoun Gulch C h a r l e s t o n ,

Byron Janis Byron Yanks

South Carolina district Burrhead Ferris Fain (baseball

Bytown original name of Ot-

California Channels Channel player)

tawa, Canada

Burt L Standish Gilbert Pat- Islands south of Santa Bar-

Byzantium ( L a t i n — I s t a n -

ten—creator of the American bara (Anacapa, San Miguel,


boy hero—Frank Merriwell Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa)

CABAL rnembers of the secret

California Ports San Diego, Busby Berkeley William Ber-

cabinet of Charles Il of En-

Long Beach, Los Angeles, keley Enos

gland; by coincidence their

initials spelled cabal—Clif-

San Pedro, Monterey, San

business-man’s special

Francisco, Alameda, Oak- 45-minute psychosis pro-

ford of Chudleigh, Ashley

land, Port Richmond, Mare duced by dimethltryptamine

(Lord Shaftesbury), Bucking-

Island, Port Chicago, Stock- Busta Sir Alexander Busta-

ham (George Villiers), Ar-

ton, Sacramento, Eureka mante

lington (Henry Bennet), Lau-

California prayerbook d e c k Bustees Calcutta slum

derdale (John Maitland)

of cards Buster Keaton Joseph Francis

cabbage cabg (coronary artery

California Riviera oceanside Keaton

bypass grafting)

resorts ranging from San Di- butch lesbian who plays male

Cabbage Patch Victoria, Aus-

ego to Santa Barbara role


California’s Cornerstone San Butch Fiorello H LaGuardia

Cabbage Town Toronto, On-

tario slum


Eponyms, Nicknames

Caligula Gaius Caesar

Canadian black C a n a d i a n - Calle de la Ballesta ( S p a n -

Campo Alegre (Papiamento or

grown marijuana ish—Street of the Cross-

Spanish— Happy Country)—

Canadian Comedians Lou Ja- bow)—Madrid’s nightclub

Curaçao’s controlled brothel

cobi; Rich Little neighborhood

above the hills of Willemstad

campo santo (Italian, Portu-

Canadian Commonwealth

Calle Florida (Spanish—Flor-

Canada and its territories ida Street)—celebrated shop-

guese, Spanish—sacred

ground)—name of many

Canadian Composer-Conduc-

tor-Educator S i r E r n e s t Calpe (Phoenician—Rock of

ping center of Buenos Aires

burial places throughout the

Campbell Macmillan Gibraltar)—one of the Pillars

Latin world

Canadian Dominion C a n a d a of Hercules flanking Straits of

camp robber gray jay (or other

and its territories Gibraltar


Canadian Freethinker M a r- Calve Emma Calvé— opera-

Can King Canute of Denmark

shall J Gauvin house name of the soprano

and England

Canadian Galapagos Q u e e n Emma de Roquer

Canada second largest nation;

Charlotte Islands Calvin John Calvin (originally

Canada anemone, balsam,

barberry, birch, blueberry,

Canadian Gateway to the

Pacific British Columbia Calypso Capital Port of Spain,

Jean Chauvin)

bluegrass, buffalo berry, field

pea, fleabane, ginger, goose,

Canadian Georgia O’Keeffe

painter Emily Carr Cambodia f o r m e r l y P r e a h


h a r e , h e m p . j a y, l i l y,

Canadian Humorist Stephen Reach Ana Chak Kampuchea

lymegrass, lynx, mayflower,

B(utler) Leacock Canadian Kaleidoscope T h e Khmer Republic, or Demo-

mint, moonseed, pea, pitch,

or simply Kampuchea, the

plum, potato, rockrose, root,

Province of Ontario cratic Kampuchea

tea, turpentine, violet, warb-

ler, wormwood, yew

Canadian Ports ( e a s t c o a s t

Cambodian-Incursion Presi-

Canada’s Breadbasket

Cartwright, Saint Anthony, Cambodian Ports K a m p o n g

dent Richard Nixon


and Great Lakes) Churchill,

Roddickton, Springdale, Baie Saom, Kampot, Phumi Phsar

Canada’s Doorstep N ova



Canada’s Heartland T h e

Verte, Fortune Harbour, Bot- wood, Catalina, Clarenville,

Cambridge Group R a l p h

Province of Manitoba

Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wen-

Canada’s Ocean Playground

Harbour Grace, Wabana, St John’s, Argentia, Burin, St

dell Holmes, Henry Wad-

Pierre, Grand Bank, St sworth Longfellow, James

Nova Scotia

George’s, Corner Brook, Russell Lowell, John Green-

Canada’s Principal Ports

Humbermouth, Sept-Iles, leaf Whittier

Halifax and Montreal on the

Atlantic, Vancouver on the

Baie-Comeau, Rimouski,

Camden and Amboy State

Tadoussac, Port Alfred, Chi- New Jersey


coutimi, Riviere du Loup, Camel NATO name for Soviet

Canada’s Storied Province

Québec, Trois Rivieres, Sorel, Tu-104 transport aircraft


Varennes, Montreal, Ottawa, Camel-driver of Mecca t h e

Canada’s Wonder City To r-

Lower Lakes Terminal, Pres- Prophet Mohammed


cott, Belleville, Trenton, Co- Camellia Capital S a c r a -

Canadian C a n a d i a n b a c o n

bourg, Port Hope, Oshawa, mento, California

(boned pork loin strips); Ca-

Port Whitby, Toronto, Hamil- Camellia City Greenville, Al-

nadian cheddar (usually

ton, Port Weller, Welland, abama

smoother and spicier than

American cheddar cheese);

Port Colborne, Port Maitland,

Camera Eye M a x B i s h o p Rondeau Harbor, Amherts-

Canadian football (rouge);

(baseball player) burg, Windsor, Sarnia, Port

Canadian-French; Canadian

Cameroon Ports Ti ko , Edward, Goderich, Owen

humorist (Stephen Leacock);

Sound, Collingwood, Mid- Douala, Victoria, Kribi

Canadianism; Canadianize;

land, Parry Sound, Little Cur- Camille Erlanger F r é d e r i c

Canadian whiskey (rye); pre-

rent, Sault Ste Marie, Thun- Regnal

fix given such items as Cana-

der Bay, Gaspé, Chandler, Camille Pissarro J a c o b

dian bacon, football, French

Pa s p é b i a c , D a l h o u s i e , Pizarro

(inhabitant or language),

Bathurst, Caraquet, Chatham, camisole(s) straitjacket(s)—

goldenrod, goose, hemlock,

Newcastle, Souris, George- institutional euphemism

holly, lynx, whiskey

town, Charlottetown, Sum- Campagna di Roma (Italian—

Canadian Arctic area north of

merside, Pictou, North Syd- Roman Campagna)— undu-

the Arctic Circle including is-

n ey, S y d n ey, H a l i f a x , lating lowlands around Rome

lands, the North Magnetic

Lunenburg, Liverpool Shel- Campanella Tommaso Cam-

Pole, and the Northwest Ter-

burne Yarmouth, Digby, panello (originally Giovanni


Parrsboro, Moncton, St John, Somenico)

Canadian Atheist Marshall J


Letang Harbor; (west coast)

Eponyms, Nicknames

New Westminster, Vancouver,

Capital Province Ontario Horseshoe Bay, Powell River,

The Cape Cape Ann, Cape

The Capital Punisher F r a n k Comox, Nanaimo, Victoria,

Cod, Cape of Good Hope,

Howard (baseball player) Esquimalt, Port Alice, Ocean

Cape Hatteras, Cape Horn,

Cape Province (Union of

Capital of the Rhineland

Cologne (Köln), Germany Canadian potato artichoke

Falls, Prince Rupert

South Africa); Cape Town

Capital of the World N ew Canadian Twin Cities Fo r t

Cape of the Californias Cabo

York City—seat of the United William and Port Arthur

San Lucas (at the lower tip of

Nations Canal Concessionaire Vi -

Baja California)

Cape Cod peninsula enclosing

Capstone of Negro Education

comte Ferdinand Marie de

Howard University Lesseps—original promoter

Cape Cod Bay

Captain Kidd William Kidd— of the Suez and the Panama

Cape Cod turkey codfish

privateer-pirate Canal

Cape Dutch Afrikaans

Captain Late J a m e s S i l a s Canaletto Antonio Canale;

Cape Horner(s) deep-sea sail-

(baseball player) Giovanni Antonio Canal

ing vessel(s) rounding Cape

Captain Planet Jacques-Yves Canal of Fire Suez Canal

Horn in southernmost South

Cousteau canalimony $25-million-dol-


Captain Sir Richard Captain lar alimony United States

Cape Horn fever i m a g i n a r y

Sir Richard Francis Burton paid Colombia in 1922 for

malady of sailors who com-

Captain Van George Vancou- separating its province of

plain they are ill when the sea

ver, British sea captain, ex- Panama in 1903 so it could

is rough or there is too much

plorer proceed unhindered in con-


Captive of History Northern structing the Panama Canal

Cape Kennedy Cape Canav-

Ireland Canal Zone Capital B a l b o a

eral, Florida

Capucine Germaine Lefebvre Heights

Cape May Pen C a p e M a y

Caracas capital of Venezuela canaries of the sea b e l u g a

Peninsula in southernmost

and named for its founder, whales

New Jersey

Santiago de León de Caracas Canberra British twin-jet light

Cape Stiff Cape Horn

Caran d’Ache E m m a n u e l bomber built by BAC

Cape of Storms Cape of Good

Poiré Candia Erakleion


Carat City diamond-mining Canecutters sugar-cane-cut-

Cape V Cape Verde (whose

Kimberly, South Africa ting Queensland, Australians

capital is Praia)

Cape Verde Island Ports Min-

Caravaggio, Michelangelo da

Cane Sugar States F l o r i d a ,

Michelangelo Merisio Hawaii, and Louisiana

delo, Santa Maria, Preguiça,


Caravaggio, Polidoro da Poli-

Canned Salmon Capital

doro, Caldara Ketchikan, Alaska

Cape York Pen C a p e Yo r k

Caravan of Death C h i l e a n Cannery City Seattle, Wash-

Peninsula in northern Austra-

leader Augusto Pinochet’s ington


traveling military death squad Cannery Row Monterey, Cali-

Capi Muriel Wylie Blanchet

Capirucha Mexican-American-

carbolic acid phenol

fornia’s fishery foreshore de- Carbonaro Napoleon III be-

ism for Mexico City

scribed by John Steinbeck in lieved to belong to the Car- his novel

Capital of Black America

boneria political society Cannon City K a n n a p o l i s ,

Harlem section of New York


Cargo Port of the Pacific

North Carolina where Can-

Vancouver, British Columbia non towels are made

Capital of the Black Middle

Class Durham, North Caro-

Carib Carib Indians; Carib-

Cannon King Alfred Krupp— bean countries; Caribbean


German armament manufac- Sea between the Antilles,

Capital of the Cotswolds Cir-

turer (1812–1887) Central America, northern


Capital of the Highlands Inv-

Cannon Kings of Germany

South America

Caribou De Havilland twin-en- The Krupp family

erness, Scotland

gine stol transport designated Canoe City Old Town, Maine

Capital of Hope Brasilia

DHC-4 in Canada and C-7A canola Canada oil (rapeseed)

Capital of the Incan Empire

in the United States where it Cantabrian Surge Bay of Bis-

Cuzco, Peru

is also called CV-2A cay

Capital of Memory A l ex a n -

Carinthia Kärnten, Austria Cantinflas Mario Moreno

dria, Egypt, according to

Carioca(s) native(s) of Rio de Canuck F r e n c h - C a n a d i a n ;

Lawrence Durrell

Janeiro twoplace jet interceptor built

Capital of the Pirate Coast

Carl Brandes Edvard Cohen in Canada by Avro and desig-

Ras Al-Khaimak (northern-

Carleton Kendrake Erle Stan- nated CF-100

most sheikdom of Trucial

ley Gardner Canuckland Canada

Oman at the Strait of Ormuz)

Carl Milles Vilhelm Carl Emil Cao Tú Phan Van Khoai

Capital of Polynesia A u c k -

land, New Zealand


Eponyms, Nicknames

Carlo Collodi Carlo Lorenzini

Celery City C e d a r R a p i d s , Carlo Maria C a r l o M a r i a

Casey Stengel Charles Dillon

Iowa; Kalamazoo, Michigan Giulini


Celestial City John Bunyan’s Carlos Arruza C a r l o s R u i z

Cash and Cary m i l l i o n a i r e

name for Heaven in Pilgrim’s Carnino

Barbara Hutton and actor

Progress ; old traveller’s name Carmella Ponselle C a r m e l l a

Cary Grant, as known when

for Peking, China Ponzillo

they married

Celestial Empire Chinese Em- Carmen Miranda M a r i a d e

Casino City Monte Carlo, Mo-

pire Cormo Cunha


Celine L o u i s - F e r d i n a n d Carmen Silva E l i s a b e t h

castile castile soap (mild clean-

Destouches Carnegie’s Savior Vi o l i n i s t

ing agent originally made in

Queen of Romania

Celtic Fringe peoples of Corn- Isaac Stern who saved Carn-

Castile, Spain from olive oil

wall, Ireland, Scotland, and egie Hall from oblivion

and sodium hydroxide)

Wales on the fringe of En- Carol Carnac Edith Caroline

Cast-Iron Commodore M a t -

gland Rivett

thew Calbraith Perry

The Cat H a r r y B r e c h e e n

Celts Bretons, Cornish, Gaels, Carole King Carole Klein


Irish Gaelics, Manx, Scots Carolina Game Cock Thomas

Catch-Me-Who-Can Richard

Gaelics Sumter

Trevithick’s railway engine

Cement City A l l e n t ow n , Carolina racehorse r a z o r-

tested in 1808

Pennsylvania back hog

cat gold mica; yellowish mica

Censor of the Age T h o m a s Carol Lombard Jane Peters

Cathay China

Carlyle Carolus Magnus C h a r l e -

Cathedral of Learning U n i -

Centennials Coloradans magne

ve r s i t y o f P i t t s bu rg h ’s

Centennial State Colorado Caronia La Coruña (north-

52-story building

Center of Austria Salzburg western Spain in Roman

Cathedral of Music Carnegie

Hall, New York City

Center of the Copper Circle

Tucson, Arizona carpenter fish sperm whale


catnip of the butterfly world

Center of the Nation To p e k a , Dalton, Georgia


Carpet Capital of the World

cats catfish

Kansas Carpet City Amsterdam, New

Center of Scenic America Utah York

cat’s eye chrysoberyl

cat’s fur Guatemalan mist

catsie cat’s-eye playing marble;

Center of the Sunshine State

Carrion’s disease P e r u v i a n -

Pierre, South Dakota sandfly anemia

polished agate resembling a

Central African Empire f o r- Carter Curtain Tortilla Cur-

cat’s eye

merly the Central African Re- tain

Cattle Capital Willcox, Ari-

public created from the Carter Doctrine d e f e n d t h e


Ubangi Shari territory of Persian Gulf (named for

Caudillo de la Independencia

French Equatorial Africa Jimmy Carter, thirty-ninth

de Uruguay ( S p a n i s h —

Central America l a n d b e - president of the United

Chief of the Independence of

tween Colombia and Mex- States)

Uruguay)—José Gervasio

ico—Belize, Costa Rica, El The Carthaginian Lion G e n -


Salvador, Guatemala, Hondu- eral Hannibal

cauliflower ear hematoma au-

ras, Nicaragua, and Panamá Cary Grant Archibald Leach


Central Americans C o s t a Casablanca Miami, Florida

Cavaliers Virginians

Ricans, Guatemalans, Hon- Casa Grande Wi l l i a m R a n -

Cavalier State Virginia

durans, Nicaraguans, Pana- dolph Hearst’s main house at

caviar of drugs cocaine

manians, Salvadorans San Simeon, California

Cayenne French Guiana

Central Bureau Amsterdam’s Casanova Giacomo Girolamo

Cayo Hueso (Spanish—Bone

old section for illegal and il- Casa Pacifica former Presi-

Key)—original name of Key

licit activities dent Nixon’s Spanish-colo-

West, Florida

Central Powers Austria-Hun- Clemente, California

Cayuse Hughes OH-6 observa-

gary; Bulgaria; Germany, and Casa Rosada (Spanish—Pink

nial seaside home at San

tion helicopter

Turkey (in World War I) House)—Argentine presi-

C Day Lewis Nicholas Blake

Cedar Crest executive man-

sion of the governor of Kan-

Central Prairie Province

dent’s office building in Bue-

Saskatchewan nos Aires

sas and eponym for executive

Central Provinces O n t a r i o Casbah Algiers, Algeria’s hill-

government throughout the

and Québec side redlight and underworld


Central State Kansas district

Cee Cee Claudia Cardinale

Centurion British tank carry- Casey Jones J o h n L u t h e r

Celery Capital K a l a m a z o o ,

ing a crew of 4 and guns up Jones

Michigan; Sanford, Florida;

San Ysidro, California

to 105mm

Eponyms, Nicknames

Century of Confusion the 9th

Charles J Kenney Erle Stan- century when the empire of

Champion of the Old South

ley Gardner Charlemagne disintegrated—

President John Tyler

Charles the Simple C h a r l e s the 800s

Champions of Individualism

III of France Century of the Exodus t h e

John Stuart Mill and Herbert

Charley slang for Vietcong 13th century before the Chris-


Charley Car St Charles Ave- tian era when Moses led the

Champion of States Rights

nue trolleycar; one of Amer- Israelites out of Egypt and

John C Calhoun—U.S. Sena-

ica’s oldest and the last in across the Red Sea—the

tor from South Carolina

New Orleans 1200s

Champion of the Underdog

Charley South C h a r l e s t o n , Ceramic City East Liverpool,

Clarence Darrow

South Carolina Ohio

Chance Personified Fo r t u n a

Charley West C h a r l e s t o n , Cereal City B a t t l e C r e e k ,

(Roman); Tyche (Greek)

West Virginia Michigan, and Cedar Rapids,

Chandeleurs Chandeleur Is-

Charlie Charles; letter C radio Iowa

lands off the coast of Louisi-

code; NATO name for Soviet Cervantes Miguel de Cer-


C-class submarines built to vantes Saavedra (Spain’s

The Channel Beagle; English;

launch missiles underwater foremost author)

St George’s

Charlie Chaplin C h a r l e s Cesspool of Crime London or

Spencer Chaplin Paris around the turn of the

Channel City Santa Barbara,

Charlie Hustle P e t e R o s e century; New York today


Channel fever the sense of ex-

citement evident aboard ships

(baseball player)

Cesspool of Latin America

Charlot (Spanish—Charlie)— Cayenne, French Guiana

Charlie Chaplin Cesspool of Pirates J o h n F

approaching their port

Channel Islands J e r s ey,

Guernsey, Alderney, Brechau,

Charm Spot of the Deep

Kennedy International Air-

South Mobile, Alabama port in New York where cargo

Charter Oak City H a r t f o r d , thefts are the highest in the

Great Sark, Little Sark, Herm,

Jethou, Lihou; also off Cali-

Connecticut, where the origi- nation

fornia’s coast near Santa Bar-

nal charter was hidden in an Ceylon Sri Lanka


oak tree to insure the liberty Chagas-Cruz disease S o u t h

Chapino(s) Guatemalan(s)

of the First settlers American sleeping sickness

Charter Oak State Connecti- Chained Lady Andromeda

Chappiequack C h a p p a q u a ,

New York

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease


Chairman of the Board

muscular atrophy

Chatham Island, Galápagos

Frank Sinatra; Whitey Ford San Cristóbal

(Ed Ford— baseball) cheapies cheap goods; cheap

Charger Convair multipurpose

short takeoff-and-landing air-

Chairman Mao M a o

merchandise; cheap stocks Tse-Tung

Checkpoint Charlie f o r m e r Champagne of Drugs cocaine


Charioteer B r i t i s h Wo r l d

international frontier between

East and West Berlin Champagne of Teas D a r j e e l -

War II medium tank armed

Cheesebox convict’s nickname ing tea (from Darjeeling, In-

with an 83.4mm gun

for the Illinois penitentiary at dia)

Charles Atlas Angelo Sicil-



Champion of Copernican Cos-

Che Guevara Ernesto Guevara mology Italian philosopher

Charles the Bald Charles I of

de la Serna Giordano Bruno


Chelmer native of Chelm (an- Champion of Darwin T h o -

Charles B Child C Ve r n o n

cient Jewish town in Poland mas Henry Huxley


Charles Blondin J e a n

known in folklore as the Town

Champion of Education

of Fools) Horace Mann

François Gravelet (French ac-

robat who walked tightrope

Chelmo Polish name for con-

Champion of Freethought

centration camp called Kulm- President John F Kennedy

above Niagara River near

hof by the Germans who believed in an America

Niagara Falls in 1855, 1859,

Chelsea Gang John Dos Pas- where the separation of

sos, Suzanne La Follette, Sin- church and state is absolute

Charles Bronson C h a r l e s

clair Lewis, Mary McCarthy, and who renounced the ap-


Ben Stolberg, who were pointment of an American

Charles Dalmorès Henry Al-

among the first to expose the ambassador to the Vatican and

phonse Boin

totalitarian nature of the tax support of parochial

Charles de Secondat B a r o n

USSR; lived in the Chelsea schools

de la Brède et Montesquieu

Hotel, New York City Champion of Liberty E n -

Charles the Fat Charles II of

Chemical Capital Wi l m i n g - glish reformer Charles Brad-


ton, Delaware laugh

Charles Island, Galápagos

Floreana or Santa Maria

Chemnitz Karl-Marx-Stadt

Eponyms, Nicknames

Chequers British prime minis-

Talcahuano, Coronella, Lota,

Chinese Offshore Ports on

Formosa or Taiwan C h i - Cher Cherilyn Sarkisian

ter’s country home

Valdivia, Puerto Montt, Pu-

lung (Keelung), Kaohsiung, Chero(s) Salvadoran(s)—per-

erto Quellon, Punta Arenas

Su-Ao, Hua-Lien, Tso-Ying, son or people of El Salvador,

Chile’s Principal Port Va l -

An-Ping, Tan-Shui Central America


Chimneyville Jackson, Missis-

Chinese Restaurant Syn-

Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Stoppel-

drome symptoms of those moor


sensitive to MSG (monoso- Chester Conklin Jules Cowles

dium glutamate)—tingling, Cheyenne Mountain a i r- d e -

china clay kaolin (hydrous alu-

headache, numbness, flush, fense complex near Pike’s

minum silicate)

palpitations Peak, Colorado

China’s Baby Capital Guang-

Chinese tobacco opium Chicago Group p o e t s a n d

zhou (Canton), China

chinese white zinc oxide (ZnO) writers born in the Chicago

China’s Main Street Yangtze

Chinese white fentanyl area around 1900—Sherwood

Kiang (Chinese—Yangtze

Chino Men California (correc- Anderson, Willa Cather,


tional) Institution for Men at Floyd Dell, John Dos Passos,

China’s Sorrow soil-eroding

Chino Theodore Dreiser, Finley Pe-

Yellow River

Chinook Boeing-Vertol twin- ter Dunne, James T Farrell,

Chinatown Chinese quarter of

rotor helicopter designated Francis Hackett, Harry

any city outside China

CH-47 Hansen, Ernest Hemingway,

China Valley San Gabriel Val-

Chinook State Washington Vachel Lindsay, Archibald

ley, California

Chipmunk Hawker-Siddeley MacLeish, Edgar Lee Mas-

china white synthetic heroin

trainer aircrraft ters, Harriett Monroe, Frank

(often deadly)

China white fentanyl (more

Chitlin Capital of the World

Norris, Burton Rascoe, Carl

Salley, South Carolina Sandburg, Kay Boyle, TS

powerful than morphine, also

Chi Town Chicago’s nickname Eliot, Scott Fitzgerald, Sin-

nicknamed Persian white)

chloride of lime b l e a c h i n g clair Lewis, Carl and Mark

chinese chinese banana (dwarf

powder Van Doren

banana), chinese cabbage

The Chicago of the Ever-

(petsai) , chinese checkers,

Chocolate City H e r s h ey,


Chocolate Coast Ghana Chicago piano s u b m a c h i n e

glades Clewiston, Florida

chinese gelatin (agar or isin-

glass), chinese glue (alcohol

Choctaw Sikorsky troop-trans- gun

+ shellac), chinese greens

port helicopter designated Chi-chi naval nickname for

(vegetables), chinese ink (in-

H-34 Christchurch, South Island,

dia ink), chinese puzzle, chi- nese red, chinese watermelon

Cholera Capital Calcutta New Zealand

Cholly Knickerbocker I g o r Chickasaw Sikorsky transport

(wax gourd), chinese white (barium sulfate), chinese

Cassini helicopter designated H-19 or

Chomolungma Ti b e t a n — UH-19

wood oil (tung oil)

Mount Everest Chicken Noodle News C a b l e

Choo-Choo Town C h a t t a - News Network’s nickname in

Chinese anesthesia acupunc-

nooga, Tennessee its infancy


chop shop place where stolen Chicken War trade dispute in

Chinese cows soybeans Chinese Gordon British gen-

autos are dismantled and sold the 1960s between the United

by the part States and some European na-

eral Charles George Gordon

Chosen Apostle s e l f - p r o - tions over frozen chicken

who suppressed the Taiping

claimed radio preacher Her- Chico Marx Leonard Marx

rebels; later named Gordon

bert W Armstrong The Chief Herbert Hoover,

Pasha for similar services in

Chotzie Samuel Chotzinoff train on Chicago-Los Angeles

the Sudan

Christiania Oslo’s medieval run of Santa Fe

Chinese Mainland Ports

name Chieftain British main battle

Macao, Huang-Pu, Kuang-

Christianna Brand M a r y tank armed with a 120mm

Chou, Hong Kong (former

Christianna Milne Lewis gun

British Crown Colony),

Christian Right A m e r i c a n Child of the Mississippi Lou-

Shant-T Ou, HsiaMen,

Coalition for Traditional Val- isiana

L o - H s i n g - Ta , M a o - Ti ,

ues (includes the Moral Ma- Children of Joseph Israelites

Ning-Po, Shanghai, Chen

jority) Children of Pharoah E g y p -

Chiang, Nan-Ching, Wu-Hu,

Christmas Cove South Bris- tians

Chiu-Chiang, Hang-kou,

tol, Maine Chilean Ports San Juan Bau-

Chang-Sha, Ching-Tao, Wei-

Christopher Columbus Cris- tista, Arica, Iquique. Toco-

Hai, Yen-Tai, Ta-Ku. Tieng-

tóbal Colón (Spanish); Cris- pilla, Antofagasta, Taltal, Val-

Ching, Chin-Huang-Tao, Hu-

toforo Colombo (Italian) paraiso, San Antonio.

Lu-Tao, Ying-K-Ou, Lu-

Shun, Luta (Dairen)

Chromium Continent Africa

Eponyms, Nicknames

Chrysler Chrysler Building of

City of Brick Pullman, Illinois New York at 42nd Street and

The City financial, govern-

City of Brotherly Love Phila- Lexington Avenue

mental, historical, and com-

delphia (derived from the Chuck Norris Carlos Ray

mercial core of London, in-

Greek) philos (love) and adel- Chuco Mexican-Americanism

cluding newspaper publishing

phos (brother) for El Paso, Texas

district, Bank of England,

City of the Caliphs Cairo Chuey ( S p a n i s h - A m e r i c a n

Lloyd’s, many famous restau-

City of the Camellias Pensa- nickname—Jesus)

rants; San Francisco, Califor-

cola, Florida Chuppies Chinese urban pro-


City of 1000 Lakes O k l a -

City of Canals and Bridges

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, chutz chutzpah (Yiddish—un-


homa City, Oklahoma

Leningrad, Stockholm, and mitigated gall; some nerve)

City of Abraham Hebron, Is-

Venice Cicero Marcus Tullius


City of the Carmel Haifa, Is- Cigar Capital Key West, Flor-

City of Alexander the Great

rael, on the slopes of Mount ida; Tampa, Florida

Alexandria, Egypt

Carmel Cigar City Tampa, Florida

City of Aluminum A r v i d a ,

City of Castles Copenhagen Cigarette Josiah Flynt Willard


City of Cats Venice (felines Cincinnati oysters pig’s feet

City of the Angel San Angelo,

outnumber people) cinnamon stone hessonite


City of Certainties D e s Cinquecento ( I t a l i a n — fi ve

City of Angels Bangkok, Los

Moines, Iowa hundred)—Italy’s 16th cen-


City of Champions Pittsburgh tury artistic and cultural de-

City of the Apprentice Boys

City of Cheese Dutch cities of velopment

Londonderry, Northern Ire-

Alkmaar and Gouda Cipango Japan, as it was called


City of the Arctic Tr o m s o ,

City of Cheese, Chairs, Chil-

dren, and Churches S h e - Circus King John Ringling

by early European explorers


boygan, Wisconsin Cisco Kid Duncan Reynaldo

City of the Arts Minneapolis

City of Churches B r o o k l y n , (Renault Renaldo Duncan)

City of Athena Athens

New York Cissie Patterson Eleanor Me-

City of Baked Beans Boston,

City College British euphe- dill Patterson


mistic name for Newgate Cissy Loftus M a r y C e c i l i a

City by the Bay S a n F r a n -

Gaol—the old London M’Carthy


lockup; New Yorker nick- The Cit The Citadel Military

City of Beaches Montevideo,

name for the Tombs prison, in College of South Carolina


Manhattan Citadel of Budapest Burgberg

City of Beautiful Spires

City of Coral coral reefs off Citians people of Minneapolis


the Virgin Islands and St Paul also called Twin

City of Bells S t r a s b o u rg ,

City of Corsairs S t M a l o , Citians


France Cities of Culture E d i n bu rg h

City of Berwald Stockholm,

City of Cypresses Rome and Glasgow


City of David Jerusalem Cities of the Plain A d m a h ,

City Beside the Broad Mis-

City of Death Beirut, Leba- Gomorrah, Sodom, and Ze-

souri Bismarck, North Da-

non; Kipling’s name for boim on the Jordan River


Lahore, Pakistan Plain of ancient Israel near

City Between Bridges Stock-

City of Destiny Ta c o m a , the Dead Sea


Washington Citizen Capet Louis XVI (be-

City of Bicycles Copenhagen

City of the Doges Venice headed during French Revo-

City of Big Shoulders C a r l

City of Dreadful Night K i - lution)

Sandburg’s sobriquet for Chi-

pling’s nickname for Calcutta Citizen Composer D m i t r i


City of Dreaming Spires O x - Shostakovich

City of Birches Umeå, Swe-

ford, England Citizen of Geneva J e a n


City of Dreams P o r t Jacques Rousseau

City of Birm Sym Orch C i t y

Townsend, Washington Citizen King Louis Philippe of

of Birmingham (England)

City of the Dunes D u n ke r- France

Symphony Orchestra

que, France Citizen Louis Capet L o u i s

City of Black Diamonds

City Ed City Editor XVI

Scranton, Pennsylvania

City of Elms New Haven Citizen of the World O l ive r

City of Blazing Lights

City of Eternal Spring Cara- Goldsmith, Thomas Paine


cas Citlatepetl Orizaba

City of the Blues M e m p h i s ,

Tennessee (home of WC

City of Fair Breezes B u e n o s

Aires, Argentina Citrus Metropolis Los Ange-

citric acid C 8 H 6 O 7 Handy)

City of Five Seasons C e d a r les

City of Brazilian Churches

Rio de Janeiro’s nickname

Rapids, Iowa

Eponyms, Nicknames

City of Flour Buffalo, Minne-

City of Presidents Q u i n cy, apolis

City of Louis Paris

Massachusetts City of Fountains A i x - e n -

City of Magnificent Distances

City of the Prophet M e d i n a , Provence, France; Bratislava

Washington, D.C.

Saudi Arabia, where Moham- City of Four Lakes Madison,

City of Manifold Advantages

med was protected after flee- Wisconsin

Augusta, Maine

ing from Mecca City of Fun and Frolic Atlan-

City of Mankind Jerusalem

City of Masts Port of London

City of Quays and Grieg

Bergen, Norway City of Gardens Lahore, Paki-

tic City, New Jersey

City of Millionaires Colorado

City of Razzle Dazzle one of stan; Victoria, British Colum-


O Henry’s nicknames for bia

City of Minarets Miknès, Mo-


New York City he also called

City of Gardens and Beaches

Bagdad on the Subway Adelaide, Australia

City of Money Zurich, Swit-

City of Receptions Washing- City of the Gods Te o t i h u a -


ton, D.C. cán— religious capital of

City of Monuments B a l t i -

City by the Rivers K a n s a s Mexico in the fifth century

more, Maryland; Florence, It-

City where the Kansas River before the Christian Era


flows into the Missouri; Min- City of Gold Dawson, Yukon

City of Mosques I s t a n bu l ,

neapolis–St Paul on the Min- Territory


nesota and Mississippi; Phil- City by the Golden Gate San

City in Motion S a n D i eg o ,

adelphia on the Delaware and Francisco


City of Mozart Salzburg, Aus-

Schuylkill; Pittsburgh on the

City of the Golden Horn

Allegheny, Ohio and Monon- Istanbul


gahela; Portland, Oregon on City of Good Neighbors A r-

City of Music and Song Vi -

the Columbia and the Wil- lington Heights, Illinois


lamette; St Louis where the City of Green Spires Copen-

City of Nielsen Copenhagen,

Mississippi meets the Mis- hagen


souri City of Grieg Bergen, Norway

City of Nine Dragons

Kowloon, Hong Kong

City of Rocks Nashville, Ten-

City Grown Too Big For Its

nessee Bridges San Francisco

City of Notions Boston, Mas-


City of Roses Portland, Ore-

City of Hans Christian Ander-

gon sen Copenhagen, Denmark

City of Oaks Raleigh, North


City of Ruins and Roses

City of Heat T h e r m o p o l i s ,

Visby, Sweden Wyoming

City of One Hundred Hills

City of Rumors Washington City of Historical Charm Sa-

San Francisco, California

D.C. vannah

City on the Neva St Peters-

burg’s nickname

City of Rum and Sugar

City of a Hundred Hills S a n

Francisco Georgetown, Guyana

City of Palaces Rome, Italy,

and Vatican City

City of a Hundred Spires

City of Sails Auckland, New

Prague Zealand

City of Palms A c a j u t l a , E l

Salvador; Fort Myers, Flor-

City of a Hundred Towers

City of Saints Montreal Pavia, Italy

City of Salt Salzburg, Austria; City of Illicit Love Paphos on

ida; and Maracaibo, Venezu-

Syracuse, New York Cyprus


City by the Sea N ew p o r t , City of the Immortals A m a -

City of the Pampas B u e n o s

Rhode Island rapura, Burma


City of the Sea Venice City of Jade Oaxaca, México

City of Peace Brunei

City of Penn P h i l a d e l p h i a ,

built on Aventine, Caelian, New Orleans, Louisiana

Pennsylvania founded by

City of Seven Hills Rome, Italy,

City of Jazz and Mardi Gras

William Penn

City of Personality C i n c i n -

Capitoline, Esquiline, Pala-

City of Kielland and Bjelland

tine, Quirinal, and Viminal Stavanger, Norway

nati, Ohio

City of Peter the Great Saint

City of Seventy Isles Venice

City of Kings and Common-

City of Shoes Brockton, Mas- ers Copán, Honduras

Petersburg (later called Petro-

sachusetts City of Lakes D a r t m o u t h ,

grad and Leningrad)

City of Sibelius Helsinki, Fin- Nova Scotia

City of the Plains

land City of Light Paris, France;

Christchurch, New Zealand

City of Silver Taxco, México Perth, Western Australia

City of Poets Jérémie, Haiti,

City of the Silver Gate S a n City of Lillies Florence, Italy

birthplace of the father of Al-

Diego City by the Lion’s Gate Van-

exandre Dumas (Dumas pére)

City of Sinbad Basra, Iraq couver, British Columbia

and grandfather of Alexandre

City of Sinding Oslo, Norway City of Lost Angels Los An-

Dumas (Dumas fils)

City in the Sky Macchu Pic- geles, California

City of Power Peking, Peo-

ple’s Republic of China

chu, Peru

Eponyms, Nicknames

City of Skyscrapers N ew

Clara Covell North C l a r a E York

City of Three Capitols Little

Ellis City of the Slain A r l i n g t o n

Rock, Arkansas

Claribel Charlotte Alington- National Cemetery in Arling-

City of the Three Kings C o -

Barnard ton, Virginia

logne, Germany, where it is

Clarin Leopoldo Alas y Urena City of Smells Old Delhi, In-

reputed the Magi or Three

Clarita Clara Elena dia

Kings are buried; Lima, Peru

Clark U.S. air base, Luzon Is- City of Smokestacks Everett,

City of Totems Ke t c h i k a n ,

land, Philippines Washington


Clark Gable William Gable City of Soles Lynn, Massachu-

City of Trees C h r i s t c h u r c h ,

Classic City Kyoto, Honshu setts

New Zealand; Saratoga

Island, Japan City of Sorrow Buchenwald

Springs, New York

City of the Tribes G a lwa y,

Classifier and Compiler

(concentration camp near We-

Extraordinaire D r P e t e r imar, Germany)


Mark Roget City of Southern Charm S a -

City under Vesuvius Naples

Claude Lorraine C l a u d e vannah, Georgia

City of the Violet Crown

Gellée of Lorraine City of Spies Beirut, Berlin,


Claudette Colbert Lily Cau- Copenhagen, Hong Kong,

City of Washington Washing-

choin London, New York, Paris,

ton, D.C.

Claudio Lars Carmen Bran- Singapore, Stockholm, Vi-

City of Walls Beijing, China

non de Samayoa enna, Zurich, Washington,

City on the Water A m s t e r-

The Claw Otto Schnelbacher D.C.

dam, Copenhagen, Stock-

(basketball player) City of Spires Copenhagen

holm, and Venice

Clay-eaters South Carolinians City State Singapore and the

City of Witches Salem, Mas-

Vatican City State


Cleat Soviet Tupolev Tu-124

long-range transport (NATO) City of Steel Pittsburgh, Penn-

City without Clocks Las Ve-

clicks Internet businesses sylvania City of St Mark Venice

gas, Nevada

Ciudad Blanca ( S p a n i s h —

Clifford Ashdown p s e u d - onym shared by R Austin

City of St Michael Dumfries,

White City)—Guayaquil, Ec- uador’s cemetery; (Spanish—

Freeman and John James Scotland City of St Mungo G l a s g ow,

Pitcairn Clifton Webb Webb Parmalee Scotland

White City)—Merida,


Hollenbeck City of the Straits D e t r o i t ,

Ciudad de los Reyes ( S p a n -

Clinton’s Big Ditch Erie Ca- Michigan, on the Straits of

ish—City of the Kings)—

nal advocated by Governor Belle Isle

Lima, Peru

De Witt Clinton of New York City of Suds Milwaukee

Clinton’s Folly Erie Canal (see City of the Sun Baalbec, He-

Ciudad Imperial y Coronado

Clinton’s Big Ditch) liopolis, and Rhodes; Cam-

(Spanish—Imperial and

Clio Joseph Addison’s pseud- panella’s utopian republic

Crowned City)—Toledo,

onym; in Greek mythology City of Sunshine C o l o r a d o


the muse of history or of lyre Springs, Colorado; Los An-

Ciudad Loca (Spanish—Crazy

playing geles, California; Tucson, Ar-

City)—Barranquilla, Colom-

Cloud Piercer New Zealand’s izona

bia during carnival

Mount Cook (12,349 feet or City of Surprises Amsterdam

Civil Rights Leader M a r t i n

3,764 meters) City Surreal Miami, Florida

Luther King, Jr

Clown of the Orchestra b a s - City of Symphonies London

Civil Service President U l -

soon City of Tamales San Antonio,

ysses Simpson Grant

Civil Service Reform Presi-

Clown Prince of Music

Danny Kaye City of Temples Benares, In-


dent Chester Alan Arthur

Civil War Photographer

Clowns of the Canine World

dia; Katmandu, Nepal

Matthew Brady


City of Ten Million Roosters

Clubland Pall Mall clubhouse Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Claire Trevor C l a i r e We m -

section of London City That Boeing Built Seat-


Clyde the Glide Clyde Drex- tle

Clamcatcher(s) New Jersey-

ler (basketball) City That Care Forgot N ew


Coach Soviet Ilyushin trans- Orleans

Clamgrabber(s) Washingto-

port plane I1–12 (NATO) City That Knows How S a n


Coal City Pottsville, Pennsyl- Francisco

Clam States New Jersey and



City That Swims on the Water

Coaley Samuel Coleridge-Tay- Stockholm

Clam Town Norwalk, Con-



City of the Thousand and One

Coal Metropolis C a r d i ff , Nights Baghdad, Iraq

clap gonorrhea

clap joint brothel


Eponyms, Nicknames

Coal State Pennsylvania

Columbia Lou L o u G e h r i g Coatzacoalcos formerly Puerto

(mottled brown and gray

(baseball player) Mexico

stoneware); cologne water

Columbus Cristóbal Colón Cobbler Poet Hans Sachs of

(eau de cologne, toilet water);

(Spanish); Cristoforo Co- Nuremberg, also known as

cologne yellow (chrome-yel-

lombo (Italian); name of Prince of the Meistersingers

low and lead-sulfate pigment)

places in some twelve states Cobh Gaelic name for Queen-

Colombian Colombian-grown

in the United States; Ohio’s stown

marijuana; Colombian moun-

capital Cobra Bolkow wire-guided

tain-grown coffee

Colombian connection n e t -

Columbus of the Cosmos

anti-tank missile made in

Russian cosmonaut Yuri Al- Germany

work of brokers, farmers, pol-

exeyevich Gagarin Cocaine of the ’90s c o m -

iticians, and smugglers con-

nected with the export of

Columbus of the Subcon-

puter chips, which have high

scious Sigmund Freud street value and can be diffi-

Columbian-grown coca leaf

Comedian Pianist Vi c t o r cult to trace when stolen

products and marijuana to

Borge Cocaine Capital Bogotá, Co-

Canada and the United States

Comedian’s Comedian B e r t lombia and Jackson Heights,

Colombian First Colombia’s

Williams Queens, New York

best-known classical com-

poser—Guillermo Uribe

Comenius John Amos Komen-

Cocaine Capital of Colombia

sky Medellin


Comet British medium tank Cochise Beech T-42 transport

Colombian Ports S a n t a

built during World War II; De aircraft

Marta, Barranquilla, Carta-

Haviland four-engine jet Cockade City Petersburg, Vir-

gena, Covenas, Buenaven-

transport aircraft ginia

tura, and Ríohacha

Colombia’s Principal Port

Comic Symbol of the Century

Cockade State Maryland

Charlie Chaplin Cockney Poet John Keats


Colón formerly Aspinwall

Commando C - 4 6 C u r t i s s -

Cockpit of the American Rev-

Wright 36-passenger trans- olution New Jersey

Colonels natives of Kentucky

port built during World War Cockpit of Europe Belgium

Colonne Edouard Judá Col-

onne, French conductor

II; Cadillac-Gage amphibious

Cockpit of the Middle East

armed car and military per- Syria

Colossus of the African Conti-

sonnel carrier (XM-706); Cocky Eddie Collins (baseball)

nent the Sudan

Dodge-built military person- Coco Chanel Gabrielle Bon-

Colossus of the Eurasian Con-

nel carrier built during World heur Chanel

tinent the USSR

War II Codder(s) C a p e C o d r e s i -

Colossus of Independence

John Adams

The Commerce Comet

Mickey Mantle (baseball Code Hammurabi B a b y l o -


Colossus of the Indian and

player) nian civil and legal code es-

Pacific Oceans Australia

Colossus of the North United

Commercial Capital of Can-

ada Toronto before the Christian era

tablished in the 20th century

States of America

commie communist Code Napoléon French civil

Colossus of the North Ameri-

commode portable toilet code established in 1804

can Continent Canada

Commoner The Commoner— Codfishland Newfoundland

Colossus of the South Ameri-

William Jennings Bryan Coke City Uniontown, Penn-

can Continent Brazil

Colquhoun Calhoun

Communist Capitalist

Friedrich Engels Col Lucius Iunius Moderatus


Colt Colt revolver (invented by

Communist East c o u n t r i e s Columella (Roman writer on

Samuel Colt of Hartford,

dominated by China agriculture)


Communist West occidental Colette S i d o n i e G a b r i e l l e

Colter’s Hell Yellowstone (for

countries dominated by the Claudine de Jouvenal

John Colter, mountain man,

former Soviet Union Collar City Troy, New York

who traversed part of what is

now national park)

Community of True Inspira-

College of New Jersey Princ-

tion Amana, Iowa eton University’s original

Columbia A m e r i c a ; S o u t h

Commy Charlie Comiskey name

Carolina’s capital; the United


(baseball player)

College of Rhode Island

Comoro Island Ports M o - Brown University’s original

Columbia first space shuttle

roni, Patsy, Mutsamudu, Fo- name

launched from Cape Canav-

mboni Collodi Carlo Lorenzini

eral, Florida in April 1981

Comoros Republic of the Co- cologne c o l o g n e b r ow n

Columbia City Va n c o u ve r,

moros (island nation in the In- (vandyke brown); cologne


dian Ocean northwest of spirits (highly concentrated

Columbia the Gem of the

Madagascar), Etat Comorien ethyl alcohol); cologneware

Ocean United States of


The Company the CIA

Eponyms, Nicknames

Compton Mackenzie Edward

The Consulate France under Montagu Compton

Connecticut Ports New Lon-

the First Consul—Napoleon computer virus computer pro-

don, New Haven, Bridgeport

Bonaparte—1799–1804 gram that “infects” other

Connection City Amsterdam,

Contadora Group Colombia, computers, destroying files

Marseilles, Miami, Sin-

Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and even hard drives

gapore, and major airports

where drugs are smuggled

Contemporary Cassandra

Conca Doro (Italian—Shell of

Dorothy Thompson Gold)—nickname of the hills

Connemara poet Carl Sand-

Continent The Continent (usu- encircling Palermo

burg’s home in Flat Rock,

ally Europe; also Africa, Ant- Conçha Maria de la Con-

North Carolina

arctica, Asia, Australia, North cepción

Connie Mack C o r n e l i u s

America, South America) Conch(s) inhabitant(s) of Key


Continental Divide R o c ky West, Florida and nearby keys

Connie Stevens Concetta In-

Mountain ridge separating Conch Town Key West, Flor-


rivers flowing eastward to the ida

Conniver from Kennebunk-

Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Concordance Cruden A l ex -

port George Bush

of Mexico from those flowing ander Cruden—compiler of

Conquering Lion of Judah and

westward to the Pacific the Complete Concordance of

King of Kings E m p e r o r

Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

Continental Maritime World

the Holy Scriptures published

the Great Lakes (Erie, Huron, in 1737

Conqueror of Disease L o u i s

Michigan, Ontario, Superior) Concorde Anglo-French su-


Continental Nation Australia personic airplane attaining

Conqueror of Mount Everest

Continent of Hope S o u t h cruising speeds of 1300 miles

Sir Edmund Hillary

America per hour

Conqueror of Suez F e r d i -

Convair 600 C o nva i r- L i n e r Concord Group Bronson Al-

nand de Lesseps

powered by Rolls-Royce cott, Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Conquerors of Yellow Fever

turbo-prop engines Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel

Walter Reed and his col-

Cook Islands Danger, Mana- Hawthorn, Henry David Tho-

leagues Aristides Agramonte,

hiki, Penrhyn or Tongareva, reau

James Carroll, and Jesse

Rakahanga and nearby islets The Concord Sage R a l p h


in the South Pacific Waldo Emerson

Conrad Joseph (Korzeniow-

Cookpot Soviet Tupolev Tu- Concrete Jungle modern met-

ski) Conrad—English novel-

124 jet-transport aircraft ropolitan center


(NATO) Condemned Rock Tasmanian

Conrad Veidt Konrad Weidt

Cool Papa James Bell (base- nickname for Grummet Is-

Conscience of America N o r-

ball) land, Macquarie Harbour

man Thomas

Coon Dog Capital Vienna, Il- where there is a penitentiary

Conscience of American

linois condo circuit string of retire-

Music Gunther Schuller

Copa de Oro (Spanish—Cup ment communities at which

Conscience of the American

of Gold)—pirate’s nickname entertainers perform

Theater Brooks Atkinson

for Panama Condor N o r t h A m e r i -

Conscience of Europe Vo l -

Copeia periodical of the Amer- can-Rockwell air-to-surface


ican Society of Ichthyologists missile (AGM-53A)

Conscience of the Left

and Herpetologists named for Condorcet Marie Jean Antoine

George Orwell

the naturalist Edward Drinker Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis

Constable Country E a s t

Berghott in England’s Sussex


copenhagen surprise naval at- Coney Island butter mustard

de Condorcet

where James Constable’s

tack without warning of a Confederate Raider Rear Ad-

award-winning landscapes

fleet at anchor in the manner miral Raphael Semmes, CSN

were painted

Constable of France Charles

of Nelson’s sortie in 1801

Confederation Province

Copernicus Latinized name of Prince Edward Island

De Gaulle

Polish astronomer Nikolaus Confetti Canyon lower Broad-

Constantia J u d i t h S a rg e n t

Kopernicki way, from Bowling Green to


Copper City Butte, Montana City Hall Park, New York

Constantinople Istanbul

Copper John Auburn Prison City where during parades

Constant Reader D o r o t h y

near Syracuse, New York confetti and waste paper are


Coppernose Henry the VIII thrown from upper-floor win-

Constellation Lockheed 63-

whose portrait exhibited a dows

passenger transport

copper-colored nose on the Confucius Kung Fu-tse

Constitution State Connecti-

coins minted during his reign Congo Ports Loango, Pointe


copper pyrites chalcopyrite Noire, Malongo Oil Terminal

Constructionist President

James Buchanan

(copper iron sulfide)

Eponyms, Nicknames

Copper State Arizona; Wis-

Court of St James B r i t i s h consin

Corvette antisubmarine-war-

royal court Coral Atoll Country Nauru

fare convoy escort ship

Cousin Jack a Cornishman; a Coral Coast Fiji’s hotel com-

Cory Corazon Aquino

Cornish miner plex between Sigatoka and

cos lettuce from Greek island of

Cousin Jenny Cornish girl or Yanuca


woman Cora Montgomery Jane Mc-

cosa nostra ( I t a l i a n — o u r

Covent Garden T h e R oy a l Manus

thing)—nickname for inter-

Opera House in London adja- Corbusier Charles-Édouard

national criminal syndicate

cent to Covent Garden mar- Jeanneret


ketplace Corn Belt lllinois, Indiana,

Cosimo palette name of Piero

Cowboy Artist C h a r l e s M Iowa, and Nebraska

di Lorenzo who took the

Russell Cornbread Cedric Maxwell

given name of his teacher Co-

Cowboy Capital Dodge City, (basketball player)

simo Roselli

Kansas Corn City Toledo, Ohio

Cosmopolis of the Heartland

Cowboy Philosopher Wi l l Corncob Capital Wa s h i n g -

Kansas City

Rogers ton, Missouri

Cosmopolitan Canadian-built

Cowboys Texans Corncracker(s) Kentuckian(s)

medium-range transport de-

cowboys of the sea porpoises Corncracker State Kentucky

signed by General Dynamics

Cowboy State Wyoming Cornell bread nutritious bread

and designated CC-109

Cowtown Fort Worth, Texas; developed at Cornell Univer-

Costa de la Muerte ( S p a n -

ish—death coast) Spain’s

Kansas City, Kansas and Mis-

souri; Omaha, Nebraska and nonfat dry milk are added

sity; soy flour, wheat germ,

northwesterly stormbound


to wheat flour

Costa Geriatrica ( L a t i n —

Coyote Cowboy Pecos Bill Coyote(s) South Dakotan(s)

Corn Geneticist Barbara Mc-

Coyote State South Dakota Cornhusker(s) Nebraskan(s)

elderly coast) southeast coast

The Crab Jesse Burkett (base- Cornhusker State Nebraska


of England frequented by

many older people

ball player) Cornish Riviera English Rivi-

Costa Rican Ports L i m ó n ;

Crab Capital Crisfield, Mary- era extending from Falmouth

land to the Isles of Scilly

Puntarenas and Golfito

Crabtown Annapolis, Mary- Corn-Law Rhymer Ebenezer

Costermansville former name

of Bukavu

land Elliott

Cotton Al Brazle (baseball

crack low-cost smokable co- Corno di Bassetto (Italian—


caine basset horn)—pen name used

Cotton Belt cotton-growing

Cracker Quixote A r t h u r R by George Bernard Shaw

areas of the southern United

Marshall when he was a music critic

States; also known as the Cot-

Crackers rural Floridians and Cornopolis Chicago

ton Kingdom

Georgians Corn State Illinois, Iowa

Cotton Bowl Dallas, Texas

Cracker State Georgia Cornubian Shore C o r n wa l l ,

cotton-dust disease b r ow n

crack head crack addict England

lung or byssinosis

Cottonopolis Manchester, En-

Cradle of American Culture

Corporal John John Churchill

and Music Carnegie Hall who became the first Duke of


Cotton State Alabama

Cradle of American Indepen-

Marlborough; known to the

dence Independence Hall, Spaniards as Mambrú

Cottonwood City L e ave n -

Philadelphia Corregio Antonio Allegri

worth, Kansas

Cradle of American Liberty Corridor of Six Continents

couch potatoes sedentary peo-

Fanuel Hall in Boston, ac- sobriquet given the Panama

ple who watch a lot of televi-

cording to Daniel Webster Canal, Suez Canal, and pro-


Cougar Grumman carrierbased

Cradle of the American Revo-

jected interoceanic sea-level

lution Faneuil Hall, Boston canals across Mexico and

transonic fighter aircraft

Cradle of Aviation San Diego Nicaragua


Cradle of California San Di- Corridor State New Jersey

Count Basie William Basie

ego Corrie Denison Eric Partridge

Count No Count Wi l l i a m

Cradle of Canadian Confeder- Corruption-Hating President

Faulkner (nickname from his

ation Prince Edward Island Grover Cleveland

Mississippi neighbors)

Cradle of Civilization Arme- Corsair Chance-Vought sin-

The Country Israel (in Hebrew,

nia, China, Egypt, Greece, In- gle-engine fighter popular

Ha’aretz )

dia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, during World War II (F4U)

Country of the Blacks Sudan

Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Corsican Napoleon Bonaparte


Peru, Syria, and Turkey who was born on Corsica

Country of a Thousand Hills


Cradle of Classical Civiliza-

Corsican Ogre Napoleon

Courland Kurland

tion Greece

Eponyms, Nicknames

Cradle of the Confederacy

Cross of Geneva emblem of M o n t g o m e r y, A l a b a m a ;

Crawthumper(s) M a r y -

the Red Cross (red cross on a Charleston, South Carolina


white field) used to show the Cradle of Democracy ancient

Crazy Alley S a n Q u e n t i n

neutrality of ambulances, Greece

Prison’s insane asylum

Creative Genius of American

hospitals, and hospital ships

Cradle of Electrical Engineer-

during wartime ing Berlin, Germany where

Architecture Frank Lloyd


Crossroads of Africa, Asia,

and Europe Egypt first large-scale power station

the first electric railroad and

Creator of Chords F r a n z


Crossroads of Africa and

were built

Creator of the Female Lan-

Europe Spain

Cradle of the French Revolu-

Crossroads of Asia Afghani- tion Marseille and Paris

guage for Sexuality A n a ï s



Cradle of Human Civilization


Creator of French Existential-

Crossroads of Continents

ism Jean-Paul Sartre

Bering Strait Crossroads of Europe B e l -

Cradle of Islam Saudi Arabia

Cradle of Japanese Art Nara,

Creator God Vracocha (Que-

gium Honshu Island, Japan

chua—supreme god)—deity

Crossroads of the Pacific Cradle of Japanese Civiliza-

venerated in Incan and pre-

Oahu—the Aloha Islands, tion Kyoto

Incan times


Cradle of Liberty C a r p e n -

Creator of Modern Democ-

Crossroads of the Seven Seas

ters’ Hall, Philadelphia; Fa-

racy Thomas Paine


neuil Hall, Boston; House of

Creator of Musical Laughter

Burgesses, Williamsburg, Virginia; Holland during for-


Crossroads of the South

Crébillon Prosper Jolyot

Pacific Fiji

Crossroads of the World

lic; Switzerland in William

Panama Canal; Straits of Tell’s time

mation of the Dutch Repub-

Creole Country s o u t h e r n

counties of Alabama and Mis-

sissippi as well as coastal par-

Gibraltar; Suez Canal

Cradle of Nuclear Research

Crotale Thompson surface-to- Los Alamos, New Mexico

ishes of Louisiana where

many people are of French or

air guided missile made in

Croves Hal Croves (pseud- Cradle of Polynesia S a m o a

Cradle of Oriental Civiliza-

France tion China

Spanish origin

Creoles Louisianans

onym of B Traven—nom de

Islands plume of Berick Traven Tors-

Creole State Louisiana

Cradle of Psychoanalysis Ber- van Croves)

Crescent City Appleton, Wis-

Crow Eaters South Austra- lin; Vienna

consin; New Orleans, Louisi-


Cradle of the Renaissance


Florence, Italy Crown City Coronado, Cali-

Crestwood Heights Toronto,

Ontario’s Forest Hill Village

Cradle of the Revolution



Crown City of the Valley

Boston, Massachusetts; Paris,

France; Petrograd, Russia Pasadena, California

Tasmanian nickname for

Cradle of the Russian Revolu-


Crown Jewel of the Adriatic

Venice Cradle of Secession Charles-

tion Petrograd

cri-du-chat syndrome loss of

part of a chromosome—in-

Crown Prince of Cellists

Lynn Harrell Cradle of Texas Liberty T h e

ton, South Carolina

fants with this syndrome have

a cry similar to meowing of a

Crown Prince of Keynesism

John Kenneth Galbraith Cradle of the Union Albany,

Alamo in San Antonio

cat; they may be severely

mentally retarded and mal-

Crown Prince of Psychoanaly-

New York where in 1754 Ben- sis Carl Gustav Jung jamin Franklin presented his


Crucible of Civilization Iraq Plan of Union to the Albany

Crime Syndicate Chief

Crystal City Corning, New Congress

Meyer Lansky

York Cradle of Violent Crime t h e

croak mixture of cocaine and

Crystal Hills N ew H a m p - United States

crack; to die

shire’s White Mountains crane berry cranberry

The Crocodile W Averell Har-

C-stand century stand crank. underworld nickname


C-town Chestertown; Cow- for methamphetamine, a

Crohn’s disease c h r o n i c i n -

town mind-altering drug

flammation of the intestines,

Cub NATO nickname for the Crash John Mengelt

named for Burrill Bernard

Soviet Antonov 100-passen- Crate NATO nickname for So-

Crohn, U S physician

ger cargo plane viet Ilyushin transport Il-14

Cromwell’s Curse I r e l a n d

cuban cuban heel (broad-based Crawfish Town New Orleans,

(also called the Curse of

heel used on women’s shoes) Louisiana


Cronian Sea Arctic Ocean

cubanite copper iron sulfide

Eponyms, Nicknames

Cuban Ports Bahia Honda,

Dame Joan Dame Joan Suth- Cabañas, Mariel, La Habana

Cuspidor of Europe France’s

erland (Havana), Matanzas, Carde-

nickname given it by Alex-

Dame Margot Fonteyn M a r- nas, La Isabela, Caibarien,

ander Herzen

got Hookham Nuevitas, Puerto Padre; San-

custard apple cherimoya

Dame Myra Dame Myra Hess tiago de Cuba, Manzanillo,

Cuvier Georges Léopold Chré-

Dame Ngaio D a m e N g a i o Cienfuegos

tien Frédéric Dagobert

Marsh Cuba’s Principal Port H a -

cyberfakes fake designer mer-

Damnable Place Hong Kong, vana

chandise sold over the Inter-


according to GBS

Cultural Capital of Canada

Dam on the Amstel A m s t e r- Montreal

cyberspace the Internet

cyberterrorists Internet terror-


Cultural Capitals of the World

damp Spain Atlantic coasts of Berlin, London, Moscow,


Spain, especially along Bay New York, Paris, Vienna

cybervandals Internet hackers

Cyclone Coast A u s t r a l i a ’s

of Biscay where rains are

Cultured Pearl Archipelago

heaviest Japan

northwest coast

Cyclone State Kansas; South

Dana Andrews Carver Daniel

Cultured Pearl of the Orient

Andrews Hong Kong


Cyclops of the Kremlin Josef

Dandy King Joachim Murat—

Cumberland River City

King of Naples Nashville, Tennessee


Daniel Nikolai Arzhak Cunard Cunard Line transat-

Cyclorama City A t l a n t a ,

Daniel Stern pseudonym of lantic steamers such as the

Georgia with its cyclorama

Liszt’s paramour, the Count- Aquitania, Lusitania, and the

painting of the Battle of At-

ess Marie d’Agoult Mauretania


danish danish pastry (light cupid’s itch venereal disease

Cyd Charisse Tula Finklea

pastry often filled with stewed Curaçao’s Ports Willemstad,

Cyprian Ports (counterclock-

fruit, crushed nuts, cup cus- Bullen Baai, Caracas Baai,

wise north to south coast)

tard, or raisins) New Port

Kyrenia, Xeros, Paphos. Li-

masol, Larnaca, Famagusta

Danish Capital of the United

Curator of CuIture L o r d

States Racine, Wisconsin Kenneth M(ackenzie) Clark;

Cypriot Apostle Barnabas—

Danish Caribees c o l o n i a l Peter Ustinov

Cyprus-born companion of

Paul and Mark, according to

name for what are now the

Curmudgeon Philosopher

U.S. Virgin Islands Ambrose Bierce

the New Testament

Czar of Baseball B a n c r o f t

(Ban) Johnson

Danish King of the Waltz

Currer Bell p s e u d o ny m o f Charlotte Brontë

Hans Christian Lumbye curse the curse (menstruation)

czar’s caviar sterlet roe

Czech Capital Prague

Danish Ports Ronne (on Born- holm ); Køge, Københavne

Curse of Balboa Panamanian-

(Copenhagen), Helsingor, style dysentery marked by

Czech National Composer

F r e d e r i k s va e r k , F r e d - acute nausea and retching

Anton Dvorák

erikssund, Roskilde, Hol- Curse of Cabral loose bowels

Czech Reformers Jan Hus, Al-

baek, Nykqøbing, Kalund- contracted in Brazil

exander Dubcek, Vaclav

borg, Korsor, Skaelskor, Curse of Cairo diarrhea plus


Naestved. Vordingvorg, summertime heat

dachshund (German—badger

S t u b b e k ø b i n g , S t eg e , Curse of Columbus b o t u -


Masnedsund, Nykøbing, Fal- lism, diarrhea, or dysentery

Da Costa’s syndrome s o l -

ster, Sakskøbing, Naskov, contracted in the American

dier’s heart

Rudkøbing, Marstal, Svend- tropics

dagestan dagestan rug

borg, Nyborg, Kerteminde, Curse of Cortez Mexican-ac-

Dahlia Dalila

Odense, Middelfart, Assens, quired diarrhea or dysentery

Daisy Ashford Margaret Mary

Faborg, Grasten, Sonderborg, also called Montezuma’s Re-


Augustenborg, Abenra, Had- venge

Dakota Douglas DC-3 2l-pas-

erslev, Kolding, Frederkicia, Curse of Cromwell I r e l a n d

senger transport also called

Horsens, Arhus, Grena, Rand- (also called Cromwell’s

Skytrain; lines spoken before

ers, Alborg, Frederikshavn, Curse)

singing a song

Skagen, Esbjerg Curse of Pizarro loose bowels

Dalton Highway A l a s k a ’s

Danish Waltz King H a n s contracted in Peru

former North Slope Haul

Christian Lumbye Curt Jurgens Curd Jurgens

Road, built to move supplies

Danish West Indies f o r m e r The Curveless Wonder A l

to Prudhoe Bay (for arctic

name of the American Virgin Orth (baseball player)

engineer James Dalton)

Islands Curzio Malaparte p s e u d -

Dame Cicely Dr Cicely Saun-

d’Annunzio (Gabriel) Gaetano onym—Curzio Suckert


Dame Clara Dame Clara Butt


Eponyms, Nicknames

Danny Kaye David Daniel Ka-

Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren minsky

Davy Jones’ Locker t r a d i -

(Pauline Esther Phillips) Danny O’Neill fictionalized

tional resting place of all who

Death Devil Charles Manson name of James T Farrell

are buried at sea or who are

Death to Flying Things B o b (Studs Lonigan)

drowned in the depths of the

Ferguson (baseball player) Danny Thomas Amos Jacobs


Death Ride C h a rg e o f t h e Dante Dante (Durante) Aligh-

Dawn on the Mesabi Aurora,

Light Brigade at Balaclava in ieri


Crimea Danube Delta Land Romania

Day of Infamy December 7,

death’s head nickname of the Danube Empire Austro-Hun-

1941 (when Japanese aircraft

deadly mushroom Amanita garian Empire

carriers attacked Pearl Har-

muscaria Danubian Monarchy Austro-

bor, Hawaii while diplomatic

Death Valley Scottie Wa l t e r Hungarian Empire

negotiations were in progress

in Washington, D.C.)


Dark and Bloody Ground

Deb (Debby; Debbie) D e b o - Kentucky

Dazai Osamu Tsushima Shuji

rah; Debra Dark Continent Africa

Deacon Walt Stankey (basket-

Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr- Darkest Africa Lake Victo-

ball player)

Trimmer ria’s shores (19th century)

Deadeye Dick N a t L ove , a

de Broglie waves matter waves darwin glass queenstownite

black cowboy of the last cen-

named for Louis de Broglie (silica glass)

tury who was noted for his

superior marksmanship deadly nightshade belladonna

Debt-reduction President

Darwin Island G a l á p a g o s Calvin Coolidge Culpepper

Decade of Disillusionment Darwin’s Archipelago

Deadman’s Cove geographic

the 1970s Galápagos Islands

placename and nickname of the San Diego Police Depart-

Decade of Greed the 1980s Darwin’s Bulldog n i c k n a m e

ment headquarters

Decca Jessica Mitford (author) of Professor Thomas Henry,

dead President s l a n g f o r

Dede Deirdre Huxley, president of the

American paper money

Dee Cee Washington, D.C. Royal Society, whose defense

Deadwood Dick R i c h a r d W

Deep Blue chess-playing IBM of Darwin’s Origin of the

Clarke—English-born South

computer from Stamford, Species pulverized the argu-

Dakota frontier pioneer

Connecticut ments of the Bishop of Ox-

Deaf Composer Ludwig van

Deep North Queensland, Aus- ford, Samuel (Soapy Sam)


tralia Wilberforce, who had set out

Deaf Smith Erastus (Deaf)

Deep South South Carolina, to demolish Darwin’s theory

Smith, Texan patriot-soldier

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, of evolution

Dean of American Astrono-

Mississippi, Louisiana, and Dash 8 Boeing twin-engine

mers Henry Norris Russell

Texas; the conservative south turboprop airplane

Dean of American Choral

coast of England Das Jud Das Judenthum in der

Conductors Robert Shaw

Deep Water Moon full moon Musik (German—The Jew in

Dean of American Psychiatry

in April Music)—first draft in 1850;

Dr Karl Menninger

Defaced City o n c e e l eg a n t revised in 1869 by its au-

Dean of Classical Guitarists

New York City where so thor—Richard Wagner—an

Andrés Segovia

many buildings, buses, and ardent Jew-hater beloved by

Dean of Classical Music

subways are defaced by graf- Hitler

Comedians Victor Borge

fiti Date Capital Indio, California

Dean of the English School

Sir Edward Elgar

Defender of the Damned

Daughter of the Baltic H e l s -

Clarence Darrow inki

Dean of Financial Analysts

Defender of Darwin Thomas Daughter of the Desert G e r-

Benjamin Graham, author of

Henry Huxley trude Bell

The Intelligent Investor

Defender of Democratic Daughter of the Dream

Dean of the French School

Socialism John Dewey in Emma Goldman

Camille Saint-Saëns

the United States or Harold Dave the Rave D ave S t a l l -

Dean of Italian Music Gioac-

Laski in Great Britain worth

chini Rossini

Dean Martin Dino Crocetti

Defender of Freethought

David Bowie David Jones

Thomas Jefferson, Thomas David Copperfield David Kot-

Dean of Modern American

Paine, Robert Ingersoll, and kin

Composers Aaron Copland

Clarence Darrow David Frome Z e n i t h J o n e s

Deano Dean

Defender of the Indians Bar- Brown

Dean of Russian Music N i -

tolomé de Las Casas David St John E Howard Hunt

kolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Dean of White House Press

Defender of Religious Free-

David Wayne Wayne McKee-

dom Supreme Court Justice kan

Correspondents Helen Tho-


Hugo Lafayette Black

Eponyms, Nicknames

Dejerine’s disease infants’ in-

Devil’s Island nickname for terstitial neuritis

DeQuervain’s syndrome t e n -

French Guiana penal colony Del Delbert

dinitis of the thumb, origi-

in use up to 1950 and the Isle Delaware named for Thomas

nally from wringing out

off its coast where Alfred West, Lord De La Warr (Vir-

wash—now commonly from

Dreyfus was imprisoned from ginia’s first governor)

computer use (see Washer-

1894 to 1899 Delaware Port Wilmington

woman’s Sprain)

Devil’s Rock Garden Califor- delft delft blue (characteristic

Der Alte Der Alte Fritz (Ger-

nia’s Death Valley also called of a popular china developed

man—Old Fritz)—Frederick

Devil’s Bathtub; Devil’s Pa- in the Dutch city of Delft);

the Great

rade Ground; Devil’s Pulpit; delft china; delftware

Der alte Steffl Old Saint

Devil’s Speedway and Golf Delhi belly diarrhea suffered in

Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna;

Course India

begun in the 12th century

Devil’s Son-In-Law Wi l l i a m Dellionaires fully vested em-

Der Blaue Reiter (German—

Bunch (Peetie Wheatstraw) ployees of Dell Computer,

The Blue Rider)—abstract

devil’s testicle m a n d r a ke ’s Austin, Texas

expressionism movement

nickname (also called man- Delta Dagger Convair F-102

centered in Munich

dragora or satan’s apple) single-engine turbojet inter-

Derbyville Louisville (home of

Devil’s Triangle (see Bermuda ceptor aircraft

the Kentucky Derby)

Triangle) Delta Dart Convair F-106 su-

Dercum’s disease subcutane-

ous connective-tissue dystro-

devil’s trumpet nickname for jimson weed also called

devil’s apple or devil’s weed Demetia South Wales

personic-interceptor aircraft

phy Der Führer ( G e r m a n — T h e

Devo Devon White (baseball) Demi Moore Demi Guymes

Leader)—Adolf Hitler

De Witt De Witt Clinton (New Demon of Deception Beelze-

Der Kanonenkönig ( G e r-

York state governor) bub

man— The Cannon King)—

De Witt Clinton’s Ditch t h e Demon of Disease Black Death

Alfred Krupp

Erie Canal (bubonic plague); hunger

Der Meister (German—The

diamondback moth; rattle- plague; murine plague (car-

Master)—Johann Wolfgang

snake; terrapin ried by rats); pneumonic

von Goethe

Diamond Continent Africa plague; septicemic plague;

Derrick City Oil City, Penn-

Diamond Head 760-foot-high sylvatic plague (carried by


extinct crater forming cape many species of rodents)

DeSanctis-Cacchione syn-

drome skin-pigment abnor-

and marking entrance to Ho-

Demon Dog of Literature

nolulu on Oahu, Hawaii James Ellroy

mality with neurological


Diamond Jim James Bucha-

Demon of Misfortune and

nan (Diamond Jim) Brady; Ruin the Sphinx

Descendants of Eagles t h e

Jim Gentile (baseball player) The Den Riverfront Stadium,

founders of Algeria, accord-

Diamond Lil Mae West home of the Newark (New

ing to tradition

Diamond State Delaware Jersey) Bears

Deseret State Utah (from Mor-

Diamond Street N ew Yo r k Denali old Russian name for

mon colony’s name)

City’s 47th Street between 5th Mt McKinley also called

Desert Arabia Arabian Desert

and 6th avenues Bol’shaya

in the northern Arabian Pen-

Diamond Teeth Mary M a r y Den Haag ( D u t c h — T h e


Smith McClain Hague)—capital of the Neth-

Desert Fox Field Marshal Er-

Diane Keaton Diane Hall erlands and seat of the Inter-

win Rommel

Diazpotism despotism of Por- national Court of Justice

Desert of Ice Antarctica

desert roses barytes or gypsum

firio Diaz during his forty

Denmark’s Principal Port

years as president of Mexico Copenhagen

concretions whose shapes re-

semble roses

Dice City Las Vegas, Nevada

Dental Capital of Europe

Dick Donavan Joyce Emmer- Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Desi Arnaz Desiderio Alberto

Arnaz y de Acha

son Preston Muddock Dick Tiger Dick Thetu (boxer)

The Destroyer George Foster Devil of Cultured Vice M e -

Dicky Sam(s) inhabitant(s) of Den Vita Staden ( F i n n i s h —

Dentist-Novelist Zane Grey

Liverpool The White City)—Helsinki


Devil’s Chaplain Robert Tay-

Dictator of Nicaragua Wi l l -

Department of Construction

iam Walker Georgia nickname for its De-

lor (1784–1844), English

Dictionary Johnson D r partment of Correction

cleric imprisoned for blas-

phemy when he exposed the

Sam(uel) Johnson

Department-of-Labor Presi-

universality of all religious

Diedrich Knickerbocker

dent William Howard Taft


Washington Irving

Depression-born Cartoonist

Dief the Chief John George Al Capp—creator of Li’l Abner

Devil’s Half Acre A u g u s t a ,

Maine’s slum


Eponyms, Nicknames

Diego Rivera D i eg o M a r i a

Doctor Johnson Doctor Sam- Concepción Juan Nepo-

Divine Poet John Donne

uel Johnson—critic, conver- muceno Estanislao de La Riv-

divine Sarah Oscar Wilde’s

sationalist, lexicographer era y Barrientos y Rodriguez

nickname for Sarah Bern-

Doctor Livingston David Liv- (Mexican painter)

hardt, who began life as Ros-

ingstone diesel diesel engine, diesel fuel,

ine Bernard

Doctor Mirabilis (Latin— Ad- diesel locomotive, diesel oil

Division No 1 Chicago’s Cook

mirable Doctor)—English sa- (all named for the German au-

County Jail

vant Roger Bacon tomotive engineer, Rudolf

Division No 2 C h i c a g o ’s

Doctor of Revolution E r a s - Diesel)

House of Correction

mus Darwin Digger Land Australia

Divorce Capital of America

Doctor Rizal José Rizal (intel- Diggers Nevadans

Reno, Nevada

lectual leader of Philippine digital convergence m e rg i n g

Dixie southern United States;

insurrection against Spanish of telephone, television, and

the South

rule) computer technologies

Dixiecrat Southern Democrat

Doctor Seuss author-cartoon- Digital Divide minorities’ dis-

Dixie Kid A a r o n L B r ow n

ist Theodore S Geisel proportionate lack of access


Doctor Singularis ( L a t i n — to the Internet

Dizzy Benjamin Disraeli—

Singular Doctor)—William Dinah Washington Ruth Lee

British Prime Minister

Occam Jones

Dizzy Dean J a y H a n n e r

Doctor Strangelove Dick Stu- Dino Dean (Crocetti) Martin

(Dizzy) Dean

art (baseball player) Dion Fortune Vi o l e t M a r y

Dizzy Gillespie J o h n B i r k s

Doctor Subtilis (Latin—Sub- Firth

(Dizzy) Gillespie

tle Doctor)—Duns Scotus Diplomat John Franklin Carter

Djajapura Kotabaru, formerly

Doctor Universalis A l b e r t u s Dirceu To m a z A n t o n i o

called Hollandia by the Dutch

Magnus Gonzaga

when they controlled western

Doctor Watson D r J o h n B Dirk Bogarde Dirk van den

New Guinea

Watson, M.D. of London; Bogaerd

Djakarta Indonesian city once

companion of Sherlock Dirty Thirties Dust Bowl era in

called Batavia

Holmes of 221-B Baker the United States

Django Jean (Django) Rein-


Street in the literary creations

Discoverer of Bacteria, Blood,

of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle and Parasite Cells A n t o n

The Django Reinhardt of the

Doctor Will Dr William James van Leeuwenhoek

Accordion Gus Viseur

Djibouti Ports O b o c k , D j i -

Mayo—co-founder with his

Discoverer of Capillary Blood

brother Charles of the Mayo Vessels Marcello Malpighi


Doctor Angelicus ( L a t i n —

Foundation for Medical Edu-

Discoverer of Malaria Para-

cation and Research at Roch- site Charles Laveran

Angelic Doctor)—Thomas

Aquinas also known as the

ester, Minnesota

Discoverer of Yellow Fever

Princeps Scholasticorum

Documentary Photographer

Parasite Hideyo Noguchi

(Prince of Scholastics)

Alfred Stieglitz

Discoverers of How Enzymes

Doctor Beach Stephen P Leath-

Dodo Islands Mascarene Is-

Change Starch into Sugar

lands of Mauritius, Réunion, Carl Ferdinand Cori and

erman, who ranks the best

and Rodgrigues formerly in- Gerty Theresa Cori

beaches in the United States

Doctor Charlie D r C h a r l e s

habited by dodo birds

Disease of the Century

dog’s nose Mayan salsa AIDS; Alzheimer’s disease

Horace Mayo—co-founder of

Dogwood City Atlanta, Geor- dismal science Carlyle’s nick-

the Mayo Clinic (see Doctor

gia name for economics


Dohnányi Ernst von Dohnányi Dismal Swamp City Norfolk,

Doctor of Death Henry Kiss-

Dolf Adolf Virginia


Dollar Mark Mark Hanna Dissident Publisher H e n r y

Doctor Donne John Donne

Dolley (Dolly) Mrs Dorothea Regnery

Doctor Evangelicus (Latin—

Evangelical Doctor)—reli-

(Dolley) Payne Madison

Distinguished Journalism Fel-

(wife of President James low Ralph de Toledano

gious reformer John Wickliffe

Madison); Dorothea; Dorothy (1989)

Doctor Holmes John Haynes

Dolly a sheep, the first animal District of Columbia n a m e d

Holmes (contemporary

cloned from the cell of an- for Christopher Columbus

American Universalist minis-

other adult mammal (named divi divide; dividend


for singer Dolly Parton) Divine Madman Drukpa Kun-

Doctor of the Industrial Revo-

Dolores del Rio L o l i t a D o - ley, 15th-century Buddhist

lution Dr Erasmus Darwin

lores Asunsolo de Martinez saint (Bhutan)

Doctor Irrefragabilis A l ex -

Dom Dominick The Divine Miss M B e t t e

ander of Hales

Dom Getulio President Getu- Midler

Doctor Jameson Sir Leander

Starr Jameson

lio Dornelles Vargas of Brazil

Eponyms, Nicknames

Dominican Ports Pepillo Sal-

Down syndrome mongolism cedo, Montecristi, Puerto

Don Vitone Vi t o G e n ove s a

resulting from extra chromo- Plata, Sosua, Santa Barbara

Doornik Flemish place-name

some-21 material

Down Under Australia and mana, San Pedro de Macoris,

de Samana, Sanchez, La Ro-

equivalent for Tournai

New Zealand Andres, Santo Domingo (for-

Doorstep to Canada N ova


Down Where the South

Begins Virginia hia de las Calderas, Azua,

merly Trujillo), Rio Jaina, Ba-

Dope Capital of Canada

Down Yonder coastal North Barahona

Vancouver Doris Day Doris Kappelhoff

Carolina Dominie H aw ke r- S i d d e l ey

ketball player) The Don Don Juan (as in

HS-125 jet transport

Dornford Yates Cecil William

Downtown Fred Brown (bas-

Mercer’s pseudonym

Doyen of European Diplo-

Mozart’s opera Don Gio-

macy Prince Klemens Wen- vanni )

Dorothy Dix E l i z a b e t h M

zel Nepomuk Lothar von Doña Fela Felisa Rincón (fe-


Metternich male mayor of San Juan, Pu-

Dorothy Gish D o r o t h y d e


Doyen of Film Animators

erto Rico for twenty-two

Walt Disney years)

Dorothy Lamour D o r o t h y


Doyen of Professional Transla-

Dotia Marina Malinche (In-

tors Ralph Manheim dian interpreter-mistress of

Dorothy Malone Dorothy Ma-

Dragonfly C e s s n a T- 3 7 Hernán Cortés—Spanish


jet-trainer aircraft conqueror of Mexico)

Dorothy Parker D o r o t h y

Dragon Nation Bhutan Donatello Donato di Betto


Dragon’s Mouth Port of Spain, Bardi

Dosso Dossi palette name of

Trinidad’s harbor entrance Don Emilio General Emilio

Giovanni de Lutero

Draken (Swedish—Dragon)— Aguinaldo (fighter for Philip-

Double Platinum two million

Saab double-delta-wing su- pine independence)

(recording) copies

personic fighter or fighter- Donets River City Kharkov in

Double-Vay Sir Henry Wil-

bomber designated J-35 or Ukraine

son’s nickname among the

S-35 Donetzk formerly Stalino, but

French general staff of World

Drapier Jonathan Swift originally Yuzovka

War I

Dramatic Symphony R o m e o Don Francisco F r a n c i s c o I

Double X Jimmie Foxx (base-

by Hector Berlioz Dr Death Jack Kevorkian Don Giovanni Don Juan

et Juliette Madero—Mexican president

ball player)

The Dream Dean Memminger Don Juan Don Juan Tenorio of

Doubting Thomas St Thomas,

(basketball player) Seville (Mozart’s Don Gio- vanni )

one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, who required

proof of Jesus’ resurrection

Dream Capital of the Western

World Hollywood, Califor- Don Muang Bangkok, Thai-

nia land’s airport

Douglas Fairbanks Julius Ull-

Dream King Ludwig II of Ba- Don Pepe José Figueres Fer-


varia rer—democratic leader of

Dove Hawker-Siddeley twin-

engine light transport carry-

Dress-Rehearsal Revolution

Russian Revolution of 1905 Don Porfirio D o n P o r fi r i o

Costa Rica

ing up to 11 passengers

Drisheen City Cork, Ireland Diaz—Mexican dictator-pres-

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dr Jinnah M o h a m m e d ’ A l i ident

started by Charles Dow in

Jinnah-president of All-India Don Quixote p s e u d o ny m

1884, originally an average of

Moslem League and first gov- Alonso Quixano gave himself

twelve industrial companies’

ernor-general of Pakistan in The Adventures of Don

closing stock prices divided

Dr Karl Dr Karl Augustus Quixote—Man of La Mancha,

by the number of issues

Menninger by Cervantes

Down East Atlantic coast area

Droch Robert Bridges Don Romulo Romulo Betan-

extending from New York to

Droll Breughel P i e t e r court—democratic leader and

Nova Scotia, particularly

Breughel the Elder recent president of Venezuela

coastal New England; Maine

Dr Rocket Hideo Itokawa Don’t Give Up the Ship nick-

Down Easter person from east

Dr Salazar Antonio de Ol- name of Captain James

coast of New England or

iveira Salazar—dictator and Lawrence, USN

Nova Scotia

prime minister of Portugal Don Venus Don Venustiano

downers nickname for sedative

from 1932 to 1969 Carranza—Mexican general-

drugs also called sleeping

Dr Seuss Theodor Seuss Gei- president

pills or tranquilizers

sel Don Venustiano Don Venus-

Down South nickname shared

Dr Spot Marty Gurian, stain-re- tiano Carranza—former pres-

by the federal penitentiay at

moval expert ident of Mexico

Atlanta, Georgia and the

southern United States

Dr X Alan E Nourse

Eponyms, Nicknames

druggie drug addict

Dunsany Edward John More- drugola bribes given law-en-

Duke City Albuquerque, New

ton Drax Plunkett, Lord Dun- forcement officers by narcot-

Mexico (named for El Duque

sany ics dealers in exchange for

de Alburquerque)

Dupontonia Wilmington, Del- protection from discovery and

Duke of Devonshire William

aware prosecution

Cavendish (former Prime

Dupont Town Wi l m i n g t o n , Druid City o a k - t r e e - f i l l e d

Minister of Great Britain)

Delaware (home of EI du Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Duke Ellington E d wa r d

Pont de Nemours & Co) Dry Guillotine French Gui-

Kennedy Ellington

Durable Dictator G e n e r a l ana’s nickname

Duke of Grafton A u g u s t u s

José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz dry Spain Mediterranean coast

Henry Fitzroy

(Mexico, 1876–1911) of Spain

Duke of Newcastle T h o m a s

Durazzo English and Italian D-town Dogtown; Downtown;


place-name for the Albanian Doyelstown

Duke of Portland Wi l l i a m

port of Durrës Dual Cities Minneapolis and

Henry Cavendish Bentinck

Durban formerly Port Natal, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Duke of Shrewsbury Charles

South Africa Dual Monarchy Austro-Hun-


Dusty Springfield Mary Isabel garian Monarchy (1867–

Duke Turned Jesuit S a i n t

Catherine Bernadette 1918)

Francis Borgia (1510–1572)

O’Brien Dual Protectorate A n d o r r a

Duke of Vicenza M a r q u i s

Dutch Ronald Reagan, fortieth under the protection of France

Louis de Caulaincourt

president of the United States and Spain

Duke of Wellington A r t h u r

dutch dutch belted (black dairy Dubini’s disease r a p i d a n d


cattle with a broad body-en- rhythmic muscular contrac-

Duke of Windsor ( f o r m e r l y

circling white belt of hair as tion

King Edward VIII, formerly

originally bred in the Nether- Du Bois W(illiam) E(dward)

Prince of Wales when his fa-

lands); dutch door (horizon- B(urghardt) Du Bois

ther, George V, was king of

tally divided so either the top Duca Minimo G a b r i e l e


or bottom section may be D’Anunzio

Duluthians people of Duluth

closed or opened); dutch Ducansby Head northernmost

Dumas fils Alexandre Dumas

courage (inspired by alcohol); headland in the British isles

(1824–1895) playwright-cre-

dutch lunch (cold cuts); dutch Duce (Italian-Leader)—Dicta-

ator of Camille (Verdi’s La

treat (where all pay their own tor Benito Mussolini

Traviata ), son of the novelists

way) Duchenne de Boulogne Guil-

Dumas père Alexandre Dumas

dutch act suicide laume-Benjamin-Amand

(1802–1870), author of The

Dutch Caribees colonial name Duchenne—father of modern

Count of Monte Cristo, The

for the Netherlands Antilles neurology

Three Musketeers

Du Maurier G e o rg e L o u i s

Dutch City Holland, Michigan

Duchess of Dupont Circle

Dutch courage Holland gin Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Palmella Busson

Dumb Girl of Portici E s p r i t

Dutch Cradle of U.S. Presi-

Duchess of Windsor B e s s i e

dents the Netherlands— an- Wallis Warfield

Auber opera La Muette de

cestral home of both Presi- Ducky Joe Medwick


dents named Roosevelt and Dude Ranch Capital Wicken-

Dumbo Down Under the Man-

President Van Buren burg, Arizona

hattan Bridge Overpass

Dutch Delight Delft Dugout Doug General Douglas

dumb tax contractor term for

Dutch East Indies N e t h e r- MacArthur

what people pay when they

lands East Indies now known Duke George Deukmejian

try to build a house without a

as Indonesia (former California governor);


Dutch Guiana N e t h e r l a n d s Michael S Dukakis (former

Dunedin nickname for Edin-

Guiana or Surinam Massachusetts governor and

burgh, Scotland and place-

Dutch Islands Dutch West In- Presidential candidate)

name for a South Island, New

dies—Aruba, Bonaire, The Duke John Wayne

Zealand port as well as a Flor-

Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius Duke of the Abruzzi I t a l i a n

ida resort near St Petersburg

(Statia), Sint Maarten alpinist and arctic explorer

Dungeness Crab Capital

Newport, Oregon

Dutch Masterpiece in the Car-

Prince Luigi Amadeo

ibbean Curaçao Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando

Dun Laoghaire ( G a e l i c —

Dutch Microscopists Zachar- Francesco

Dunleary)—Kingstown on

ias Janssen, Anton van Leeu- Duke of Alba Fernando Alva-

Dublin Bay

wenhoek, and Jan Swammer- rez de Toledo

Dunleary Dun Laoghaire or

dam Duke of Buckingham George


Dutch New Guinea We s t Villiers

Dunnet Head n o r t h e r n m o s t

point on Scotland’s mainland

Irian, Indonesia

Eponyms, Nicknames

Dutch Ports Delfzigl, Harlin-

Earl of Ripon Frederick John gen, Den Helder, Ijmuiden,

Eagle and Serpent Aguila y

Robinson Zaandam, Amsterdam,

Serpiente (Mexican coat of

Earl of Rosebery A r c h i b a l d Scheveningen, Hoek van Hol-

arms contains pictorialization

Philip Primrose land, Europoort, Maasluis.

of Aztec legend stating their

Earl Russell Prime Minister Vandelingenplaat, Vlaardin-

people could not settle until

John Russell, first earl; John gen, Schiedam, Rotterdam,

they found an island on a lake

Stanley Russell, second earl; Dordrecht, Middelharnis,

and on that island a cactus

Bertrand (Arthur William) Willemstad, Middelburg,

surmounted by an eagle

Russell, third earl Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Han-

grasping a serpent—the

Earl of Shaftesbury Anthony sweert, Haven Catzand

lacustrine island representing

Ashley Cooper Dutch Queens Wi l h e l m i n a ,

Mexico City, capital of Mex-

Earl of Shelburne Wi l l i a m Juliana, Beatrix

ico—and the two creatures

Petty Dutch Reformed Dutch Re-

that struggle between celes-

Earl of Stanhope James Stan- formed Church of North

tial and earthly elements)

hope America where it has been

Eagle State Mississippi

Earl of Sunderland C h a r l e s called the Reformed Church

Eam Eamon de Valera (Irish

Spencer since 1867


Dutch Republic the Nether- Earl of Wilmington S p e n c e r

Earl of Aberdeen G e o rg e

lands, sometimes called Hol- Compton

Hamilton Gordon (former

Prime Minister of Great Brit-

Earmuff Capital of the World

Dutch Schultz Arthur Flegen- Farmington, Maine



heimer (gangster) Earth’s Last Frontier Antarc-

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

Dutch-speaking Places Flem- tica

Stanley Baldwin

ish sections of Belgium; the East End congested and de-

Earl Balfour A r t h u r J a m e s

Netherlands; Aruba, Bonaire, pressed eastern section of


Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eusta- London

Earl of Beaconsfield B e n -

tius, Sint Maarten—the Neth- easter storm from the east

jamin Disraeli (19th-century

erlands Antilles; Netherlands Easter Easter lily; Easter Mon-

British prime minister who

day; Easter Sunday; Easter donesia Surinam and the

declared: A conservative gov-

New Guinea now part of In-

vacation communmty around Holland,

ernment is an organized hy-

Easter Island English place- Michigan

pocrisy )

name equivalent of Isla de dutch treat each person pays

Earl of Bute John Stuart

Pascua whose Chilean settlers own portion of the bill

Earl of Carlisle C h a r l e s

are called Pascuenses Dutch Ultramodernist P i e t


Eastern Desert A r a b i a n Mondrian

Earl of Carnarvon G e o rg e

Desert Dutch West Indies the Neth-

ESM Herbert, the Egyptolo-

Eastern Empire B y z a n t i n e erlands Antilles


Empire Dutch William William III of

Earl of Chatham William Pitt

Eastern Hemisphere h a l f o f Orange—Dutch-born British

Earl of Chesterfield P h i l i p

the world containing Africa, king

Dormer Stanhope

Asia, Australia, Europe, and Dvorák Anton Dvorák

Earl of Derby Edward Stanley

associated islands dweeb small, harmless person

Earl of Godolphin S i d n ey

Eastern Malaysia Sabah and Dwellers of the Field t h e


Sarawak Poles

Earl Grey Charles Grey

Eastern Samoa American Sa- Dyan Cannon Samile Diane

Earl of Guilford F r e d e r i c k

moa Friesen


Eastern Sea East China Sea dyke lesbian

Earl of Halifax Charles Mon-

Eastern Shore shore of Dela- Dying Grass Moon full moon


ware, Maryland, and Virginia in September

Earl of Liverpool R o b e r t

comprising the Del-Mar-Va dyno dynamic move

Banks Jenkinson

Peninsula Eagle (see Columbia)

Earl of Lytton Edward Robert

Eastern States states east of Eagle Eye Jake Beckley (base-

Bulwer Lytton, diplomat and

the Mississippi ball player)

poet whose pseudonym was

East Germany one-time So- Eagle Forgotten Governor Pe-

Owen Meredith

viet-dominated eastern Ger- ter Altgeld of Illinois

Earl of Orford Robert Wal-

many, German Democratic Eagle of the North S w e d i s h


Republic (1945–1990) statesman Count Axel Oxen-

Earl of Oxford Robert Harley

East Indies India, Indochina, stierna

Earl of Oxford and Asquith

Indonesia, Malay Penin- Eagle Pass formerly El Paso

Herbert Henry Asquith

sula—formerly Dutch East del Aguila

Earl the Pearl Earl Monroe

(basketball player)


Eponyms, Nicknames

Eastinghouse i n t e r n a t i o n a l

ears set low, recessed chin nickname for Soviet nuclear

Eddie Cantor Edward Israel

and premature death (named power plants built in Finland


for John H Edwards) East London formerly Port

Eddie Dean Edgar Gloslup

Edwin Markham Charles Ed- Rex, South Africa

Eden of the Orient Thailand

ward Anson Markham East Lothian Haddington

Edgar Box Gore Vidal

Ed Wynn Isaiah Edwin Le- East Malaysia Bandar Seri,

Edgar Thorn(e) Edward Mac-

opold Brunei, Sabah, and Sarawak


egabrag garbage spelled back- now known as Kalimantan

Edie Adams Elizabeth Edith


wards, sometimes used as a

East North Central States

euphemism for garbage boat Indiana, Illinois, Michigan,

Edin(a) Edinburgh’s poetical

or garbage scow Ohio, and Wisconsin


Egg Basket of California Pet- East Prussia o l d n a m e f o r

Edinburghshire Midlothian

aluma western Poland along the Bal-

Edinglassie Edinburgh + Glas-

Egg Moon full moon in April tic

gow (early name of the More-

Egypt Illinois East Rudolf Lake Turkana

ton Bay Settlement now

Egyptian Badlands A s s i u t East Siberian East Siberian

called Brisbane)

area about 175 miles (282 ki- Sea in the Arctic off East Si-

The Edith Piaf of Cuba

lometers) south of Cairo and beria

Omara Portuondo

notorious for narcotic raids, East Side East Side of any city

Editor of Genius Max(well) E

religious clashes, and village or place


Ed Lacy Len Zinberg


East South Central States

Ed McBain Salvatore A Lom-

The Egyptian James Brown

Ali Hassan Kuban sippi, and Tennessee

Alabama, Kentucky, Missis-


Egyptian Ports (on the Medi- Eastview Canadian city now

Edmond Adam F r e n c h a u -

terranean) El Iskandariya (Al- called Vanier

thor-editor Juliette Lamber

exandria); Bur Said (Port East Village modern euphe-

Edmund Crispin R o b e r t

Said); (on the Red Sea) El Su- mism for New York City’s

Bruce Montgomery

weis (Suez) Lower East Side

Edo old name for Tokyo, also

Egyptians Illinoisans Ebreo (Italian—Jew)—nick-

written Yedo

Egypt’s Principal Port Alex- name of Salomone Rossi the

Edogawa Rampo Hirai Taro

andria composer-violinist of Mantua

(Japan’s Edgar Allan Poe)

Eiffel Alexander Gustave Eiffel in the late 1500s and early

Edoo (EDU) L a d y E l g a r ’s

and the tower bearing his 1600s

nickname for her husband Sir

name ’Ebrides Cockney contrac-

Edward Elgar (EDU is the ti-

Eight T h e E i g h t ( A s h c a n tion—Hebrides

tle of the fourteenth section or

School of American Art com- E-C E r c k m a n n - C h a t r i a n

finale of his Enigma Varia-

prising Arthur B Davies, Wil- (Emile Erckmann and

tions on an Original Theme

liam Glackens, Robert Henri, Louis-Alexandre Chatrian,

scored for full orchestra)

Ernest Lawson, George Luks, collaborating novelists)

Edouard Colonne Judas Col-

Maurice Prendergast, Everett Eccentric Naturalist Constan-


Shinn, and John Sloan) tine Rafinesque

Edu Sir Edward Elgar

Eighteenth State Louisiana Eckma Jan de Hartog’s pseud-

Eduardo E Howard Hunt

Eightfold Path right speech; onym

Educator-Freethinker Horace

right conduct; right liveli- ECR Lorac Edith Caroline


hood; right effort; right mind- Rivett’s pseudonym

Edward G Robinson Emman-

fulness; right concentration; Ecuadorean Ports Puerto de

uel Goldenberg

right views; right intentions San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas,

Edwardian Radical H i l a i r e

(Buddhism) Bahia de Caraquez, Bahia de


Eighth State South Carolina Manta, Puerto de Cayo, La

Edward I Prime Stevenson

Xavier Mayne’s pseudonym

Eighth Wonder of the World

Liberiad, Salinas, Guayaquil,

compound interest, according Puna, Puerto Bolívar, Bahia

Edward Longshanks Edward

to Baron de Rothschild; the Baquerizo Moreno (on

I of England

Panama Canal; Grand Coulee Chatham or San Cristóbal)

Edward O Wilson F r a n k J

Baird, Jr

Dam, Grand Coulee, Wash-

Ecuadorian Archipelago

ington; Shirley Temple Galápagos Islands

Edward the Peacemaker E d -

ward VII, eldest son of Queen

Eisenhower Doctrine c o n t a i n

Ecuador’s Principal Port

the Soviet Union in Europe Guayaquil


and the Middle East; for ED Emily Dickinson

Edward the Rake Edward VII

Dwight D Eisenhower, thirty- Eddie Albert Eddie Albert He-

Edwards syndrome ex t r a

fourth president of the United imberger

chromosome 18 material re-

sulting in elongated skull,


Eponyms, Nicknames

Either/Or Søren Kierkegaard’s

El Maestro ( S p a n i s h — t h e nickname

el esmog (Spanish—the smog)

master)—José Clemente Or- Ekaterinburg czarist name for

Mexico City

ozco Sverdlovsk

El Español ( S p a n i s h — T h e

El Manco de Lepanto (Span- El Alto (Spanish—The Tall

Spaniard)—Giuseppe Maria

ish—The One-handed Man of One)—La Paz, Bolivia’s air-

Crespi—ltalian painter’s

Lepanto)—Cervantes, whose port serving the world’s high-


left hand was maimed at the est capital city

El Españoleto Spanish painter

Battle of Lepanto El Bosco Spanish nickname for

José Ribera

El Mar del Sur ( S p a n i s h — Hieronymus Bosch

Eleventh State New York

The South Sea)—Balboa’s El Caballo ( S p a n i s h — T h e

El Fatah disease virulent anti-

name for the Pacific Ocean Horse)—nickname of Cuba’s


Elm City New Haven, Con- Communist dictator Fidel

El Fenix de España T h e

necticut Castro Ruz

Phoenix of Spain—Lope de

elm death Dutch elm disease El Cabrón ( S p a n i s h — T h e


Elmer short form for Elmer Goat)—nickname of disso-

El Fondo ( S p a n i s h — T h e

Gantry (novel by Sinclair lute Dominican dictator Gen-

Fund)—International Mone-

L ew i s a b o u t a c o r r u p t eralissimo Rafael Leonidas

tary Fund—IMF

preacher) Trujillo Molino

El Gran Libertador ( S p a n -

Elmers townspeople (circus El Caudillo ( S p a n i s h — T h e

ish— The Great Liberator)—

slang) Chief)—sobriquet of General

Simón Bolívar—liberated

Elmo Lincoln O t t o E l m o Francisco Franco-Baha-

Venezuela, Colombia, Ecua-

Linkenhelt monde

dor, Peru, and Bolivia from

El Mudo ( S p a n i s h — t h e El Cid El Cid Campeador

Spanish rule

mute)—Juan Fernández (Spanish—The Lord Cham-

El Greco ( S p a n i s h — T h e

Navêrette, Renaissance pion)—Rodrigo Díaz de Bi-

Greek)—Kryiakos Theotoko-

painter var

poulos (Domingo Theotocop-

Elmwood James Russell Low- El Coco (Spanish—Coconut


ell’s home in Cambridge, Palm)—San Jose, Costa

El Hombre ( S p a n i s h — T h e

Massachusetts Rica’s airport

Man)—nickname of Dr Ar-

El Niño (Spanish—the boy)— El Coronelazo (Spanish—the

nulfo Arias de Madrid of Pan-

warming of surface water off big colonel) David Siquieros


Ecuador and Peru before ex- El Duque Orlando Hernandez

Elia Charles Lamb

tending westward over the (baseball player)

Eli Edwards Claude McKay

tropical eastern Pacific Ocean Elder Pitt William Pitt the Earl

Elijah Muhammad R o b e r t

El Norte ( S p a n i s h — t h e of Chatham also called the


north)—used by Latin Amer- Great Commoner

El Ilustre Americano ( S p a n -

ish—The Illustrious Ameri-

icans to mean the United

Elder Statesman President

States Dwight David Eisenhower

can)—self-title of Venezuelan

dictator Antonio Guzman

Eloquent President Abraham

Eldest Daughter of the Church

Lincoln France


El Pisshole trucker’s nickname El Discutido ( S p a n i s h — t h e

El Inca ( S p a n i s h — T h e

for El Paso, Texas discussed)—Diego Rivera

Inca)—Peruvian historian

El Pisso trucker’s nickname for El Dorado the mythical land of

Garcilaso de la Vega

El Paso, Texas gold sought by the Spaniards

Elisabethville former name of

El Precursor (Spanish—the and others in the jungles and

Lubumbashi, Zaire

Precursor)—Francisco mountains of the Americas

Elizabeth Arden Florence N

Miranda—fighter for Venezu- El Dorado State California


elan freedom; Antonio electric cure electrocution

El Juli Julian Lopez, who be-

Nariño—fighter for Colom- Electric Motor City Detroit

came a matador in Spain at

bian freedom electromagnetic smog signals

age 16

Ellen Glasgow Ellen Anderson

El Pueblo Nuestra Señora la

from mobile phones, micro-


Reina de los Angeles de Por-

wave ovens, cable-television

ciúncula (Spanish—The Vil- channels, et cetera that inter-

Ellery Queen Frederic Dannay

lage of Our Lady Queen of rupt radio data to telescope

and Manfred B Lee

the Angels of Porciúncula)— antennae

El Libertador (Spanish—The

early Spanish name for Los Elegant Arthur nickname for

Liberator)—Simón Bolivar

Angeles Chester Alan Arthur, twenty-

El Licenciado Tomé de Burguil-

Elroy American country-boy first president of the United

los ( S p a n i s h — A t t o r n ey

name derived from the French States

Tomé de Burguillos)—a

for king—Le Roi or the Span- Elephant Man disease n e u -

pseudonym of Lope de Vega

ish equivalent—El Rey—or rofibromatosis

Ellis Bell pseudonym of Emily


their combination

Eponyms, Nicknames

Elsa Lanchester E l i z a b e t h

emerald nickel zaratite (basic

Emporium of the West Indies

Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, El Salvador’s Ports La Unión,


hydrated nickel carbonate)

Virgin Islands; Willemstad, Puerto El Triunfo, La Liber-

Emerald of the Spanish Main

Curaçao tad, Acajutla


Empress of the Blues B e s s i e El Silencio (Spanish—The Si-

emery A l u m i n u m o x i d e

Smith lence)—downtown Caracas

(A12O 3 )

Empress Carlota Marie Char- where bus routes start and au-

Émile Emile Zola (French nov-

lotte Amélie Augustine Vic- tomotive traffic is at its nois-


toire Clémentine Léopol- iest

Emil Jannings Theodore Frid-

dine—empress of Mexico El Smoggo trucker’s nickname

erich Emil Janez

under Maximilian for any smog-smitten city in

Emil Ludwig Emil Cohn

Empress Eugenie E u g é n i e the Southwest from El Paso

Eminent Humanist J u l i a n

Marie de Montijo de Guz- to Los Angeles


man—empress of the French El Stinko (see El Smoggo)

Emma Emma Goldman (Rus-

under Napoleon III El Supremo (Spanish—The

sian-American anarchist)

Empress of Hollywood B e t t e Supreme)—Juan Vicente

Emma Calve Rosa Calvet

Davis Gómez, Venezuelan dictator

Emma Lathen pseudonym of

Empress of India Queen Vic- from 1908 to 1935; also

Mary J Latsis and Martha

toria known as El Gran Supremo


Empress of Vice Mary Jeffries Elton John Reginald Dwight

Emmet Street Brendan Be-

han’s pen name

(who in the 1800s controlled

El Viejo (Spanish—the old

London’s most elegant broth- man) when average ocean-

Emmy award for outstanding

els) water temperature cools by at

television performances in

Empty Quarter Empty Quar- least 1 degree centigrade (1.8

the United States; statuette

ter desert of Arabia degrees Fahrenheit) below

named after tv entertainer

Enchanted Isles the Galápa- normal

Faye Emerson

gos or Tortoise Tslands orig- Elvis Costello Declan Patrick

Emmy Destinn Ema Kittl

inally called Las Islas Encan- McManus

Emperor of the Cossacks

tadas by early Spanish Elysian Fields mythological

Emelyan Ivanovich Pugachev

explorers place thought by the Portu-

end of the world Ushuala, Ar- guese to be the Madeira Is-

Emperor of Europe N a p o -

gentina lands or by the Spaniards to

leon Bonaparte’s self-im-

posed title

Energy City Houston, Texas

Engineer of the Animal World Emancipator of the Serfs

be the Canary Islands—also

Emperor of Japan A k i h i t o

known as Isles of the Blest

the busy beaver Czar Alexander II of Russia

(1989–), Hirohito (1936–

Engineer of Fantasy Wa l t

Emancipator of the Slaves

Disney William Wilberforce

Emperor of Manchukuo

Engineer President H e r b e r t Emanuel Swedenborg E m a n -

Henry Pu-Yi (1934–1945)

Hoover uel Svedberg

Emperor of Mexico n a t ive

revolutionary Augustín de

Iturbide (1822–1823)

Engineers’ Town Coulee City,

Embodiment of Chilean Cul-

Washington ture Pablo Neruda

Emperor Philosopher M a r-

England’s Wooden Walls t h e emerald beryllium chromium

cus Aurelius

Royal Navy during the Napo- aluminum silicate (gemstone

Emperor of Tenors E n r i c o

leonic wars variety of beryl)


Englebert Humperdinck A r- Emerald Capital Bogotá, Co-

Emperor of the West Charles

nold Dorsey (who took the lombia

the Great

emperors imperial potentates;

name of Wagner’s protégé)

Emerald of the Caribbean

English Agnostics T h o m a s Guadeloupe Island, French

largest of the Alaskan geese,

Henry Huxley, Charles Dar- West Indies

Antarctic penguins, Central

win, Herbert Spencer Emerald City mythical capital

American boas, European

English Alexander nickname of Oz as described in The Wiz-

moths, Japanese fishes

of King Henry V ard of Oz ; Seattle, Washing-

Empire Empire State Building

English Atheists Charles Brad- ton

of New York City at Fifth Av-

laugh, Bertrand Russell Emerald Country Colombia

enue and 34th Street

English Bach Johann Chris- Emerald Empire Idaho’s pan-

Empire Builder of British

tian Bach (who lived in Lon- handle

South Africa Cecil Rhodes

don from 1759 to 1852) Emerald Isle Ireland

Empire City New York; Well-

English Caribees c o l o n i a l Emerald Necklace 1 8 , 0 0 0

ington, New Zealand

name for the British West In- acres of parks surrounding

Empire State New York

dies Cleveland

Empire State of the South


English Channel La Manche

Eponyms, Nicknames

English Cradle of U.S. Presi-

Ethiopian Ports M a s s awa , dents England—ancestral

Era of Mediocrity post-World

Port Smyth, Assab home of Presidents Adams,

War II era

E-town Ellis Town; English- Carter, Cleveland, Coolidge,

Erasmus Desiderius Erasmus

town Fillmore, Ford, Garfield,

(originally Geert Geerts or

Eudora electronic-mail pro- Grant, Harding, Harrison,

Gerard Gerardzoon)

gram named for Mississippi Johnson, Lincoln, Madison,

Ercoli Palmiro Togliatti

short-story writer Eudora Pierce, Taft, Taylor, Tyler, and

Eric Evergood King Eric I of

Welty (inspired by her short Washington


story, Why I Live at the P.O.) English Nonsense Poet E d -

Erich Erich Fromm

Eugenie Marlitt E u g e n i e ward Lear

Erich Maria Remarque Erich

Maria Kramer

John’s pseudonym

English Operetta Composer

Eulenberg’s disease congeni- Sir Arthur S Sullivan

Eric the Lamb King Eric III

tal muscular spasms English Opium Eater T h o -

of Denmark

Eumenides the Furies mas De Quincey

Eric the Memorable K i n g

European Community B e l - English penicillin a nice cuppa’

Eric II of Denmark

gium, Britain, Denmark, tea

Eric the Red Eric Thorvalds-

France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, English Polynesia j o c u l a r


Luxembourg, Germany, nickname for the Seychelles

Eric Rohmer Maurice Scherer

Netherlands, Portugal, Spain Islands in the Indian Ocean

Erich von Stroheim H a n s

European Twelve ( a r r a n g e d English Visionary Wi l l i a m

Erich Maria Stroheim von

by population) Germany, It- Blake


aly, Britain, France, Spain, Eniwetok Kili Atoll

Erie Canal New York State

Barge Canal

Netherlands, Portugal,

Enlightened Philanthropist

Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Andrew Carnegie

Erin Ireland

Ireland, Luxembourg Enlightenment (see The En-

Ernest Bramah Ernest Bra-

mah Smith’s pseudonym

Europe’s Cyber City Amster- dam, Netherlands


Ernie Ernald; Ernest

Eusebius (see Florestan and The Enlightenment Europe’s

Ernst von Dohnányi E r n ö

18th century when encyclo-


Eusebius) Ev Everett; Evlin

Eros Center sex supermarket

Evangel of Liberty T h o m a s Lavoisier were matched

pedias appeared in France and

England; when Voltaire and

nickname in Hamburg and

Paine across the Channel by Paine

Bonn, Germany

Eve Arden Eunice Quedens and Priestley

Erudite Americans Will and

Ariel Durant

Everest Sir George Everest,

Enlightenment Centuries t h e who conducted a trigonomet-

Escape King Harry Houdini

17th and 18th centuries rical survey of India, and the (1600s and 1700s) when in

Eskimo Village Ko t z e bu e ,

great mountain bearing his America and Europe human


Esperanto pseudonym of Dr

name Everest of Oil Paintings t h e

Mona Lisa doctrine

reason prevailed in educa-

LL Zemenhoff—inventor of

tional, political. and religious

Esperanto—an artificially

contrived universal language

Everglades State Florida

evergreen a journalistic story Entac Nord wire-guided anti-

ESP Pioneer Dr JB Rhine who

that reappears predictably tank missile made in France

coined the term extrasensory

Evergreen City S h e b oy g e n , Entendard Dassault single-en-

perception, ESP

Wisconsin gine jet attack aircraft made

Estado Libre Asociado de

Evergreen State Washington in France

Puerto Rico ( S p a n i s h —

Free Associated State of Pu-

Eve’s curse menstruation

E O’N Eugene O’Neill

erto Rico)—Commonwealth

Evil Empire USSR

Epic Poet of Ancient Greece

Evil Florist C h a r l e s P i e r r e Homer

of Puerto Rico

Baudelaire—famous for his epsom epsom salt(s)—named

e-tailers electronic retailers

Les Fleurs du Mal (Flowers for the English racetrack town

Etcher of Disaster Francisco

of Evil) of Epsom Downs

de Goya y Lucientes

Excelsiors New Yorkers epsom salt magnesium sulfate

Etcher of Prisons G i a m b a t -

Excelsior State New York (MgSO 4 ⋅ 7H 2 O)

tista Piranesi

Executive City Washington, Equality State Wyoming

Eternal City Rome

Ethel Barrymore Ethel Blythe


Equatorial Guinea’s Main

Exocet A e r o s p a t i a l e s u r- Port Bata

Ethel Leginska Ethel Liggins

face-to-surface missile for Era of Good Feeling adminis-

Ethel Merman Ethel Zimmer-

use aboard warships tration of James Monroe—


Ethelred the Unready Ethel-

Expounders of Utilitarianism

fifth President of the United

Jeremy Bentham, James Mill, States

red II of England

Ethical Culturist Felix Adler

and John Stuart Mill

Eponyms, Nicknames

Exxon (formerly ESSO) Stan-

Farmer’s Bible Sears, Roe-

Father of American Football

Walter Camp “Eye” I Street in Washington,

dard Oil

buck catalog

Far North n o r t h e r n m o s t

Father of American Free-

thought Thomas Paine Eye of the Baltic Gotland


Alaska, Canada, Greenland,

Norway, Sweden, Finland,

Father of American Geogra-

Eye of England London

phy Jedidiah Morse Eye of Greece Athens

and Russia

Farther India Indochina; In-

Father of American Geology

Eye into Europe St Petersburg

William Maclure more recently known as Pe-

dochinese Peninsula

Farting Bedpost bassoon

Father of American History

tersburg, Petrograd, or Lenin-

George Bancroft, William grad

Far West the Rocky Mountain

Bradford Eye of Italy Rome


Fashoda f o r m e r n a m e o f

Father of American Horticul-

Eye of Paris Brassai (photogra-

ture Peter Henderson pher Gyula Halasz)

Kodok, Sudan

Fastback Plus trademark of

Father of American Indepen-

eye in the sky helicopter serv-

dence John Adams ing police

Fifth Generation Systems of


Father of American Lexicog-

Eyetie(s) British slang for

raphy Noah Webster ltalian(s)

Fate American nickname for


Father of American Litera-

Fabien Sevitzky Fa b i e n

ture Washington Irving Koussevitzky

Father of Abolition S a m u e l


Father of American Medical

Fabulous Philadelphians t h e

Association D r N a t h a n Philadelphia Orchestra

Father of the A-bomb J Rob-

Smith Davis Fair City Perth, Scotland

ert Oppenheimer

Father Abraham A b r a h a m

Father of American Medical

Fair Deal administration of

Botany Jacob Bigelow Harry S Truman—thirty-third


Father of Air Conditioning

Father of American Mineral-

ogy Parker Cleaveland Fairview Fannie The Seattle

President of the United States

WH Carrier

Father of Algebra D i o p h a n -

Father of American Mule

Breeding George Washing- fairy a male homosexual


tus of Alexandria

ton Fairy of Dreams Queen Mab

Father of All Foods alfalfa

Father of Alligator Wrestling

Father of American Naval

Fairytale Land D e n m a r k

Architecture Wi l l i a m A home of Hans Christian

Ed Froelich of Rouge, Loui-

Webb Andersen


Father of All Yankees B e n -

Father of American Naviga-

Faithful City Worcester, Mas-

tion Nathaniel Bowditch sachusetts

jamin Franklin

Father of America Sam(uel)

Father of the American

Falcon Dassault twin-engine

Nuclear Navy Admiral Hy- executive transport made in


man G Rickover France and called Mystere 20

Father of American Anarchy

Josiah Warren of Cincinnati,

Father of American Nutrition

falcons of the sea c l i p p e r

W(ilbur)—O(lin) Atwater ships

Ohio who in 1827 advocated

government activities be

Father of American Oceanog-

Falks Falklanders; Falkland Is-

raphy Matthew Fontaine lands

transferred to private citizens

Maury Falls City Louisville, Ken-

Father of American Anthro-

pology Lewis Henry Mor-

Father of American Orches-

tral Music Johann Christian Falls of the Rhine R h e i n fa l l



Gottlieb Graupner or Schaffhausen

Father of the American Ballet

George Balanchine

Father of American Ornithol-

false topaz citrine (quartz with

ogy John James Audubon, ferric iron)

Father of American Baptists

Alexander Wilson Famous Potatoes State Idaho

John Clarke

Father of American Botany

Father of American Paleontol-

Fanguito ( S p a n i s h — L i t t l e

ogy O(thniel) C(harles) Muddy)—San Juan, Puerto

John Bartram

Marsh Rico slum

Father of American Boxing

William Muldoon

Father of American Photogra-

Fannie Mae Federal National

phy S(amuel) F(inley) B(re- Mortgage Association

Father of American Church

ese) Morse (FNMA)

Music Lowell Mason

Father of American Conchol-

Father of American Photo-

Journalism Matthew Brady Far-Flung Hubbell n a t u r e

Fanny Brice Fanny Borach

ogy Thomas Say

Father of American Conserva-

Father of American Poetry

Philip Freneau Farinelli Carlo Broschi

writer Sue Hubbell

tism John Jay

Father of American Dance

Father of American Poets

Farmer President Wi l l i a m

William Cullen Bryant Henry Harrison and George

Ted Shawn

Father of American Egyptol-

Father of American Pragma-


ogy James Henry Breasted

tism Charles Sanders Pierce

Eponyms, Nicknames

Father of American Prison

Father of Basketball J a m e s

Father of Church History

Reform George O Osborne



Father of American Psychia-

Father of Bebop D i z z y

Father of Civilian Atomic

try Dr Benjamin Rush


Power A d m i r a l H y m a n

Father of American Psychobi-

Rickover ology Adolf Meyer

Father of Belgian Opera A n -

Father of the Civil Rights Father of American Psychol-

dre Ernest Modeste Gretry

Movement Martin Luther ogy William James

Father of Believers M o h a m -


King, Jr

Father of American Railroads

Father of the Bill of Rights

Father of Civil Service

Peter Cooper

James Madison

Reform G e o rg e H u n t

Father of the American Revo-

Pendleton lution Sam(uel) Adams

Father of Bird Behavior Stud-

Father of Classical Music Father of American Rocketry

ies Arthur Cleveland Bent

Franz Joseph Haydn Robert H Goddard

Father of Black Baseball

Rube Foster (Andrew Foster)

Father of Comedy A r i s -

Father of American Surgery

tophanes Dr William Halsted or Dr

Father of Black History

Chester G Woodson

Father of Confederation

Philip Syng Physick

Father of Blood Banks and

John A Macdonald—Can-

Father of American Technol-

ada’s first prime minister ogy Eli Whitney

Blood Plasma Charles R

Father of the Constitution Father of the American Turf


James Madison—fourth Pres- Leonard Jerome

Father of the Blues W ( i l -

liam) C(hristopher) Handy

ident of the United States

Father of American Universal-

Father of Botany Aristotle

Father of the Continental Con-

gress Benjamin Franklin Murray

ism Hosea Ballou, John

Father of Brazilian Opera

Antonio Carlos Gomes

Father of the Copyright Wil-

Father of American Zoology

liam Hogarth Thomas Say

Father of British Archeology

Augustus Henry Lane-Fox

Father of the Cotton Gin E l i

Father of Anatomical Dissec-

Whitney tion Andreas Vesalius


Father of British Boxing Jack

Father of Courtesy R i c h a r d

Father of Andean Archeology

Beauchamp—Earl of War- Max Uhle


Father of British Musicology


Father of Anesthetic Den-

Sir Charles Grove

Father of the Cowboys

Charles Goodnight Father of Angling lzaak Wal-

tistry William T G Morton

Father of the British Navy

Alfred the Great

Father of Cuban Indepen-

dence José Marti Father of Annapolis G e o rg e


Father of British Printing

William Caxton

Father of Czechoslovakian


Father of British Unitarian-

Music Bedrich Smetana

Father of Antarctic Whaling

Father of Damien J o s e p h Captain Carl A Larsen

ism John Biddle

Father of Buffalo Joseph Elli-

Damien de Veuster

Father of Antiseptic Obstet-


Father of Danish Opera

rics Ignaz Semmelweis

Father of Camouflage Abbott

Friedrich Kuhlau

Father of Antiseptic Surgery

Henderson Thayer

Father of Dano-Norwegian

Sir Joseph Lister

Father of Canadian Confeder-

Literature Ludvig Holberg

Father of Argentina’s School

ation Sir John A Macdonald

Father of the Declaration of

System Domingo Faustino

Independence title shared Sarmiento

and George Brown of On-

tario, Sir George S Etienne

by Thomas Paine, Thomas

Father of Argentine Indepen-

Jefferson, John Adams, and dence General José de San

Cartier and Sir Alexander

Benjamin Franklin Martín

Galt of Quebec, Sir Charles

Tupper of Nova Scotia, Sir

Father of Deep Ecology A r n e

Father of the Atomic Age

Naess Enrico Fermi

Samuel Leonard Tilley of

Father of the Detective Story Father of the Atomic Subma-

New Brunswick

Edgar Allan Poe rine Admiral Hyman Rick-

Father of Chemistry R o b e r t


Father of Dinosaur Art

over, USN

Father of Chemurgy George

Charles R Knight

Father of the Automobile

Father Divine Morgan J Di- Gottlieb Daimler

Washington Carver

vine born George Baker Father of Bacteriology R o b -

Father of Chicago John Kin-


Father of Dominican Indepen-

dence Juan Pablo Duarte Father of Baseball H e n r y

ert Koch

Father of Child Psychology

Leo Kanner

Father of the Dominican

Republic José Nuñez de wright, Abner Doubleday

Chadwick, Alexander Cart-

Father of the Chinese Revolu-

Cáceres Father of Basic Flying J o h n

tion Dr Sun Yat-sen

Father of Dutch Poetry J a - Joseph Montgomery

Father Christmas S a n t a

Claus; Snow King

kob van Maerlant

Eponyms, Nicknames

Father of the Dutch Reformed

Father of His Country C i - Church in America J o h n

Father of French-Canadian

cero and several Roman cae- Henry Livingston

Poetry Octave Cremazie

Father of French Lyric Poetry

sars; George Washington—

Father of Ecclesiastical His-

first President of the United tory Eusebius Pamphili

Pierre de Ronsard

Father of French Opera


Father of Egyptian Archeol-

Father of History Herodotus ogy Sir Flinders Petrie

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Father of Homeopathy in Father of Electroencephalog-

Father of the French School of

America Dr Constantine raphy Hans Berger

Neurology J e a n - M a r t i n

Hering Father of Embryology C a r l


Father of French Surgery

Father of the Household

Ernst von Baer

Ambroise Paré

Heater Benjamin Franklin

Father of the Encyclopedia

Father of French Tragedy

Father of Humanism in Amer-

Diderot ica John Dietrich

Father of English Cathedral

Pierre Corneille

Father of the Hydrogen Bomb

Music Thomas Tallis

Father of Frozen Foods Clar-

Edward Teller

Father of English Empiricism

Father of Hypnotism F r a n z John Locke (1632–1704)

ence Birdseye

Father of Full-Spectrum light-

ing John Ott

Friedrich Anton Mesmer

Father of English Lexicogra- Father of Independent India

phy Dr Samuel Johnson

Father of Genetics G r eg o r

Mohandas Karamchand Gan-

Father of the English Novel

dhi Henry Fielding


Father of Independent Van- Father of English Poetry

Father of Geography S t r a b o

uatu Walter Lini Geoffrey Chaucer

the Greek Stoic who wrote

Father of Individual Psychol- Father of English Printing

seventeen books about Asia,

ogy Alfred Adler William Caxton

Egypt, Libya, and Europe

Father of Geometry

Father of Inductive Philoso-

Father of English Song Caed-

phy Francis Bacon mon


Father of German Literature

Father of the IQ Test A l f r e d

Father of English Unitarian-

Benet ism John Biddle

GotthoId Ephraim Lessing

Father of Israel Chaim Weiz- Father of Epic Poetry Homer

Father of German Opera

mann Father of the Erie Canal D e

Christoph Willibald von


Father of Italian Landscape

Painting Andrea del Verroc- Father of Ethical Culture Fe-

Witt Clinton

Father of the German Refor-

chio (Andrea di Michele lix Adler

mation Martin Luther

Cione) Father of Ethology Ko n r a d

Father of German Unification

Prince Otto von Bismarck

Father of Italian Opera

Claudio Monteverdi Father of Euphuism John Lyly


Father of Japanese Carica- Father of the Everglades

Father of Gods and Men

ture Toba Sojo National Park J o h n P e n -

Odin or Wotan, according to

the Norse; Jove or Jupiter, ac- cording to the Romans; Zeus,

Father of Japanese Shipbuild-


according to the Greeks; etc.

ing Thomas Glover known

Father of Experimental Physi-

to the Japanese as Kuraba ology Galen

Father of Jazz Scott Joplin Father of the Faithful A b r a -

Father of the Gramophone

Father of Jests Joseph Miller ham

Emile Berliner

Father of Greater Philadel-

Father of Farm Workers C e -

phia John Christian Bullitt

Father of the Juvenile Court

Judge Benjamin Barr Lindsey sar Chavez Father of Fascism B e n i t o

Father of Greek Didactic

Poetry Hesiod whose poem

Father of the Kindergarten

Friedrich Froebel Mussolini; Gabriele d’ An-

Father of the Kiwifruit James nunzio

Theogony describes the be-

MacLoughlin Father of Kudzu G e o rg i a System George Carter Glass

ginning of the world, its gods,

Father of the Federal Reserve

and the five Ages of Mankind

Father of Greek Music Te r-

Father of Latin Song Ennius D(avid) W(ark) Griffith

pander of Lesbos

farmer Charming Cope

Father of the Film Industry

(239–169 BCE) Father of Fingerprinting A l -

Father of Greek Sculpture


Father of the Legal Code

David Dudley Field Father of the Flivver H e n r y

phonse Bertillon

Father of Greek Tragedy Ae-

Father of Lies Satan Ford


Father of Greenbacks

Father of the Locomotive Ri-

Father of the Free School Sys-

chard Trevethick tem Governor James Ed-

Salmon Portland Chase

Father of Logarithms J o h n ward English of Connecticut

Father of the H-bomb E d -

Napier Father of Free Trade A d a m

ward Teller

Father of High-Speed Photog-

Father of Mainframe Comput-


raphy Harold E Edgerton

ers Gene Amdahl

Eponyms, Nicknames

Father of Marine Geology

Father of Modern Geology

Father of Mongolian Democ-

Francis Shepard

Sir Charles Lyell

racy Sanjaasuren Zorig

Father of Massachusetts

Father of Modern German

Father of Moral Philosophy

Thomas Aquinas Father of Medicine H i p p o -

Governor John Winthrop

Poetry Heinrich Heine

Father of the Mormons J o - crates

Father of Modern Guitar

Music Francisco Tárrega

seph Smith

Father of Mexican Indepen-

Father of Muckrakers Upton dence Miguel Hidalgo y

Father of Modern Gynecol-

Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, Costilla

ogy Dr J Marion Sims

Father of Modern Italian

and Joseph Flynt Williard

Father of Mexican Muralism

Father of Music Festivals Ed- Dr Atl (born Gerardo Murillo)

Poetry Gabriele D’ Annun-

inburgh Father of Microscopy A n t o n


Father of Modern Magnetism

Father of Natural History

van Leewenhoek

John Van Vleck

Aristotle; Carl Linnaeus

Father of Military Strategy

Father of Modern Medicine

Father of Naval Aviation

Father of Mineralogy A g r i - Commander Robert C Whit-


Canadian-born Sir William

cola ton


Father of Modern Anatomy Father of Negro History

Father of Modern Music

Andreas Vesalius (1514– Carter G(odwin) Woodson

Franz Liszt; Mozart

Father of Modern Navies

Father of the Neighborhood

Captain Alfred T Mahan au-

Father of Modern Architec-

Settlement House J a c o b

ture Frank Lloyd Wright August Riis

thor of The Influence of Sea

Power upon History pub-

Father of Modern Art

lished in 1890

Father of Neurosurgery

Masaccio (Tommaso Guidi)

Father of Modern Neurology

American-born Canadian

Father of Modern Astronomy

Doctor Wilder Penfield Copernicus (Nikolaus Koper-

Father of New England John nicki)


jamin-Amand Duchenne

Father of Modern Baseball

Father of the Modern Novel

Endicott—its first governor

Alexander Joy Cartwright

Lion Feuchtwanger

Father of New England Tran-

Father of Modern Brazil

Father of the Modern Orches-

scendentalism Ralph Waldo

Emerson Getulio Vargas

tra Hector Berlioz

Father of the New Left H e r-

Father of Modern Conserva-

bert Marcuse tive Thought E d m u n d

Father of Modern Painters

Giovanni Cimabue (Cenni di


Father of Niagara Power


Father of Modern Contact

Father of Modern Pedagogy

William Birch Rankine

Lenses Otto Wichterle

Heinrich Pestalozzi

Father of the Nuclear Subma-

rine Admiral Hyman G

Father of Modern Criminol-

Father of Modern Philosophy

Rickover, USN

ogy Alphonse Bertillon and

René Descartes

Father of Modern Photogra-

Father of Oceanography

Cesare Lombroso

Father of the Modern Daylilly

phy William Henry Fox Tal-

Matthew Fontaine Maury

Father of Ontario Hydro S i r Dr Arlow Burdette Stout


Adam Beck Philosophy John Locke

Father of Modern Democratic

Father of Modern Physics

Father of Organic Architec- Father of Modern Drama

Albert Einstein

Father of Modern Physiology

ture Frank Lloyd Wright

Father of Organized Labor

Henrik Ibsen

William Harvey

Father of Modern Economic

Samuel Gompers Forecasting Tr y g ve

Father of Modern Prose Fic-

Father of Osteopathy Dr An- Haavelmo

tion Daniel Defoe

Father of Modern Rocketry

drew T Still

Father of Modern Economics

Robert Hutchings Goddard

Father of Paleontology

Adam Smith

Father of Modern Russian

Georges Cuvier

Father of Modern English

Father of Parole Captain Al- Poetry Walt Whitman

Poetry Nikolai Alekseevich


exander Maconochie the gov-

Father of Modern Existential-

ernor of the Norfolk Island ism Søren Kierkegaard

Father of Modern Spanish

Poetry Rubén Darío

penal colony from 1840 to

Father of Modern Explora-

1844 tion Fridtjof Nansen

Father of Modern Surgery of

Father of Pasteurization Father of Modern Finger-

the Brain Paul Broca

Louis Pasteur printing Sir Edward Rich-

Father of Modern Symphony

César Franck

Father of the Patent Office

ard Henry

Father of Modern Taxonomy

John Ruggles

Father of Modern French

Father of Pathology R u d o l f Poetry Charles Baudelaire

Carl von Linné also known as

Carolus Linnaeus


Father of Modern Genetics

Father of the Modern Zoo

Father of Penitentiary Sci-

Gregor Mendel

Carl Hagenbeck

ence Jean Jacques Vilain

Eponyms, Nicknames

Father of Pennsylvania Will-

Feingold diet diet said to calm iam Penn—its founder

Father of the World Wide

hyperactive children (named Father of Permissiveness Ben-

Web Tim Berners-Lee

for Dr Benjamin Feingold) jamin McLane Spock, pedia-

Father of Yellowstone Nation-

Feldenkrais Technique p o s - trician (1903–1998)

al Park Nathaniel Langford

Father of Zionism T h e o d o r

ture therapy developed by

Father of Philippine Indepen-

Moshe Feldenkrais dence Emilio Aguinaldo


Female Seminary Mount Ho- Father of Philosophy Thales

Father of Zoology Aristotle

Fats Thomas (Fats) Waller

lyoke College

Father of the Phonograph

Feminist Reformer L u cy Thomas A Edison

Fats Domino Antoine Domino

Fats Waller Thomas Waller


Father of Photojournalism

Feminist Revolutionist M a r y Alfred Eisenstaedt

Fat Tony Antonio Salerno

Wollstonecraft also known as Father of Physiography Will-

Fatty and Skinny O l ive r

Mary Godwin iam Morris Davis

Newell Hardy and Stan Lau-


Ferihegy Budapest, Hungary’s

Father of Pianoforte Playing

airport Muzio Clementi

Faulhaber Cardinal Michael

Fernán Caballero C e c i l i a Father of Pittsburgh G e o rg e

von Faulhaber, who opposed

Francisca Josefa de Arrom Washington who proposed

the Nazis

Fernandel Fernand Contandin the location and the name

Faulkner’s County Yo k n a p -

atawpha (an invention of nov-

Fernando de Magallanes

Father of Poetry Orpheus

elist William Faulkner)

(Spanish—Ferdinand Magel-

Father of Polar Exploration

lan)—originally Fernão de Fridtjof Nansen

Faultless Painter Andrea del

Magalhães Father of the Potteries J o -


Ferrel’s law a body moving in siah Wedgwood

Faustus Socinus Fa u s t o

Father of Psychoanalysis


any direction over Earth’s

surface will tend to be de- Sigmund Freud

Favelas Rio de Janeiro slums

flected to right in Northern

Father of Public Relations

favism disease, caused by en-

Edward L Bernays, Ivy L Lee

zyme deficiency in some peo-

Hemisphere and left in South- ern Hemisphere—for Ameri-

Father of Radio Lee De For-

ple, that destroys red blood cells when fava beans are

can meteorologist William est

Father of Radio Broadcasting



Ferret Daimler armored scout Harry P(hillips) Davis

Favorite Island of Columbus

car made in Great Britain Father of Railways G e o rg e Stephenson

Ferryville old name for Men- zei-Bourguiba in Tunisia Father of Reform John Cart-


The Fed The Federal Reserve

Fertile Arabia Arabia Felix in wright


Federal Capital Territory

the southern Arabian Penin- sula, particularly in the Ye-

Father of the Reformed

now called Australian Capital

Church John Henry Living-

menite lands once called ston

Territory (around and in Can-


Federal City Wa s h i n g t o n ,

Aden or the Hadhramaut

Father of the Religion of Rea-

Fertile Crescent A u s t r a l i a ’s son (Unitarianism) J a m e s

coastal plain extending from Martineau in England, Ralph


southern New South Wales to Waldo Emerson and The-

federalese the jargon of bu-

southern Queensland; agri- odore Parker in the United

reaucrats on the federal pay-

cultural region extending States


Federal Hill P r ov i d e n c e ,

from the Lerant to Iraq

Father of Religious Human-

Fiddler’s Green t r a d i t i o n a l ism John Dietrich

Rhode Island slum

Federal Republic of Germany

haven of drowned sailors sup-

Father of the Republic of

posedly filled with women, China Sun Yat Sen

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

grog, fine food, and tobacco; Father of the Waters g r e a t

Federated States of Microne-

some opine it is a suburb of rivers such as the Amazon,

sia i s l a n d s o f Ko s r a e ,

Davy Jones’ Locker while Amur, Congo, Euphrates,

Phompei, Truk, and Yap

others insist it is a synonym Huang, Irrawaddy, Lena,

Federation of Malaysia M a -

for Fiddler’s Grotto Mackenzie, Mekong, Missis-

laysia (formerly Brunei, Fed-

Fiddler’s Grotto music-fulled sippi, Niger, Nile, Ob, Volga,

eration of Malaya, Sabah, Sa-

tropical marine cavern inhab- Yangtze, Yenisei

rawak, and Singapore)

Federation of South Arabia

ited by young women; roast

Father of the Western Story

turkeys fly about slowly; fine Zane Grey

Ittihad al Janub al ’Arabi—

formerly Aden Colony and

beer, whiskey, and wine cas-

Father of Western Theater

cade down its marble walls; Aeschylus

Aden Protectorate

its location, according to Cap- Father of West Point S y l va -

Feebie (American slang —

tain Ed Hassel, is exactly two nus Thayer

member of the Federal Bu-

reau of Investigation)

miles this side of Hell

Eponyms, Nicknames

Fifteenth State Kentucky

First Family family of the Fifteen-Year War (see Pacific

Fiona Macleod

Wi l l i a m

President of the United States War)

Sharp’s pseudonym

First Fleeters Australians trac- Fifth Continent Africa

Fiorello Fiorello LaGuardia

ing their lineage to their an- Fifth Disease parvovirus

Firebar NATO name for Soviet

cestors’ arrival in 1788 Fifth Estate The Underworld

Yakovlev all-weather fighter

First Foreign Enclave Macao, of Organized Crime

interceptor aircraft Yak-28P

Portuguese China Fifth State Connecticut

Firebrand of the Navy L i e u -

first-generation money c a s h ; Fiftieth State Hawaii

tenant Stephen Decatur, USN

currency Figaro Mariano José de Larra’s

Firebrand of the World Ta -

merlane (Timur Lenk or

First Gentleman of the Land

President Chester A Arthur Fighting Bob Rear Admiral


Timur the Lame)

First Gospel Gospel according Robley Evans; English prize-

Fireclay Capital Mexico, Mis-


fighter Robert P Fitzsim-

firecracker factory m i s s i l e

to Saint Matthew

First Great Cheerful Giver

George Peabody Fighting Lady USS Lexington

mons; Senator Robert M La

manufacturing plant

Follette, Sr

Fireman Joe Begg (baseball


First Great Operatic Com-

Fighting Quaker G e n e r a l

Firestreak Hawker-Siddeley

poser of the New World

Carlos Gomes Fijian Ports Suva and Levuka

Nathanael Greene

air-to-air missile

First All-American Poet Walt

First Great Symphonist

Filadelfia Paraguay’s City of

Franz Joseph Haydn Brotherly Love


First Halfway House Isaac T Filatov’s disease s c a r l a t i n a -

First American Advertiser

Hooper Home opened in New like exanthematous affection

William Penn

York City in 1845 by the So- Filbert Center Hillsboro, Ore-

First American Man of Let-

ciety of Friends (Quakers) gon

ters Washington Irving

First International First Inter- Filipino Libertarian E m i l i o

First American Penitentiary

national Workingmen’s Asso- Aguinaldo

Walnut Street Jail in Philadel-

ciation (convening in Paris in Film Capital Hollywood, Cal-

phia built in 1790

1864) ifornia

First American Poet P h i l i p

First Lady wife of any Ameri- Filthydelphia Philadelphia


can President Finality John Lord John Rus-

First American Republic Ice-

First Lady of the Air Amelia sell


Earhart final solution Hitlerian trunca-

First American Woman Novel-

First Lady of America Poca- tion covering the extermina-

ist Charlotte Lennox

hontas tion of the Jews

First American Woman Physi-

First Lady of American Revo- Financial Center of the Rock-

cian Elizabeth Blackwell

lution Mercy Otis Warren ies Denver, Colorado

First Astrophysicist J o h a n n e s


also known as Philomela

Financial Genius of the Under-

First Atomic City H a n f o r d ,

First Lady of American Song

world Meyer Lansky


Kate Smith

Financier of the Revolution

First Black American Conduc-

First Lady of American The-

ater Helen Hayes Finkelstein Box a box that di-

Robert Morris

tor Dean Dixon

First Black Member of the

First Lady of Computers

vides United States into Re-

Lady Augusta Ada Byron and Democratic Party strong-

U.S. Supreme Court Thur-

publican Party strongholds

good Marshall

First California Mission S a n

Lovelace (the poet Lord By- ron’s daughter)

holds (named for Arthur

Diego de Alcalá First Church First Church of

First Lady of Country Music

Tammy Wynette Finland’s Principal Port Hel-

Finkelstein, political consult- ant)

First Lady of Crime A g a t h a sinki

Christ, Scientist

Christie Finnish Ports Tornio, Roytta,

First Citizen of Ghana D r

WEB Du Bois

First Lady of Liberty A b i g - Kemi, Koivoluoto, Oulu,

First City of the First State

ail Adams Raahe, Kokkola, Ykspihlaja,

Wilmington, Delaware

First City of the South S a -

First Lady of the Library

President Millard Fillmore’s Vasklot, Kasko, Kristinestad,

Jakobstad, Nykarleby, Vaasa,

vannah, Georgia

wife Abigail—founder of the Pori, Mantyluoto, Reposaari,

First Concentration Camp in

first library in the White Kaunissaari, Rauma,

Germany Dachau (erected

House Uusikaupunki, Turku, Storby,

in March 1933 near Munich)

First Estate The Clergy

First Lady of the Skies

Mariehamn, Hango, Lappvik,

Amelia Earhart Ekenas, Helsinki, Kotka,

First Execution by Electrocu-

First Lady of Song E l l a Hamina

tion August 6, 1890 in New

York State’s Auburn Prison


Eponyms, Nicknames

First Lady of the World

Fletcherism Horace Fletcher’s Eleanor Roosevelt—wife of

First Zen First Zen Institute of

theory that people should President Franklin D


chew every forkful of food Roosevelt

fiscal pirates inflation and taxes

Fish-Canning Capital of the

thirty-two times for good

First Lawyer of the Land

health U.S. Attorney General

World Stavanger, Norway

Fisher Equation interest rates

Flickertail(s) N o r t h D a ko -

First Man to Walk on the

tan(s) Moon Neil A Armstrong

are composed of the real rate

Flickertail State North Dakota First Mayor of Chicago Will-

of interest plus the expected

Flip Wilson Clerow Wilson, co- iam Butler Ogden

rate of inflation (named for

economist Irving Fisher)

median (1933–1998)

First Person to Announce His

Fishing’s Eve Juliana Berners

Flitch John Pierpont Morgan

Discovery of Photography

Flivver King Henry Ford William Henry Fox Talbot on

Fishpot NATO name for Soviet

float a term for the period of January 31, 1839

SU-9 all-weather jet fighter

time between when a check is First Perspective Painter Pa -


written and funds are drawn o l o U c c e l l o ( Pa o l o d i

Fitter NATO name for Soviet

from the check’s account Dono)—known for his stud-

SU-7 jet ground-attack air-

Flood City Johnstown, Penn- ies in foreshortening and lin-


sylvania ear perspective

Fiume Italian name for Rijeka,

Floral Watercolorist William First Picaresque Novel L a z -

Yugoslavia formerly belong-

Demuth arillo de Tormes (author un-

ing to Italy

Five Nations Cayugas, Onei-

Floreana Island, Galápagos

Santa María First Poet Laureate Ben Jon-


das, Onondagas, Mohawks,

Florence Austral F l o r e n c e son

and Senecas (American In-

dian tribes on the English side


First Poet Laureate of the

Florestan Robert Schumann United States Robert Penn

in the French and Indian


Florestan and Eusebius

Warren (1986–1987)

Fjord Land Norway

pseudonyms invented by

Robert Schumann to repre- States George Washington

Flag of Alfonso yellow-and-

sent the two sides of his char- First Prison Newspaper T h e

First President of the United

red emblem of Spain dating

acter Florestan was impetu- Summary published by the in-

from fifteenth century when it

ous and passionate whereas mates of the New York State

was carried by Alfonso el


Eusebius was the dreamer Florida of Canada B r i t i s h

Reformatory at Elmira on No-

Flag Bay Bahía de Banderas,

vember 22, 1883—Thanks-

Columbia, Canada giving Day


Flagellum Dei (Latin—Scourge

Florida Pen Florida Peninsula Florida Ports J a c k s o nv i l l e ,

First Quaker G e o rg e Fo x ,

Port Everglades, Miami, Key founder of the Society of

of God)—Attila the king of the


West, Tampa, St Petersburg,

Port St Joe, Panama City, First Romantic Artist G i a m -


Flagon-A NATO code name

Pensacola battista Piranesi

for Soviet SU-11 delta-wing

Flour City Buffalo or Roches- First State Delaware

fighter aircraft

ter, New York First Street in Europe D i s -

flap and zap laser in-situ kera-

Flower Capital Encinitas, Cal- raeli’s nickname for London’s


ifornia Strand

Flash Joe Gordon

Flower City Rochester, New First University Plato’s Acad-

Flash Hollett William Hollett

York emy

Flashlight NATO name for So-

Flower Garden of England First White House of the Con-

viet Yakovlev Yak-25 two-

The Sorlings or Isles of Scilly federacy temporary home of

place interceptor fighter air-

off Land’s End Jefferson Davis in Montgom-


Flower King Carl von Linné ery, Alabama in 1861

Flatiron New York City’s Flat-

(Linnaeus) First Woman Physician D r

iron Building at Broadway,

Flower of the Levant Zante in Elizabeth Blackwell

Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street

the Ionian Islands First Woman Reporter A n n e

Flats Flatlands—in Great Brit-

Flower Moon full moon in June Royale of Virginia (publisher


Flower of Quakerism a b o l i - of Paul Pry), Nellie Bly of

Flea Freddie Patek (baseball

tionist Lucretia Mott Pennsylvania (reporter for the


fleishig pertaining to meat (Yid-

Flower Seed Capital of the

West Santa Maria, Califor- First World highly industrial-

New York World )

dish: fleyshik)

nia ized countries such as Japan,

Flemish Colorist Peter Paul

Flower State Florida the United States and most


Flower Town Brampton, On- Western European nations

Flemish Primitive Painter

Gheeraert David


Eponyms, Nicknames

Flowertown in the Pines

Forest of Forests forested belt

Foster Mother of the Sciences

Medicine Flower of the Transvaal P r e -

Summerville, South Carolina

stretching from northern Nor-

Founder of the AAAA D r toria

way to eastern Siberia

Charles L Andrews, founder Flowery Kingdom China

Forget-Me-Not State Alaska

American Association for the fluf fat little ugly fella (engi-

The Forgotten Man P r e s i -

Advancement of Atheism neers’ nickname for Boeing

dent Franklin D Roosevelt’s

Founder of Agnosticism Tho- 737 jet)

description of the American

mas Henry Huxley Flying Boxcar C-119 Fairchild-


Forgotten Philosopher G i o r-

Founder of Agricultural

Chemistry Justus von Lie- Flying Dutchman m y t h i c a l

Hiller transport

dano Bruno

big character immortalized in Ri-

The Forgotten War Ko r e a n


Founder of the American Fed-

chard Wagner’s opera Der

eration of Labor Sam(uel) Fliegende Holländer; nick-

Former Naval Person c o d e

Gompers name of the baseball batting

name of Prime Minister

Churchill formerly First Lord

Founder of American Military

champion of the early

Intelligence General Ralph 1900s—Honus Wagner

of the Admiralty

H Van Deman Flying Finn Paavo Nurmi

Formidable Maestra conduc-

tor Antonia Brico

Founder of the American

Fly-up-the-Creek green heron

Navy John Paul Jones (Butorides virescens)

Formosa (Portuguese—beauti-

ful, delightful, perfect)—

Founder of Analytical Psychol-

Fly up the Creeks Floridians

ogy Carl Gustav Jung Foam City Milwaukee, Wis-

name given Taiwan by Portu-

guese explorers

Founder of the Aniline Dye

consin Industry Sir William Perkin

Fortaleza formerly Caerá

Fog City San Francisco

Founder of Antiseptic Sur-

Fogfoundland f o g - b o u n d gery Joseph Lister

Fort Dimanche Haiti’s infa-

mous prison close to Pétion-

Foggy Bottom the U.S. State Criticism Giorgio Vasari


Founder of Art History and


Department Founder of Bacteriology Fer-

Fort Hill John C Calhoun’s

Foley motion picture postpro- dinand Cohn

country seat in the Pendleton

duction synchronization of Founder of Behaviorism John

district of South Carolina near

body-movement sounds with Watson


Fortieth State South Dakota

the image track; Thomas S

Founder of the Birth Control


Fort Liquordale Fort Lauder-

Movement Margaret Sanger

Folk Arts and Crafts Capital

dale, Florida (when college

Founder of the Boy Scouts and

of Kentucky Berea

students make their Easter va-

Girl Guides S i r R o b e r t

Founder of Brazil Pedro Al- Foothill City Calgary, Alberta

Football Capital of the South

Baden-Powell Birmingham or New Orleans

cation visit)

Fortunate Island Monhegan,

vares Cabral Forbidden City Lhasa, Tibet


Fortunate Islands Canary Is-

Founder of British Imperial

Forbidden Island p r iva t e l y


India Robert Clive

Founder of Buddhism Prince owned Niihau, westernmost

Fortunate Isles Madeira Is-

Siddhartha (Gautama Bud- island in Hawaii

lands—also called Isles of the


Forbidden Kingdom Bhutan

Blest in classical mythology

Fordham Flash Frank Frisch Pedro de Mendoza Ford Madox Ford Ford Ma-

Fortune-seekers Idahoans

Founder of Buenos Aires

forty-and-eights railroad box-

cars used by French in World

Founder of Cellular Pathol-

dox Hueffer ogy Rudolf Virchow Fordtown Detroit, Michigan

War I to transport forty men

Founder of Chemistry R o b - Foreigner State New Jersey

or eight horses

ert Boyle Forensic Psychiatrist Richard

Forty-eighth State Arizona

Founder of Chicago Jean de von Krafft-Ebing

Forty-fifth State Utah Forty-first State Montana


Forerunner of the Reforma- Founder of Christian Science

tion John Huss

Forty-fourth State Wyoming

Forerunner of Spanish-Amer-

Forty Immortals c o l l e c t ive

Mary Baker Eddy

Founder of Cleveland, Ohio

ican Independence F r a n -

nickname of the forty mem-

cisco Miranda

bers of the French Academy

Moses Cleaveland

Founder of the Columbia Uni-

Forest Cantons Swiss cantons

Forty-ninth State Alaska

versity School of Journal-

of Lucerne, Schwyz, Unter-

ism Joseph Pulitzer walden, and Uri

Forty-second State Washing-


Founder of Comparative

Forest City Cleveland, Ohio or

Anatomy Baron Georges London, Ontario

Forty-seventh State N ew

Cuvier Forest City of the South S a -


Forty-sixth State Oklahoma

Founder of Confucianism

vannah, Georgia

Forty-third State Idaho

K’ung Futzu (Confucius)

Eponyms, Nicknames

Founder of Conservative Sur-

Founder of Hungary Arpad

Founder of Phenomenology

gery Sir William Fergusson

Founder of Iconographic and

Edmund Husserl

Founder of Continental Ratio-

Physiologic Anatomy L e -

Founder of Philosophic Radi-

calism James Mill Founder of Cubism G e o rg e

nalism René Descartes

onardo da Vinci

Founder of Impressionism

Founder of Polaroid Photogra-

Braque, Pablo Picasso

Claude Monet

phy Edwin Land

Founder of Cybernetics

Founder of Positivism A u - Norbert Wiener

Founder of Islam Mohammed

Founder of Jainism M a -

guste Compte; Immanuel

Founder of Czech School of

Kant Music Bedrich Smetana

havira also known as Vardha-


Founder of Postimpression-

Founder of Dada Tr i s t a n

ism Paul Cézanne Tzara

Founder of Japanese Color-

Print Making I wa s a

Founder of Pragmatism

Founder of Detroit Sieur de

C(harles) S(anders) Peirce Cadillac


Founder President of Zambia Founder of Electromagnetism

Founder of Judaism Moses

Kenneth Kaunda Michael Faraday

Founder of the Kelmscott

Founder of Professional Nurs- Founder of Electrophysiology

Press William Morris

ing Florence Nightingale Emil du Bois Reymond

Founder of the Lutheran

Founder of Providence, Rhode Founder of English Empiri-

Church Martin Luther

Island Roger Williams cism Sir Francis Bacon

Founder of Manila M i g u e l

Founder of Psychoanalysis Founder of Episcopalianism

López de Legazpi

Sigmund Freud Henry VIII

Founder of Medical Statistics

Founder of Experimental

Pierre-Charles Alexander

Founder of Psychology Wi l -

helm Wundt Hygiene Max von Petten-



Founder of the Methodist

Founder of Québec S a m u e l

Founder of the Faculty of Phy-

Church John Wesley

de Champlain

sicians and Surgeons of

Founder of Modern Astron-

Founder of the Religious Soci-

ety of Friends George Fox Glasgow Peter Lowe

omy Nicolaus Copernicus

Founder of Fauvism H e n r i

(Nikolaus Kopernicki)

Founder of Rhode Island

Emile Benoit Matisse

Founder of Modern Chemis-

Roger Williams

Founder of First Free Medical

Founder of Rome Romulus Clinic in the U.S. B e n -

try Antoine Lauret Lavoisier

Founder of Modern Existen-

Founder of the Royal Navy

tialism Søren Kierkegaard

Samuel Pepys

Founder of the Franco-Belgian

Founder of Russian Litera- School of Violin Playing

jamin Rush

Founder of Modern German

ture Alexander Pushkin Charles Auguste de Bériot

Sculpture Johann Gottfried

Founder of Salt Lake City Founder of French Colonial


Brigham Young Empire Louis Faidherbe

Founder of Modern Military

Founder of the Science of Founder of French Grand

Medicine Sir John Pringle

Eugenics Sir Francis Galton Opera Daniel François Es-

Founder of Modern Philoso-

phy René Descartes

Founder of Scientific History

prit Auber

Founder of Modern Russian


Founder of French Opera

Literature A l e k s a n d r

Founder of Scottish Presbyte-

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Sergeyvich Pushkin

rianism John Knox

Founder of French Socialism

Founder of Modern Sculpture

Founder of Secularism

Compte Claude Henri de

George Holyoake Rouvroy de Saint-Simon

Donatelio (Donato di Niccolo

di Betto Bardi)

Founder of Singapore Sir Th-

Founder of the Friends

omas Stamford Raffles George Fox

Founder of Mormanism J o -

Founder of Social Psychology Founder of Functionalism

seph Smith

Gustave Le Bon Louis Sullivan

Founder of Naturalist Move-

Founder of Sociology A u - Founder of Georgia J a m e s

ment in Literature É m i l e

guste Compte Oglethorpe


Founder of State Socialism Founder of Gestalt Therapy

Founder of Oklahoma J e a n

Louis Blanc Fritz Perls

Pierre Chouteau

Founder of Optics Giovanni

Founder of Swarthmore Col-

Founder of Hadassah Henri-

lege Martha Ellicott Tyson etta Szold

Battista della Porta

Founder of Taoism Lao-tzu Founder of Histology M a r-

Founder of Osteopathy A n -

drew Taylor Still

Founder of Transcendental

cello Malpighi

Founder of Pakistan Dr Mo-

Idealism Immanuel Kant

Founder of Homeopathy

hammed Ali Jinnah

Founder of Transcendental-

ism Ralph Waldo Emerson Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel

Founder of Pediatric Cardiol-

ogy Helen Brooke Taussig

Founder of Troy Tros

Founder of Humanistic Psy-

Founder of Pennsylvania

Founder of Unitarianism

chology Abraham Maslow

William Penn

John Biddle

Eponyms, Nicknames

Founder of the University of

Fra Angelico Giovannida Fie- Pennsylvania B e n j a m i n

four-dimensional science g e -

sole Franklin

ology involving the applica-

tion of biology, chemistry,

Fra Bartolommeo B a c c i o

Founder of the University of

della Porta Virginia Thomas Jefferson

mathematics, and physics

Fra Elbertus Elbert Hubbard Founder of Uruguay J o s é

four-five .45-caliber gun

Fragment of Eden Seychelles Gervasio Artigas

Four Forest Cantons L u c -

erne, Schwyz, Unterwalden,

Islands in the Indian Ocean

Founder of the U.S. Navy

Fragrant Harbor Hong Kong Captain John Paul Jones

and Uri—all in Switzerland

Framer of the Bill of Rights Founder of the Venetian

The Four Horsemen s e n i o r

James Madison School of Painting G i o -

backfield that led Notre Dame

to national collegiate football

Framer of the Declaration of

Independence Thomas Jef- Founder of Vermont Ira Allen

vanni Bellini

championship in 1924—Jim

Crowley, Elmer Layden, Don

ferson who rewrote Thomas

Founder of Victimology

Paine’s draft with the aid of Hans von Hentig or Benjamin

Miller and Harry Stuhldreher

John Adams and Benjamin Mendelsohn

Four Lakes City M a d i s o n ,



Founder of Zoroastrianism

The Four Musketeers

Framer of the French Revolu-

Zoroaster also known as Zar-

tion Denis Diderot athustra

Frenchmen who dominated

Frances Alda Frances Davis Founders of Christianity dis-

men’s world tennis in 1920s

and 1930s—Jean Borotra,

France’s Largest Port

ciples of Jesus Christ

Jacques Brugnon, Henry Co-


Founders of Cubism Georges Franche-Compté Burgundy

chet and René Lacoste

Braque and Pablo Picasso Francis Beeding John Leslie

Four Noble Truths suffering is

an unavoidable part of exist-

Founders of Flemish Painting

Palmer’s pseudonym the van Eyck brothers—Hu-

ence; suffering is caused by

desire; elimination of desire

Franciscan Wine Capital

brecht and Jan

will end suffering; desire and

Wurzburg, Germany

Founders of French Romantic

suffering can be eliminated

Franco-Hispanic Co-Princi-

Painting Delacroix, Géri-

pality Andorra (between cault, and Gros

Four Seasons Crossroad of

New England Manchester,

France and Spain)

Founders of the Hudson River

Francoise Sagan pseudonym— School (of painting) T h o -

Françoise Quoirez mas Cole and Asher Brown

New Hampshire

François Villon François de Durand

Fourteen Points s t a t e m e n t

made by President Woodrow

Wilson of American peace


Founders of Neo-Impression-

Francophone Africa A fa r s ism Georges Seurat and Paul

goals during World War I

and Issas, Algeria, Burundi, Signac

Fourteenth State Vermont

Fourth Bureau Red Army bu-

Cameroon, Central African

Founders of Scientific Social-

Republic, Chad, Congo, Be- ism Karl Marx and Friedrich

nin, Gabon, Guinea, Ivory Engels

reau in charge of overseas in-

Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Founding Father City A u s -

telligence-gathering activities

Mauritania, Mauritius, Niger, tin, Texas named in honor of

of the Soviet Union

Reunion, Rwanda, Senegal, Stephen F Austin

Fourth Estate The Media—

press, radio, television

Seychelles, Togo, Tunisia,

Fourth Gospel Gospel accord-

Founding Father of Israel

Burkina Faso, Zaire

ing to Saint John

Francophone America

David Ben-Gurion

Fourth International Trotsky-

French Guiana; Guadeloupe;

Founding Fathers of Econom-

Haiti; coastal parishes of Lou- ics Adam Smith and David

oriented organization reject-

isiana; Martinique; northern Ricardo

ing the Second and Third In-

ternationals in the direction of

New York, Vermont, New

Founding Father of the Smith-

Hampshire, Maine, and New sonian Joseph Henry

the class struggle

Fourth State Georgia

Brunswick; Québec; St Pierre

Founding Philosopher of Mod-

and Miquelon ern Capitalism A d a m

Fourth World poorest of the

Francophone Europe A n - Smith

Third World nations

dorra; French-speaking Bel- Fountain of Youth St August-

Four Tigers Hong Kong, Sin-

gium, France, Luxembourg, ine, Florida

gapore, South Korea, Taiwan

Monaco; French-speaking Four-C City El Paso, Texas

Four Winds Boreas (north),

cantons of Switzerland (famous for its cattle, climate,

Eurus (east), Notus (south),

Francophone Pacific F r e n c h copper, and cotton)

Zephyrus (west)

Polynesia, New Caldonia, Four Corners boundary-line

Foxardo (naval argot—Fa-

New Hebrides, Wallis and Fa- junction of Arizona, Colo-

jardo, Puerto Rico)

tuna Islands rado, New Mexico, and Utah

Foxes Mainers

Fox Populi Charles James Fox

Francophone Province Québec

Eponyms, Nicknames

Frank Leslie business name of

French Quarter Vieux Carré Henry Carter

French Community m e t r o -

in New Orleans Frank Richards C h a r l e s

politan France together with

its overseas departments, ter-

French Revolutionary Calen-

dar (see Vend, Brum, Frim, Franz Josef Land Arctic is-

Hamilton’s pen name

ritories, and former territories

Niv, Pluv, Vent, Germ, Flor, lands called Zemlya Frantsa

(Communauté françise)

Prair, Mess, Therm, Fruc, en- Iosifa by the Russians

French disease syphilis also

tries) Fred Alan John Sullivan

known as the Italian disease

French Riviera resort areas Fred Astaire F r e d e r i c k

or the Spanish disease as well

as morbus gallicus (Latin—

along the Mediterranean from

Austerlitz Marseilles to Menton, includ-

Gallic disease)—the French

ing Cannes, Monaco, and Frederick Douglass F r e d e r-


Nice ick Augustus Washington

French Equatorial Africa

French Sahara former colo- Bailey

former colonies Benin or Da-

nial areas such as Algeria, Frederick the Great F r e d e r-

homey, Cameroon, the Cen-

French Morocco, Mauritania, ick II of Prussia

tral African Empire, the

and Niger Frederic March F r e d e r i c h

French Congo, Gabon, and

French Shore N ew f o u n d - McIntyre Bickel


land’s northern and western Fred Niblo Frederico Nobile

French flu serious artist turning

coasts Freedom Defender U.S. Su-


French Somaliland C ô t e preme Court Justice William

French India former French

Fra n ç a i s e d e s S o m a l i s O Douglas

possessions in India (Chand-

(French Coast of the Soma- Freedom Fighter f o r m e r

ernagore, Pondicherr, etc.)

lis)—now known as Djibouti name of the Northrup Tiger II

French Indo-China f o r m e r

French-speaking Places ( s e e or F-5 tactical fighter plane

name of area comprising An-

nam, Cambodia, Chochin

entries under Francophone)

China, Laos, Tonkin, and

Free and Hanseatic City

French Sudan former name of

Hamburg Mali


Free State Maryland French Switzerland F r e n c h -

French Morocco eastern Mo-

speaking areas of Switzerland Freestone State Connecticut

rocco closest to Algeria and

French Togoland former name Freeway City Los Angeles

the Sahara

of Togo French French bull (small

French paradox disparity be-

French Union France plus its breed of dog); French chalk

tween rich diet and apparent

overseas colonies and depart- (tailor’s talc); French curve

good health among the

ments as well as all its former (drafting instrument); French


possessions heel (high curved heel);

French Polynesia A u s t r a l ,

French West Africa f o r m e r French polish (alcohol + shel-

Marquesas, Society and Tuo-

colonies of France: Algeria, lac); French pox (syphilis);

moto islands in the South Pa-

Chad, French Morocco, Mali, French roll (women’s coif-

cific Ocean

Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, fure); French roof (man-

French Ports Dunkerque, Cal-

and Upper Volta sard-style); French seam

ais, Boulogne-sur-Mer; Le

French West Indies Desirade, (completely covered seam);

Treport, Dieppe, Fecamp, Le

Havre, Rouen, Cherbourg,

Guadeloupe, Les Saintes,

French system (spinning sys- Marie Galante, Martinique,

Granville, St Malo, Brest,

tem); French tamarisk (salt Petite Terre, Saint Bartho-

Douarnenez, Aupierne, Port

cedar) lomew (Barthelemy), Saint

Louis, Lorient, Le Palais, Le

French-75 75-millimeter field Martin (French half)

Croisic, Saint Nazaire,

frequent fliers repeat admittees French Aero Pioneers E t i -

Donges, Paimboeuf, Basse-

gun developed by the French

to psychiatric wards enne and Joseph de Montgolf-

Indre, Les Asables Dolonne,

La Pallice, La Rochelle,

Rochefort, Tonnay-Charente,

The Freshest Man on Earth

Arlie Latham (baseball French Antilles French West


L e Ve r d o n , M o r t a g n e ,

Trompeloup, Paulillac, Blaye,


Ambes, Le Marquis, Bor-

Friar Antonio Agapida

Indies French Canada French-speak-

deaux, Arcachon, Boucau,

pseudonym of Washington

Irving ing Canada, mainly the Prov-

Bayonne, Biarritz, Port Ven-

Frida and Diego Frida Kahlo ince of Québec

dres, Port La Nouvelle, Sete,

and Diego Rivera French Caribees c o l o n i a l

Port St Louis du Rho, Port de

Fridjof Nansen Land f o r- name for the French West In-

Bouc, Berre Letang,

merly Franz Josef Land (Arc- dies

Marseille, LaCiotat, Toulon,

tic island group in Queen Vic- French Century the 18th cen-

Cannes, Nice, Villefranche,

toria Sea north of Barents Sea tury—the 1700s

Bastia and Ajaccio (on Cor-

sica), Menton

sector of Arctic Ocean)

Eponyms, Nicknames

Friend of the American Revo-

Fundador de la República

Gambling Capital of the Far

lution Caron de Beaumar-

East Macao, Portuguese chais

(Spanish—Founder of the

Republic)—José Nuñez de


Friend of Helpless Children

Cáceres—founder and first

Gambling Capital of the Far

Herbert Clark Hoover—

West Las Vegas, Nevada thirty-first President of the

president of the Dominican

gandi(s) half-naked railroad- United States

Republic (Spanish Haiti)

Fundador de Nueva Granada

track worker(s)

Friendliest Town in the West

Gang of Five (see Group of Geraldton, Western Australia

(Spanish—Founder of New

Five) Friendly Island Molokai, Ha-

Granada)—Francisco de

Gangland Chicago waii; St Maarten, Netherlands

Paula Santander—founder of

Gang of Six Canada plus the Antilles

Colombia (Nueva Granada)

Gang of Five Friendly Islands To n g a I s -

funeral order maritime tradi-

Gannet Westland three-place lands in the South Pacific

tion of older persons standing

early-warning aircraft devel- Friendly Kingdom Tonga Is-

back to give young people

oped in Britain lands

first chance when boarding

garbage land mines scattered Frisian Frisian language spo-

lifeboats or using other life-

by aircraft ken off coasts of Denmark,

s av i n g e q u i p m e n t ( s e e

Garbage Dump California’s Germany, and the Nether-

Birken’ead drill)

San Quentin Prison; Green lands

Fungus Corners ( n ava l a r-

Meadow Correctional Facil- Frog(s) Anglo-American slang

got—Bremerton, Washing-

ity at Comstock, NY for French (people)

ton)—a rainy port

Garbage Man Sly Williams Frontier Fighter D av i d

Fun-Loving Philosopher Mark

(basketball player) (Davy) Crockett


Garden of the Andes M e n - Frontier Gandhi Abdul Gaffar

Fun and Sun Cities A c u ñ a ,

doza, Argentina Khan

México across the Rio

Garden of the Antilles S t Frontier Hero Daniel Boone

Grande from Del Rio, Texas

Croix, Virgin Islands Frontier States A l a s k a a n d

funny money cash that cannot

Garden of Argentina Tu c u - Hawaii

be spent openly

man Frostbite nickname of Fair-

Furry Lewis Walter Lewis

Garden of Canada Ontario banks, Alaska

Fuss and Feathers G e n e r a l

Garden of the Caribbean Pu- Frosty Beaver Moon f u l l

Winfiield Scott, USA

erto Rico moon in November

The Fuzz [ s l a n g — d e t e c -

Garden City a town planned to Fruit Belt land around Lake

tive(s); law-enforcement of-

include industry while main- Michigan in the United

ficer(s); police]

taining low housing density States, where lake tempers

fuzzies 10-day to 3-week-old

and cultural and recreational climate and fruit ripens at a


amenities; Singapore (also latitude where it usually

Gabon Ports Cocobeach, Li-

called Lion City) would not

breville, Port Gentil, Sette

Garden City of Australia Fruit Bowl of the Nation

Cama, Gamba Oil Terminal

Gabriel Israeli surface-to-sur-

Melbourne Garden City of Georgia A u -

Yakima, Washington

face missile

Fruit from Heaven mango

Gabriela Mistral L u c i l a


Garden City of India Mysore fuel of the future solar power

Godoy de Alcayaga

Gabriel d’Annunzio Gaetano

Garden City of New Zealand

fugitive dust fine-grained soil

Christchurch that easily blows away


Garden of Denmark F y n o r Führer (German—Leader)—

Gabriel Padecopeo L o p e d e

Funen—home of Hans Chris- Hitler’s title


tian Andersen Full Buck Moon July 3 full

Gaby Gabrielle Dupont

Garden of the East B u r m a moon

gaffer person responsible for

(now Myanmar), Malaysia, fullerenes g e o d e s i c d o m e -

all lighting setups on film

and Sri Lanka shaped carbon molecules

Gagarin Yuri A Gagarin, Rus-

Garden of England Kent and named for American architect

sian cosmonaut and pioneer

Worcester and engineer (Richard) Buck-

of first manned orbital flight

around Earth

Gardener Touched With

Genius Luther Burbank Fulton’s Folly inventor Robert

minster Fuller (1895–1983)

Gail Hamilton Mary Abigail

Garden of France A m b o i s e Fulton’s steamship Clermont


and Touraine Fum the Fourth nickname of

Gaillard Cut formerly called

Garden of God ancient ep- George IV

Culebra Cut (in the Panama


onym of Lebanon just north

Fun Capital of Scandinavia

of the Holy Land Copenhagen, Denmark

Galen (sometimes Galin) Vas-

Garden of the Gods park near Fun City New York

ily Konstantinovich Blücher

Gambia’s Port Georgetown

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Eponyms, Nicknames

Garden of the Gulf P r i n c e

Gastown waterfront area of

Gateway to Latin America

Edward Island in the Gulf of

Miami, Florida St Lawrence

Vancouver, BC

Gateway to Moroland Z a m - Garden of Ireland Carlow

Gate City Ke o k u k , I owa ;

boanga, Mindinao Garden Island Kauai, Hawaii

Laredo, Texas; St Louis, Mis-


Gateway to Mount Rainier

Garden Isle Kauai, Hawaii

Gate City of the South A t -

Tacoma, Washington

Garden Isle of Micronesia

Gateway to the Negev B e e r- Ponape

lanta, Georgia

sheba, Israel Garden of Italy Sicily

Gatemouth Clarence Brown

Gateway to the North N o r t h Garden of Love Shalimar wa-

Gates of the Arctic n a t i o n a l

Bay, Ontario terside garden on Kashmir’s

park in north-central Alaska

Gates of Hell old nickname

Gateway to Northern Europe

Göteborg (Gothenburg), Swe- Garden of Maine Aroostook

Dal Lake

for the entrance to Marquarie

den County

Harbour on the Indian Ocean

Gateway to the NY-NJ Mar- Garden of the Morning

coast of Tasmania when it

ket Bayonne, New Jersey Breeze Naseern Bagh on

was a penal settlement

Gate of Tears Bab-el-Mandeb

Gateway to Parris Island

Kashmir’s Dal Lake

Strait linking Gulf of Aden

Beaufort, South Carolina

Garden of Paradise in the Sea

and Indian Ocean with the

Gateway to the Rhine Valley

Bonn, Germany Garden Province C a n a d a ’s


Red Sea; many sailors call it

Gate of Hell because of its

Gateway to the San Juan

Islands Anacortes, Washing- garden room morgue

Prince Edward Island

desert-heated winds

Gateway to Alaska S e a t t l e ,


Garden of the Southwest


Gateway to the Smokies

Knoxville, Tennessee Garden of Spain fields of An-

Southern California

Gateway to the Alps Zurich

Gateway to America Ellis Is-

Gateway to South America

Colombia (with ports on the Garden State Kansas; New

dalucía and Valencia

land immigration station,

Atlantic and the Pacific) Jersey

New York; New York City

Gateway Arch City St Louis,

Gateway to Southwest Japan

Kobe Garden of Sweden Blekinge

Garden of the Sun Indonesia


Gateway States C a l i f o r n i a , Garden of Switzerland Thur-

Gate to the Arctic Fairbanks,

Louisiana, New Jersey, New gau


York Garden of Wales s o u t h e r n

Gateway to the Bahamas

Gateway to the West P i t t s - Glamorganshire

Bimini Island off Miami

burgh, Pennsylvania, and St Garden of the West Califor-

Gateway to the Big Bend

Louis, Missouri nia; Kansas; Illinois

National Park M a r fa ,


Gateway to Western India

Garden of the World Missis-

Bombay sippi River Valley

Gateway to the Caribbean

Gateway to the Yukon S k a g - Gargantua Franç I of France

Tampa, Florida

way, Alaska (or) Henri d’Albret—King of

Gateway City n i c k n a m e o f

GATF Graphic Arts Technical Navarre

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, af-

Foundation Garlic Capital Gilroy, Califor-

ter the Revolutionary War

Gator Bowl J a c k s o nv i l l e , nia

Gateway to the Dakotas

Florida Garry Moore Thomas Garri-

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

’Gator State Alligator State son Morfit

Gateway of the Day F i j i I s -

(Florida) Gary Cooper Frank J Cooper

lands near the International

Date Line

Gaucho Land Uruguay

Gas House of the Nation

Gautama Buddha Prince Sid- Washington, D.C.

Gateway to the East P o r t

dhartha Gaskin Soviet SA-9 air-de-

Said, Egypt

Gavin Ogilvy James M Barrie fense missile system con-

Gateway to Eastern India

Gay City San Francisco tained in an amphibious ar-


Gateway to the Golden Isles

Gay Gateway to Europe

Copenhagen (Københaun) Gasopolis Los Angeles (on

mored vehicle (NATO)

Brunswick, Georgia

Gay Paree Paris, France smog-filled days); other

Gateway to the Great Seaway

gay(s) homosexual(s) places with similar air pollu-

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Gay White Way N ew Yo r k tion

Gateway to the Gulag M a -

City’s Broadway in the 42nd Gasparilla (Spanish—Little

gadan on the Sea of Okhotsk

Street and Times Square area Gaspar)—nickname of José

Gateway to India Bombay

Gazelle Embracer of Brazil’s Gaspar—pirate active along

Gateway to Israel Haifa

version of the Aerospatiale west coast of Florida around

Gateway to Japan Yokohama

SA-341 observation helicop- 1750

Gateway to Lapland Rovani-

emi, Finland


Eponyms, Nicknames

Gem Beside the Amstel A m -

George London G e o rg e sterdam

Genghiz Khan (Mongolian—

Perfect Warrior)—his empire


Gem of the Caspian Sea

George Orwell Eric Blair Volga River

stretched from the China Sea

George Raft George Ranft Gem of the Mountains Idaho

to the Dnieper and his sub-

jects called him Ruler of the

George Sand Amandine Au-

Gem of the Oregon Coast

rore Lucie Dupin (Baroness Yachats, Oregon


Genie Douglas air-to-air rocket


Gem of the South Pacific

George Santayana Jorge Au- New Zealand

fitted with a nuclear warhead

gustín Nicholás Ruiz de San- Gemsbok Gemsbok National

and designated AIR-2A

tayana Park of Botswana in south-

Genius Ray Charles

Georges Duhamel D e n i s west Africa

Genius of the Renaissance

Thevenin Gem State Idaho

Leonardo da Vinci

George Spelvin John Chap- Gene Autry Orvon Gene Autry

Gentle Jeems P u d G a l v i n

man General Booth S a l va t i o n

(baseball player)

Georges Simenon (pen name— Army founder William Booth

Gentleman Boss Chester Alan

Georges Sim) General Bor Ta d e u s z Ko -


George Szell György Széll morowski—cavalry leader of

Gentleman Explorer G i o -

George W George Walker Bush 63-day uprising of Polish un-

vanni da Verrazano

— forty-third president of the derground against Germans

Gentleman Jim prizefighter

United States occupying Warsaw in 1944

James John Corbett

Gentleman Johnny G e n e r a l

Georgia n a m e d f o r K i n g

General Day After Tomorrow

John Burgoyne, also a noted

George II of England

Georgia Peach Ty Cobb (base- Nez Perce nickname for Gen-

British playwright

eral Oliver O Howard, com-

ball player) mander of the Nez Perce

Gentle Peasant-Prince-the lov-

Georgia Ports Savannah, Brun- Campaign of 1877, who usu-

ing Cotter-King R o b e r t

swick, Fernandina Beach ally was a day and a half be-

Burns, according to Robert G

Georgia’s Oldest City Savan- hind them

Ingersoll in his poem The

nah General Douglas pseudonym

Birthplace of Burns

Georgi Vladimov George Vo- of Soviet corps commander

Gentle Rebel of Psychoanaly-

losevich Yakov Smuskevich while

sis Karen Horney

Gerard de Nerval ( p s e u d - leading the Spanish Republi-

Geoffrey Crayon Washington

onym—Gerard Labrunie) can air force in 1936–37


German German camomile General John nickname of the

Geoffrey Homes Daniel Main-

(tea); German ivy (South Af- first Duke of Marlborough—

waring’s pseudonym

rican ivy); German knot (fig- John Churchill

Geographical Center of North

America Rugby, North Da-

ure-8 knot); German lapis (imitation lapis lazuli), Ger-

General Kleber pseudonym of

man measles (rubella); Ger- Soviet general Grigory Shtern

kota Geordieland Newcastle-on-

man shepherd (police dog); while serving as chief advisor

German silver (copper- to the Spanish Republican

Tyne area of northeastern En-

nickel-zinc alloy resembling General’s Lady Martha Wash-


army in 1936–37

silver) ington—wife of General

Geordies p e o p l e f r o m t h e

coalmining and industrial

area of Newcastle-on-Tyne

German Aeronautical Engi-

George Washington

Geordie(s) Newcastle (per-

neering Genius Willi Mess- erschmitt

General Tom Thumb Charles

German Africa former colo- S Stratton


nies (Cameroons, German General Tubman Harriet Ross

Georg Brandes Morris Cohen

East Africa, German South- Tubman of Underground

George Arliss A u g u s t u s

west Africa, Togoland) Railroad fame

George Andrews

German Agnostic Immanuel Generation X p e o p l e b o r n

George Bellairs Harold Blun-

Kant from 1965 to 1977 (about 40

dell’s pseudonym

George Bizet Alexandre César

German Cradle of U.S. Presi-

dents Germany—ancestral Generation Y people born from

million people)

Léopold Bizet

home of Presidents Eisen- 1978 to 1988 (about 60 mil-

George Brent George Nolan

hower and Hoover lion people)

George Burns Nathan Birn-

German East Africa colonial Gene Tunney James Joseph


possession of Germany from Tunney (boxer)

George Eliot Mary Ann Evans

1885 to 1916; included most Geneva Cross (see Cross of


of Tanganyika Geneva)

George Gershwin Jacobi Ger-


German Hanseatic Seaport

Gene Wilder Jerome Silber-

Cities B r e m e n , D a n z i g , man

George Gissing J S t o r e r


Hamburg, Lübeck

Eponyms, Nicknames

German Ocean North Sea

Gilded Age opulent post-Civil

Glubb Pasha J o h n B a g o t

Germanophone Countries

Glubb Austria, Germany, Liechten-

War period in the United

Gnomes of Zurich S w i s s stein, Luxembourg, German-


bankers speaking cantons of Switzer-

Gilois French-built scissors

Gobbo il Gobbo (Italian—the land, and places in the United

bridge mounted on a tank and

Hunchback)—15th-century States where German dialects

useful in spanning canals,

architect and sculptor named such as Pennsylvania German

ditches, and small streams

Christoforo Solari (Pennsylvania Dutch) are

Ginger Rogers Virginia Mc-


God of Animals, Crops, Fertil-


Ginnie Mae Government Na-

ity, Prophecy, and Rural

German Ports Warnemunde,

Life Faunus (Roman); Pan Rostock, Wismar

tional Mortgage Association

(Greek) Germans t h e G e r m a n s


Gippsland Victoria—Austra-

God of Battle, Inspiration, and

[Former President Nixon’s

Death Odin (Norse) Chief of Staff—HR (Bob)

lia’s best-endowed province

Glacier Bay Alaskan national

God of Blacksmithing and

Haldeman and Domestic Ad-

Forges Hephaistos (Greek); viser John Erlichman]


Vulcan (Roman) german silver 5 0 % c o p p e r,

Gladiator P e t e B r ow n i n g

(baseball player)

God of Blame and Ridicule

30% nickel, 20% zinc

Glass Capital of Massachu-

Momus (Roman)

German South-West Africa

setts Boston

God of Bloodshed and War

colonial possession of Ger-

Greek god Ares; Roman god many from 1884 to 1915

Glass Capital of New York

Mars Namibia


God of Boundaries Terminus German-speaking Places (see

Glass Capital of Ohio Toledo

(Roman) Germanophone Countries)

Glass Capital of Pennsylvania


God of the Christians and Jews

Germany Federal Republic of

Jehovah Germany Bundesrepublik

Glass Center Toledo, Ohio

God of Corn and Grain R o - Deutschland

Glass House the glassed-in

Los Angeles County Jail in

bigus (Roman)

Germany’s Largest Port


God of Creation and Destruc-

tion Siva (Hindu) Geronimo Goyahkla


Glass Menagerie on the East

River United Nations head-

God of Cunning Dexterity

Gershwin of the Tango A s t o r

Hermes (Greek); Mercury Piazolla


Gleason score calculation indi-


Gettysburg Battlefield

cating prostate cancer’s level

God of the Dead and the

Painter Henri Emmanuel

Underworld Dis (Roman); Félix Philippoteaux

of aggressiveness

Hades (Greek); Mantus (Etr- Ghana Ports Ta ko r a d i a n d

Glenard’s disease prolapse of

uscan); Pluto (Roman) Tema

one or more internal organs

God of Death Mors (Roman); ghetto blaster portable radio/

Glen Ford Gwyllyn Ford

Thanatos (Greek) tape player

Glengariff ( I r i s h G a e l i c —

Goddess of Agriculture Ceres Ghirlandaio Domenico di To-

rough valley)—Banty Bay

or Vacuna (Roman); Demeter maso Bigordi

Glimmerglass J a m e s F e n i -

(Greek) ghoul trust tax-shelter gift plan

more Cooper’s nickname for

Lake Otsego at Cooperstown,

Goddess of Animals, Crops,

involving third party expected

New York

Fertility, Prophecy, and

Rural Life Bona Dea or to die prematurely

Glimmer Twins r o c k m u s i -

Giacomo Meyerbeer J a ko b

cians Mick Jagger and Keith

Bona Mater or Fauna (Ro-

man) Liebmann Beer


Glitter Gulch Reno, Nevada

Goddess of Arts, Crafts, and

Giant Cactus Moon full moon

Sciences Athena (Greek); in July

Globemaster Douglas trans-

port designated C-124 and

Minerva (Roman)

Giant of Danish Literature

Goddess of Athens Athena Hans Christian Andersen

built for cargo carrying or fly-

ing 200 troops

Goddess of Avenging Justice

Giant of Freethought Charles

Nemesis (Greek) Bradlaugh

Gloomy Gus Gustav Mahler

Glorious Fifty t h e U n i t e d

Goddess of Beauty and Love

Giant of Mexican Music Car-

Aphrodite (Greek); Venus los Chavez

States of America

(Roman) Giant in the Nursery J e a n

Glorious Fourth July 4 (Inde-

Goddess of Birth the Roman Piaget

pendence Day in the U.S.A.)

goddess Carmenta also Gig Young Byron Barr

Glorious Gloria Gloria Swan-

known as Carmentis Gilbert Roland Luis Antonio


Goddess of the Breeze A u r a Dámaso de Alonso

Glorious Patriarch of Ester-

hazy Franz Joseph Haydn


Eponyms, Nicknames

Goddess of Bridesmaids

Goddess of the Future A n -

Goddess Mother of the World

Juno Pronuba (Roman)

tevorta (Roman)

Mount Everest

Goddess of Burials, Corpses,

Goddess of Nature C y b e l e and Funerals Libitina (Ro-

Goddess of Gardens and Fruit

( R o m a n ) o r Ku b e l e man)

Trees Pomona (Roman)

Goddess of Good Faith Fides

(Greek)—sometimes called

Goddess of Cattle and Pas-

Mistress of the Animals tures Pales (Roman)

Goddess of Groves, Orchards,

and Woods Feronia (Ro-

Goddess of Newborn Babes

Goddess of Chance Fo r t u n a

Levana (Roman) (Roman)


Goddess of Harmony C o n -

Goddess of Night Nux (Greek)

Goddess of Chaos, Sickness,

sometimes spelled Nyx and Death Kali (Hindu)

cordia (Roman)

Goddess of Nursing Mothers Goddess of Childbirth and

Goddess of Healing I a s o

Rumina (Roman) Prophecy Carmenta, Juno


Goddess of Passion S t i m u l a Lucina, and Postverta

Goddess of Health H y g e i a

(Roman) Goddess of the Crops A u xe -

(Roman); Hygieia (Greek)

Goddess of the Past Postvorta sia and Demeter

Goddess of the Hearth H e s -

(Roman) Goddess of the Dead M a n i a

tia (Greek); Vesta (Roman)

Goddess of Peace k n ow n t o (Roman)

Goddess of Heaven H e r a

the Romans as Concordia, Goddess of Death Hel (Norse

(Greek); Juno (Roman)

Irene, or Pax, and to the folklore)

Goddess of the Home H e r a

(Greek); Juno (Roman)

Greeks as Eirene

Goddess of Destiny or Fate

Goddess of Profit L ave r n a Necessitas (Roman)

Goddess of Home Security

Cardea or Carna who guarded


Goddess of Discord and Strife

the door hinges and locks

Goddess of Public Welfare

Discordia (Roman) or Eris

Salus (Roman) (Greek)

Goddess of Horses E p o n a

(Gallic); Hippona (Roman)

Goddess of the Rainbow I r i s

(Roman) Bubona (Roman)

Goddess of Robbers F u r i n a Goddess of Earth G a e a o r

Goddess of Domestic Animals

Goddess of Hunting and the

Moon Artemis (Greek); Di-

(Roman) Rhea (Greek); Cybele, Tellus,

ana (Roman)

Goddess of Rome Roma or Terra (Roman)

Goddess of Imposters and

Thieves Laverna (Roman)

Goddess of the Sea and Sea-

Goddess of Law and Order

ports Matuta (Roman)—

Goddess of Fair Speech and

originally goddess of the (Greek)

Good Report E u f e m i a

Eunomia or Themis (Greek);

Justitia (Roman)


Goddess of Sensual Pleasure

Goddess of Faith, Honesty,

Goddess of Leisure and

Goddess of Shepherds Pa l e s Goddess of Fame Fama (Ro-

and Oaths Fides (Roman)

Repose Vacuna (Roman)

Voluptas (Roman)

Goddess of Lighting Fulgora

(Roman) man); Pheme (Greek)


Goddess of Love and Lust

Goddess of Silence Muta (Ro-

Goddess of Family Harmony

man) Verplaca (Roman) also

Aphroide (Greek); Venus


Goddess of Storms and Winds

Tempestes (Roman) Goddess of Famine Fames

spelled Virplaca

Goddess of Magic, Sorcery,

Goddess of Suckling Infants Goddess of the Fertile Earth

and the Underworld H e -

Rumina (Roman) Opalia or Ops (Roman)

cate or Hekate (Greek—

Goddess of Treachery F r a u s Goddess of Fertility F r i g g a

working afar); Trivia (Latin—

(Roman) (Queen of Asgard and wife of

of the three ways) and hence

Goddess of Truth A l e t h i a Odin in Nordic mythology)

the Romans placed her wher-

ever three roads met

(Greek); Veritas (Roman)

Goddess of Fertility, Love,

Goddess of Married Women

Goddess of the Underworld

Lust, and War Ishtar (As-

Persephone (Greek); Proser- syrian and Babylonian)

Juno Matronalis (Roman)

Goddess of Memory Mnemo-

pina (Roman)

Goddess of Fertility and Pro-

Goddess of Vice K a k i a creation Aphrodite (Greek);

syne (Greek)—mother of the

(Greek) Isis (Egyptian); Mylitta (As-

muses; her name gives rise to

Goddess of Victory N i ke syrian); Venus (Roman)

mnemonic—an aid to mem-



Goddess of Fertility and

Goddess of Virgins Juno Vir- Purity Bona Dea (Roman)

Goddess of Menstruation

ginalis (Roman) Goddess of Fire H e s t i a

Mena (Roman)

Goddess of War Bellona (Ro- (Greek); Vesta (Roman)

Goddess of Midwives D e -

man); Enyo (Greek) Goddess of Freedom Libertas

verra (Roman); Eileitia

Goddess of Wisdom A t h e n a (Roman)


(Greek); Minerva (Roman) Goddess of Funerals N a e n i a

Goddess of Mirth Thalia

Goddess of Youth H e b e (Roman)

Goddess of the Moon L u n a

(Roman); Selene (Greek)

(Greek); Juventus (Roman)

Eponyms, Nicknames

God of Dreams Morpheus—

God of the Sun Adonis (Syr- Greek god of dreams

God of the Infernal Regions

ian); Apollo (Roman); Apol- God of Drinking Comus (Ro-

Dis (Greek); Pluto (Roman);

lon (Greek); Baal (Chaldean); man)

Yama (Hindu); etc.

Helios Hyperion (Greek in God of Earth Tellumo (Ro-

God of the Internet Jon Pos-

Homer’s time); Horus (Upper man)

tel, director of Internet As-

Egypt); Mithras (Persian); Gödel’s Theorem all branches

signed Numbers Authority

Moloch (Canaanite); Osiris of mathematics are based on

God-Intoxicated Man B e n e -

(Egyptian); Ra or Re (Egypt’s propositions that can’t be

dictus de Spinoza

Old Kingdom); Sol Invictus proved within that branch

(Latin—Sun Invincible)— (named for mathematician

God of Landmarks Terminus

Romans shortened this to Sol; Kurt Gödel)


Godless Victorian Sir Leslie


Surya (Hindu)

God of Eloquence and Ora-

God of Thunder Thor (Norse) cury (Roman)

tory Hermes (Greek); Mer-

God of Light Mithra (Aryan,

Indian, Persian)

God of Time Cronus (Greek); Saturn (Roman)

Godfather of American Inven-

God of Love Cupid (Roman);

tion Thomas Jefferson Hermes (Greek); Mercury

Eros (Greek); Krishna

God of Trade and Travelers

Godfather of American Lib-

(Hindu) God of Marriage Hymen, ac-

(Roman) erty Thomas Paine

God of the Underworld D i s

Godfather of Modernism

cording to Greek mythology,

(Roman); Hades (Greek); James Laughlin (New Direc-

also leader of the nuptial cho-

(Roman) Nathaniel Bowditch

tions publisher)

rus and personification of the

Mantus (Etruscan); Pluto

wedding feast

God of Vineyards and Wine Godfather of Organized

Godfather of Navigation

God of the Mohammedans

Bacchus (Roman); Dionysus Crime in the U.S. M ey e r


(Greek) Lansky

God of Music Johann Sebas-

God of War A r e s ( G r e e k ) ; God of Fertility Frey (Norse);

tian Bach, according to Pablo

Mars (Roman) Priapos (Greek); Priapus (Ro-


God of Wine Bacchus (Ro- man)

God of Music, Poetry, and the

Sun Apollo (Roman) or

man); Dionysus (Greek)

God of Fields, Pastures, Shep-

gold gold-tinted Acapulco mar- herds, and Woods Fa u n u s

Apollon (Greek)

ijuana (Roman); Pan (Greek)

God of the Nile and Vegeta-

Golda Meier Goldie Mabo- God of Fire Agni

tion Osiris (Egyptian)

vitch, later Golda Meyerson God of Fire and Forges Hep-

God of Purification F e b r u u s

Gold Coast Africa’s Ghana; haestus (Greek); Vulcan (Ro-


Australia’s resort area extend- man)

God of Revelry and Wine

Dionysus (Greek); Bacchus

ing from Coolagantta to

God of Forests, Herds, Plants,

Southport; Florida’s resort and Trees Silvanus (Ro-


coast extending from Key man)

God of the Romans Jupiter—

supreme god

West to Palm Beach

God of Gods and Ruler of

Gold Diggers Californians (Greek); Jove or Jupiter (Ro-

Heaven and Earth Z e u s

God’s Athlete Pope John Paul

II Golden Age era of mankind, according to mythology,


when people lived in content- Materialist

God of the Sea Neptune (Ro-

God of Gold M a m m o n t h e

man); Poseidon (Greek)

God of Ships and the Sea

ment and peace with arts and crafts superior to those of the

God of Good Harvests and

Nyörd (Norse)

Silver, Bronze, Iron, and

Stone ages; mankind’s age of Eventus Bonus (Latin—Good

Successful Undertakings

God of Skill Hermes (Greek);

innocence where there was Results)—a Roman god

Mercury (Roman)—the

springtime all the time and God of the Greeks Panhelle-

winged cap-and-shoes mes-

happiness, right, and truth nius or Zeus

senger of Jove or Jupiter

(Zeus) in one hand he bore a

prevailed; there were no

God of Healing and Medicine

bodily ailments and nobody Asclepius (Greek); Aescu-

rod entwined by two serpents

had to work— (see Siglo de lapius (Roman)

(the caduceus)—symbol of

Oro) God of Heaven U r a n u s

the medical profession

Golden Age of Greece 5 t h (Greek); Coleus (Roman)

God of Sleep Hypnos (Greek);

Somnus (Roman)

and 4th centuries before the

God of Heaven, Lightning,

God of Soil Fertilization Sat-

Christian era when Aristotle,

Rain, Storm, and Thunder

Euripides, Plato, and Sopho- Indra (Hindus)

urn or Stercutus (Roman)

God of Springs Forts (Roman)

cles lived

God of Inanimate Dreams

Golden Age of Opera l a t e Phantastus (Greek)

godsquad paramedic ambu-

lance and crew; evangelists

1800s and early 1900s

Eponyms, Nicknames

Golden Age of Rome t h e

Gorgeous George G e o rg e reign of Augustus from 27

fields where Burma, Laos,

and Thailand meet near

Sisler (baseball player)

Gorki Soviet name for Nizhni Golden Age of Television t h e

B.C.E. to 14 A.D.

southern Yunnan, China

Novgorod 1950s, when live studio

Golden Triangle of Texan

Gorki ( R u s s i a n — B i t t e r drama reigned

Ports Beaumont, Orange,

One)—pen name of Aleksei golden beryl heliodor

Port Arthur

Maxsimovich Peskov Golden Century Nineteenth

Golden Trombone of Aboli-

Gothab old name for Nuuk, Century

tion Frederick A Douglass

Greenland Golden City Johannesburg

Golden-voiced Tenors Enrico

Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti

Gotham New York City

Golden City of a Hundred

Gothamite(s) native(s) of New Spires Praque

Goldhunter(s) Californian(s)

York City; nickname derived Golden Continent Africa

Goldilocks economy an econ-

omy that is not too hot, not

from The Three Wise Men of

Golden Crescent opium-pro- Gotham by Washington Irv-

too cold, just right

duction area along borders of ing Afghanistan, Iran, and Paki-

Gold Rush Town N o m e ,


Governor Moonbeam former

stan California Governor Edmund

Gold-standard President

William McKinley

Golden Door Ellis Island

G “Jerry” Brown’s nickname

Golden Gate entrance to San Grace Greenwood Sara Jane

Goldy Oliver Goldsmith’s

Francisco Bay Clarke Lippincott’s pseud-

nickname bestowed him by

onym Golden Gate City San Fran-

Dr Samuel Johnson

Gracie Fields Grace Stansfield cisco

Golftown Pinehurst, North


Graduate of Oxford J o h n

Golden Gate to South Amer-

Ruskin’s pseudonym ica Cartagena, Colombia

Gonzalez Protocol diet, sup-

Graffiti Capital N ew Yo r k Golden Greek George Kaftan

plements and procedures that

City (basketball player)

eliminate toxins and are used

Graffitic City New York City Golden Horn Istanbul’s harbor

to treat cancer and other dis-

Graham cracker n a m e d f o r formed by the curved arm of

eases (named for Dr Nicholas

Sylvester Graham, a Presby- the Bosporus


terian minister ton-Toronto-Oshawa indus-

Goober-grabbers Georgians

Golden Horseshoe H a m i l -

Goober(s) peanut grower(s),

natives of Alabama, Georgia,

Grain Coast Sierra Leone and Liberia

trial complex along Lake On-

Granary of Canada S a s k a - tario

and North Carolina

tchewan Golden Hyphen Wi n s t o n -

Goober State Georgia

Granary of Portugal p r ov - Salem, North Carolina

good cholesterol high-density

ince of Alemtejo Golden Isles Jekyll, Saint Si- mons, and Sea Island off

lipoprotein Good Gray Poet Walt Whit-

Granary of Russia Ukraine Brunswick, Georgia


Good Law Buddhism

Granary of Spain lower val- ley of the Guadalquivir

Golden Key to the Fjords

Good Luck City Vancouver,

Granary of Sweden Skåne Stavanger, Norway

Gran Chaco lowlands of Bo- Golden Mile L o n d o n , N ew

British Columbia Good Queen Bess Q u e e n

livia, Paraguay, and Argentina York, Tokyo

Elizabeth I of England (1558–

Gran Colombia ( S p a n i s h - Golden Peninsula Malay Pen-

Great Colombia)—post-colo- insula

Good Richard B e n j a m i n

nial consolidation of Colom- Golden Prison of Paris t h e


bia, Ecuador, and Venezuela Louvre

Good Samaritan City of the

Mississippi Memphis

Grand Admiral of the Ocean

Golden Province C a n a d a ’s

Sea Christopher Columbus Ontario

Goodwill Ambassador of Mex-

Grand Canyon of the Pacific Golden Rock of the Carib-

ico Henryk Szering (Polish-

Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Ha- bean Sint Eustatius (Statia),

born violinist)

waii Netherlands Antilles

Goose Rich Gossage

Grand Canyon State Arizona Golden State California

Gopher(s) Minnesotan(s)

Gopher State Minnesota

Grand Cham of Literature

Golden Triangle p o i n t o f

Dr Samuel Johnson downtown Pittsburgh where

Gorby Mikhail S Gorbachev

Grand Commanders C a y - the Alleghney and Mononga-

Gordon Homes p s e u d o ny m

man Islanders hela form the Ohio River; in-

shared by Louis Tracy and

MP Shiel

Grand Dame of the Piano

dustrialized northern Europe

Alicia de Larrocha where the three points are

Gordon Pasha Charles George


Grand Dame of Sex Educa-

Birmingham, Paris, and the

tion Dr Mary Steichen Cal- Ruhr; opium-productive

The Gorgeous Miliza Korjus

(Mrs Walter Schector)


Eponyms, Nicknames

Grand Divide Continental Di-

Great Debunker H ( e n r y ) vide

Granite boy(s) N ew H a m p -

L(ouis) Mencken—editor of Grand Duke Duke of Welling-


The American Mercury ton

Granite Center B a r r e , Ve r-


Great Destroyer syphilis

Grandfathers of the Welfare

Great Disappointment O c t o - State Winston Churchill,

Granite City Aberdeen, Scot-

ber 22, 1844, when thousands Lloyd George


of Christians expected the Grand Hotel n i c k n a m e o f

Granite Island Corsica

second coming of Jesus French Polynesia’s prison in

Granite State New Hampshire

Christ Tahiti

Gran Libertador (Spanish—

Great Dissenter S u p r e m e Grand Inquisitor To m á s d e

Great Liberator)—Simón

Court Justice Oliver Wendell Torquemada appointed first


Holmes, Jr Inquisitor General by Ferdi-

Grape State California

Great Divide continental di- nand and Isabella, made

grape sugar g l u c o s e

vide formed by Rocky Moun- Grand Inquisitor by Pope In-

(C 6 H 12 O 6 )

tains; water on western slopes nocent VIII

grass marijuana

flow to the Pacific, on eastern Grandma Moses Anne Mary

Grasshoppers Kansans

slopes flow to Gulf of Mexico Moses

Grasshopper State Kansas

Gravenstein Apple Center of

Great Duke Duke of Welling-

Grand Master of Humorous

ton Verse Ogden Nash

the World Sebastopol, Cali-


Grand Master of the String

Great Emancipator Abraham

Quartet F r a n z J o s e p h Lincoln

Graveyard of the Pacific

Point Arguello northwest of


Santa Barbara, California

The Great Engineer Herbert

Grandmother of Boston

Hoover preacher-reformer-teacher

Greater Antilles Cuba, His- Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

Graveyards of the Atlantic

Cape Hatteras, North Caro-

lina and Sable Island off Nova

paniola (Dominican Republic

Grandmother of the Russian

and Haiti), Jamaica, Puerto Revolution K a t h e r i n e

Rico Breshkovska


Gray Flamingo Tom Brennan

(baseball player)

Greater Sunda Islands Borneo,

Grandmother of Shopping

Celebes, Java, Sumatra, and Streets Calle Florída in Bue-

Gray Lady T h e N ew Yo r k

Indonesian islands nos Aires


Greatest American Jurist Grandmother of the Women’s

gray wave retirees

John Marshall—Chief Justice Movement Margaret Mead

Great American Pastimes

baseball, basketball, and foot-

of the Supreme Court from

Grand Old Lady of Fifty-sev-

1801 to 1835 enth Street Carnegie Hall


Greatest Artist of the South Grand Old Lady of Opera

Great Apes chimpanzees, go-

Seas Paul Gauguin Ernestine Schumann-Heink

rillas, orangutans

Greatest Composer Haydn’s Grand Old Man Wi l l i a m

Great Assassin Abdul-Hamid

name for Mozart Ewart Gladstone—four times

II (notorious for his participa-

tion in the Armenian atroci-

Greatest Heavyweight Boxer

Prime Minister of Great Brit-

Jack Johnson ain


Great Basin Nevada national

Greatest Show on Earth B a r-

Grand Old Man of American

num and Bailey–Ringling Labor Samuel Gompers


Great Britain England, Scot-

Brothers Circus

Grand Old Man of Africa

Greatest Snow on Earth Idaho Felix Houphouet-Boigny,

land, and Wales—GB

who was president of the Great Fatherland War Soviet

Great Canal wa t e r wa y b e -

Ivory Coast for 33 years name for World War II

tween Australia and the Great

Barrier Reef

dong Grand Old Party Republican

Grand Old Man of Canadian

Great Helmsman M a o Z e - Letters Robertson Davies

Great Central State N o r t h

Great Indian G r e a t I n d i a n Party of the United States—


Desert of India and Pakistan, the GOP

Great Cham of Literature

Dr Samuel Johnson

Great Charter Magna Charta

also called the Thar

Grandsire of American Paint-

Great Commoner H e n r y

Great Jailer of the Caribbean

Fidel Castro Grand Trunk India’s Grand

ing Benjamin West

Clay, William Ewart Glad-

Great Lakes Ontario, Erie, Trunk Road from the mouth

stone, William Pitt (the Elder

Huron, Michigan, Superior of the Ganges to Pakistan

Pitt also known as the Earl of

Great Lakes Canada Ontario Grand Zohra General Charles

Chatham), and Thomas Paine

The Great Commoner Wi l l -

(on the northern shores of Su-

perior, Huron, Erie, and On- Granger States Illinois, Iowa,

de Gaulle

iam Jennings Bryan

tario) Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Great Compromiser H e n r y


Great Lakes Province Ontario

Eponyms, Nicknames

Great Lake States New York,

Green Isle Ireland Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michi-

Great Victoria Great Victoria

Green Mountain boy(s) Ve r- gan, Indiana, Illinois, Wis-

Desert of Western Australia

monter(s) consin, Minnesota

Great Wet Ditch British nick-

Green Mountain City M o n t - Great Lake State Michigan

name for the English Channel

pelier, Vermont Great Land The Great Land—

Great White Father (Ameri-

Green Mountain State Ve r- Alaska

can Indian term—the Presi-

mont Great Liberator Simón Bolívar

dent of the United States)

green vitriol copperous, fer- The Great Lover R u d o l p h

Great White Fleet white-hulled

rous sulfate (FeSO 4 ⋅ 7H 2 O) Valentino

flotilla of the United States

Greenwood Brooklyn’s his- Great Magrid (preacher) D ov

Navy displayed in principal

toric cemetery and eponym Baer of Mezritch

ports of the world during cir-

standing for similar burial Great Migration m i g r a t i o n

cumnavigation ordered by

places since 1916 of American

President Theodore

Gregorian chants Liturgical blacks out of the South

Roosevelt; white-painted

music of the Roman Catholic Great Moralist D r S a m u e l

ships of the United Fruit Company— also called La

Church, used to accompany Johnson

text of the Mass, named for The Great One Jackie Gleason

Gran Flota Blanca

Pope Gregory (590–604) Great Outsider B Traven (ex-

Great White Strip main street

Grenada’s Port St George patriate American author)

of Las Vegas, Nevada

Greta Garbo Greta Gustafson Great Pacificator Henry Clay

Great White Way New York

Gresham’s law B a d m o n ey Great Patriotic Struggle offi-

City’s theatrical section of


drives out good Grey Eagle Tr i s S p e a ke r

cial Soviet name for Russia’s

Great White Wizard D r A l -

(baseball player) Great Pearl Hui-hai Ta-chu,

participation in World War II

bert Schweitzer Greece’s Principal Port Piraeus

Greyhound M-8 6-wheeled ar- eighth-century Chinese Zen

mored car carrying a 37mm Great Plains plains and prai-

Greek Century 5th century


before the Christian era—the

400s BCE

gun and made in the U.S.A.

Greyhounds of the Pacific

ries of Canada and the United

Greek Isles Cyclades, Dode-

States east of the Rockies

canese, Ionian, Sporades

racing yachts

Great Poet of Democracy

Grey Owl George S Belaney Walt Whitman

Greek love pederasty

Greytown San Juan del Norte Great River Road 3,700-mile-

Greek Muses (see muses)

Gröfaz Grösster Feldherr aller long Mississippi-Missouri-

Greek Ports Argostolion, Pat-

Zeiten (German—greatest Red Rock river system

rai, Kalámai, Póros, Piraieus,

general of all time)—Hitler’s Great Sage Ramana Maharshi

Vólos, Thessaloniki, Mililini,

acronymic nickname Great Sandy G r e a t S a n d y

Iraklion, Ródhos

Groperland Western Australia Desert of northwestern Aus-

Greek Row fraternity and so-

Grotius Hugo de Groot tralia

rority houses

Groucho Marx Julius Henry Great Sea Biblical name for

Greeks Greek-letter fraterni-

Marx the Mediterranean

ties or sororities

Groundhog State Mississippi Great Separationist Paul Blan-

green bullets t u n g s t e n ( n o t

Group of Eight United States, shard

lead) bullets

Japan, Great Britain, Ger- Great Smoke London before

Green Corn Moon full moon

many, France, Italy, Canada air-pollution control was en-

in August

and Russia forced

Greene and Greene architec-

Group of Five Britain, France, Great Society administration

tural style typifying the

Japan, the US, and Germany of Lyndon Baines Johnson—

American Arts and Crafts

(concerned with stabilization thirty-sixth President of the

Movement (named for broth-

of the dollar and mutually United States

ers Charles and Henry

profitable trade agreements) Great Stink Thames River be-


Group of Seven Britain, Can- fore cleanup

Green Flash r a r e v i ew o f

ada, France, Italy, Japan, the Great Stone Face D a n i e l

green light from the rising or

US, Germany Webster; Old Man of the

setting sun in clear atmo-

grub ghost writers; grub writ- Mountain also known as Pro-

sphere, lasting up to 3 sec-

ers of biographies, dictionar- file Mountain in New Hamp-


ies, histories; grubstreet shire’s White Mountains

Green Goddess Gro Harlem

G-town Georgetown; German- Great Street State Street that

Brundtland (Norway’s first

town Great Street in Chicago

female and youngest prime

Guadalupe Victoria Manuel Great Thirst Land South Af-


Felíx Fernández rica

Green Hell Paraguayan Chaco

Green Irish Roman Catholics

Guamanian Port Apra

Eponyms, Nicknames

Guanaco Central American

Hamlet’s Town H e l s i n g ø r, nickname for a farmer or

Gyppy (British slang— Egyp-

Denmark (called Elsinore by other rustic and Andean name


the English) for a member of the camel

Gypsum City Fort Dodge, Iowa

Hammerfestinger n a t ive o f family resembling a llama

Gypsy Rose Lee Louise Hov-

Hammerfest, Norway Guanahani (Lucayan—San


Hammering Hank H e n r y Salvador or Watling Island)—

Haakon the Good King Haa-

first land discovered by Co- Aaron

kon I of Norway

Hammerman John Henry Guangzhou (Pinyin Chinese—

Haakon the Old King Haakon

lumbus in the New World

Hammer of Scotland Edward southern city) Canton

IV of Norway

Haarlem Netherlands city and


Guardian Angel of Israel

Hammond Innes pseudonym Michael

Hab(bie) Albert; Alberta; Hal-

of Ralph Hammond-Innes Guardian of the Gulf Oman


Hampton Roads Ports N ew - Guarnerius Giuseppi Antonio

Habeas Corpus Howe Wi l l -

port News, Norfolk, Ports- Guarneri

iam Frederick Howe, also

mouth Guatemalan Ports L iv i n g -

nicknamed Criminal Bar

Handcuff King Harry Houdini ston, Puerto Barrios, Santo


Hand of Fatima five-fingered Tomas de Castillo; San José,

Habitants (French—Inhabit-

heraldic symbol topping the Iztapa, Champerico

ants)—Canadian farmers and

emblem of Algeria Guideline Soviet SA-2 missile

fishermen of French descent

Handy William Christopher system

Hacha Falaya ( C h o c t aw —

The Guild T h e N ew s p a p e r Handy (black American com-

Long River)—Atchafalaya

poser of the St Louis Blues) Guinea-Bissau Ports Casheu,


Hanging Judge J u d g e R oy Bissau, Bolama


hacktwists computer hackers

Bean of Langtry, Texas— Guinea Pig State Arkansas

with political or social agen-


Law West of the Pecos Guinea Port Conakry

Hafun formerly Dante when

Hangman’s Day Friday Guitar Town Nashville, Ten-

Somalia was Italian Somali-

Hangtown El Dorado, Califor- nessee


nia Gulag Archipelago Solzhen-

Hageman factor causes blood

Hank Henry itsyn’s title for the thousands

to clot when it comes into

Han Kook Republic of Korea of prisons in the USSR

contact with a foreign surface

Hanna-Barbera c a r t o o n i s t s gulag gas natural gas pipeline

(named for patient John

Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera built by Soviet forced labor


Hanot’s disease cirrhosis of and extending from Siberia to

Haggisland Scotland

the liver accompanied by Gulf City Mobile, Alabama

Haiti’s Principal Port P o r t -



Hal Croves pseudonym of B


Gulf of Mexico’s Principal

Hansa Ports Hanseatic League Port New Orleans

ports—Bremen and Hamburg Gull’s disease myxedema re-

Traven whose full name is re-

on the North Sea, Danzig and sulting from atrophy of the

puted to be Berick Traven


Lübeck on the Baltic, Visby thyroid gland

halfbacks retirees who had

on Gotland Island in the Bal- Gumbo Coast coastal parishes

moved to Florida and later

tic of Louisiana

move partway back North

Hansen’s disease leprosy Gunboat Smith E d wa r d

Hallé Hallé Orchestra

Hans Fallada pseudonym of Smyth (boxer)

Halévy Jacques Fromental Elie

Rudolf Ditzen Gunflint(s) Rhode Islander(s)


Hap Arnold General Henry Gussie Augusta; Augustina;

Halfway House on the Pacific

Harley Arnold, USA and Augustine

Highway Hawaii, so named

USAF Guyana’s Ports Bartica, Geor-

by Mark Twain

Happy Chandler High Com- getown, McKenzie, New Am-

Hal Meredith Harry Blyth’s

missioner of Baseball Albert sterdam


Guy d’Hardelot M r s W I Benjamin Chandler

Halstern’s disease e n d e m i c

syphilis hamburg h a m bu rg b r a n d y

Happy Home of the Bulldozer

Rhodes (Helen Guy) Guys Marsh borstal in Dorset,

Los Angeles England

Happy Jack J a c k C h e s b r o Gyp Gypsy; Gyp the Blood;

(beet or potato alcohol fla-

vo r e d t o i m i t a t e g r a p e

(baseball) Marie Antoinette de Riquetti

brandy); hamburger; hamburg


Happy Land Burma (now My-

anmar) Martel de Janville’s pseud-

de Mirabeau, Countess de

Hamburg Bach Carl Philipp

Happy Valley T h e Va l e o f onym

Emanuel Bach also called the

Berlin Bach

Kashmir in the Himalayas

Eponyms, Nicknames

Happy Warrior Franklin D

Head of the Sufis Abu’l-Fayd Roosevelt’s nickname for

Hartford of the West Lincoln,

Thawban ibn Ibrahim Dhu’l- New York State’s Governor


Nun al-Misri Alfred E Smith; Hubert Hor-

Hartford Wits Joel Barlow,

Health City B a t t l e C r e e k , atio Humphrey

Timothy Dwight, Jonathan

Michigan Hapsburg Empire A u s t r o -


Hearst’s Castle (see La Casa Hungarian Empire

Harvard’s Heroic Historian

Grande ) Harbin R u s s i a n n a m e f o r

John Lothrop Motley

Heart of America K a n s a s Pinkiang, Manchuria

Harvest of Death cold wind in

City Harbor City Erie, Pennsylva-

higher regions of Bolivia that

heart attack on a plate f e t - nia

causes lung diseases

tucine Harbor of the Sun San Diego,

Harvest Moon full moon in

Heart of California S a c r a - California


mento Hard-Case State Oregon

hash hashish

Hashish Hasan-ibn-al-Sabbah

Heart of Canada Ontario

Hard Heart of Hickland

Heart of Central Alaska Fair- Cleveland, Ohio, according to

(11th-century Persian

banks authors Jack Lait and Lee

founder of the Assassins)

Heart of Darkness Zaire (for- Mortimer

Hattie Harriet

merly called the Congo) Hard Rock nickname of the

haunts ghosts

Heart of Dixie Alabama American Broadcasting

Haunt of Yachtsmen B r i t i s h

Heart of England Wa r w i c k - Company (ABC)

Virgin Islands Havana II Miami, Florida

shire Hardware City New Britain,

Haven for Arthritics

Heart of Historic Virginia

Charlottesville Hardy-Weinberg law p r e -


Jacumba, California

Heart-of-it-All State Ohio dicts distribution of geno-

Havercake(s) native(s) of Lan-

Heart of Kentucky Frankfort Harke Soviet Mi-10 heavy-

types within a population


Heartland of America t h e transport helicopter

Hawaiian Island Ports H i l o ,

Midwest Harlem New York City neigh-

Hawaii; Kahului, Maui; Ho-

Heartland of Catholicism I t - borhood in northeast sector

nolulu, Oahu; Port Allen,

aly, the Vatican Harmonica Slim Travis Blay-

Kauai; Nawiliwili Bay, Kauai

Heartland City Kansas City lock

Hawaiian Pineapple K i n g

James Drummond Dole

Heartland of Monarchy

Harmony former place-name

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of Ambridge, Pennsylvania

Hawaiians Hawaiian Island-

Heart of Midlothian To l - Harold Bluetooth K i n g

ers; Hawaiian Islands

booth Prison in Edinburgh Harold of Denmark

Hawk Ralph Branca (baseball

Heart of Polynesia We s t e r n Harold Harefoot Harold I of


Samoa Denmark and England

Hawkeye airborne early-warn-

Heart of Portugal M o n d eg o Harp/Hormone Soviet Ka-20

ing and fighter-control air-

Valley or Ka-25k helicopter for mil-

craft—the E-2

Hawkeye(s) lowan(s)

Heart of the Roman Empire

itary or commercial use (Harp

Italy is military and Hormone is

Hawkeye State Iowa

Heart of the South A t l a n t a , commercial version)

Hay Capital of the World

Georgia Harpo Marx Adolph Arthur

Meckling, South Dakota

Heart of South America B o - Marx

Hay diet a diet of 20 percent

livia Harpoon harpoon-type aircraft

acid-forming foods and 80

Heart of Sweden D a l a r n a command and launch sub-

percent alkaline-forming

Province formerly called Da- system missle; Lockheed

foods, developed by William

lecarlia maritime reconnaissance

Howard Hay

Heavenly Twins Hugy Duffy bomber

Hay Moon full moon in July

and Tommy McCarthy (base- Harrier H aw ke r- S i d d e l ey

Head of the Adriatic Trieste

ball) fixed-wing fighter aircraft;

Head of the Commonwealth

heavy metal driving and loud McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B

Her (His) Most Excellent

music produced electroni- jump-jet bomber

Majesty the Queen (King) of

cally Harrisburg Houdini B o b

the United Kingdom of Great

Hebb’s learning rule a mem- Davies (basketball player)

Britain and Northern Ireland

ory is produced when two Harry Golden Herschel Gold-

and of Her (His) other Realms

connected neurons are active hirsch

and Territories Queen (King)

simultaneously and the syn- Harry Houdini Ehrich Weiss

Headless Man the nude mys-

apse is strengthened (named Harry Morgan Harry Brats-

tery man photographed with

for Donald O Hebb) burg

the Duchess of Argyll who

Hedda Hopper Elda Furry Harry Reems Herbert Streicher

became focal point of a lurid

divorce lawsuit

Hedy Lamarr Hedwig Kiesler

Eponyms, Nicknames

Heel of Italy Salentine Penin-

Heroic City Cartagena, Co- sula

Henry the Navigator D o m

lombia (Ciudad Heroica) Heide Adelaide

H e n r i q u e o N aveg a d o r

Hero of Lake Erie C o m m o - Heine-Medin disease muscu-

(Prince of Portugal and patron

dore Oliver Hazard Perry, lar atrophy sometimes fol-

of explorers and voyagers)

USN lowed by permanent defor-

Henry Wade Henry Lancelot

Hero of Manila Bay Commo- mity


dore George Dewey, USN Helena Modjeska H e l e n a

Herald Handley-Page turbo-

Hero of Mobile Bay Admiral Modrejewska

prop transport plane

David Glasgow Farragut Helen Hayes H e l e n H a y e s

herbal Valium kava-kava

Herblock Herbert Lawrence

Hero of Modern Italy

Guiseppe Garibaldi Helen Twelvetrees Helen Jur-



Heron Hawker-Siddeley 17- Helium Heads blimp support-

Hercules Lockheed KC-130


tanker aircraft

passenger transport plane

Hero of Nacozari Jesús Garcia Hell Breughel Pieter Breughel

Her Deepness Sylvia Earle,


Hero of New England C a p - the Younger who painted hell-

marine biologist who walked

on the ocean floor 1,250 feet

tain Miles Standish ish scenes

deep in 1979

Hero of New Orleans G e n - Hellcat Grumman F6F single-

Herkimer diamond gem-qual-

eral Andrew Jackson seat fighter aircraft; U.S.-

ity quartz from New York

Hero of the Nile Lord Horatio made 76mm gun mounted in

State’s Herkimer County

Hermanus Vanderdonk


Hero of the Plain People An- tracked chasis (M- 18)

a fully traversing turret on a

Washington Irving

drew Jackson Hellenic Republic Greece

The Hermitage Andrew Jack-

Hero of San Juan Hill Lt Col Hellfire Cities Hiroshima, Na-

son’s home near Nashville,

Theodore Roosevelt, USV gasaki

Tennessee; palace museum of

art in Leningrad (formerly a

Hero of the Spanish-American

Hell in the Hills P i t t s bu rg h ,

War A d m i r a l G e o rg e Pennsylvania

czarist palace)

Dewey, USN Hellhole of the Pacific Ko -

Hermit of Concord H e n r y

David Thoreau

Hero of State-Church Separa-

tion Benito Juarez Hell of Java Trinil (where Dr

rorareka, New Zealand

Hermit Kingdom Bhutan; Ko-

Hero of Tampico General An- Eugene Dubois discovered


tonio López de Santa Anna Pithecanthropus erectus )

Hermit of Slabsides J o h n


Hero and Traitor B e n e d i c t

Hell of Macquarie Harbour

Arnold Station old penal colony on

Hernandarias Hernando Arias

Hero of Upper Canada S i r the Indian Ocean coast of Tas-

de Saavedra

Isaac Brock mania

Hero of a Hundred Battles

Herring Chokers Newfound- Hell and Maria C h a r l e s G

the Duke of Wellington

Dawes landers

Hero of a Hundred Fights

Hell’s Forty Acres San Car- Herring Pond Atlantic Ocean

Admiral Horatio Nelson

los, Arizona Hesperides Canary and Ma-

Hero of Antiquity Heracles or

Hell’s Gates Macquarie Har- deira Islands

Herakles (Greek); Hercules

bour, Tasmania’s first convict hessian hessian boots (knee-


settlement high and tasseled); hessian fly

Hero of Appomattox General

Hell’s Kitchen N ew Yo r k (insect feeding on grass and

Ulysses Simpson Grant, USA

City’s lower west side includ- wheat stems)

Hero of the Cities A l f r e d

ing San Juan Hill Hidden Empire Ethiopia

E(manuel) Smith—usually

called Al Smith

Hell’s Parlor Zanzibar

Hieronymus Bosch p a l e t t e Hell’s Passage Saint Helen’s

name of Hieronymus van Passage, Oxford

Hero of Civilization T h o m a s

Aeken Hell on Wheels C h ey e n n e ,


Heroes of Guanajuato Mexi-

High Lonesome southwestern Wyoming

Colorado Hennie Henrietta

can priests Aldama, Allende,

and Hidalgo who led the War

High Plains States Arkansas, Henry Armstrong H e n r y

of Independence against the

Kansas, Missouri, New Mex- Jackson (boxer)


ico, Oklahoma, Texas Henry Bolingbroke Henry IV

Hero of Fort Sumter Confed-

Highpockets G e o rg e Ke l l y of England

erate General Pierre Gustave

(baseball player) Henry Cecil Henry Cecil Leon

Toutant Beauregard (known

to his soldiers as Old Alpha-

High Priestess of Transcen-

Henry Green Henry Vincent

dentalism Margaret Fuller Yorke

bet or Old Bore)

High-Tide Province Canada’s Henry the K Henry Kissinger

Hero of the Frontier G e o rg e

Rogers Clark

New Brunswick

Eponyms, Nicknames

Hikari ( J a p a n e s e — S u n -

Holy City n i c k n a m e g ive n beam)—train linking Tokyo

Historic Center of North

Charleston, South Carolina with other coastal cities of

Carolina New Bern

by its inhabitants Honshu

Hoagy Hoagland Howard Car-

Holy City of India Banaras Hilaire Belloc Joseph Hilary


Holy Devil Rasputin Pierre Belloc

Hob(bie) Albert

Holy Horatio Horatio Alger, Jr Hildegarde Neff H i l d eg a r d

Hobson’s choice this or nothing

Holy Land Israel Knef

(after Thomas Hobson, 1544–

1630, whose horses were

Holy Land of Three Religions

Hillbilly Country mountain-

Israel ous parts of the Carolinas,

never known to have left the

Holy Rabble Rouser Ayatul- Georgia, Tennessee, Ken-

stable out of turn)

lah Ruhollah Khomeini tucky, and West Virginia

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnamese—

He Who Enlightens)—

Holy Three of Criminology

Hill City Portland, Maine

Enrico Ferri, Raffaele Garo- Hill of Spring Tel Aviv

Nguyen Ai Quac whose pat-

falo, Cesare Lombroso Hindu Monarchy Nepal

ronym was Nguyen Van

Coong but is also known as

Home of Abraham Lincoln

hinny offspring of a jennet or

Springfield, Illinois female donkey sired by a stal-

Nguyen That Thanh

Home of the Alamo San An- lion or male horse

Ho Chi Minh City f o r m e r l y

tonio, Texas Hi-no-maru (Japanese—Sun

Saigon, Vietnam

Home of Baseball C o o p e r- Flag)—emblem of Japan

hocus morphine’s nickname

Hodara’s disease hair splitting

stown, New York

Hippocrates of Pennsylvania

Hodge nickname for the typical

Home of the Bean and the

Cod Boston, Massachusetts Hirschsprung’s disease c o n - genital colonic dilatation

Benjamin Rush

English farmer or for Roger

Hodgkin’s disease p r o g r e s -

Home of the Blizzard Adelie

Land, Antarctica Hispania (Latin—Iberian Pen-

sive enlargement of the lymph

Home of the Blues Memphis, between Portugal and Spain;

insula)—land now divided


hog large Harley-Davidson mo-


Home of the Brave U n i t e d poetic name for Spain


States of America Hispanic America P o r t u -

Hogarth’s Act Act of Parlia-

Home of the Casbah Algiers countries of Latin America

guese- and Spanish-speaking

ment passed in 1735 granting

copyright protection

Home of the Casey Jones

Jackson, Tennessee Angeles, California; San An-

Hispanic American City L o s

Hog Butcher for the World


Home of the Comstock Lode

tonio, Texas; San Diego, Cal-

Virginia City, Nevada ifornia

Hog Country Arkansas

Hog and Hominy State Te n -

Home of Contented Cows

Hispanic Places Andorra, Ar-

Carnation, Washington gentina, Azores, Balearic Is-


Hog Lane Hoxton

Home of the Cotton Carnival

lands, Bolivia, Brazil, Canary Memphis, Tennessee

Hogopolis Chicago

Islands, Cape Verde Islands,

Home of Diamond Walnuts

Ceuta and Melilla, Chile, Co- Stockton, California

Holland the Netherlands; actu-

lombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Home of the Dinosaurs G l e n

ally an old Dutch province

Dominican Republic, Ecua- Rose, Texas where petrified

comprising part of the Neth-

dor, El Salvador, Equatorial footprints of 30-foot-long di-

erlands; Michigan summer

Guinea, Guam, Guatemala, nosaurs are displayed

resort and manufacturing cen-

ter settled by the Dutch

Honduras, Macao, Madeira,

Mexico, Morocco, Nicara- Roosevelt Hyde Park, New gua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru,

Holland of America L o u i s i -

Home of Franklin Delano

York Philippines, Portugal, Puerto


Holland in the Caribbean

Home of George Washington

Rico, Spain, Spanish Sahara,

Mount Vernon, Virginia Uruguay, Venezuela

Netherlands Antilles (Aruba,

Home of the Giants Jotunhe- Hispanics people of Portu-

Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint

imen Mountains in Norway guese or Spanish descent or a

Eustatius, Sint Maarten)

Home of Goethe Heidelberg, study of their culture and lan-

Hollie Holiday; Holladay;

Germany guage

Hollingsworth; Hollis; Hol-

Home of Holbein Augsburg, Histologist of the Brain S a n -

lister; Hollway

Germany tiago Ramón y Cajal

Hollywood’s First Dauphin

Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Home of Jesse James S t J o -

Historian of the American

seph, Missouri Forest Francis Parkman

Holstein Capital Northfield,


Home of the Kentucky Derby

Historian of Liberty L o r d

Louisville Acton

Holy Alliance Austria, Prussia,

Homeland of the Bengalis Historian With a Camera

Russia (in 1815)

Bangladesh Mathew B Brady

Holy Cities Mecca and Medina

in Saudi Arabia

Homeland of Yogurt Bulgaria

Eponyms, Nicknames

Home of Old Miss O x f o r d ,

Hosea Biglow pseudonym of Mississippi—the home of

Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb

James Russel Lowell The University of Mississippi


Hostess to the Nation D o l l y Home Run Frank Baker

Hoosier(s) name believed to be

Madison—wife of President Homer Wilbur pseudonym of

a frontier-era contraction of

James Madison James Russell Lowell

Who’s there?— native(s) of

Hotbed of Secession Charles- Home of the Snow Himalaya


ton, South Carolina Mountains

Hoosier State Indiana

hot blood high blood pressure Home of Storms Gulf of Alaska

Hoot Ward Gibson (basketball


hot-dog headache reaction to

Home of Theodore Roosevelt

nitrates, found in hot dogs and Oyster Bay, Long Island,

Hormone Soviet armed heli-

other cured meats and cold New York

copter in naval service



Home of Thomas Jefferson

Hotel letter H radio code; H- Monticello, Virginia

Horn of Africa Djibouti, Ethi-

class Soviet missile-launch- Hometown Hamilton, Ohio as

opia, Somalia, Sudan, partic-

ing nuclear-powered subma- defined by author Peter Davis

ularly northeasternmost So-

rines Home of the Waltz Vienna

malia terminating in Cape

Hotlanta Atlanta, Georgia homeys persons from the same

Guardafui which the Arabs

hot-metal men steelworkers hometown or region

call the Ras Asir

hot’ns Southern nickname for Hondo Frank Howard (base-

Hornet F-A-18 McDonnell

biscuits ball)

Douglas fighter-attack air-

Hot Potato Luke Hamlin Honduran Ports P u e r t o


Hot Springs Arkansas national Cortés, Tela, Puerto Este, La

Horse Latitudes belts of calms

park Ceiba, Trujillo, Puerto

about 30 or 35 degrees north

Hot Springs Country s o u t h - Castilla, Roatán, Amapala,

or south of Equator; horses

west Arkansas San Lorenzo

were cast overboard in these

Hotspur Sir Henry Percy Honduras Republic of Hondu-

places when sailing vessels

were becalmed and drinking

Hottest Town in Arizona

ras (Spanish-speaking Cen-

Quartzite tral American nation)

water became scarce

Hottest Town in Texas P r e - República de Honduras

Horseshoe Curve A l t o o n a ,

sidio Honest Abe Abraham Lincoln

Pennsylvania close to the cel-

Hot Water City Hot Springs, Honest Harold Secretary of

ebrated Horseshoe Curve

Arkansas the Interior Harold Le Claire

built by the Pennsylvania

Hot Water State Arkansas Ickes, also called the Old Cur-

Railroad to cross the Allegh-

Houdini Harry Houdini (real mudgeon

enies and traverse the valley

name Ehrich Weiss)—Amer- Honest John solid-sustainer

of the Juniata River

ica’s foremost escapolo- motor surface-to-surface bal-

Horses in Fiction or History

gist-magician listic missile produced by

Altair who served Ben Hur;

Bucephalus, who served Al-

Houdini of the Hardwood

Johnny Townsend (basketball Honey Capital Uvalde, Texas

Douglas Aircraft

exander the Great; Butter-

player) Honeydipper Roosevelt Sykes

milk, who served Dale Evans;

Hound Dog North American- Honey Fitz John F. (Honey

Egypt, who served General

Rockwell air-to-surface mis- Fitz) Fitzgerald

Ulysses S Grant; Fritz, who

sile Honey Lulu Honolulu, Hawaii

served William S Hart; Jenny,

house apes other people’s un- Honey Moon full moon in June

who served Robert Burns;

housebroken children Honeymoon City N i a g a r a

Ko-Ko , who served Rex

The House Christ College, Falls, New York

Allen; Lightning, who served

Oxford Honey State Western Australia

Tim Holt; Marengo, who

household coal b i t u m i n o u s Hongcouver Vancouver, British

served Napoleon; Nelson,

coal; soft coal Columbia, many of whose

who served George Washing-

House Ruth Built New York residents are from Hong

ton, Pegasus-Rosinante, who

City’s Yankee Stadium in the Kong

served Don Quixote; Tony,

who served Tom Mix; Topper,

Bronx where Babe Ruth hit

Honorary Citizen of the

many home runs United States Wi n s t o n

w h o s e r ve d H o p a l o n g

Houston haze smog of the pet- Churchill (first and only for-

Cassidy; Trigger, who served

rochemical variety sometimes eigner to bear this title)

Roy Rogers; Xanthus, who

called Los Angeles haze or Hooker Boulevard El Cajon

served Achilles; Traveller,

metropolitan mist mixed with Boulevard

who served General Robert E

automotive exhausts Hoosier Capital Indianapolis,

Lee; and don’t forget Black

Howard Cosell Howard Co- Indiana

Jack, who marched alone in

hen Hoosier City Indianapolis, In-

presidential funerals

Howie H owa r d ; H owa r t h ; diana

Horse Thief Hollow O a k

Lawn, Michigan

Howe; Howell; Howland

Eponyms, Nicknames

Howlin’ Wolf Chester Burnett

ice-cream fruit Peruvian cher- Hsinhua New China News

Human Hairpin Adrian (Ad-

imoya Agency

die) Joss (baseball player)

ice-cream headache ve s s e l s Huáscar’s revenge loose bow-

Humanist Historian H a r r y

spasm from intense cold of els contracted in Peru where

Elmer Barnes

ice cream, interrupting blood the emperor, Huáscar, was be-

Humanitarian Scientist Louis

flow trayed by his brother, Atahua-


Ice King of the Arctic the po- lpa, and executed by the

Human Projectile Billy Gabor

lar bear Spaniards

(basketball player)

Icelandic Ports R ey k j av i k , Hub The Hub—Boston, Mas-

Humist Philosopher D av i d

Seydhisfjordhur, Heimaey, sachusetts also called Hub of


Eyrarbakki American Culture, Hub of

Hummer H i g h - M o b i l i t y

Iceland spar calcite (calcium New England, and Hub of the

Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehi-

carbonate) Universe

cle successor to the Jeep

Ice Mine City Coudersport, hubby husband

Humorist-Pianists S t eve

Pennsylvania Hub of the Caribbean J a -

Allen, Victor Borge, and

ice-T iced tea maica

Mark Russell

Humorists of Europe t h e

Iconoclast English freethought

Hub of the Castilian Wheel

author-lecturer-publisher Madrid (capital of Spain,


Charles Bradlaugh; Georg equidistant from all her

humpday We d n e s d a y ( t h e

(Morris Cohen) Brandes boundaries)

middle-of-the-week day)

Iconoclast Poet Percy Bysshe Hub of Christianity J e r u s a -

hungarian hungarian goulash

Shelley lem

(stew); hungarian paprika

Iconoclasts dramatist-authors Hub City of Texas Alice

(red paprika—permeability

Becque, d’Annunzio, Duse, Hub of Empire London Hubey Hubert

vitamin or vitamin P)

Gorki, Hauptmann, Herpieu, Hub of the Golden Mile Kal-

Hungarian Ocean Lake Bala-

ton—largest lake in central

Huneker, Ibsen, Maeterlinck,

Shaw, Strindberg, Sudermann goorlie in Western Australia


Idaho Lion Senator William E where gold and nickel are

Hunger Moon full moon in

Borah found Hub of Hinduism Benares


Hunkyland Hungary

idiot fish Pacific red snapper idiot pills barbiturates

Hubie Hubert

IF Stone Isidor Feinstein Hub of Islam Mecca Hub of Islamic Culture Cairo

Hunter Hawker jet fighter-


Hunter’s Moon full moon in

Ignatius Loyola Iñigo López

de Recalde Hub of Judaism Jerusalem

Ignatz I g n a t i u s D o n n e l l y Hub of New England Boston Hub of New York City C o -

October Huntington’s chorea h e r e d i -

tary disease marked by chor-

(American politician)

Ignatz von Aschendorf

pseudonym used by Joseph Hub of the Pacific Guam

lumbus Circle

eic movements and mental

Conrad and Ford Madox Ford Hub of the South Pacific Fiji


when they wrote The Nature Hub of the Universe n i c k -

Huskie Kaman H-43 utility he-

of a Crime name given by Oliver Wen-


Ignazio Silone pseudonym of Secondo Tranquilli in Boston and later by others

Husky Territory the Yukon

dell Holmes to the statehouse

Hustleton on the Canal

Igor Igor Stravinsky to the entire city

Houston, Texas

Ike Dwight David Eisenhower Hudson Tubes H u d s o n &

hypno cops Los Angeles Police

(nickname)—thirty-fourth Manhattan Railroad

Department’s hypnosis squad

President of the United Huey Cobra AH-l gunship air-

Hyrcanian Caspian

States; Isaac craft

I-boats Japanese transport sub-

Ikey (see Ikie) Hughie Hugh

marines used in World War II

Ikie Isaac; Isaak; Isack; Izaak; Hugo Hugo Lafayette Black

to carry small scouting air-

Isaque (American Supreme Court


Il Cieco (Italian—The Blind justice)

ice crystal methamphetamine

One)—Italy’s blind poet Hugo Wast Gustavo Martinez

(smokable form of speed)

Luigi Groto who wrote in the Zuviria

ice bear polar bear

mid-sixteenth century Hugues Capet Hugh Capet

Iceberg Alley North Atlantic

Il Duca di Spoleto (Italian— Human Eraser Marvin Web-

Ocean between Greenland

The Duke of Spoleto)—com- ster (basketball player)

and Labrador

poser-impresario Gian Carlo Human Eyeball B r i s L o r d

Iceblink white glare on a hori-

Menotti’s nickname as he di- (baseball player)

zon from the reflected light of

rects the Spoleto Festival Human Flea Frank Bonner

distant ice

Il Duce (Italian—dictator)— (baseball player)

Ice Capital of America H a -


Benito Mussolini

Eponyms, Nicknames

Il Furioso (Italian—the Furi-

Tuticorin, Negapatam, Ma- ous One)—nickname of Tin-

Imperialist Poet Rudyard Kip-

dras, Kakinada, Vishakhapt- toretto


nam, Paradip, Calcutta Ilich Russian patronymic often

Imperialist Poet-Writer Rud-

Indian President B e n i t o used as the popular name for

yard Kipling

Juárez of Mexico Lenin—the party name of

Imperial President F r a n k l i n

Indian Princess Pocahontas Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov

D Roosevelt

Indian’s Friend Roger Will- Illinois Parrot Carolina para-

imprisoned authors fa m o u s

iams keet (extinct)

authors who spent time in

Indian Summer calm, mild Illinois Ports Chicago, Wil-

prison include Bunyan (Pil-

weather sometimes occurring mette, Great Lakes,

grims’s Progress), Cervantes

in autumn in the United States Waukegan

(Don Quixote), Dostoevski

and Great Britain; so called Illinois River City Peoria

(Crime and Punishment), Ra-

because areas where it was Illusion Factory Hollywood

leigh (History of the World);

O Henry (Cabbages and

first observed were then occu-

Illustrator of Early Twentieth-

pied by Native Americans Century America Norman

Kings ), Wilde (Ballad of

Indian Territory old name of Rockwell

Reading Gaol and De Profun-

dis )


Illustrator of the Russian

India’s Principal Ports C a l - Underground Ilya Efimov-

Improper Bostonian D r O l -

cutta on the Bay of Bengal, ich Repin

iver Wendell Holmes

Bombay on the Arabian Sea Illustrious Infidel C o l o n e l

Inca Capital Cuzco, Peru

Indochinese Pen Indochinese Robert G Ingersoll

Incan and Aztecan Century

Peninsula including Burma, Il Moro ( I t a l i a n — T h e

Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Moor)—Ludovico Sforza’s nickname

the 1000s—the 11th century

Inca’s curse diarrhea picked

up in the Land of the Incas—

and Vietnam

Indonesian Ports Tandjungp- Ilona Massey Ilona Hajmassy

riok (Djakarta), Surabaya, Il Perugino (Italian—The Pe- rugian)—Pietro Santi Bartoli

Bolivia and Peru as well as

Ecuador and Chile

Inchcape Rock (see Bell Rock)


Indonesia’s Largest Port

Image Maker Thomas Nast

Inchon formerly Chemulpo or

Imamu Amiri Baraka Le Roi


Djakarta (Jakarta)—also called Tandjungpriok


Incomparable Infidel Voltaire

Industrial Capital of Connect-

Immortal Beloved N a d e j d a

icut Bridgeport von Meck (benefactress of

Incorruptible The Incorrupt-

Inflexible President A n d r ew Tchaikovsky)

ible—sobriquet given Robes-

Johnson Immortal Dreamer John Bun-

pierre by his followers

Indefatigable Polemicist A l -

Information Superhighway

nationwide communications Immortal Four Italian poets


exander Solzhenitsyn

network linking homes, of- Dante Alighieri, Ludovico

india india chintz or india cot-

fices and institutions Ariosto, Francesco Petrarca

ton (heavy figured fabric used

Inland Empire Illinois (Petrarch), Bernardo Tasso

by upholsterers); india ink

Inland Sea Pacific Ocean inlet Immortal Infidel Col Robert

(glue + lampblack) also

called chinese ink

islands, Japan Immortals the forty members

G Ingersoll

Indiana Dunes national lake-

between Honshu and Kyusho

Inner City Peking’s Forbidden of the French Academy

shore of Indiana

or Tartar City containing the Immortal Sarah Sarah Bern-

Indiana Ports Michigan City,

Palace Museum hardt (originally Rosine Ber-

Gary, Buffington, Indiana

Inner Libya the Sudan Desert nard)


extending from southern Immortal Tinker John Bun-

Indian Film Pioneer Satyajit

Egypt and the Sudan to Af- yan


rica’s west coast Immortal Trio John Caldwell

Indian Girl Guide Sacajawea

Inner Mongolia n o r t h e r n Calhoun, Henry Clay, Daniel

who guided Lewis and Clark

China bordering on Mongolia Webster

Indian Ocean Eden Seychelles

Innovators Russian composers Impala South African version


Balakirev, Borodin, Cui, of Aermacchi MB-326 coun-

Indian OPEC CERT (Council

Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsa- terinsurgency aircraft

of Energy, Resource Tribes)

kov Imperial City Rome

holding coal, geothermal, and

oil-productive lands in many

Inside Passage inland passage

Imperial Impersonation of

between southern Alaska and Force and Murder N a p o -

parts of the United States

northern Washington; also leon

Indian Ports Mamdvi, Kandla,

called Inner Passage Imperialist Composer Sir Ed-

Okha, Porbandar, Bhaunagar,

Inspired Innovator Edgar Al- ward Elgar

Bombay, Mangalor, Cochin,

Alleppy, Quilon, Kolachel,

lan Poe

Eponyms, Nicknames

Instant Asia Singapore with its

McKinley, Polk, Truman, and Chinese, Indian, Malay, Paki-

The Invincible S p a n i s h A r-

Wilson from Northern Island stani, and Singhalese mix-

mada defeated by English

or Ulster tures and tongues making this

vessels commanded by Sir

Francis Drake

Irish Dramatist-Poet William

Butler Yeats Instant Orient S i n g a p o r e —

a global crossroads

invisible disease dyslexia

Irish Free State Republic of crossroads of Asia

Iodine State South Carolina

Ireland insultant(s) nickname for over-

Iola Ida B Wells

Irish Navigator Saint Brendan paid consultant(s)

Iolo Morgannwg bardic name

(formerly spelled Brandon) Insurance Capital Hartford,

of Edward Williams

Irish Ports Bangor, Belfast, Connecticut and Omaha, Ne-

Ipiranga Ypiranga

Larne Lough, Londonderry, braska

Iran-Contra 1980s political

Sligo, Westport, Galway, Kil- Insurance City n i c k n a m e

scandal involving the sale of

rush, Limerick, Foynes, shared by Atlanta, Georgia

weapons of Iran to fund Nic-

Cobh, Cork Harbour, Ross- and Hartford, Connecticut

araguan insurrection

Iranian Ports Khorramshahr,

lare, Dublin

Intellectual Emperor of

Irish turkey corned beef Europe Voltaire

Abadan, Bandar-e-Mahshahr,

Irish whist copulation Intellectual Historian Sir Isa-

Bandar-e-Shapur, Kharg Is-

Irish wine whiskey iah Berlin

land Terminal, Bandar Abbas

Iran’s Principal Port Abadan

Iron Age era of mankind when

Intellectual Seed Pod of the

implements and weapons Nation Emerson’s nickname

Iraq Ports Al Faw and Al Bas-

for Concord, Massachusetts


were forged from iron; period of vast degeneracy, corrup-

where he lived with such

Iraq’s Principal Port Basra Ireland the Great Newfound-

tion, and toil following the neighbors as the Alcotts,

Stone and Bronze ages Hawthorne, and Thoreau

Iron Alley corridor littered with meteorites from Port- plains

land’s name given it by Irish

Interior Plains Canada’s great

explorers who found it in Vi-

land, Oregon to Mexico City York City—headquarters of

king times

International Capital N ew

Ireland’s Principal Port D u b -


in a lane about 250 miles or 400 kilometers wide

the United Nations

Iris Tennessee state flower and

International City Montreal,


Iron Butterfly I m e l d a R o -

mauldos Marcos Quebéc

Irish Irish boat (cutter-rigged

fishing vessel), Irish ford

Iron Chancellor Prince Otto

International Functionalists

Walter Gropius and Mies van

(paved ford), Irish coffee

Eduard Leopold von Bis- marck-Schönhausen—first

chancellor of German Empire International Prizegiver A l -

der Rohe

(spiked with Irish whiskey

Iron Charles C h a r l e m a g n e fred Nobel

and topped with whipped cream), Irish moss (edible

(Carolus Magnus) Interpreter of the Sea Wi n -

seaweed also called carrag-

Iron City Bessemer, Alabama slow Homer

een), Irish pennant (un-

whipped rope end flying in

and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Interpreter of the Wild West

Iron Curtain Countries A l - Frederic Remington

the breeze), Irish potato

bania, Bulgaria, Czechoslo- Intruder Grumman electronic

(white), Irish setter, Irish

vakia, Estonia, East Germany, intelligence-gathering aircraft

sweater (fisherman’s knit),

Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, (EA-6B)

Irish terrier (red-hair terrier

Poland, Romania, Soviet Inventor of Bifocals Benjamin

originally bred in Ireland),

Union, Yugoslavia Franklin

Irish tweed, Irish whiskey

Iron Duke Arthur Wellesley Inventor of Calculus B a r o n

(originally distilled in Ireland

the Duke of Wellington Gottfried Wilhelm von Leib-

from barley), Irish wolfhound

Iron Eyes Cody Oscar DeCorti niz and Sir Isaac Newton

(large breed of dog noted for

its courage and originally

Iron Gate narrow rapids in the

Inventor of the Detective

Danube below Orsova in Ro- Story Edgar Allan Poe

bred in Ireland)

Irish-American Bandmaster


Inventor of Science Fiction

Iron Horse L o u G e h r i g ; a Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore

steam locomotive author of Frankenstein

Irish Channel New Orleans


Iron Lady M a rg a r e t

Inventor of the Stethoscope

Thatcher—Britain’s first René-Théophile-Hyacinthe

Irish confetti bricks; thrown

woman prime minister Laennec

bricks used in street fighting

Irish Cradle of U.S. Presi-

Iron Mountain State M i s -

Inventor of the Telephone

souri Philipp Reis although Alex-

dents I r e l a n d — a n c e s t r a l

Ironquill Eugene Fitch Ware ander Graham Bell is usually

home of Presidents Jackson,

Iron Range the Mesabi Range given credit

Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan

as well as Arthur, Buchanan,

Ironsides Oliver Cromwell

Eponyms, Nicknames

Iron Triangle Cologne (Köln),

Islands of Eternal Spring the Siegen, Solingen (all noted

Island of Dragons Ko m o d o

Balearics (Ibiza, Formentera, for their steel products)

(home of the dragon lizards)

Mallorca, Menorca) Iroquois Bell turbo-power he-

Island of Dreams Capri

Islands of the Maoris N ew licopter designated UH- I

Island of Enchantment P u -

Zealand Irving Berlin Israel Baline

erto Rico

Island of Flowers Ta b o g a ,

Islands of Perpetual June

Irving Stone Irving Tannen-

Turks and Caicos Islands be- baum


tween the Bahamas and His- Isabela Spanish name for Al-

Island Fortress Malta

paniola bemarle Island in the Galápa-

Island of the Gods Bali

Island State Tasmania, Aus- gos

Island of Hell Norfolk Island

tralia Isak Dinesen Baroness Karen

in the South Pacific, the most

Island in the Sun Key West, Blixen-Finecke

dreaded of all Australian

Florida Isherman Israeli version of Su-

prison stations

Island of Venus Tahiti per Sherman tank

Island of Hope Statue of Lib-

Isle of the Ancestors M a d a - Iskander Alexander Herzen

erty, Liberty Island, New York

gascar (Aleksandr Ivanovich Yak-

Island of Knights Hospitaliers

Isle of Cloves Zanzibar oviev)


Isle of the Dead Böklin paint- Iskra (Russian—Spark)—Pol-

Island of Light N ew C a l e -

ing ish single-engine jet aircraft


Isle of Destiny Ireland designated TS-11

Island of Many Faces S i n -


Isle of Fragrant Waters

Isku Finnish guided-missile

Hong Kong patrol boat

Island Ministate Nauru in the

Isle of Pines Cuba’s Isla de Pi- Isla de Juventud (Spanish—

Central Pacific

nos , France’s Ile des Pins, Isle of Youth)—Cuba’s Isle of

Island of Monks and Pirates

Ibiza Pines also called Isla de Pinos

Lantau or Tai Yue Shan—

Isle of Roses Rhodes Isla de Pascua ( S p a n i s h —

largest island off Hong Kong

Isle of Saints Iona in the Inner Easter Island)—Chilean is-

Island of the Moon Madagas-

Hebrides off Scotland’s west land in the eastern South Pa-


coast; Ireland cific noted for its huge stone

Island Nation nickname shared

Isle of Sappho Lesbos in the monuments; Polynesians call

by Australia, the Bahamas,

Aegean it Rapa Nui

Bahrain, Barbados, the Cape

Isles of the Blest the Canary Isla Más Afuera (Spanish—

Verde Islands, the Republic of

Islands (see Fortunate Isles) further out island)—Alejan-

China (Taiwan), the Comoro

Isles of Devils Bermuda dro Selkirk Island

Islands, Cuba, Cyprus, the

Isle of Sleep Tasmania Isla Más Tierra (Spanish—is-

Dominican Republic, Fiji,

Isle of Springs Jamaica land closest to land)—Robin-

Grenada, Haiti, Iceland, Indo-

Isle of Tears Ellis Island, New son Crusoe Island

nesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Ja-

York Islamic Century the 600s—

p a n , M a d a g a s c a r, t h e

ism of the modern world rac- Mohammed dies in 632; Is-

Maldives, Malta, Mauritius,

ism (according to anthropolo- l a m b eg i n s ex p a n d i n g

Nauru, New Zealand, Papua

gist Ruth Benedict) throughout the Middle East

New Guinea, the Philippines,

Isolator of Dysentery K i y - and Africa—the 7th century

São Tomé and Principe, the

Seychelles, Singapore, Sri

oshi Shiga

Island-and-Mainland Prov-

Isolator of Gangrene Shibas- ince Newfoundland

Lanka (Ceylon), Tonga, Trin-

idad and Tobago, the United

aburo Kitazato

Island at the End of the World

Isolde Yseult Madagascar as described by

Kingdom, Western Samoa

Israeli Ports A k ko ( A c r e ) , the Malagasy

Island of Olives Cyprus

Hefa (Haifa), Netanya, Island of Bearded Figs B a r-

Island of Roses Rhodes in the

Tel-Aviv-Yafo(Jaffa) Ashdod bados


Island of Ruins and Roses

(Azotus), Ashquelon (Asca-

Island of Betelnut Palms

lon), Elat, Sharm el Sheik Penang

Gotland, Sweden

Israel’s Largest Port Tel-Aviv- Island of Birds Kusadasi

Island of Sages and Saints

Yafo (Jaffa or Joppa) Island City Manhattan, Mont-


Israfel Edgar Allan Poe real, Singapore, and Stock-

The Islands pet name given to

Istanbul formerly Constanti- holm

favorite insular groups such

nople and originally Byzan- Island of Cloves Zanzibar

as the Aleutians, the Baha-

tium, capital of the Byzantine Island Continent Australia

mas, the Balearics, the Canar-

Empire Island of Copper Cyprus

ies, the Hawaiians, the West

Isthmian Nation Panama Island of Death Kahoolawe,

India islands and even to Co-

Isthmian Waterway Pa n a m a Hawaii (used for target prac-

ney, Long, Manhattan, and

Canal linking the Caribbean- tice by Air Force and Navy)

Staten when referring to the

New York City area

Atlantic and the Pacific; Suez

Eponyms, Nicknames

Canal linking the Mediterra-

Jack the Dripper J a c k s o n nean-Atlantic and the Red

Italian Pre-Renaissance

Pollock Sea leading to the Indian

Painter Giotto (Giotto di

Jack Frost frosty weather per- Ocean


sonifiied Isthmus of Panama formerly

Italian Riviera resort area be-

Jack Higgins Harry Patter- Isthmus of Darien

tween La Spezia and Ven-

son’s pseudonym Italian Italian greyhound (toy


Jackie Jack Roosevelt Robin- dog); Italian hand (script orig-

Italian Somaliland I n d i a n

son; Jacqueline Kennedy inating in Italy in medieval

Ocean coast of what is now

Onassis times or craftiness); Italian

southern Somalia

Jack London J o h n G r i ffi t h dressing (salad dressing)

Italy of America Arizona

London Italian boot boot-shaped Ital-

Italy’s Principal Port Genoa

Jack Lord John Joseph Ryan ian peninsula

It Girl Clara Bow

Jack Palance Walter Palanuik Italian Century the 14th cen-

Itiopia Ethiopia (Abyssinia)

Jacksonopolis Jackson, Michi- tury—the 1300s

I-town Indiantown

Ivan (nickname for the typical


Italian Classicist Sculptor

Jack Soo Jack Suzuki Antonio Canova


Jack Teagarden Weldon Leo Italian East Africa E r i t r e a ,

Ivan Ivanovich t h e t y p i c a l

Teagarden Ethiopia, and Italian Somali-


Jacky Jaqueline land from 1936 to 1941

Ivan-Kremlin disease endemic

Jacopo Jacopo Tatti Italian Engraver G i a m b a t -


Ivan Lermolieff Giovanni Mo-

Jacques Halevy Jacques Fran-

relli (19th-century Italian art

tista Piranesi

Jacques Offenbach J a ko b the della Robbias

expert, patriot, and senator)

cois Fromental Elias Levi

Italian Family of Sculptors

Eberst Italian Film Magician Feder-

Ivan the Terrible Czar Ivan

Jacques Tati Jacques Tatis- ico Fellini

IV Vasilievich—ruler of Rus-


Ivory Coast Ports G r a n d -


Italian Goldsmith and Sculp-

Jadotville former name for tor Benvenuto Cellini

Lahou, Jacqueville, Port-

Likasi, Zaire

Italian Illustrator-Painter

Jagananth Juggernaut or Puri Sandro di Botticelli

Bouet, Abidjan, Grand-Bas-

on the Bay of Bengal Italian Lakes Como, Garda,


Ivy League college athletic

Jake Jacob; Jacobus Isea, Lecco, Lugano, Mag-

conference consisting of

Jaksch’s disease infantile ane- giore, Orta

Brown, Columbia, Cornell,

Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn-


Italian National Composer

sylvania, Princeton, and Yale;

Jamaica Jamaica ginger; Ja- maica rum (heavy pungent

Ottorino Respighi

students and graduates of the abovementioned schools as

rum originally distilled in Ja-

Italian Naturalist Painter

maica); Jamaica shorts Michelangelo da Caravaggio

well as their “characteristic”

(midthigh short pants) Italian North Africa L i b y a

style of dress, which was con-

Jamaica ganga Jamaica grown from 1912 to the end of World

sidered “quiet and neat”

marijuana War II

ixey morphine

Jamaican Ports Lucea, Mont- Italian Ports (on Sardinia—

Izzie Isador; Isadora; Isadore;

ego Bay, Falmouth, Rio La Maddalena, Olbia, Ca-

Isidro; Isodoro; Ysidro

Bueno, Dry Harbour, St gliari, Alghero, Porto Torres),

Jabal Tariq (Arabic—Moun-

Ann’s Bay, Ocho Rios, Ora- Savona, Genova (Genoa), La

tain of Tarik)—Moorish name

cabessa Bay, Port Maria, An- Spezia, Livorno (Leghorn),

for Gibraltar in honor of their

notto Bay, Buff Bay, Port An- Portoferraio (on Elba), Civi-

chief Jabal Tariq who settled

tonio, Manchioneal, Port tavecchia, Gaeta, Forio, Is-

the Rock in the year 111; (Ar-

Morant, Morant Bay, Port chia, Bagnoli, Napoli (Na-

abic—Tariq’s Mountain)—

Royal, Kingston, Long’s ples), Torre Annunziata,

the Rock of Gibraltar

Wharf, Little Pedro Point, Castellamare di Stabia, Reg-

Jacaranda Capital jacaranda

Black River, Bluefields, Sa- gio di Calabria, (on Sicily—

tree-lined avenues and streets

vanna la Mar Messina, Palermo, Trapani,

comprising South Africa’s

Jambalaya Capital Gonzales, Marsala, Licata, Siracusa,

capital city—Pretoria

Louisiana Augusta, Catania), Crotone,

Jack the Back John Fitzgerald

James Garner James Baum- Taranto, Gallipoli, Brindisi,

Kennedy, thirty-fifth presi-

garner Monopoli, Bari, Molfetta,

dent of the United States, who

James Hadley Chase R e n é Barletta, Manfredonia, An-

turned his back to press pho-

Raymond’s pseudonym cona, Ravenna, Chioggia,

tographers until he offered

James Herriot author-veteri- Porto di Lido (Venice), Mon-

them the pose he wanted

narian James Alfred Wight’s falcone, Trieste

Jack Benny Benjamin Kubel-



Eponyms, Nicknames

James Island, Galápagos

titled Common Sense (Le Bon Bartolomé, San Salvador,

jappy derived from Jewish-

Sens ); Voltaire was an as- Santiago

American Prince(s) or Prin-

sumed name for François- James O’Brien J a m e s

cess(es)—young generation

Marie Arouet Bronterre

living in luxury provided by

Jean Moreas p s e u d o ny m — Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin H

doting parents

Jannis Papadiamantopolous Rap Brown

Jap Sea Japan Sea containing

Jeannie Jean Jane Doe the average Ameri-

many islands comprising Ja-

Jean Paul Johann Paul Friedrich can female


Richter’s pseudonym Janet Frame Janet Peterson

Jascha (Russian nickname—


Jean-Pierre Aumont Jean-Pierre

Frame Clutha’s pseudonym Salomons

Jastreb Yugoslav jet trainer

Janet Gaynor Laura Gainer Jean Stapleton Jeanne Murray

aircraft called Hawk

janets middle-aged widows Jeb Stuard M a j o r G e n e r a l

Javelin Gloster delta-wing jet

(see jennifer) J(ames) E(well) B(rown) Stu-

fighter aircraft

art, CSA Jane Seymour Joyce Franken-

javelle water s o d i u m h y -

Jefferson’s Country Charlot- berg

pochlorite solution (NaOCl)

tesville, Virginia Jane Welsh Mrs Thomas Car-

Jawbone Flats C l a r k s t o n ,

Jefferson Territory Colorado lyle


Jellybean Joe Bryant (basket- Jane Wyman S a r a h J a n e

Jaybird Coleman Burl Cole-

ball player) Faulks


Jelly Roll Ferdinand Joseph Morton Murphy

Jayhawker(s) Kansan(s)

Janey Canuck Judge Emily

Jayhawker State Kansas

Jenghis Khan Genghis Khan— Janie Jane

Jay Silverheels actor Harold J

Mongol conqueror and grand- Jan Peerce Jacob Pincus Perel-

Smith, known as Tonto in The

father of Kublai Khan muth

Lone Ranger series

Jennie Jane; Jean; Jennifer; Jan Struther Joyce Anstruther

Jazz Ambassador L o u i s

Lady Randolph Churchill January effect small-capital-

(Satchmo) Armstrong

Jazz Capital of the Americas

jennifer young woman who

New Orleans

ized stocks tend to outper-

marries an older man form large-capitalized stocks

Jennifer Jones Phyllis Isley in January

Jazz Capital of Europe

jenny Jane; Jean; Jennifer Jan Valtin Richard J Krebs


Jenny Lind Johanna Maria Japan Japan lacquer or var-

The Jazz Singer Al Jolson

Lind—the Swedish Nightin- nish; Japan wax also called

Jean Arthur Gladys Greene

gale Japan tallow or sumac wax

Jean Baptiste French-Cana-

Jeremiah Stukeley P e r cy Japanese Japanese gelatin

dian’s sobriquet

Bysshe Shelley pseudonym (agar also called Japanese

Jean Baptiste Lully Giovanni

Jerez Jerez de la Frontera isinglass); Japanese paper

Battista Lulli

Jean Crapaud (nickname for

Jerome Hines Jerome Heinz (high rag content quality);

the typical Frenchman)

Jerrie(s) British slang for Ger- Japanese silk (high quality

Jean Gabin Jean-Alexis Mon-

man(s) raw silk)


Jerry Gerald(ine); Governor Japanese Ports Moruran, Ha-

Jean Hagen Jean Verhagen

Edmund G Brown, Jr of Cal- kodate, Otaru (on Hokkaido);

Jean Harlow Harlean Carpen-

ifornia, President Gerald R Tokyo, Yokosuka; Shimuzu,


Ford; Jeremiah; Jeremy; Jer- Nagoya, Yokkaichi, Senboku,

Jean-Jacques J e a n - J a c q u e s


ome Jerry Lewis Joseph Levitch

Osaka, Kobe, Fukuyama,

Jean l’ Oiseleur ( F r e n c h —

Kure, Shimminato, Shi-

Jean the bird tamer)—pseud-

jersey jersey justice (reputedly efficient and speedy); jersey

monoseki, Maizuru, Niigata

onym of Jean Cocteau Jean Meslier Voltaire’s pseud-

lightning (applejack) (on Honshu), Kita Kyushu,

Kagoshima, Nagasaki,

onym concealing his author-

Jersey Blues New Jerseyites Jersey Blue State New Jersey

Jersey Lily Lily Langtry—En- Japanese Riviera E n o s h i m a

Sasebo, Karatsu, Fukuoka (on

ship of an heretical tract

Kyushu )

whose title page reads—Su-

perstition In All Ages by Jean

glish actress born on the is-

land of Jersey where her orig- Island recreation area

Meslier, a Roman Catholic

inal name was Emily Japan’s Back Door Sasebo

Priest, who after a pastoral

Charlotte Le Breton Japan’s Front Gate Yo ko -

service of thirty years at En-

Jersey Shore coastal New Jer- hama

trepigny and But, in Cham-

sey; former name of Waynes- Japan’s Largest Port Yo ko -

pagne, France, wholly ab-

burg, Pennsylvania hama (including Kawasaki,

jured religious dogmas, and

Jerusalem of the West A m - Tokyo, and Yokosuka)

left as his last will and testa-

ment the following pages en-


Eponyms, Nicknames

Jervis Street To r o n t o , O n -

John Barrymore John Blythe tario’s red-light district

Jim Crow Laws S o u t h e r n

John Bull Great Britain Jesse Jesse Jackson (black

United States system of seg-

John Bull’s Other Island Ire- civil-rights leader)

regating blacks from whites

land before its independence Jesselton former name of Kota

Jimi Hendrix James Marshall

was declared in 1919 Kinabalu, Sabah


John Cabot Giovanni Caboto Jessi James Cleveland (Jesse)

Jimmy James; James Earl

John Calvin Jean Chauvin Owens; Jess; Jessica

Carter—thirty-ninth Presi-

John Company British East Jessup Maryland House of

dent of the United States

India Company’s nickname Corrections at Jessup

Jim Thorpe formerly Mauch

John Danger Hough Baillie Jessup Girls Maryland Cor-

Chunk, Pennsylvania

(colorful journalist who rose rectional Institution for

Jimtown Jamestown, North

from reporter to head of the Women at Jessup


United Press) Jet Provost British jet trainer

jingo jingoism (chest-thumping

John Doe fictitious name used aircraft designated BAC-145


when real name is withheld or Jet Ranger Bell turbine-pow-

Jinx Falkenburg E u g e n i a

unknown ered helicopter also called


J.J. Connington Alfred Walter

John and Emery Bonett

pseudonym shared by the Jet Star C-140 Lockheed light

Sea Ranger

Stewart’s pseudonym

husband-and-wife team— transport plane

Joan Crawford L u c i l l e l e


John Hubert Arthur Coulson

and Felicity Winifred Carter Jet City Seattle

joe coffee

John Ford Sean O’Fearna Jewel of the Adriatic Dubrov-

Joe Joseph

John Garfield Julius Garfinkle nik; Venice

João Pessoa formerly Para-

John Gilbert John Pringle’s Jewel of Africa Lake Kivu

hiba, Brazil

Joaquin Miller C i n c i n n a t u s

stage name

The Jewel of American South

John Hancock s i g n a t u r e Seas Islands Palmyra, 1,100

Heine Miller’s pen name

(nickname memorializing miles southwest of Honolulu

Jochanan John

most prominent autograph on Jewel of the East Bali

Jock John

Declaration of Independence ) Jewel of the Eastern Sea S r i

Jocko Art Conlan

John Houseman J a c q u e s Lanka

Joe Bananas Mafia chief Jo-

Haussmann jewelers’ putty stannous oxide

seph Bonanno

John le Carré D av i d J o h n Jewel of German Cities Heidel-

Joey Bishop Joseph Gottlieb

Moore Cornwell berg

Joe Doakes nickname for the

Johnny John; John M Grant, Jewel Island Ceylon

average American man

Jr; John von Neumann (Hun- Jewel of the Kalahari L a ke

Joe Doe name used for the av-

garian-born American mathe- Okavango, Botswana

erage American male

matician) Jewell Manor Jewell Manor

Joel Grey Joe Katz

Johnny Appleseed J o h n (delinquent) Girls Center at

Joe Louis Joseph Louis Bar-

(Johnny) Chapman Louisville, Kentucky


Johnny Crapaud n i c k n a m e Jewels of the Caribbean U.S.

Joe Sixpack newsroom slang

for a Frenchman or a New Or- Virgin Islands

describing average newspaper

leans creole Jewish Alps Catskill Moun-


Johnny Guitar Watson J o h n tains, New York

Joe Who? Canadian Secretary

Watson Jewish ampicillin c r e a m o f

of State Joe Clark

Johnny Reb(s) J o h n ny chicken soup

Joe Zilch the average Ameri-

can formerly called Joe Blow

Rebel(s)—Confederate sol- dier(s)

Jewish champagne c e l e r y

or Joe Doakes Johann Gutenberg J o h a n n

John Oxenham Wi l l i a m tonic (carbonated celery-fla-

vored water)


Arthur Dunkerly John Paul C h a r l e s H e n r y

Jewish Confederate J u d a h

John Archer Ralph Bowman John Denver H e n r y J o h n

Webb Philip Benjamin

John Paul I Albino Luciani Jewish doughnuts bagels

Deutschendorf Jr.

John Paul II Karol Wojtyla Jewish Dristan h o r s e r a d i s h

John I John the First (John Ad-

John Rhode C e c i l J o h n (celebrated for its ability to

ams—second President of the

Charles Street’s pseudonym bring about nasal deconges-

United States)

John’s St John’s tion)

John II John the Second (John

Johns of Geneva Jean Calvin Jewish penicillin chicken soup

Quincy Adams—sixth Presi-

and Jean-Jacques Rousseau Jews of Asia ethnic Chinese

dent of the United States)

John Sinjohn John Galswor- overseas

John XXIII Angelo Giuseppe

thy jezebel abandoned and shame-


John Wayne Marion Michael less woman; a prostitute

John Barleycorn personifica-

tion of beer or malt liquor


Eponyms, Nicknames

Jolly Green Giant Jim Garri-

folded, holding a balance in son, former New Orleans dis-

Juanita Juana (Jane, Joan)

one hand and a palm frond in trict attorney

Juan Pablo (Spanish—John

the other Joltin’ Joe J o e D i M a g g i o

Paul—the Pope

The Just Society (nickname— (baseball player)

Jubilee Girls Jubilee Lodge

for (delinquent) Girls at

Prime Minister Pierre

Jonathan Fogarty Titulescu

Trudeau’s administration of James T(homas) Farrell

Brimfield, Illinois

Canada) Jonathan Oldstyle ( p s e u d -

Judas Priest Jesus Christ (ren-

Jute Port Dundee, Scotland onym—Washington Irving)

dered as a palatable exclama-

Jutland mainland of Denmark Joni Mitchell Roberta Joan

tion or oath)

and Schleswig-Holstein Anderson

Judy Judith

Juvenal Decimus Junius Juve- Jordan’s Port Al Aqabah Jordie Jordan(a)

Judy Garland motion-picture-

reel name of Frances Gumm


Kabul River City Kabul, Af- Jordy Jordan

Judy Holliday Judith Tuvim

ghanistan j or j jam or jelly (cocaine)

Juggernaut Jagananth or port

Kabwe formerly Broken Hill, José Ferrer José Vicente Fer-

of Puri on the Bay of Bengal

Jules Romains L o u i s - H e n r i


Kaffir King Barney Barnato José Greco Constanzo Greco

rer y Cintron

Jean Farigoule

Kahlbaum’s disease d e m e n - Joseph a Guarneri violin (short

Julia Marlowe Sarah Frances

tia with muscular tension Joseph Bentonelli J o s e p h

form of Giuseppe Guarneri)

Frost’s stage name

Kahler’s disease b o n e - m a r- Horace Benton

Julie Andrews Julia Wells

Julio Diniz J o a q u i m G u i l -

row destruction Kaiser Bill Wilhelm ll— Em-

Jumbo Barnum’s famous 6 1 / 2 Konrad Korzeniowski peror of Germany Joseph Hansen J a m e s C o l -

Joseph Conrad Teodor Josef

herme Coelho

Kalahari Kalahari Gemsbok ton’s pseudonym

ton 11-foot-high trained ele-

rica Josephine Josephine Baker

phant exhibited in the eighties

National Park in southern Af-

Jumbo Al Hirt

Josephine Bell Doris Bell Col-

Jumbo Bill America’s 27th

Kalatdlit-Nunat (Greenlandic Eskimo—Land of the Peo-

ple)—Greenland’s name Josephus Flavius Josephus,

lier Ball’s pseudonym

President—300-pound Will-

adopted in 1979 pen name of Arius Caipurnius

iam Howard Taft

Kalima formerly Albertville Piso

Jumbo State Texas

Josephus Flavius Josephus— Kalimantan Indonesian seg-

Jumping Joe Joe Dugan (base-

apostate Jew and recorder of ment of Borneo

ball player)

the Roman conquests Kalinin Soviet name for Tver

Jump Jet nickname of U.S.

Joseph von Sternberg J o s e f Kaliningrad formerly Königs-

Marine Corps AV-8B fighter-

Stern berg

bomber capable of vertical

Josh Joshua; (pseudonym— Kamenev L ev B o r i s ov i c h

takeoff and landing

Samuel L Clemens) Rosenfeld

June Allyson Ella Geisman

Josh Billings stage name of Kampuchean Ports (see Cam-

Juneteenth June 19, 1865,

humorist Henry Wheeler bodian Ports)

when blacks in Texas were

Shaw Kanakalanders nickname for Josiah Flynt Josiah Flynt Wil-


Queenslanders who hired lard’s pseudonym

Jungle Novels collective name

many South Sea Kanakas to Josie Josephina; Josephine

given to B Traven’s books

work on their plantations The Journal The Wall Street

(see Hal Croves)

Junipero Serra Miguel José

kanaka(s) S o u t h S e a i s -

lander(s) The Joy Train n i c k n a m e i n

Journal Serra

Kanawha River City Charles- 1990s for Brazil’s bureau-

junk heroin’s nickname, also

ton, West Virginia cracy (O Trem da Alegria)

called smack

Kangarooland Australia J-town Jamestown; Johnstown

Junk Bond King M i c h a e l

Kanner syndrome early infan- Jualpa Camp Juneau, Alaska,


tile autism Pennsylvania Camp (Alaska

junkie drug addict

kansas cathedrals silos gold-mining site)

Jupiter of Wall Street J P

Kareem Abdul Jabbar L ew Juana la Loca ( S p a n i s h —


Alcindor Juana the Mad)——queen of

Jusepe José de Ribera

Karl Johan Jean Baptiste Jules Castile whose lisp became the

Jussi Björling Johan Jonaton

Bernadotte royal style known as Castilian


Karl Malden Mladen Seku- Juan Bimba the typical Vene-

Justicia justice personified

lovich zuelan

(second goddess wife of Jupi-

Karl Radek Karl Sobelsohn Juan Gris J o s é Vi c t o r i a n o

ter or Themis who held the

Kashin a class of Soviet de- González

same post under the Greek

god Zeus); she stands blind-

stroyer-leader ships

Eponyms, Nicknames

Kate Catherine; Katherine;

King of the Bees Samuel Lin- Katharine Hepburn; Katrina

The Keys Florida Keys extend-

naeus Katherine Mansfield p s e u d -

ing southward from Key Bis-

King of Birds the eagle onym—Kathleen Beauchamp

cayne near Miami on the At-

King Bomba Ferdinand II Murry

lantic Ocean to Key West

King of Cakes wedding cake Kawasaki syndrome m o s t

between the Atlantic and the

Gulf of Mexico containing

King of the Carnivorous Dino-

saurs Tyrannosaurus rex ited heart disease in children;

common cause of noninher-

the Marquesas Keys, the Dry

King of Cartoons Tex Avery first described in 1967 by Dr

Tortugas, and Fort Jefferson

King of Cats the lion in Af- Tomisaku Kawasaki

National Monument

rica; tiger in Asia; puma in Keeling Islands old name for

Key State New South Wales

North America; jaguar in Cocos in the Indian Ocean

Key to Stockholm Aland Is-

Central and South America Keewanee peninsula on the

lands between Finland and


King of Chefs and Chef of

south side of Lake Superior,

Kings Auguste Escoffier Michigan

Keystone Province Manitoba

King of Coke H e n r y C l a y Kelly Country A u s t r a l i a ’s

Keystoner(s) Pennsylvanian(s)

Frick northern Victoria named after

Keystone State Pennsylvania

King of Conductors H e r b e r t the nineteenth-century outlaw

Keystone of the South Atlantic

Ned Kelly von Karajan

Seaboard South Carolina

Kelp Capital San Diego, Cali- King of the Congo l ow l a n d

Khazarian Way D o n Vo l g a

and mountain gorilla fornia


Khazar Sea Caspian Sea

King of the Conifers the se-

Kelp Capital of the World

offshore San Diego, Califor- quoia

Khmer Cambodia

nia King Cotton personification of

Khmer Republic Cambodia

Kelper(s) Falkland Islander(s) the cotton crop of the south-

Khmer Rouge Red (Commu-

Kelt Soviet air-to-surface mis- ern United States

nist) Cambodia

King of Courts the forensic sile carried by Tu-16 bombers

Kick-’em-Jenny Diamond Is-

Kelvin Kelvin Scale

land’s nickname (West Indian

orator Quintus Hortensius of

Kemal Ataturk Mustafa Ke- Rome

island near Grenada)

mal Pasha King of the Cowboys R oy

Kid Chocolate Eligio Sardin-

Kenitra formerly Port Lyautey, Rogers French Morocco

ias (boxer)

King Crab Capital Ko d i a k , Kenny G Kenneth B Gorelick

Kid McCoy N o r m a n S e l b y

Alaska Kentucky Colonel E a r l e


Kid Ory Edward Ory (com-

King of the Delta Blues Sing-

Combs (baseball player) ers Robert Johnson Kentucky Rifle Glen Combs


Kingdom of Cabbage G e r- (basketball player)

Kiel Canal formerly Kaiser

many Kenya Ports M o m b a s a ,

Wilhelm Canal

Kingdom of Death Hel (name Takaungu, Malindi, Lamu

kieselguhr silica (SiO 2 )

of the Queen of Death in Nor- Kester Christopher

Kildin Soviet class of fleet de-

dic mythology) Ketchikan State Jail and De-


Killer H a r m o n K i I l e b r ew

Kingdom of the Hellenes

tention Home in Ketchikan,

Greece Alaska

(baseball player)

killer disease dysentery

Kingdom of Perpetual Night

keyboard condom p l a s t i c

Hell sheath over computer key-

Killer Whale Moon July 3 full

Kingdom of Sardinia the Ital- board


ian Peidmont and the island Keyboard Titan V l a d i m i r

Kilometer-high City B o o n e ,

of Sardinia Horowitz

North Carolina

Kingdoms of the North Den- Key City P o r t Tow n s e n d ,

Kim Novak Marilyn Novak

mark, Norway, Sweden Washington; Vicksburg, Mis-

The King Clark Gable (Will-

iam Gable)

Kingdom of the Swedes, Goths,

and Wendes Sweden Key to England Dover on the


King of Acids sulfuric acid

King Auks great auks

Kingdom of the Thunder

bay beneath the chalk cliffs of

Dragon Bhutan Kent flanking the English

King of Austrian Opera

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Naples and Sicily Key of the Gulf Cuba


King of the Band John Philip

King of European Music Fes- Key of the Indian Ocean


tivals Salzburg Mauritius

King of Bath Richard (Beau)


King of Filibusters Wi l l i a m

Key of the Mediterranean

Walker Gibraltar

King of Beans adzuki bean

Kingfish Senator Huey P Long Key to the New World 1 6 t h -

King of Beasts the lion

of Louisiana century Havana

King of the Beats J a c k Ke r-

ouac, writer

King of Fish wild salmon

Eponyms, Nicknames

King of the Fjords S o g n e

King of the Vibraphone Lion- Fjord, Norway

King of the Pianists Claudio

ell Hampton King of French Opera H e c -


King of Waters the Amazon tor Berlioz

King of the Ragtime Writers

King of the West Saxons A l - King of Fruits the mango

Scott Joplin

fred the Great King of German Opera R i -

King of Rivers North Amer-

King Who Lost George III, chard Wagner

ica’s Colorado and South

who lost the American colo- King of the Gods Jupiter (Ro-

America’s Amazon

nies man mythology)

King of Roads John Loudon

King Who Lost America King of the Harmonica


Great Britain’s George III Sonny Boy Williamson

King of Rock ’n’ Roll E l v i s

King of Wines champagne (Aleck Miller)


King of Zydeco Clifton Che- King of the High Cs Luciano

King of Russian Opera Piotr

nier Pavarotti

Ilyich Tchaikovsky

King of the Screen Fa r i d

Kinmen Chinese name for

King of the Huns and Scourge

Quemoy Island of God Attila


king’s cure-all evening prim-

Kinshasa formerly Leopold-

King of Indonesian Primates

ville, Belgian Congo the orangutan

rose oil

Kiowa Bell helicopter whose King of Instruments the hu-

King of the Seas N e p t u n e

civil version is called the Jet man voice; the organ; the vi-

(Roman) or Poseidon (Greek)

Ranger olin or other string instru-

King of the Sea Turtles trunk-

Kipling’s Khyber m o u n t a i n ments

back turtle

pass between Afghanistan King of Italian Opera Giuseppe

king’s English correct English

and Pakistan Verdi

king’s evil scrofula (lymph-

Kipper NATO nickname for King of Jazz Louis (Satchmo)

gland tuberculosis)

air-to-surface missile carried Armstrong and Paul White-

King of Snakes king snake

by Tu-16 aircraft man

Kirk Douglas Issur Danielov- ich Demsky cording to the New Testament

King of Spruces Sitka spruce

King of the Jews Jesus, ac-

King Star Regulus, in the con-

Kirsty Kristina; Kristine King of the Jungle the tiger King of Kings Jehovah—God

stellation Leo King of Steel Andrew Carn-

Kisangani f o r m e r l y S t a n - leyville, Belgian Congo of the Christians and Jews; ti-


kissy-face investing r e l a t i o n - tle of various presumptive rul- ers of African and Oriental

King of Swat George Herman


King Swazi Kingdom of Swa-

ship funds seeking invest- ments

kit injection paraphernalia King Kong C h a r l i e Ke l l e r


ziland King of Swing Benny Good-

Kit Catherine; Christopher; (baseball player)

Kitty King of Kora Toumani Diabate

man; Elvis Presley

Kit Carson Christopher Car- King of Laughter Bert Will-

King of Tasmanian Rivers t h e

son nicknamed Monarch of iams (Egbert Austin Will-


the Prairies as well as Nestor iams)

King of Terrors personifica-

of the Rocky Mountains King Leso Kingdom of Lesotho

tion of death

Kit Carson City Carson City, King of Lizards ko m o d o -

King of Tools the lathe

Nevada named for the fron- dragon lizard

King of Tortoises Galápagos

tiersman King of Metals gold


Kitchener formerly Berlin, King of the Missions Mission

King of Torts Melvin Belli

Ontario but changed in World San Luis Rey, east of Ocean-

King of Trains and Train of

War I to honor Lord Kitch- side, California

Kings Orient Express

ener King of Naples Marshal Joachim

King Tut King Tutankhamen

Kitchener of Khartum G e n - Murat

of Egypt

King of the Twelve-String Gui-

eral Horatio Herbert Kitch-

King of Oceanic Scavengers

ener the albatross

tar Leadbelly (Huddie Led-

Kitsi Kathryn King of the Octaves Claudio


Kittle Katherine; Kitty Belairs José Domingo Brindis de Sala

King of the Underworld

Kittsian(s) inhabitant(s) of St King Oliver Joseph (King) Ol-

Osiris (Egyptian mythology)

Kitts iver—Doctor Jazz

King of the Vagabonds F r a n -

Kitty Catherine King of the One-Liners Henny

çois Villon whose real name

kiwi(s) New Zealander(s) Youngman

was François de Montcorbier

Klinefelter syndrome affect- King of the Opera tenor-con-

King of Vaudeville J i m m y

ing genitalia and internal ductor Placido Domingo

(Schnozzola) Durante

King of Verismo G i a c o m o

ducts, usually male; testes un-

King of Ornithological Paint-

derdeveloped and do not pro- ers John James Audubon

Puccini (celebrated composer

of realistic operas)

duce sperm

Eponyms, Nicknames

Klondike Country the Yukon

Kulmhof Chelmo a Polish con- Klong Toey Bangkok, Thai-

Korean Ports North Korean—

centration camp land’s waterfront area

Chinnampo, Wonson, Konan,

Kuriles Kurile Islands of north- Knickerbocker Group Wi l l -

Kimchaek, Chongjin, Najin

ernmost Japan seized by Rus- iam Cullen Bryant, James

Up, Unggi; South Korean—

sia at end of World War II Fenimore Cooper, Washing-

Inchon, Kunsan, Mokpo,

Kuwait Ports Mina abd Allah, ton Irving (Diedrich Knicker-

Yosu, Masan, Pusan

Ash Shuaiba, Mina al Ah- bocker)

Korea Strait Tsushima Strait

madi, Abu Hulafah, Al Ku- Knickerbocker(s) New Yorker(s)

(scene of decisive Japanese

wayt Knight of La Mancha D o n

naval victory over Russian

Kwok’s disease Chinese res- Quixote

fleet during Russo-Japanese

War of 1905)

taurant syndrome produced

Knight of the Rueful Counte-

by monosodium glutamate nance Don Quixote

Korovograd f o r m e r l y Z i -

and resulting in dizziness, Knight of the Swan L o h e n -

novievsk or Elisavetgrad

headaches, and nausea grin

Kotlin Soviet guided-missile

Kynda a S ov i e t c l a s s o f Knockout Brown Va l e n t i n e


heavily-armed destroyers Braun (boxer)

Kousse Sergey Koussevitsky

Kraguj Yugoslav counterinsur-

La Argentina Antonia Mercé

Know-Nothing President

y Luque Millard Fillmore

gency aircraft

La Belle Epoque ( F r e n c h — Knut Hamsun Knut Pedersen

Kremlin seat of government in

The Beautiful Epoch)—1900 Koba Stalin’s party name prior


to 1914 (turn of the century to the Bolshevik takeover of

Kremlin Killer Josef Stalin

to the start of the first world Russia

Kresta Soviet guided-missile

war) Kobarid Yugoslavian name for

destroyer-leader warships

LaBelle Province ( F r e n c h — Caporetto

Kringleville Racine, Wiscon-

the beautiful Province)— Kodak City Rochester, New


Québec York

Krishaber’s disease dizzy-and-

La Belle Riviére ( F r e n c h — Kodamá (Japanese—Echo)—

sleepy neurosis accompanied

The Beautiful River)—fron- nickname of the high-speed

by fainting

tier nickname of the Ohio in express train linking Kyoto

Kriss Kringle Santa Claus

the days of Audubon and with the port of Osaka

Kristallnacht ( G e r m a n —

Boone Kodok Sudanese name for

Night of Broken Glass)—

La Bonne Louise L o u i s e Fashoda

nights of November 8th, 9th,

Michel remembered for good Ko-i-noor (Persian—Moun-

and 10th in 1938 when Nazi

works among the poor of tain of Light)—Nadir Shah’s

mobs broke the windows and

Paris name for the celebrated

smashed the doors of Ger-

Labor Boss Samuel Gompers, mountain-shaped diamond

man-Jewish stores and tem-

John L Lewis, and George Komar (Russian—Mosquito)—

ples before looting them,

Meany guided-missile patrol craft

burning them, and sending

Labrador Canadian version of used by the navies of Algeria,

their inhabitants to concentra-

Boeing-Vertol CH-113 heli- China, Cuba, Egypt, Indone-

tion camps

copter; Labrador Current; La- sia, Syria, etc.

Kristiania Oslo’s previous

brador duck; Labrador jay; kona (Hawaiian-Polynesian—


Labrador Peninsula; Labra- lee side)—side of an island

Kronos (Greek—Saturn)—

dor pine; Labrador retriever; out of or protected from pre-

god of time

Labrador Sea; Labrador spar; vailing winds

Kronstadt Soviet subchasers

Labrador stone (another name Kona Coast gold m a r i j u a n a

Krung Kao Ayutthaya, Thai-

for Labrador spar); Labrador grown on the kona or lee side


tea of any Hawaiian or Polyne-

Krupny a Soviet class of de-

lace-curtain middle class sian island


La Columna (Spanish—The Kongens By (Danish—King’s

K-T Event Cretaceous extinc-

Column)—Venezuela’s high- City)—Copenhagen

tion, which ended the age of

est mountain also called Pico Königsberg former name for

dinosaurs (K for Cretaceous,

Bolívar Kaliningrad

T for Tertiary)

Lacrosse USA field artillery Korea Gate nickname of the

K-town Kutztown, Pennsylva-

MGM-18A surface-to-sur- exposé involving more than a


face missile million dollars in bribes given

Kubyshka (Russian nickname

La Cumbre ( S p a n i s h — T h e some American politicians in

for Cuba)—a kubyshka is a

Summit)—nickname of the return for their voting money,

jar wherein Russian peasants

Uspallata mountain pass and military aid, and supplies for

bury their money—Kubachka

tunnel in the high Andes link- South Korea

(Little Cuba) has a similar


ing Argentina and Chile

Eponyms, Nicknames

La Divina Maria Meneghini

Lake Poets S a m u e l Ta y l o r

Land of Chopin and Coperni-

cus Poland The Lady cocaine; Statue of


Coleridge, Robert Southey,

Land of Clear Light the Ameri- Liberty, New York

William Wordsworth

can Southwest and the Mexi- Lady of 57th Street New York

Lake State(s) Michigan bor-

can Northwest (La Tierra de City’s Carnegie Hall

dering on lakes Superior,

Luz Clara) Lady Beaverkill Louise Brew-

Michigan, Huron, and Erie;

Land of Columbus Colombia ster Miller

Minnesota with its 10,000


Land of the Conquistadors

Lady Bird Claudia Alta Taylor

Extremadura, Spain where Johnson—wife of President

Lalia Eulalia

Cortez and Pizarro were born Lyndon Johnson

La Lollo Gina Lollobrigida

Land of the Cornstalk A u s - Lady in the Chair Cassiopeia

Lama Aerospatiale observa-

tralia constellation

tion helicopter built in France

and designated SA-315

Land of Crocodiles A f r i c a

Lady of Faubourg Saint-Hon-

and Southeast Asia oré Salle Pleyel, Parisian

Lamb of God Jesus Christ

Land of the Dakotas N o r t h concert hall

Lamia P L Tyraud de Vosjoli

Dakota Lady Hamilton Emma Lyon

(French underground fighter

and chief of intelligence)

Land of Death and Chains

Lady of the Harbor Statue of

Siberia Liberty, New York

lamo strange person

Lamp of Heaven the Moon

Land of the Delight-makers

Lady of the Lakes Michigan

New Mexico Lady of the Lamp Nurse Flo-

Lana Turner Julia Jean Turner

Land of Desolation A n t a r c - rence Nightingale

Land of 10,000 Lakes Minne-

tica and Greenland Lady of Laughter E r m a


Land Down Under Australia Bombeck

Land of Acadie (see Land of

and New Zealand Lady in Red Anna Sage, who


Land of Dragons Hong Kong betrayed gangster John

Land of the African Equator

Zaire (the largest)

Land of Dvorˇák and Smetana

Czechoslovakia Lady Snow cocaine


Land of Albert Schweitzer

Land of the Eagle Albania Lady South Charleston, South


Land of Emeralds Colombia Carolina

Land of Alligators Florida

Land of Enchantment N ew Lady with a Lamp S a n t a

Land of a Million Elephants

Mexico Filomena (immortalized by


Land of Eternal Spring Gua- Longfellow); Statue of Lib-

Land of Art and Mozart

temala erty officially named Liberty


Land of Evangeline M a i n e Enlightening the World

Land of the Aztecs Mexico

east of the Kennebec River, l’Affaire (French—The Af-

Land Between the Rivers

N ew B r u n s w i c k , N ova fair)—the Dreyfus Case

Mesopotamia, better known

Scotia, and Louisiana’s Lafitte Country B a r a t r a r i a

as Iraq

coastal parishes Bay (an old pirate settlement

Land Beyond the Mountains


Land of Farmers and Fisher-

men Denmark La Gioconda ( I t a l i a n — T h e

south of New Orleans)

Land Beyond Sorrow Uganda

Land of the Firebird Ancient Cheerful Woman)—another

Land of the Bible Israel

Russia name for Leonardo da Vinci’s

Land of Birds Australia

Land of Five Peoples S u r i - portrait—the Mona Lisa

Land of the Bogs and the Little

name, formerly Dutch Gui- l’Aiglon (French—the Ea-

People Ireland

ana, containing black, brown, gle)—Napoleon II, also

Land of Bondage Egypt in the

red, white, and yellow people known as the Duke of Reich-

time of Moses

from Africa, Indonesia, South stadt

Land of the Boomerang A u s -

America, Europe, and the Laird of Auchinleck J a m e s


Orient Boswell

Land of the Bulgars Bulgaria

Land of the Fjords Norway Laird of Skibo Castle A n -

Land of Cactus New Mexico

Land of Caimans s wa m p -

Land of Flaming Waters

Malawi Laird of Vailima Robert Louis

drew Carnegie

lands of tropical America

Land of Flowers Florida Stevenson

Land of Cakes Scotland

Land of the Cedars Lebanon

Land of the Free U n i t e d

Laird of Woodchuck Lodge

States of America John Burroughs

LandCent Allied Land Forces,

Land of Freedom Liberia Lake City Madison, Wiscon-

Central Europe

Land of the Gaucho Uruguay sin

Land of Cheese, Trees, and

Ocean Breeze Tillamook,

Land of Gavials I n d i a a n d

Lake of the Four Forest Can-

Malaysia tons Lake Lucerne (Switzer-


Land of Genghis Khan Mon- land)

Land of the Cherry Blossoms



Eponyms, Nicknames

Land of Gitche Gumee L a ke

Land of the Lemurs M a d a -

Land of a Million Elephants

Laos Land God Gave Cain Arctic


gascar and Comoro Islands

Land of the Moors A l g e r i a Canada

Land of Leopold Belgium

and Morocco Land of Gold California

Land of the Leprechauns

Land of the Mormons Utah Land of the Golden Lion Iran


Land of Letzeburgesch L u x -

Land of the Morning Calm

Land of Grass Roots S o u t h

Korea Dakota

embourg (where the language

is Letzeburgesch)

Land of Moses Israel

Land of Greek, Roman, and

Land of Mountains the Aus- Modern Ruins Lebanon

Land of Lincoln Illinois

Land of Lions Tanzania (for-

trian Tyrol, Norway, Sweden,

Land of Hans Christian

Switzerland, Tibet Andersen Denmark

merly Tanganyika)

Land of Liszt and Bartok

Land of My Fathers Wales

Land of the Happy Medium

Land of Nod where Cain was Costa Rica


exiled after killing Abel; the Land of Heart’s Desire N ew

Land of the Llamas Peru

realm of sleep Mexico

Landlocked South African

Land o’Cakes Land of Oat- Land of the Heather Scotland

Country Lesotho

meal Cakes—nickname Rob- Land of Heroes Finland

Landlocked South American

ert Burns gave to Scotland Land of Hiawatha M i c h i -

Nations Bolivia and Para-

Land o’ Lakes Wisconsin gan’s Upper Peninsula


Land of Opportunity Arkan- Land of Hope and Glory Great

Land of the Longest East

sas; New Mexico Britain

Coast of South America

Land of Oz imaginary land in- Land of Hospitality Somalia


Land of the Longest West

vented by writer L(yman)

Land of Hospitality and

Frank Baum Charm Thailand

Coast of South America


Land of Pagodas Burma

Land of the Hummingbird

Land of the Long White Cloud

Land of the Panama Canal

Panamá Land of Ice and Fire Iceland


New Zealand

Land of the Pentagram M o - Land of the Incas Peru

Land of the Lotus Blossom

Sri Lanka (Ceylon), where


Land of the Individual and

the lotus blossom symbolizes

Land of the People Greenland

Land of the Pharoahs Egypt Alaska

Other Endangered Species


Land of the Philistines Pa l e s - Land of the Inland Seas G r e a t

Land of the Magyars H u n -

Land of the Inland Sea Chad


Land of the Manchus M a n -


Land of the Plastic Lotus

California the U.S.

Lakes country of Canada and


Land of Plenty South Dakota Land of Instant Women T h a i -

Land of Many Composers

Land of the Poinciana Jamaica land

Russia (birthplace of Aren-

sky, Borodin, Bortniansky,

C u i , G l a z u n ov, G l i e r e ,

Land of Political Exiles Ya k u -

Land of Iron and Diamonds

tia (northeastern Siberia) Sierra Leone Land of Isolation Antarctica

Glinka, Khachaturian, Lia-

dov, Liapunov, Medtner,

Land of Precious Things E l

Salvador Land of the Kangaroo Australia Land of the Khmers Cambo-

Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Rach-

maninoff, Rimsky-Korsakov,

Land of the Prince Wales

Land of the Prophets Israel dia

Scriabin, Shostakovich,

Land of the Quetzal G u a t e - Land of the Kiwi New Zealand

Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky)

mala Land of Lakes Wisconsin

Land of Many Tribes Tanza-

nia (formerly Tanganyika)

Land of the Red People O k l a -

Land of Lakes and Fens

homa Finland

Land of the Maoris N ew


Land of the Rich Coast Costa

Land of Lakes and Forests

Rica Sweden

Land of the Marsupials Aus-


Land of the Rising Sun Japan

Land of Lakes and Volcanos

Land of the Mayas Honduras

Land of the Rolling Prairie

Iowa Land of the Lamas Tibet

El Salvador

Land of Mecca Saudi Arabia

Land of the Rose England Land of Lamentations H o l y

Land of Men Marquesas Is-

Land of the Sagas I c e l a n d Land, Israel and Palestine

lands in the South Pacific

Land of the Midnight Sun

(where the art of storytelling

Land of the Largest Antilles

dates from the 12th century) Cuba

northern Alaska, Canada’s

Land of the Saints Utah Land of Latte Stones Guam

Northwest Territories, Green-

land, Iceland, Norway, Swe-

Land of Saints and Scholars

Land of Leeks Wales

Ireland Land of Legend C a n a d a ’s

den, Finland, and Siberia

Land of the Sea The Nether- Yukon Territory

Land of Milk and Honey I s -

rael’s Jordan River Valley


Eponyms, Nicknames

Land of Sea and Mountain

Las Crutches trucker’s nick- Norway

Land of the Trade Winds U.S.

name for Las Cruces, New Land’s End Cornish cape in

Virgin Islands

Mexico southwest England—west-

Land of the Unexpected N ew


Last Capital of the Confeder-

acy Danville, Virginia Land of Shakespeare England

ernmost England

Land of the Vikings Norway

Last Chance Gulch g o l d Land of the Shamrock Ireland

particularly Vestfold province

miner’s name for Helena, Land of Silence Lapland

on the western shore of Oslo

Montana Land of Silver Argentina

Fjord where Viking remains

Last Cocked Hat James Mon- Land of Six Peoples G u y a n a

are plentiful

roe—fifth President of the (formerly British Guiana),

Land of Voltaire France

United States and last to wear containing Africans, Amerin-

Land of Waterfalls Norway

the cocked hat of the Ameri- dians, Chinese, East Indians,

Land of Waters Guyana

can Revolution Spaniards, and other Euro-

Land of the Wattle Australia

Last Continent A n t a r c t i c a peans

Land of the West M o r o c c o

(from Arabic maghrib mean-

(last continent to be discov-

Land of Skillful Farmers

ered) Lithuania

ing west)

Last Corner of Arabia Oman Land of the Sky North Caro-

Land of the Whispering

Last Frontier A l a s k a ’s o l d lina

Bushes California

nickname and current nick- Landslide Lyndon S e n a t o r

Land of the White Ant A u s -

name of Canada’s Northwest Lyndon B Johnson

tralia’s Northern Territory

Territories; Antarctica; Mi- Land of Small Islands Micro-

ami, Florida nesia

Land of the White Eagle P o -

Last Great Place Montana Land of Smiles Thailand


Last Great Race Iditarod Dog Land of Song Italy

Land of the White Elephant


Land of the White Mountain

Sled Race

Last of the Incas Atahualpa

Last, Loneliest, Loveliest (city) Land South of the Clouds

Land of the South American


Equator Brazil and Ecuador

Land of the Winds I r a n o r

Auckland, New Zealand, ac-

Yunnan cording to Kipling


Lane’s disease chronic consti-

Land of the Southern Cross

Last Lovely City S a n F r a n -

cisco Land of Spring coastal south-



Langtry formerly Vinegaroon,

Last Outpost on the Missis-

ern California from San Di- sippi Pilot Town (near Ven-

Texas; renamed in 1882 by

ego to Santa Barbara ice, Louisiana)

Judge Roy Bean to honor ac-

Lands Reclaimed from the Last of the Prophets before

tress Lillie Langtry whose

Sea Netherlands Mohammed Jesus, accord-

name also adorned his combi-

ing to the Moslems Land of the Suez Canal Egypt

nation courthouse and sa-

loon—The Jersey Lily

Last Remaining Polynesian

Lands of Sunlit Nights Scan-

Kingdom Tonga christened dinavian countries during

Lansen (Swedish—Lance)—

the Friendly Isles by Captain summertime (Denmark, Fin-

jet interceptor aircraft desig-

Cook land, Iceland, Norway, Swe-

nated J-32

Last of the Romans Rienzi den)

La Pasionaria Dolores lbar-

Last Romantic poet and polit- Land of Steady Habits C o n -

ruri famed for her impas-

ical writer Max Eastman; Ri- necticut

sioned speeches during the

Spanish civil war

chard Strauss; Sergei Rach-

Land of Sunburned Faces

m a n i n ov ; W S o m e r s e t Ethiopia

La Perla ( S p a n i s h — T h e

Maugham Land of Sunshine New Mex-

Pearl)—San Juan

Lapland northernmost Fin-

Last Son of the 18th Century

ico, South Africa, and south-

Gioacchino Rossini ern California

land, Norway, Sweden, and


Last Stronghold of the Moors

Land of Symphonists Austria

Granada, Spain (birthplace or home of

La Popessa Mother Pascalina

La Stupenda Dame Joan Suth- Haydn, Mozart, Bruckner,

(nurse and confidante of Pope

erland and Mahler)

Pius XII for forty-one years)

last trump the sound of the last Land of the Templars Malta

Larruping Lou Henry Louis

trumpet believers expect to Land That Time Forgot Aus-

(Lou) Gehrig

hear on Judgment Day tralia

Larry Laurence; Lawrence

Last Viceroy Earl Mountbat- Land of the Thistle Scotland

Larry King Larry Zeigler

La Salle Street Chicago’s fi-

ten of Burma (India’s last

Land of the Thousand Lakes

viceroy) Finland

nancial district

Last Word Society American Land of Togetherness Kenya

La Scala Milan’s opera house

Academy of Forensic Sci- Land of Tomorrow Brazil

La Scala West nickname of

Chicago’s Lyric Opera


Eponyms, Nicknames

Last Year of Confusion 4 6

Hayes—who served only B.C., which Julius Caesar or-

Leader of the Renaissance

non-intoxicating fruit drinks dered lengthened by 90 days

World Florence (Firenze)

while at the White House to align the calendar

Leader of the West U . S . A .

Lemur Paradise Madagascar La Superba (Italian—The Su-

Lena River City Yukutsk, Si- perb)—Genoa’s proud appel-

Lead State nickname shared

beria lation dating back to the time

by Colorado and Missouri

Lenny Leonard Bernstein; of Columbus

League-of-Nations President

Lenny Bruce (Leonard Alfred Las Vegas East Atlantic City,

Woodrow Wilson

Schneider) New Jersey

Leaning Tower L e a n i n g

Tower of Pisa in Italy

Lens-Grinder Philosopher

Las Villas f o r m e r l y S a n t a

Benedictus de Spinoza Clara province in Cuba

Leao do Mar (Portuguese—

Leonard Holton L e o n a r d Las Wages nickname of Las

Lion of the Sea)—the stormy

Patrick O’Connor Wibber- Latter-Day Saint J o s e p h

Vegas, Nevada

Cape of Good Hope

Lebanese Ports Ta r a bu l u s ,

ley’s pseudonym Leonard Q Ross ( p s e u d -

Beirut, Sayda, Sur Leber’s disease congenital at-

onym—Leo Rosten) Mormon

Smith—author of The Book of

Leon Bakst Leon Nikolaevich Latter-Day Saints t h e M o r-

rophy of the optic nerve

Rosenberg mons

Le Boulevard des Princes

Leopard West German Krauss- Maffei medium tank armed

Laughing Philosopher Vo l -

(French nickname—Hortense


Schneider—actress and inti-

mate of European royalty)

with a 105mm gun

Launcelot Langstaff p s e u d -

Leopold’s galloping ghost

onym shared by Washington

Congo-attained dysentery James K Paulding when they

L’Ebreo (Italian—The He-

Irving, William Irving, and

Leopoldville Kinshasa, Zaire published the Salmagundi es-

b r ew ) — n i c k n a m e o f

Lepke Louis Buchalter (1897– says

Salomone Rossi—Renais-

1944) Laura World War II code name

sance composer and rabbi

Le Carré J o h n L e C a r r é

Le Roi Soleil (French—The for Majuro, still in use by

Sun King)—Louis XIV Americans and Marshallese

(pseudonym of David John

Le Sage ( F r e n c h — T h e islanders

Moore Cornwall)

Wise)— Charles V Laura Z Hobson L a u r a K

Lecumberri-Hilton nickname

Lesbian Poet Sappho, the po- Zametkin

of Mexico City’s great prison

etess of Lesbos Laurel and Hardy comedians

Le Douainier (French—The

Lesbos Lésvos or Mytilene in Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

Custom House Officer)—

the Aegean Lauren Bacall Betty Perske

nickname of Henri Rousseau

Lesbos Long Island Fire Is- Laurence Templeton S i r

the primitive painter

land, Long Island, NY Walter Scott’s pseudonym

Leedsloiner(s) n a t ive ( s ) o f

Les Cayes modern name for used in the publication of


Aux Cayes, Haiti also called Ivanhoe

Lee Grant Lyova Rosenthal

Lee J Cobb Leo Jacoby


Lawgiver of Ancient Greece

Leslie Charteris L e s l i e Solon of Athens

Leewards Leeward Islands

Charles Bowyer Yin Law of Infinitesimals d i l u t e

Left Bank of the ’90s P r a -

Leslie Ford Z e n i t h J o n e s substances can have very

gue, Czech Republic

Brown’s pseudonym strong effects

Lefty Robert Grove

Leslie Howard Leslie Stainer Lawrence of Arabia Thomas

legacy system a ny o u t d a t e d

Lesser Antilles Leeward and Edward Lawrence

computer software

Windward Islands extending Lawrence L Lynch E m m a

Leghorn English equivalent of

from the Virgin Islands to Murdock Van Deventer’s

Livorno on Italy’s west coast

Trinidad and the Dutch West pseudonym

Le Grande Orange R u s t y

Indies (Aruba, Bonaire, Law of Similars like cures like

Staub (baseball player)

Curaçao) Law West of the Pecos Judge

Le Grand K (French—the big

lessie(s) lesbian(s) Roy Bean of Langtry, Texas,

kilogram)—platinum cylin-

Lethbridge originally Coal- also known as the Hanging

der, housed in Paris, that is the

banks, Alberta Judge

official standard weight for

LeVar Burton Levardis Robert Lazy B Boeing

the kilogram

Burton Junior lazy eye amblyopia

Le Grand Siècle (French—The

Leviathan of Literature D r Leadbelly Huddie Ledbetter

Great Century)—the 1600s

Samuel Johnson Leader of the East U S S R

Lemnos Limnos island in the

Le Vigan Robert Coquillaud (1945–1989)


Lemonade Lucy M r s L u cy

Levittown Pennsylvania town,

Leader of French Enlighten-

created by William Levitt; ment Denis Diderot

Ware Webb Hayes—wife of

President Rutherford B

considered the first suburb

Eponyms, Nicknames

Lewis Carroll Charles Lut-

Limey(s) Limejuicer(s)—Brit- widge Dodgson

lifeblood of the industrialized

ish sailor(s) or ship(s); nick- Lewis Grassic Gibbon p s e u -

world oil

name derived from their use donym of J(ames) L(eslie)

Liftmaster Douglas DC-6 92-

of limejuice to ward off Mitchell

passenger transport

scurvy Liar of Biblical Antiquity An-

liger cross between a lion and

Lincoln’s Shrine Springfield, anias, struck dead for lying,

Illinois according to The Acts in the

a tiger

Lincoln’s State Illinois New Testament

Light of the Ages Moses ben

Lindy Charles Augustus Lind- Libba Cotten Elizabeth Cot- ten

Maimon of Cordoba also known as Maimonades

bergh Linnaeus Carl von Linné Liberace Wladziu Valentino

Light of Asia Gautama Bud-


Linoleum Capital of Scotland

Kirkaldy The Liberator Daniel O’Con-


Lighthorse Harry Major Gen-

Lion of the Caribbean S i r nell

eral Henry (Lighthouse

William Alexander Busta- Liberator of Argentina G e n -

Harry) Lee, USA—father of

mante eral José de San Martín

Robert E. Lee

Lion City Singapore Liberator Czar Alexander II

Lighthouse of the Pacific E l

Lionel Barrymore L i o n e l (1855–1881)—abolished

Faro del Pacifico —Izalco

Blythe serfdom in Russia

Volcano—whenever active,

Lion Flag Ceylon’s emblem Liberator of Genoa A n d r e a

its fire can be seen from

featuring a golden lion with Doria

planes and ships several hun-

dred miles away from El Sal-

an upraised scimitar in his

Liberator of God and Man

right paw comes from the an- Baruch de Spinoza


cient name for this island Liberator of Italy G i u s e p p e

Lightning British BAC all-

Lion Hill Norway’s parlia- Garibaldi

weather supersonic jet

Liberian Ports Robertsport,

ing Monrovia, Buchanan, Harper

Lightnin’ Hopkins Sam Hop-

ment, officially called Stort-

Lion of Judah f o r m e r E m - Libertador de Chile (Spanish—


peror Haile Selassie of Ethio- Liberator of Chile)—Ber-

Ligurian Republic R e p u b l i c

pia nardo O’Higgins

of Genoa

Lion of the North K i n g Libertybellsville Philadelphia

Likasi formerly Jadotville in

Gustavus Adolphus of Swe- Liberty Bowl Memphis, Ten-

the Belgian Congo

den nessee

Lilac New Hampshire state

flower and nickname some-

Lion of Pune B K S Iyengar

Liberty Enlightening the

(yoga teacher) World Statue of Liberty in

times given New Hampshire

Lion’s Den State Tennessee New York Bay


Lion’s Gate harbor entrance of Liberty Island formerly Bed-

Lilac City Spokane, Tacoma,

Vancouver, British Columbia loe’s Island in Upper New


Lion Tamer Ian Smith York Bay where it supports

Lila Lee Augusta Appel

Lippy Leo Ernest Durocher the Statue of Liberty

Lillian Gish Lillian De Guiche

liquid candy soft drinks Library Builder Andrew Car-

Lisbeth Elisabeth; Elizabeta; Elizabeth Library of Last Resort t h e

Lillian Nordica Lilly Norton


Lillian Russell Helen Louise

Listener to the Winds E d - Library of Congress in Wash-


ward MacDowell ington, D.C., where anyone

Lillibet Elizabeth

Liszt Expert Alfred Brendel can consult any book in any

Lillie Emily; Lillian; Lillie

Literary Emporium Boston, language

Langtry—the Jersey Lily—

Massachusetts Librettist-Composer A r r i g o

christened Emilie Charlotte

Le Breton

Literary Queen of Expatriate

Americans Gertrude Stein Libyan L i b y a n D e s e r t i n


Lilli Palmer Maria Lilli Peiser

Lithuania Baltic nation long Egypt, Libya, and the Sudan

lily of the field garlic

ruled by Soviet Russians until Libyan Ports Bardiyah, To-

Lily of France symbolic fleur

1991 bruk, Darnah, Marsa al Hilal,

de lis or lily flower

Little Alfie Alfred Austin Marsa Susah, Benghazi, Az

Lily-Lilo Rosalie Texier

Little America Antarctic camp Zuwaytinah, Marsa al Burayqah, As Sidr, Surt, Mis-

Limbo of the Lost t h e B e r-

muda Triangle, also called the

at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf and the Bay of Whales

ratah, Tarabulus, Marsa Sa-

where Admiral Byrd head- bratah, Zuwarah

Devil’s Triangle

quartered; East Anglia, En- licorice tincture of opium

Limejuicer British sailor

gland (for World War II-era licorice stick clarinet’s nick-

Limerick Lear Edward Lear

United States air bases); Lon- name

of Highgate, near London

Limeyland England

don’s Grosvenor Square

Eponyms, Nicknames

where John Adams lived at

Little Three Williams College, No 9 when he was America’s

Little Joe Apollo spacecraft

Amherst, Wesleyan Univer- first ambassador to Great

booster designed and pro-

sity Britain; now site of the U.S.

duced by General Dynamics,

Little Tiger mainland China’s Embassy


hydrofoil patrol boat called Little Belt Lillebaelt (strait

Little John surface-to-surface

Hu Chwan separating island of Fyn from

rocket produced by Emerson

Little Tokyo Japanese section Danish mainland between


of any American or Canadian Baltic Sea and the Kattegat)

Little Lad of Landau Ameri-

city Little Ben Benjamin Harrison

can political cartoonist Tho-

Little Van President Martin Little Boy A-bomb dropped on

mas (Th) Nast born in Lan-

Van Buren Japanese targets before the

dau, Germany

Little Van Dyke G o n z a l e s end of World War II

Little Lady in Pants Dr Mary

Cocx—Flemish portrait Little Britain A r m o r i c a o r


painter who imitated the style Brittany in northern France

Little Lhasa Dharamsala, In-

of Van Dyke but painted fam- Little Chicago Culiacán, Si-

dia, to which the Dalai Lama

fled in exile from Lhasa, Tibet

ily groups on small canvases

Little Van’s Lady Hannah Van naloa, Mexico

Little Louie L u i s A p a r i c i o

Buren—wife of President Little Chocolate George Dixon

(baseball player)

Martin Van Buren (boxer)

Little Lunnon C o l o r a d o

Little Venice Lake Maracaibo, Little Corporal five-foot-high

Springs, Colorado

Venezuela Napoleon Bonaparte (Le Petit

Little Luther Hans Kung

Little White House Franklin Caporal )

Little Mac General George B

D Roosevelt’s farm home Little Denmark Solvang, Cal-

Mc Clellan

near Warm Springs, Georgia ifornia

Little Magician Martin Van

Little Yellow Book q u o t a - Little Dixies the southern parts

Buren—eighth President of

tions of Deng Xiaoping of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and

the United States

Little Mermaid Edvard Erik-

Live-Entertainment Capital of

parts of Missouri and Okla-

the World Branson, Mis- homa

sen’s bronze statue of a

souri Little Egypt delta country of

maiden seated atop a rock and

Live Free or Die State N ew southern Illinois around Cairo

looking out to sea from

Hampshire and the confluence of the

Copenhagen’s harbor—im-

Live Oak State Florida Ohio and Mississippi

mortalized in Hans Christian

Andersen’s fairy tale

Liverpool of the Pacific Va n -

Little England of the Carib-

couver, British Columbia bean Barbados

Little Neddies Economic De-

velopment Committees

Living Declaration of Inde-

Little Flower Fiorello H La

pendence Thomas Paine Guardia

Little Netherlands Curaçao

Livy Olivia; Roman historian Little Giant Johnny Griffin,

Little New York M i a m i

Titus Livius saxophonist; Knute Nelson—

Beach, Florida’s South Beach

Liz(a) Eliza(beth) populist governor of Minne-

Little Old Lady of Pennsylva-

Lizard Moon f u l l m o o n i n sota; oratorically gifted Sena-

nia Avenue Federal Trade

March tor Stephen Douglas of Illi-


Lizard State Alabama nois

Little Paradise Queen Victo-

Lizards Alabamans’ nickname Little Goldilocks S h i r l ey

ria’s nickname for the Isle of

Lizbeth Elizabeth Temple


Lizzie British sailors’ nick- Little Havana Cuban-refugee-

Little Phil G e n e r a l P h i l i p

Henry Sheridan

name for the superliner

populated sections of Miami, Queen Elizabeth

Little Poison L l oy d Wa n e r

Florida Lizzy Elizabeth

(baseball player)

Little Holland Garibaldi, Ore- Ljuba Welitsch Ljuba Velich-

The Little Professor D o m

gon kova

DiMaggio (baseball player)

Little Ida Idaho Lock City Stamford, Connect-

Little Red Book quotations of

icut Little Inch 20-inch pipeline

Mao Tse-tung

Lock Town Stamford, Con- paralleling the Big Inch

Little Rhody Rhode Island

necticut Little India of the Pacific F i j i

Little Richard Richard Penni-


Log Cabin-and-Hard-Cider

President William Henry Little Italy Italian section of


Little’s disease c o n g e n i t a l

Harrison any American or Canadian

spastic paralysis

Lola Dolores city

Little Steam Engine Pud Galvin

Lola Montez stage name of Little Jazz Roy Eldridge (mu-

(baseball player)

Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna sician)

Little Sure Shot Annie Oak-

ley (Mrs Frank Butler)

Gilbert also known as the

Eponyms, Nicknames

Comtesse de Lansfeld, Mrs

Lord of War Wotan Heald, Mrs Hull, and Mrs

Lord Berners Gerald Hugh

Lorenzo da Ponte Mozart’s li- James


brettist whose real name was Lon Chaney Alonso Chaney

Lord Brougham Henry Peter

Emanuele Corregliano london london broil (thinly-

Lord Byron George Gordon


Lorenzo the Magnificent

sliced flank steak broiled be-

Lorenzo de Medici fore serving); london brown

Lord Chesterfield Philip Stan-

Loretta Young G r e t c h e n (carbuncle gemstone)


Young London Bach Johann Chris-

Lord De La Warr T h o m a s

Loris Hugo von Hofmannsthal tian Bach

West—Lord Delaware

Lorrie Laura; Lorraine Canute the Great’s name for

Lord Desart William Ulick

London of the Scanians King

O’Connor Cuffe

Lord Dufferin Frederick Tem-

Los Angeles’ Sister City

Lund, Sweden; Scandic capi-

Eilat—Israel’s leading oil tal he founded to match his

port London of the English

ple Hamilton Blackwood

Los Pinos ( S p a n i s h — T h e London by the Sea Brighton

(Lord Rector of St Andrews


Pines)—official home of London-super-Mare Brighton

Lord Dunsany Edward John

Mexico’s presidents London Town London, En-

Moreton Drax Plunkett

Lost City of the Incas M a c h u gland

Lord of the East Vladivostok

Picchu, Perim (near Cuzco, Lone Eagle Charles A Lind-

Lord God bird pileated wood-

Peru) bergh


Lost Colony Roanoke Island, Lone Lion of Idaho S e n a t o r

Lord Haw-Haw nickname of

North Carolina (site of Sir William E Borah

William Joyce

Walter Raleigh’s first settle- Lonely Iconoclast George S

Lord of Hell Lucifer

ment) Schuyler

Lord High Executioner of the

Lost Generation people who Lone Star State Texas

Mafia A l b e r t A n a s t a s i a

came of age just after World Longevity Belt zone stretching

War I and lacked cultural, po- from Minnesota to Nova

Lord of Hokkaido J a p a n e s e

litical, or social stability Scotia

red fox

Lost Wages Las Vegas, Nevada Longhair Lair N ew Yo r k ’s

Lord Kelvin William Thom-

(gambling resort) Lincoln Center of the Per-


Lot’s Wife Japanese volcanic forming Arts

Lord Kenneth Ke n n e t h

islet in the North Pacific be- Longhorn(s) Texan(s) named

Clark—Lord Clark of Salt-

tween Iwo Jima and Yoko- after the longhorn cattle char-


hama—resembles a pillar of acteristic of Texas

Lord Keynes John Maynard

salt; mountain of St Helena Long Night Moon full moon in


Island in the South Atlantic December

Lord Kinross J o h n Pa t r i c k

Lotte Charlotte Longshanks Edward I of En-

Douglas Balfour

Lottie Charlotte gland

Lord Kitchener Horatio Her-

Lotty Charlotte Longshore Philosopher E r i c

bert (also known as the Earl

Lou Ambers Louis D’Ambro- Hoffer

of Khartoum)

sio (boxer) Long Tom T h o m a s J e ff e r-

Lord Macaulay Thomas Bab-

Lou Costello Louis Cristillo son—third President of the


Lou Gehrig’s disease a m y o - United States

Lord North Frederick North

trophic lateral sclerosis Lon’on Town British nick-

Lord Palmerston Henry John

Louis Calhern Carl Vogt name for London

Temple nicknamed Pam

Louis Capet King Louis XVI The Loop downtown commer-

Lord Passfield Sidney Webb

looie lieutenant

Louise Homer L o u i s e D i l - cial, financial, hotel, shop-

Lord Peter Death Brendon

worth Beatty ping, and theater district of

Wimsey Ian Carmichael

Lord Protector Oliver Crom-

Louis-Ferdinand Céline Henri- Chicago

Louis Destouches looping taping voices after a

well—Lord Protector of En-


Louis Graveure Wi l f r e d motion picture is shot

Lord of Reason Bertrand A

Douthitt Lord Acton lst Baron John


Louisiana for Louis XIV of Emerich Edward Dalberg-

Lord of the Rings J ( o h n )

France Acton

R(onald) R(euel) Tolkien

Louisiana Ports Baton Rouge, Lord Baltimore George Cal-

Lord Russell Bertrand A Rus-

Lake Charles, New Orleans vert


Louis Jourdan Louis Gendre Lord Beaconsfield Benjamin

Lord Salisbury Robert Arthur

Louis le Debonnaire Louis I Disraeli

Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil

of France Lord Beaverbrook Wi l l i a m

Lord of San Simeon William

Louis Napoleon N a p o l e o n Maxwell Aitken

Randolph Hearst

Lord Tweedsmuir John Buchan

III—Emperor of France

Eponyms, Nicknames

Love Bug widespread, damag-

Lumberjacks Mainers (inhab- ing computer virus in May

Lower Nile Nile River flowing

itants of Maine) 2000

from Khartoum in the Sudan

Lumber State Maine Love Goddess Rita Hayworth

to Cairo in Egypt and the Nile

Lum’n Abner Chester Lauck Lovely Felix F e l i x M e n -

River Delta emptying into the

and Norris Goff delssohn-Bartholdy

Mediterranean Sea

Lunatic of Libya Col Muam- love machine b e d r o o m - o n -

Lower Peninsula s o u t h e r n

mar Qaddafi wheels type of recreation ve-

Michigan between Lake

Lungansk o l d n a m e o f hicle such as a camper, trailer,

Michigan, Lake Huron, and

Voroshilovgrad or van

Lake Erie

Lungs of the Earth b o r e a l Lover of Liberty T h o m a s

Lower Rhine Rhine River be-

forest encircling North from Paine

tween Bonn, Germany and

Canada to Siberia Low Countries Belgium, Lux-

the North Sea coast of the


Lunik Soviet cosmic rocket

landed on Moon September Lower 48 Alaskan name for the

embourg, and the Netherlands

Lower Saxony Neidersachsen

14, 1959 forty-eight contiguous United

including most of Brunswick,

Lusians Portuguese States

Hannover, Oldenburg, and Schaumburg-Lippe

Lusitania (Latin—Portugal)— Lower 48ers Alaskan name for

Lower Silesia southern Silesia

Roman name often used as people in the 48 contiguous

the poetic equivalent of Por- states

Lowland Duchy Luxembourg

tugal traversing northern Brazil

Low Newton remand center in

Lower Amazon Amazon River

Durham, England

Loyalist Province New Brun-

L Wica pseudonym of Vilhelm

the Prince of Sweden and from Manaus to the Amazon


River Delta on the Atlantic

Lozovsky Solomon Abramov-

Duke of Södermanland

Lynn Brock Alister McAllis- near Belém do Pará

ich Dridzo

Lower Austria southern Aus-

ter tria bordering on Switzerland,

Lynn Doyle Leslie Alexander Italy, Yugoslavia, and Hun-

LT Meade Elizabeth Thoma-

sina Meade Smith

Montgomery gary

L-town Lewistown, Illinois

Lyric Land Wales Lower Bavaria e a s t e r n B a -

Lubumbashi formerly Elisa-

bethville, Belgian Congo

Lyric Poet and Literary Critic

Heinrich Heine Lower Burma coastal Burma


Lucan Roman poet Marcus

Maastricht Corridor s o u t h - west of Thailand

Annaeus Lucanus

ernmost projection of the Lower California t h e B a j a

luciferin an organic molecule

Netherlands between Bel- California

that helps fireflies produce

gium and Germany Lower Canada French-speak-

light (named for Lucifer, the

Ma Bell Bell System telephone ing Québec and the lower St

fallen archangel and bearer of

companies linked by AT&T Lawrence region during the


Mac Macintosh computer 19th century

Lucil Gaius Lucilius (Ro-

Ma Cable American Telephone Lower East Side N ew Yo r k

man—satiric writer)

and Telegraph City’s most congested section

Lucille Ball Diane Belmont

Macabre Film Robert Wiene’s south of Washington Square

Lucky Lucky Luciano (Salva-

Cabinet of Dr Caligari Lower Egypt Egypt’s delta

tore Lucania)—once Amer-

macadam m a c a d a m r o a d area north of Cairo and in-

ica’s foremost gangster

(named for its Scottish inven- cluding Alexandria and Port

Lucky Black Swan We s t e r n

tor—JL McAdam); macadam Said

Australia’s city of Perth

stone (stone used in building Lower Franconia northwest-

where black swans swim

macadam pavements or ern Bavaria

about in Perth Water

roads) Lower Galilee Israel between

Lucky Capital Canberra, Aus-

macadamia nuts pale, buttery the Mediterranean and the


nuts from Australia (named Sea of Galilee

Lucky Country Australia

for Dr John MacAdam) Lower Lakes s o u t h e r n m o s t

Lucky Lindy Charles Augus-

MacArthur’s Birthplace L i t - Great Lakes—Erie and On-

tus Lindbergh

tle Rock, Arkansas—birth- tario

Lucy Lucia; Lucilla; Lucille;

place of General Douglas Lower Michigan p e n i n s u l a r

Lucille Ball (Diane Belmont);

MacArthur Michigan south of Mackinac

St Lucia, West Indies

MacGregor mechanically op- Strait

Lucy Stone maiden name of

erated hatch cover Lower Mississippi Mississippi

Mrs Henry Brown Blackwell

Machine Gun George R Kelly River from St Louis to New

Lukas Foss Lukas Fuchs

(1897–1954) and Jack Orleans and the Gulf of Mex-

Lumber Capital Ta c o m a ,

McGurn (1904–1936); Travis ico


Lumber City Bangor, Maine

Grant (basketball player)

Eponyms, Nicknames

mach numbers mach 1, et cet-

Maine Ports Calais to Kittery era—ratio of velocity of an

Magazine of History A m e r i -

including Bangor, Searsport, object to the velocity of sound

can Heritage

Boothbay Harbor, Bath, and (named after Ernst Mach,

Magazinist Edgar Allan Poe’s

Portland Austrian physicist)

self-invented title

mainland China People’s Re- Macintoy Macintosh computer

Magda Lupescu Elena Wolff

public of China Mac OS Macintosh Operating

Magellan of Modern Music

Mainland Hawaiians’ nick- System—trademark

Harry Partch

name for the 49 mainland MacRobertson Land Austra-

states of the United States lian Antarctica

Maggie Margaret; Margaret

Thatcher, Prime Minister of

the United Kingdom of Great

Mainlanders Hawaiian name

Madagascar’s Principal Port

for people of the 49 mainland Tamatave

states Madame Bertha Sarah Bern-

Britain and Northern Ireland

Main Staters inhabitants of hardt

(1979–1990); stock market

Maine Madame Blavatsky H e l e n a

nickname for Magnavox;

Maisie Maria; Marie; Mary; Petrovna Hahn-Hahn

Warren Magnuson (U.S. sen-


Maryjane Madame Deficit Marie Anto-

Maison Gomin correctional inette’s nickname

maggotbox Macintosh com-

facility for women at St Cyri- Madame de Stael B a r o n n e


Ile, Québec Anne Louise Germaine

Maggot Mile Boca Raton, Flor-

Malson Tanguay Montreal’s Madame Récamier J e a n n e


Magic City Miami, Florida

facility for women prisoners

Françoise Julie Adélaïde Ber- Majocchi’s disease r i n g l i ke

Magic Island Haiti on Hispan-

nard empurplement of the lower


Madame X M a d a m e P i e r r e limbs Gautreau

Magic Johnson Earvin Johnson

Major Bob n i c k n a m e o f Mad Anthony Major General

Magister Fouga jet trainer built

former Salvadoran rightist Anthony Wayne

in France

Magnificent 13 N ew Yo r k

leader Roberto D’Aubuisson

Mademoiselle le Professeur

City’s red-bereted teams of

Major Prophets of the Old

Testament Isaiah, Jeremiah, Madge Margaret; Margarita

Nadia Boulanger

vigilantes determined to en-

force law and order in the

Ezekiel, Daniel

Mad Genius of Sex and Psy-


Make-You-Cry Composer

chiatry Wilhelm Reich—

Puccini inventor of the orgone box

Magnolia City Houston, Texas

Make-You-Laugh Composer Madhouse on the Potomac

Magnolia Lady Former First

Lady Rosalynn Carter

Rossini Malacañan (Filipino—Home

the Capitol, the Pentagon, the

Magnolia(s) Mississippian(s)

of the Ruler)—Filipino presi- State Department, the White

Magnolia State Mississippi

dential palace House, Washington, D.C.

Magyar(s) Hungarian(s) Mahatma ( H i n d i — G r e a t

Malacañan Palace official res- Mad Ludwig Ludwig II of Ba-

idence of the President of the Mad Meg nickname of the

Philippines Mayer van der Bergh Mu-

varia (Wagner’s patron)

Souled)—sobriquet of India’s

Malafon Latecoere surface-to- seum in Antwerp, Belgium

greatest leader, Mohandas

surface or surface-to-under- Mad Monk Gregori Rasputin

Karamchand Ghandi

water naval missile made in Madonna Madonna Louise

The Mailman K a r l M a l o n e

(basketball player)

Maid of Orleans J o a n o f

France Malagasy Republic Madagas-

car Mad Priest John Ball


Arc— La Pucelle d’Orleans

Malayan Island Nation S i n - madras madras cloth or ma-

Maid of Zaragoza Augustina

de Aragón (Augustina Dome-

nech Zaragoza—fighter for

gapore Malaysian Ports Penang-But-

dras cotton; madras kerchief

The Maestro Arturo Toscanini

terworth; Lumut, Kelang Maestro of Abolition Brazil-

freedom during Spain’s inva-

(Port Swettenham), Port ian composer-conductor Car-

sion by Napoleonic armies)

Dickson, Melaka los Gomes who fought for the

Mail Soviet BE-12 Beriev am-

Malbrook (Louis XIV’s mis- abolition of slavery

phibian reconnaissance air-

pronunciation of Marlbor- Maestro Crescendo Rossini


ough—John Churchill — Maestro No No conductor-per-

Maimonides Moses ben Mai-

Duke of Marlborough) fectionist Arturo Toscanini


Malcolm X Malcolm Little Mae West American actress of

Main Drag Main Street or the

Maldive Islands Port Malé stage and screen; lifejacket

main street of any American

Malgache Republic Madagas- named after her shape

city or town

car (territory includes Am- Magallanes former name of

Main Drag of Many Tears

sterdam, Crozet, Kerguelen, Punta Arenas, Chile

125th Street in New York

City’s Harlem

and Saint Paul islands)

Eponyms, Nicknames

Malinche ( s e e D o ñ a M a -

tan cocktail (vermouth and

Marburg hemorrhagic fever

rina)— often a Mexican syn-

deadly African fever onym for Quisling or trai-

whiskey mix topped with a

Marc Chagall Marc Segal tor—with Malinchismo

maraschino cherry)

Marcella Sembrich P r a xe d e meaning treachery

Manifest Destiny President

Marcelline Kochanska Maltese Ports Va l e t t a a n d

James Knox Polk

Marches border region of En- Marsaxlokk

Manila Manila hemp (abacá fi-

gland and Wales Maluku (Indonesian—Moluc-

ber used in making fabrics,

March King John Philip Sousa cas)—Spice Islands

rope and paper); Manila paper

Marco Page pseudonym of Mambru (Spanish mispronun-

(buff-color paper prized for

Harry Kurnitz ciation of Marlborough—

its heavy-duty applications)

Marder German armored-per- John Churchill—Duke of

Man of Monach Country

sonnel carrier fitted with a Marlborough)

Fermanagh County in Ulster,

Northern Ireland

Man Against Everything Henry

Mardi Gras Metropolis N ew Louis Mencken (1880–1956),

Manning Coles Cyril Henry

20mm cannon

Orleans, Louisiana editor of the American Mer-


Manny Emanuel; Manuel Man(ny) Han(ny) M a n u fa c -

Marg Margaret cury (1924–33)

Marge Margaret; Margery Man for All Seasons Sir Tho-

turers Hanover (Bank)

Margie Margaret mas More Mañanaland Latin America

Manolete Manuel Rodriguez

Man on Horseback G e n e r a l

Margo Margaret; María Mar-

garita Guadalupe Teresa Es- Manassa Mauler Jack Demp-

Georges Boulanger

tela Bolado Castilla y O’Don- sey born in Manassa, Colo-

Man’s Oldest Disease a l c o -

nell rado,


Margot Margaret Man of a Thousand Faces L o n

Mantovani d’Annunzio Paolo

maria plains of the moon; ar- Chaney

Mantua English place-name

chaic (for Latin mare, or sea) Mana-Zucca Augusta Zucker-

for Mantova

Maria Callas Maria Kalog- man

Manuel Emmanuel

eropolos Man of Blood and Iron Prince

Man Who Broke the Bank of

Maria Ivogün Ilse von Günther Otto von Bismarck

England George Soros

Maria Jeritza Mimi Jedlitzka Man of Destiny N a p o l e o n ;

Man Who Invented Panama

María Montez Maria Africa William Walker, one-time

Philippe Bunau-Varilla

Vidal de Santo Solas dictator president of Nicara-

Man Who Made the Greatest

Marie Brema Minny Fehrman gua who planned for Central

Dictionary James AH Mur-

Marie Corelli Eva Mary Mackay American unification and a

ray who devoted his life to the

Marie Curie M a ny a S k l o - Caribbean federation includ-

creation of the Oxford En-

dowska (1867–1934) ing Central America and

glish Dictionary (OED)

Marie Dressler Leila Von Ko- Cuba

Man Who Made Ragtime Scott

erber Marie’s disease chronic en- dragora offucinarum also


mandrake nickname for Man-

Man With the Hoe The Man

largement of the face, feet, called devil’s testicle or sa-

Wi t h t h e H o e — E d w i n Markham

and hands tan’s apple

Marilyn Monroe Norma Jean Mandy Amanda; Manda

Man of Words lexicographer

Baker Man from Independence Presi-

Eric Partridge

Marina Street San Juan, Pu- dent Harry S Truman

Manxmen Isle-of-Man persons Many Islands (see Polynesia)

erto Rico’s district jail Man from Maine J a m e s G

Man You Loved to Hate Erich

Mariner Venus-Mars fly-by Blaine

space vehicle Man from Missouri P r e s i -

von Stroheim Maple City Ogdensburg, New

Mariner Mystic H e r m a n dent Harry S Truman


Melville Man from Stratford Wi l l i a m

Maple Leaf Canada’s flag con-

Mario Giovanni Matteo Shakspere

sisting of three vertical

Mario Lanza Alfred Arnold Man of God Grigori Rasputin

stripes—red, white, red—

Cacozza (so named by Czar Nicholas

with a red maple leaf on the

Marion Davies Marion Cece- II—last Romanov emperor of

white center stripe

lia Douras Russia)

Ma Rainey Gertrude Rainey

Mariscal de Ayacucho (Span- Mangrove Coast F l o r i d a ’s

Marble Capital Proctor, Ver-

ish—Marshal of Ayacu- southernmost coast between


cho)—Antonio José de Su- the Everglades and the Keys

Marble City R u t l a n d , Ve r-

cre—companion of Bolívar Manhattan Manhattan clam

mont; Sylacauga, Alabama

and first president of Bolivia chowder (minced clams plus

Marble Halls of Oregon Ore-

gon Caves National Monu-

Maritime Capital of Canada

herbs and tomatoes); Manhat-



Eponyms, Nicknames

Maritime Provinces N ew

Master Illusionist L aw r e n c e Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and

Martha Albrand H e i d i H u -

of Arabia, Thomas Edward Prince Edward Island

berta Freybe

Lawrence Maritzburg Pietermaritzburg

Martial Roman epigrammatist

Marcus Valerius Martialis

Master of Light and Shade

Mark Aldanov Mark Aleksan-

Rembrandt van Rijn and Le- drovich Landau

Martin Sheen Ramon Estevez

onardo da Vinci Markland ( N o r s e — Fo r e s t

Martov Yuli Osipovich Tsed-


Master Mariner of the Imagi-

nation Joseph Conrad Markov chains probability the-

Land)—probably Labrador

Martyr Abolitionist Elijah Par-

Master of Melancholy A n - ory based on sequences of

ish Lovejoy

dres Segovia random variables (named for

Martyr of Mexican Indepen-

Master Melvin Mel Ott (base- mathematician Andrei

dence Miguel Hidalgo

ball player) Markov)

Martyr for Science Giordano

Master of Mexico D o n P o r- Mark Rothko Marcus Roth-


firio Diaz (Porfiriato lasted kowitz

Marunouchi Tokoyo’s finan-

from 1876 to 1911) Marks & Sparks M a r k s &

cial center

Marvel of Marble the TaJ Ma-

Mastermind of Revolution

Spencer (British department

VI Lenin store)


Marx Brothers C h i c o ( L e -

Master Musician/Comedian

Mark Twain Samuel Lang-

Victor Borge horne Clemens

onard), Harpo (Arthur),

Groucho (Julius), plus

Master of Neurological Anat-

Mark Twain Town Hannibal,

omy Santiago Ramón y Ca- Missouri

Gummo (Milton), and Zeppo

(Herbert) Marx


Mark Twain in Sneakers

Mary Astor Lucille Lange-

Masterpiece of American

Engineering t h e Pa n a m a Marlboro Country Bulgaria,

George Sheehan


Canal where cigarettes have been

Maryland named for Mary,

Master Pilot Jacques Cartier the currency of choice for

queen of King Charles I

(Le Maître-Pilote) government favors

Maryland Port Baltimore

Mary Pickford Gladys Mary

Master of Political Satire

Marlene Dietrich Magdalene

Mark Russell von Losch

Smith’s stage name

Mary Queen of Scots M a r y

Master of Psychic Polyphony

Marlin Martin P-5M recon-

Richard Strauss naissance flying boat


Mary Roe anonym used when

Master of the Psychological

Marmalade Capital Dundee,

Novel Franz Kafka Scotland

the true name of the woman

Master of Raphael Il P e r u g - Marquis de Vaugenargues L u c

is unknown; nickname of the

average American girl

ino (Pietro Vannucci)

de Clapiers

Marysville Girls Ohio Refor-

Master Scientist-Aero Engi-

Marquis de Sade D o n a t i e n

neer Theodore von Karmen Alphonse Francois

matory for Women at Marys-


Master of Suspense A l f r e d

Marquise de Pompadour

Hitchcock Jeanne Poisson

Masaccio Tommaso Guidi

Master of Swing Count Basie Marquis of Halifax G e o rg e

Masaniello contracted name of

[originally William (Bill) Savile (1633–1695)

Tommaso Aniello

Basie] Marquis of Queensbury box-

Masha (Russian nickname—

Master of Tragic Sorrow P y - ing rules formulated by John


otr Ilich Tchaikovsky Graham Chambers super-

The Masked Marvel Charley

Master of the Telecaster A l - vised by the 8th Marquis of


bert Collins Q u e e n s bu r y — S i r J o h n

Mason and Dixon Line bound-

ary between Maryland and

Master of the Walking Bass

Shollto Douglas

Pennsylvania, also used to de-

Leroy Vinegar

Marquis of Rockingham

Master of the Yosemite Ansel Charles Watson-Wentworth

scribe former demarcation

Adams (former Prime Minister of

between southern slave and

Mastodon of Literature E m - Great Britain)

northern free states

manuel Swedenborg so nick- Marquis of Salisbury Robert

Massachusetts Ports Glouces-

named by Ralph Waldo Em- AT Gascoyne-Cecil

ter, Salem, Boston, Quincy,

erson Marse Robert (southern Amer-

New Bedford

Masurca French-built surface- ican—Master Robert)— Gen-

Master of Color Contrasts

to-air naval missile eral Robert E Lee

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Mata Hari Gertrud Margarete Marshall Plan President Harry

Master Composer R o b e r t

Zelle S Truman


Mateo Boz Miguel Angel Cor- Martel Hawker-Siddeley in

Master of Disguises A l e c

rea’s pseudonym Britain and Matra in France


The Material Girl M a d o n n a built this AS-37 missile

Master of Guerrilla Warfare

Toussaint l’Ouverture


Eponyms, Nicknames

Mato Tepee Devils Tower Na-

Melvin Douglas Melvyn Hes- tional Monument in north-

McGuffin filmmaker Alfred

selberg eastern Wyoming

Hitchcock’s term for a device

Member of the Unemployed Matriarch of Anthropology

that keeps a thriller’s plot in

Scottish socialist leader Keir Margaret Mead


Hardie—founder of the Inde- Matsqui British Columbia’s

McGuffey Reader 1 9 t h - c e n -

pendent Labour Party (ILP) minimum-security facility for

tury reading primer named for

Memé Remedios narcotic addicts at Abbotsford

William McGuffey

Memphis Minnie Lizzy Dou- Matty the Great Christy Math-

McNamara’s War the Vietnam

glas ewson

War, named for Robert

Memphis Slim Peter Chatman Matty Van Martin Van Buren

Strange McNamara, former

Mencius Meng-tse Mauch Chunk Pennsylvania

United States Secretary of

Menckonaclast Henry L place now called Jim Thorpe


Mencken Kiskadden

Meal Ticket C a r l H u b b e l l

Mendelian genetics p r i n c i - Maureen Forrester Katherine

Maude Adams M a u d e


ples describing transmission Stewart

Meanie nickname for a mean

of genes from parents to off- Maureen O’Hara M a u r e e n


spring (for Gregor Johann Fitzsimmons

Meat-Packing Capital of the

Mendel: 1822–1884) Maurice Barrymore Herbert

World Chicago

Mecca of Deaf Culture G a l -

laudet University

Mendel’s law of independent

each pair of different charac- Mauritius Port Port Louis


Mecca of Spain Santiago de

assortment of the genes


ters in a hybrid union is inde- Max of Baden Maximilian Al-

Mauritanian Port Nouakchott

Mechanical Man Charlie Ge-

pendent of the other charac- exander Friedrich Wilhelm

ters von Hapsburg (1867–1929)

hringer (baseball player)

Media Prophet M a r s h a l l


Mendel’s law of the segrega-

containing both alleles in Maxim Gorki Aleksei Maxsi-

Max Brand Frederick Faust

tion of alleles hybrid peas Maxfield Parrish Fred Parrish

Medical Essayist Oliver Wen-

most of their cells form egg movich Peshkov

dell Holmes

and pollen cells that contain Maxim Litvinov Maxim Maxi-

Medina-Sidonia Alonso Pérez

either the dominant allele or movich Wallach

de Guzmán (Duke of Medina-

the recessive allele in equal Max Nordau Max Simon Süd-

Sidonia and admiral in com-

numbers feld

mand of the ill-fated Spanish

Armada defeated by Sir Fran-

Men of the East Sherpas of Max Pax Max, Prince von

cis Drake)

northern India and Nepal Baden (Maximilian Alex-

Medinat Yisrael ( H e b r ew —

Meniere’s disease sudden diz- ander Friedrich Wilhelm)—

State of Israel)

ziness, ear ringing, and vom- Germany’s last imperial

megacities very large city pop-

iting due to disturbance of the chancellor

ulations as in Tokyo, São

labyrinth Max Reinhardt M a x G o l d -

Paulo, New York City, Mex-

ico City, Shanghai, Bombay,

Menorca’s Principal Port

Port Mahón Max Stirner Johann Kaspar


Los Angeles, Buenos Aires,

Mentor B e e c h c r a f t T- 3 4 Schmidt

Seoul, Beijing, Rio de Jan-

trainer aircraft Mayfair London’s residential

eiro, Calcutta, Jakarta to list

the first 13

Mentor to Parisian Intellectu-

als Théophile Gautier Mayor of Silicon Valley Rob-


Meister Der Meister (Ger-

Mercator Gerardus Mercator ert N Noyce, co-inventor with

man—the Master)—Johann

real name of this 16th-century Jack Kilby of the microchip

Wolfgang von Goethe

Flemish geographer is Ger- McAlester Ward Wo m e n ’s

Meister Raro Robert Schu-

hard Kremer Ward in the Oklahoma State


Merchant of Death i n t e r n a - Penitentiary at McAlester

Melanchthon Philipp Schwarz-

tional arms contractor Sir Ba- McCain Sanatorium N o r t h


sil Zaharoff Carolina Prison Sanatorium

Mel Brooks Melvin Kaminsky

Merchant of Menace Vincent at McCain

Mel Ferrer Melchor Gaston

Price McCarthyism sensationalist

Ferry y Cintron

Merchants of Death epithetic tactics and unsubstantiated

Melina Mercouri Maria Ama-

nickname applied to alcohol political attacks (named for

lia Mercouri

and tobacco vendors, arma- United States Senator Joseph

Melisande Melusina

ment makers, drug pushers, Raymond McCarthy, 1908–

melon wolf coyote

munitions makers, narcotics 1957)

The Melting Pot N ew Yo r k

traffickers, and others whose McClintock effect s y n c h r o -


business may result in the nized menstrual periods

Melvil Dewey Melville Louis

Kossuth Dewey

death of their customers

Eponyms, Nicknames

Merchants’ Haven C o p e n -

Metropolis of the United

Michael Angelo Titmarsh

Thackeray’s pseudonym meretricious traffic prostitu-

hagen, Denmark

States New York

Michael Arlen D i k r a n tion; white slavery

Metropolis of the World


Kuyumjian’s pseudonym

Meritorious Man of the Amer-

Michael Caine Maurice Jo- icas Benito Juárez

Metropolitan Museum of Art

seph Micklewhite Merle Oberon Estelle Merle

or Opera House in New York

Michael Curtiz M i c h a e l O’Brien Thompson


Kertesz; Mihály Kertész Merry Monarch Charles II of

Metropolitan City of the

Michael Fairless M a rg a r e t Great Britain also nicknamed

Anglican Communion

Fairless Barber Patron of Bawdy Houses


Michael Field Katherine Har- Mersenne primes prime num-

Metternich Prince Klemens

ris Bradley and her niece bers that fit the form 2 to the

Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar von

Edith Emma Cooper used this nth power minus 1 where n

Metternich - Winneburg —

pseudonym for their joint po- also is a prime number

Austrian statesman conven-

etic efforts (named for Marin Mersenne,

ing Congress of Vienna at end

Michael Innes J o h n I n n e s 17th-century French mathe-

of Napoleonic wars

Mackintosh Stewart matician)

Mexican Mexican apple (white

Michael Keaton Michael Dou- Mescalero Cessna T-41 trainer-

glas utility aircraft

sapote); Mexican ground cherry (tomatillo); Mexican

Michael Landon E u g e n e Mesopotamia ( G r e e k — B e -

hairless (dog used to herd cat- tle and keep ranchers com-

Orowitz tween Rivers)—land between

Michael Servetus M i g u e l the Euphrates and the Tigris;

pany in bed as its hairlessness

Serveto formerly Assyria, Babylonia,

makes it flealess and its body

Michael Tilson Thomas Mike and Sumeria but presently

temperature is higher than

Thomashefsky Iraq

ours); Mexican jumping

beans (inhabited by insect lar-

Michelangelo Michael Angelo

Mesopotamia’s Uncrowned

Queen Gertrude Bell

vae whose movements make


Michel Auclair Michal Vujo- Messenger of the Gods H e r-

the beans jump about)

vic mes (Greek); Mercury (Ro- man)

Mexican Agrarian Reformer

Michéle Morgan S i m o n e Roussel Messenger of Mercy S w i s s

Emiliano Zapata

Michigan Ports Wy a n d o t t e , banker Jean Henri Dunant— founder of the Red Cross

Mexican Idealist Politician

and Revolutionary F r a n -

cisco I (dalecio) Madero

Rouge River, Detroit, Bay City, Saginaw, Alpena, Saulte

The Met Metropolitan Opera

Mexican mud deadly Mexi-

Ste Marie, Frankfort, Man- House—New York City Metallic Age when you have

can-made heroin, also called

black tar tootsie roll

istee, Ludington, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, St Jo-

silver strands in your hair,

seph, Marquette copper pennies in your purse,

Mexican Muralists José Cle-

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney iron rust in your guts, and

mente Orozco, Diego Rivera,

Productions (Wall Street lead weights in your bottom

Davíd Alfaro Siquieros, and Rufino Tamayo


Metaphysician of Modern

Mickey Mouse boots l a rg e Atheism Baruch Spinoza

Mexican National Composer

black rubber insulated boots Metastasio Pietro Antonio Do-

Carlos Chávez

originally developed for the menico Bonaventura Trapassi

Mexican Ports Tampico, Ver-

United States Army Meteor Gloster twin-engine jet-

acruz, Coatzacoalcos,

Mickey Rooney Joe Yule, Jr fighter aircraft

Frontera, Progreso; Salina

Mickey Spillane Frank Morri- Metroland portion of London

Cruz, Acapulco, Manzanillo,

son served by the Metro subway

San Blas, Mazatlan, Guay-

Micky M i c a e l a ; M i c h a e l ; system

mas, Santa Rosalia, Ensenada

Michelle Metropolis of America N ew

Mexican-Spanish M ex i c a n -

Mickyland Ireland York City

style Spanish enriched with

Microcosm of Canadian Life Metropolis of the Magic Val-

more than 50,000 Mexican-

London, Ontario ley Brownsville, Texas on


Micronesia small islands of the the Rio Grande

Mexico’s Principal Port Vera-


western Pacific also known as

Metropolis of the Missouri

the Trust Territory including Valley Kansas City

Meyerbeer Giacomo Meyer-

beer (adopted name of Jakob

the Federated States of Mi-

Metropolis of the South

cronesia, the Marshall Is- Mark Twain’s nickname for

Liebmann Beer)

lands, and Palau in the Caro- New Orleans

Meyer Lansky M a i e r S u -


lines as well as many very

Metropolis of the State of Ore-

small islands covering an area gon Portland

Miami Beach East Tel Aviv,

Israel’s nickname

as wide as the United States

Eponyms, Nicknames

Micro$loth Microsoft

Ming-Ming Immingham, En- Middle America C e n t r a l

Mighty Mstislav M s t i s l av

gland America, Mexico, and the


Mining Baron Wi l l i a m A West Indies

Mihaly Munkacsy M i c h a e l

Clark Middle Atlantic States D e l a -


Mining State Nevada ware, Maryland, New Jersey,

Mike Michael

Mini State Rhode Island New York, Pennsylvania,

Mike Nichols Michael Igor Pe-

Minnesota Port Duluth West Virginia


Minnie Minerva; Minneapolis; Middle Border Hamlin Gar-

Mike Wallace Myron Wallace

Minnesota lin’s nickname for the Amer-

Mildred Masters M i l d r e d


Minor Prophets of the Old

Testament H o s e a , J o e l , Middle Colonies New York,

ican Middle West

Mile-High or More-Than

Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,

Mile-High North American

Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Delaware

Cities B u t t e , M o n t a n a ;

Zephaniah, Haggai, Zacharia, Middle East area extending

Cheyenne, Wyoming; Colo-

Malachi from Afghanistan to Egypt

rado Springs and Denver,

Minstrel Composer J a m e s and including India, Iran,

Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona;

Bland Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria,

Gallup, New Mexico; Mexico

Minuteman solid-fuel inter- Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Ku-

City; Santa Fe, New Mexico

continental ballistic missile wait, and the United Arab

Mile-Square City H o b o ke n ,

produced by Boeing Emirates

New Jersey

Minuteman III A m e r i c a ’s Middle Kingdom China

Miliano Emiliano Zapata

most advanced icbm in 1979 Middle Passage route of the

Minx of the Movies B e t t y slavers across the middle of

Military Alphabet Alfa, Bravo,

Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot,

Compson the Atlantic between West Af-

Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet,

Kilo, Lima, Mike, November,

Miracle of Fifth Avenue

Guggenheim Museum Middle States New York, New

rica and the West Indies

Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo,

Miracle of Nature Q u e e n Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dela-

Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Vic-

Christina of Sweden ware, and Maryland

tor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee,

Mirage all-weather delta-wing Middletown Muncie, Indiana


supersonic-jet ground-sup- Middletown title of Robert and

Military Space Capital of the

Free World United States

port interceptor built by Das-

sault in France (Mirage III) Helen Lynd’s study of cul-

Strike Command

Mirage IV a t o m i c - b o m b e r tural conflicts in Muncie, In-

Milk City Carnation, Wash-



version of the foregoing Mi- rage III

Middle West United States

Milk Moon full moon in May

Mischa (Russian nickname— from the Great Lakes to the

Michael)—Mike northern border of the Gulf

millionaire city a city with a

Mischa Auer M i s c h a O u n - States and from the western

population of a million or more

skowsky slopes of the Appalachians to

misfit river a river that appears the eastern slopes of the

Millionaire’s Captain Titanic

Captain Edward Smith

to be too small to have carved its valley


Millie Mildred; Millicent

Midget City H a b a i a n i n h a ,

Miss Dimples Shirley Temple Brazil

millennium bug computer pro-

gramming glitch relating to

year 2000

Miss Emma morphine Missie Miss; Mississippi; Mis-

Midland Capital Birmingham,

sus; Mrs Midlands central England in-


Million-Acre Farm Prince Ed-

Missionary to the Lepers Fa- cluding counties of Bedford,

ward Island

ther Damien Buckingham, Derby, Leices-

Milton Berle M e n d e l B e r-

Mission City S a n A n t o n i o , ter, Northhampton, Notting-


Texas ham, Rutland, Warwick

Milward Kennedy M i lwa r d

Rodon Kennedy Burge

Mississippi Fred McDowell

midlifers 35- to 55-year-old

Fred McDowell people also called the sand-

Mim Mimi; Miriam; Miryam

Mississippi John Hurt J o h n wich generation with respon-


Smith Hurt sibilities for their children and

Mima Jemima

Mississippi Ports Pascagoula, elderly parents

Mimico Boys Mimico Correc-

Biloxi, Gulfport Mightiest of Rivers the Ama-

tion Centre (for males) in Tor-

onto, Ontario

Mississippi River Painter


Mina Wilhelmina

George Caleb Bingham

Mighty Champion of Free-

Miss Nancy nickname for Will- dom Frederick Douglass

Mineral Storehouse of the

iam Rufus Devane King, thir- Mighty Mo battleship USS

Nation Canada’s Hudson

teenth United States vice Missouri

Bay area

Miners Nevadans


Eponyms, Nicknames

Miss New Orleans D o r o t h y

Monterey Jack David Jacks, Lamour’s title in 1931

Mojave Mojave Desert of Ari-

and the only native cheese of Miss Tarbarrel Ida M Tarbell

zona and California; Sikorsky

California whose production Mista Klemps conductor Otto

heavy helicopter designated

he controlled Klemperer


Montezuma’s Revenge d i a r- Mistress of Mystery A g a t h a

Molière Jean-Baptiste Poque-

rhea or dysentery nicknamed Christie


for the last Aztec ruler of Mistress of the North t h e

Molière of Music André Grétry

Mexico; both ailments are Baltic Sea, Russia, and Swe-

also nicknamed the Curse of den

Moll Mary (slang); Molly

Cortez for the Spaniard who Mitch M i t c h e l l ; R i c h a r d

Molly Maria; Marie; Mary

conquered Mexico Mitchell

Molly Pitcher Mrs John Hays

Montgomery Camp F e d e r a l Mitchell B-25 Bomber named

also known as Captain Molly

Prison Camp at Montgomery, in honor of General William

because she took her hus-

Alabama Mitchell, who in 1925 was

band’s place as cannoneer

Monumental Intellectual John courtmartialed for criticizing

when he fell mortally

Locke the mismanagement of the

wounded at the Battle of

Monumental State Maryland aviation service in the U.S.

Monmouth—June 28, 1778

Monument City B a l t i m o r e , Army and Navy

Molotov V y a c h e s l av M i k -

Maryland Mitchellville Girls I owa

hailovich Skriabin

Monument to Slavery Berlin School for (delinquent) Girls

Mona Ramona

Wall (1961–1989) at Mitchellville

Monaco’s Only Port Monaco

moonchild(ren) person(s) born Mitya (Russian diminutive—

Monarch of the Mountains

under the zodiacal sign of Dmitri)

the elk

Cancer Mitzi Margaret

Monarchs of Marshes and

Moondog Louis Thomas Har- Mizzou Missouri

Swamps alligators, croco-

din mnemonic hormone va s o -

Moon Goddess Luna (Roman) pressin (reported to improve the memory if sniffed or


Monarchy of Mount Everest


whose Latin name means moon; Selene (Greek)

sprayed into each nostril ev-

moon rock mixture of crack ery day for three days)

Mondrian Piet Mondrian Cor-

and heroin Mockingbirds Arkansas citi-


Moor O t h e l l o ; T h e M o o r zens

Mongol Conqueror G e n g h i s

Khan (1162–1227)

(Dartmoor Prison)

Model of the Common Man

Moor Court prison for female Benjamin Franklin

Monk M a t t h ew G r eg o r y

offenders in Staffordshire, Model Republic Orange Free

(Monk) Lewis; Thelonious

England State


Moore’s law A semiconductor Model-T automobile once the

Monkey Trial Scopes Trial (in

chip’s computing power will world’s most popular vehicle

1925, John Scopes, a Tennes-

double every 18 months (for despite its handcranking

see science teacher, was tried

Gordon Moore) starter and its nickname— Tin

for having taught evolution;

he was prosecuted by William

Moralist of Psychoanalysis

Erich Fromm Modern Antigone M a r i a


Jennings Bryan and defended

Morand’s disease paresis af- Thérèse—daughter of Louis

by Clarence Darrow)

fecting the feet XVI

Monkey Ward Montgomery-


Moravian Capital Brno

Modernizer of Navigation

Moreton Bay Colony Queens- Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine

Monk Lewis pseudonym of

land Maury, USN

Matthew Gregory Lewis

monorail single-rail railway

Morgan Fairchild Patsy Mc-

Modern Liberal Social Philos-

opher José Ortega y Gasset

Monroe Doctrine oppose for-

Clenny morganization reorganization

Modern Mother of Presidents

of bankrupt railroads (after dents Grant, Hayes, Garfield,

eign attempts to gain influ-

Ohio—birthplace of Presi-

ence in the Americas (named

for James Monroe, fifth pres-

John Pierpont Morgan; 1837–

1913) Benjamin Harrison, McKin-

Morgan’s Raiders students of ley, Taft, Harding (see Mother

ident of the United States)

biologist Thomas Hunt Mor- of Presidents)

Monroe Doctrine President

gan Mogen David six-pointed star

James Monroe

Mormon City Salt Lake City on flag of Israel and in syna-

Monsieur de Paris (French—

Mormon’s Mecca Salt Lake gogues where it is called the

Mr Paris)—guillotine opera-

City, Utah Star of David


Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Mohair Capital Del Rio, Texas

Monte Carlo of Asia M a c a u ,

Mormon State Utah Mohammed Ali Cassius Clay

formerly Portuguese, territory

returned to China

Moroccan pasta couscous

Eponyms, Nicknames

Moroccan Ports Ta n g e r

Mother of Presidents Vi r- (Tangier), Kenitra, Casa-

Mother of Cities Bombay, ac-

ginia—birthplace of Presi- blanca, Safi, Agadir

cording to Kipling

dents Washington, Jefferson, Morrie Maurice; Morris

Mother of Civilized Cities

Madison, Monroe, William Morrison Girls Mount View


Henry Harrison, Tyler, Tay- (delinquent) Girls School at

Mother of the Civil Rights

lor, Wilson Morrison, Colorado

Movement Coretta Scott


Mother of Prison Reform

Morris Rosenfeld Moshe Ja-

Dorothea Lynde Dix cob Alter

Mother Earth the Greek God-

dess Gaea or Ge who, accord-

Mother of the Red Cross

Morris worm mid-1990s com-

Clara Barton puter virus that inspired

ing to mythology, arose out of

Mother of Rivers Ti b e t a n United States statutes against

chaos and in turn produced

Highlands; New Hampshire attacks on computer systems

the sea, the sky, and the

mountains; the Romans

Mother of Rivers and Waves

Morton’s disease metatarsal

Tethys, wife of the god neuralgia

called her Tellus or Terra and

Oceanus, and mother of the Moses of Her People Harriet

sometimes called her Vesta

rivers plus three thousand Tubman (c. 1820–1913)


Oceanids—the waves Moskva (Russian—Moscow)

Mother of Exiles S t a t u e o f

Mother of Russian Cities Kiev —a Soviet class of antisub-

Liberty overlooking New

Mother of the Russians Mos- marine—warfare cruiser and

York’s former immigration

cow helicopter-carrier warship

stations at Battery Park and

Mothers of Believers t h e Moslem India Bangladesh and

Ellis Island

wives of Mohammed Pakistan

Mother of Feminine Psychol-

mother-ship smuggling o ff - Moslem Sultanate Oman f o r-

ogy Karen Horney

loading drugs at sea from merly Muscat and Oman

Mother of Ghosts the Roman

large ship to smaller ships, Mosquito Coast C a r i b b e a n

goddess of Death—Mania

then to pleasure boats coast of Honduras and Nica-

Mother Goose legendary au-

Mother of the Snows M o u n t ragua

thoress of children’s rhymes

Everest Mosquito State New Jersey

and stories

Mother State Virginia mother h o m o s ex u a l d o p e

Mother of Gospel Music

Willie Mae Ford Smith

Mother of Southwestern

pusher; madam of a brothel;

Statesmen Tennessee motherfucker

mother grain quinoa (Incan


Mother of Statesmen Virginia

Mother of American Kinder-

Mother of Storms Antarctica, gartens Susan Blow

Mother of Her Country

Queen Maria Theresa of Aus-

the Baffin Sea, the Bay of Bis-

Mother of the American

cay, the Caribbean, the Gulf Legion E r n e s t i n e S c h u -


of Alaska, the Gulf of Mex- mann-Heink

Mother of Israel Golda Meir

Mother of the Japanese Novel

ico, the South China Sea, and

Mother of the American Red

the Tasman Sea Cross Clara Barton

Baroness Murasaki Shikibu

Mother of Texas Mary Long Mother Ann Shaker leader

(The Tale of the Genji)

mother tongue music (accord- Ann Lee

Mother Jones M a r y H a r r i s

ing to many great musicians, Mother of the Arts architec-


philosophers, poets, and ture

Mother Lake Leonora Marie

scholars) Mother of Balboa Park K a t e

Kearney Barry

Mother of Trusts S t a n d a r d Sessions, San Diego horticul-

Mother of Libraries Alexan-

Oil turist

dria, Egypt

Mother Maid T h e Vi rg i n

Motion Picture Capital of the

Mother of Believers Ayesha—

World Hollywood, Califor- Mohammed’s favorite wife


nia Mother Bickerdyke M a r y

Mother of Mathematics H y -

patia of Alexandria

Motion Picture Palace Poten-

Ann Bickerdyke

Mother of Modern Dance I s a -

tate Roxy (SL Rothafel)

Mother of Birth Control

Motor City Detroit Margaret Sanger

dora Duncan

Motor Town Detroit Mother Bloor E l l a R e eve

Mother of Mountains Nepal’s

Motown M o t ow n R e c o r d s Bloor

Mount Everest

(named for Mo’ Town— Mo- Mother Cabrini F r a n c e s

Mother of Muckrakers Ida M

tor Town: Detroit) Xavier Cabrini

Tarbell (see Father of Muck-


Motown Sound rhythm and

Mother Carey’s chickens

blues, gospel and pop stormy petrels

Mother of Parliaments B r i t -

Mound City St Louis, Mis- Mother Carey’s geese f u l -

ish Parliament

souri mars or great white petrels

Mother of Pearl Cloud r a r e

high cloud formed in strato-

Mountain City Chattanooga,

Mother of Child Education

Tennesse Doctor Maria Montessori

sphere—delicate and irides-

cent after sunset

Mountain Devils Tasmanians

Eponyms, Nicknames

Mountain Division States Ar-

Mudheads Tennesseans izona, Colorado, Idaho, Mon-

Mr Electric Light T h o m a s

Mud Island San Diego’s South tana, Nevada, New Mexico,

Alva Edison

Bay Wildlife Preserve Utah, and Wyoming

Mr Gyrocompass Elmer Am-

Mudwaddler State M i s s i s - Mountain of Fire Etna, Vesu-

brose Sperry

sippi vius, or any other active vol-

Mr Helicopter Igor Sikorsky

Mudwaddlers Mississippians cano

Mr Klemps Otto Klemperer

Muggsy Francis (Muggsy) Mountain of the Lion S i e r r a

Mr Laser Charles Townes

Spanier Leone

Mr Linotype O t t m a r M e r-

Muhammad ( A r a b i c — T h e Mountain State West Virginia


Praised)—Mahomet Mountain States A r i z o n a ,

Mr Long-Play Records Peter

Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay Colorado, Idaho, Montana,


Mr Moves C a m py R u s s e l l

Mule Capital of the World

Nevada, New Mexico, Utah,

and Wyoming Columbia, Tennessee

(basketball player)

Mountain of Tarik The Rock mullet thunder jumping mullet

Mr October Reggie Jackson

(fish) of Gibraltar named for the

(baseball player)

Multimedia Gulch S o u t h o f Mountain View Girls M o u n -

Mr Pilot Will Adams (nick-

Moorish chief Jabal Tariq

Market area in San Francisco tain View School (for juve-

named Anjim Sama by the

Mum City, U.S.A. B r i s t o l , nile-delinquent females) at

Japanese because of his

Connecticut Helena, Montana

knowledge of navigation and


Mr Pitiful Otis Redding

Munich Expressionist Wa s s -

Mountbatten of Burma AF

ily Kandinsky Admiral of the Fleet the Earl

Municipal Muckraker L i n - Mountbatten of Burma, KG

Mr Radio Lee De Forest

coln Steffens—author of The (better known as Lord Mount-

Mr Republican Robert A Taft

Shame of the Cities batten)—India’s last viceroy

Murihiku (Maori—End of the Mount Rainier Mount Tahoma

Mr Sam U.S. Senator Sam

Tail)—New Zealand’s south- towering over Tacoma, Wash-

Ervin; former Speaker of the

ernmost city on South Is- ington; Washington volcano

House Sam Rayburn (1882–

land—lnvercargill named for Rear Admiral Peter

murphy murphy bed (con- Rainier

Mrs Fletcher M a r i a J a n e

cealed-in-the-wall bed in- Mount Vancouver o n t h e

Jewsbury’s pseudonym

vented by William L Mur- Alaska-Yukon border (named

Mrs Grundy nickname for the

phy); nickname for an Irish or for explorer George Vancou-

imaginary self-appointed ar-

white potato as well as for a ver)

biter of morality and taste

confidence swindle Movie Capital H o l l y wo o d ,

Mrs Jack Isabella Stewart

Murphy’s Law If something California


can go wrong, it will Movieland Hollywood, Cali-

Mrs Patrick Campbell s t a g e

name of Beatrice Stella Tan-


Murrumbidgee River City

Canberra Mozambique Ports Moçcam-


Mr Television M i l t o n B e r l e

Musandam Musandam Penin- bique, Beira, Lourenço

(Mendel Berlinger)

sula on the Arabian Peninsula Marques

Mr UN Carlos P Romulo

Muscat and Oman f o r m e r Mozart Town Salzburg, Aus-

Mr Wireless Guglielmo Mar-

name of the Sultanate of tria—birthplace of Wolfgang


Oman Amadeus Mozart

Mr X-Ray Wilhelm Roentgen

M-town Mertztown; Middle-

Muse of Astronomy and Celes-

Mr Automobile G o t t l i e b

tial Music Urania Daimler

town; Morgantown; Morris-


Muse of Comedy and Pastoral

Poetry Thalia Mr Color Television P e t e r

Mr B. Billy Eckstine

Muckraker of France É m i l e

Zolá whose anticlerical, anti-

Muse of Dancing and Choral

Singing Terpsichore Mr Common Sense T h o m a s


military, and antimonarchial

writings forced him to flee to

Muse of Epic and Heroic

Poetry Calliope, who ac- Mr Conservative B a r r y M



cording to Horace, could play Goldwater

Muckrakers American cru-

any musical instrument Mr Cub Ernie Banks

sader journalists David Gra-

Muse of Erotic Poetry Erato Mr Diesel Rudolf Diesel

ham Phillips, Charles Edward

Muse of History Clio Mr Dogpatch Al Capp (also

Russell, Lincoln Steffens,

Upton Sinclair, Ida M Tarbell

Muse of Lyric Poetry and

known as the Mark Twain of

Music Euterpe cartoonists or the sardonic

mud wet concrete

Mudcat(s) Mississippian(s)

Muse of Oratory, Rhetoric,

and Sacred Song Polyhym- Mr Dooley ( p s e u d o ny m —


Mudcat State Mississippi

nia Finley Peter Dunne)

Muddy Waters M c K i n l ey


Muse of Tragedy Melpemone

Eponyms, Nicknames

Museum of Architecture

natural Prozac the herb St. Leningrad (also Petrograd or

Napoleon of the Women’s

John’s wort Saint Petersburg)

Rights Movement Susan B

Natural State Arkansas Museum Cities Padua, Venice,


Narco nickname of the U.S.

nature’s own sleeping pill

tryptophan Museum Metropolis London,

Verona, and Vicenza

Public Health Service Hospi-

Nature’s Wonderland Iceland New York, and Paris

tal in Lexington, Kentucky

Naughty MacNaughton; Mc- Mushroomopolis Kansas City

where narcotics addicts are



Music Director of Europe

Naughty Nineties the 1890s Herbert von Karajan

Narco Saint Jesus Malverde, a

Nauru Islands Ports N a u r u Muskrats Delawareans

Robin Hood-style bandit

Atoll, Saipan, Tinian, Rota Musky Armando Moscaritolo

hanged in 1909 in Sinaloa,

Naval Person C h u r c h i l l ’s Muslim Century the 8th cen-

Mexico; venerated by Mexi-

can drug lords

Narragansett Bay State

cover name used when ad-

tury—the 700s when the

dressing Roosevelt—PO- Turkish crescent occupied the

TUS—President of the entire Hispanic Peninsula, the

Rhode Island

United States Levant, the Middle East, and

Narrow-Gauge Capital of the

Navarino Italian name for the even westernmost India

World Durango, Colorado

Narrow Land Between the

Mustang N o r t h A m e r i c a n

port of Pylos fighter aircraft F-51

Navel of the Nation B u t t e muttnik second Soviet satellite

Seas Panama

County, South Dakota (geo- launched in 1957; its astro-

Nashville Agrarians 1 9 2 0 s

Vanderbilt University literary

States including Alaska and naut was a mongrel dog

critics, poets, economists, and

graphic center of the United


Myrna Loy Myrna Williams

sas (geographic center of the Mystere IV Dassault jet fighter

Nashville Girls Te n n e s s e e

Hawaii); Smith County, Kan-

forty-eight conterminous Mystere 20 Dassault twin-en-

Prison for Women at Nash-

built in France


Navel of the World Easter Is- gine executive transport

Natacha Rambova Wi n i f r e d


land according to its ancient Mysterious Billionaire Howard


Polynesian inhabitants Hughes

called the Falcon

Natalie Wood Natasha Gurdin

The Navigator Prince Hen- Mytilene Aegean island of

National Anthem City Balti-

more, Maryland

National Beverage of England

rique of Portugal (1394 to 1460)

Navigators’ Islands Samoa Is- Nadar Gaspard-Felix Tourna-



Nabby Abigail

lands in the South Pacific chon (1820–1910)

National Pastime baseball in

Navigator’s Nightmare t h e Nail City Wheeling, West Vir-

America; cricket in Britain

National Poet of Norway

Bermuda Islands ginia

navy navy bean (small white Namby-Pamby 18th-century

Bjornstjerne Bjornson

bean); navy blue (dark blue); English dramatist-poet Am-

National Tity navalese for Na-

navy plug (tobacco) brose Philips

tional City, California

Nation of Gentleman S c o t -

land so named by King

Neapolitan Painter and Poet

Namibia modern name for

Salvator Rosa South-West Africa

George IV

Nation’s Capital District of

Nearly Impeached President

Nana Anna; Anne(tte); Mari-

Andrew Johnson, Richard M ana; Nanette; grandma


Nixon Nannerl Maria Anna

Nation’s Front Yard The Mall

nebbies nembutal capsules Nanny State Singapore

in Washington, D.C.

Neddy Edgar; Edmund; Ed- Nanty Anthony

Nation of Shopkeepers E n -

ward; Edwin; Edwina; Na- Nanzig (German—Nancy)—

gland, according to Samuel

tional Economic Develop- French industrial center re-

Adams as well as Napoleon

ment Council’s nickname named by Hitler during World

Nation’s Hottest Town

Nederlanders Dutch men and War II

Quartzsite, Arizona where

women Napoleon Bonaparte N a p o -

July temperatures average

Needle Frank Gates (basketball leon I—Emperor of the

108°F (42°C)

player) French

Nation’s Icebox International

negawatts ability of a utility to Napoleon of Mexico General

Falls, Minnesota

harness efficiency instead of Antonio López de Santa Anna

Nation’s State District of Co-

hydrocarbons (1794–1876)


Negri Negritude (literay move- Napoleon of Peace Louis Phil-

natural dog product of natural,

ment involving blacks) ippe

rather than human, selec-

Nel E l e a n o r ( a ) ; E l l e n ; Napoleon of Wall Street J Pier-


Helen(a); Nelly pont Morgan

natural language of the deaf

American Sign Language

Nell Eleanor(e)

Eponyms, Nicknames

Nellie Nellie McClung (pro-

New France o l d n a m e f o r nounced McClue)—Cana-

Netherlands Principal Port

French Canada dian novelist and women’s


New Frontier administration rights champion in the early

Netherlands Timor formerly

o f J o h n F Ke n n e d y — 1900s

the western half of Timor now

thirty-fifth President of the Nellie Melba H e l e n P o r t e r

an island of Indonesia

United States Mitchell

netizens Internet citizens

New Granada C o l o m b i a ’s Nello Emmanuel

Nettie Henrietta

original Spanish name— Nelly Eleanor(a); Ellen; Helen

Netty Henrietta

Nueva Granada Nelly Bly Elizabeth Cochrane

Net(ty) Antonia

New Hampshire Port P o r t s - Seaman

Never-Never N eve r- N eve r

mouth Nelson Algren Nelson Algren

Land (arid Australia)

New Holland old name for Abraham

Nevil Shute Nevil Shute Nor-

Australia discovered by nembies nembutal (sodium


Dutch navigators pentobarbital sedative hyp-

New Albion S i r F r a n c i s

New Jersey eagle b i g m o s - notics)

Drake’s name for what is now

quito nemish nembutal

British Columbia, plus the

New Jersey Ports We e - nemmies nembutal capsules

states of Washington, Oregon,

hawken, Hoboken, Jersey Nemo Guillaume; Guillermo

and California

City, Newark, Bayonne, Eliz- Neon Deion Sanders (football)

New Alcatraz nickname of the

abethport, Port Socony, Gras- Neopagan Eclectic Miguel de

maximum-security U.S. Pen-

selli, Cartaret, Chrome, Port Unamuno

itentiary at Marion, Illinois

Reading, Perth Amboy, South Neptune Lockheed P-2 anti-

New Amsterdam former name

Amboy, Leonardo, Camden, submarine and reconnais-

of New York City (Nieuw

Gloucester sance aircraft


New Jersey seashell t a m p o n Nequam Alexander Necham

The New Beirut Miami, Flor-

applicator Nerve Center of Alaska A n -


New Munster old name for chorage

New Caledonia British Co-

New Zealand’s South Island Nessa Agnes


New Netherlands o l d n a m e Nessie Agnes

New Colossus Statue of Lib-

for New York and parts of Nessie the Loch Ness mon-

erty’s sobriquet derived from

Connecticut and New Jersey ster’s nickname

the poem by Emma Lazarus—

New Prometheus I m m a n u e l Nesta Agnes

The New Colossus— pro-

claiming: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled

Kant’s nickname for Ben-

Nestor of American Botany

jamin Franklin who drew

William Darlington

lightning from the skies Abraham Jacobi

masses yearning to breathe

Nestor of American Pediatrics

free, the wretched refuse of

your teeming shore. Send

new scarlet letter herpes virus (type 1 characterized by lip

Nestor of Congregationalism

sores and type 2 by genital Leonard Bacon

these, the homeless, tempest- tossed to me. I lift my lamp

lesions) Nestor of Europe Leopold I of

New Spain New Jersey Belgium (1790–1865)

beside the golden door!”

New Deal administration of

New Sweden Sweden’s short- Nestor of the Rockies Kit Car-

Franklin Delano Roosevelt—

lived colony in and around son

thirty-second President of the

what is now Wilmington, Del- The Net Internet

United States

aware but once was called nethead a habitué of computer

New Deal President Franklin

Nya Sverige (New Sweden) networks

Delano Roosevelt

Newton of Electricity A n d r é Netherlands Antilles A r u b a ,

New Economy economy domi-

Marie Ampère Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint

nated by technology and com-

New Ulster old name for New Eustatius, and half of Sint

munications businesses

Zealand’s North Island Maarten

New Edinburgh on the Antip-

odes Dunedin, New Zealand

New World North and South

Netherlands East Indies

America former name of Indonesia

New England New England

New York cut p o r t e r h o u s e Netherlands Guiana D u t c h

boiled dinner (corned beef or

steak (with the bone and fillet Guiana or Suriname

ham with vegetables); New

removed) Netherlands Indies old name

E n g l a n d c l a m c h ow d e r

New York Persona New York of Indonesia

(clams, potatoes, milk, and

stock); New England pine

City Mayor Edward Irving

Netherlands New Guinea

Koch former name of West Irian

(white pine)

New York Ports Ogdensburg, now part of Indonesia

New England Mystic E m i l y

Oswego, Rochester Harbor, Netherlands Ports (see Dutch


Tonawanda, Buffalo, Albany, Ports)

New England of the West Min-


Kingston, Yonkers, Manhat-

Eponyms, Nicknames

tan, Brooklyn, Gulfport, Port

Nicolas Lenau Nikolaus Ni-

Nine Keepers of the Constitu-

Richmond, Mariners Harbor,

tion nine justices of the U.S. Stapleton, Tomkinsville

embsch von Strehlenau

Nicolino Nicoló Grimaldi

Supreme Court

New York State Barge Canal

nine old men nine justices of Erie Canal

Nidaros Trondheim’s former


the United States Supreme

New Zealand Commonwealth

Court (before women were New Zealand and its territo-

Nifty Fifty top 50 large-capital-

appointed) ries

ization growth stocks

Nineteenth State Indiana New Zealand Dominion N ew

Nigerian Ports Lagos, Bonny,

Ninon de Lenclos c o u r t e s a n Zealand and its territories

Port Harcourt, Douala

Anne Lenclos New Zealand Ports on North Island: Auckland, Gisborne,

Nightclub Aristocrat Artist

Ninth State New Hampshire Napier, Wellington, Wanga-

Henri Marie Raymond de


(see First State) nissen nissen hut (designed by

nui, New Plymouth, Dar-

Night of Glass Kristallnacht,

gaville; on South Island: Port

British military engineer P.N. N e l s o n , P o r t Ly t t e l t o n

Nov. 9, 1938, when Nazis

Nissen for arctic use) (Christchurch), Timaru,

rampaged across Austria and

Niteroi formerly Nictheroy Oamaru, Port Chalmers,

Germany breaking the win-

nitrate of soda sodium nitrate Bluff Harbour, Greymouth,

dows of homes, stores, and

(NaNO 3 ) Westport; plus smaller ports

temples belonging to Jews

Nitro Lew Lew Burdette such as Dunedin and Inver-

who were rounded up and de-

Nixon Doctrine u s e J a p a n , cargill

ported to concentration


Iran, and South Africa to op-

New Zealand’s Garden City

pose communist influence in Christchurch

Nightingale C-9 McDonnell-

Douglas jetliner used for

their regions; for Richard M

New Zealand’s Principal Port

Nixon, thirty-sixth president Auckland

medical evacuation named in

of the United States Nguyen ( Vi e t n a m e s e — D y -

honor of Florence Nightin-

Nizhni Novgorod (ancient and nasty)


modern name; called Gorki Niagara Frontier Buffalo-Nia-

Nightmare of Europe N a p o -

under Communist rule) gara Falls area

leon in the 1800s followed by

Noah Noah Webster (American Niagara Fruit Belt Canadian

Hitler in the 1900s

lexicographer) fruit-growing region on the

Night Mayor James J (Jimmy)

noble rot Botrytis cinerea (par- Niagara Peninsula between


asitic fungus or mold that at- lakes Erie and Ontario

Nikaria English place-name

tacks grapes but that in certain Nicaraguan Ports Cabo Gra-

for Marla island in the Aegean

climates produces great sweet cias a Dios, Puerto Cabezas,

Nike-Ajax Douglas surface-to-

white wines) Puerto Isabel, Bluefields, San

air missile (MIM-3A)

Noddy Nicodemus Juan del Norte (Greytown);

Nike-Hercules Douglas sur-

Noll Oliver; Olivera; Oliver San Juan del Sur, Puerto

face-to-air missile armed with

Cromwell—Lord Protector of Masachapa, Puerto Somoza,

a high-explosive or nuclear

England Corinto

warhead (MIM-14A)

Nolly Oliver; Olivera Nicholas Blake C(ecil) Day

Nike-Zeus one in a series of

Nome State Nome State Jail at Lewis’ pseudonym

American-made anti-missile

Nick Carter J Russell Coryell Nome, Alaska nickel note $5 bill


Nora Eleanora Nickel-plated Paradise nickel-

Nik-Nik affectionate nickname

for the Royal Shakespeare

Noratlas Norad 45-passenger

rich New Caledonia (Nou- transport aircraft made in

Company’s production of The

velle Calédonie) France

Life and Adventures of Nicho-

Nickel Plate Road New York, Nordic Danish, Finnish, Ice- Chicago, and St Louis Rail-

las Nickleby by Charles Dick-

landic, Norwegian, Swedish road Company


people or things Nicky and Alicky Czar Nicho-

Nikolaus Lenau ( p s e u d -

Norfolk Norfolk coat or Nor- las II and Czarina Alexandra

onym—Nikolaus Franz Ni-

folk jacket (made with fore- Feodorovna of Russia—the

embsch von Strehlenau)

and-aft box pleats, big pock- last of the Romanov Czars

Nicky Nicholas; Nicole; Nick-

ets, and a belt, first produced Nicolas Copernicus N i ko l a y

erson; Nikerson

in England’s Norfolk county) Kopernik

Nile River Cities Cairo, Egypt

Normalcy nickname for War- Nicolas-Favre disease l y m -

and Khartoum, Sudan

ren G Harding who advocated phogranuloma venerea in-

nimbies nembutal tablets

“a return to normalcy” volving inguinal lymph

Nimrod H aw ke r- S i d d e l ey

Norman N o r m a n T h o m a s glands and characterized by

four-engine jet transport

(American socialist leader) an exuding lesion

Nina Ann; Anna; Anne; An-


NORMY Norman Douglas

Eponyms, Nicknames

Norse God of Thunder Thor,

Nueva Granada ( S p a n i s h — whose Roman counterpart is

Norwegian N o r w eg i a n

New Granada)—Spanish co- Jove or Jupiter

elkhound (dog originally bred

lonial province comprising North North Sea between

for hunting elk and other

Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, northern Europe and the Brit-

game); Norwegian saltpeter

and Venezuela ish Isles

(calcium nitrate)

Norwegian Expressionist E d -

Nuk (Greenlandic Eskimo—

North America’s Largest

Point)—formerly called Country Canada

vard Munch

Godthaab (Good Hope) by North Baltic Nation Estonia

Norwegian Ports K i r ke n e s ,

the Danes and still the capital North Britain Scotland

Vadso, Vardo, Honningsvaag,

H a m m e r f e s t , Tr o m s o ,

on the pointed peninsula on the southwest coast of Green-

North Carolina Ports Wi l m -

Harstad, Svolvaer, Narvik, Bodo, Mo, Mosjoen, Trond-

land ington, Wrightsville

heim, Thamshamn, Kristian-

Number-One Host of the Jer-

North Cuba Miami, Florida

sund, Harosund, Molde, Ul-

sey Coast A t l a n t i c C i t y,

Northern Ireland’s Principal

New Jersey Port Belfast

steinik, Alesund, Vaksdal,

Bergen, Odda, Haugesund,

Nuoli Finnish depth-charge and

Northernmost American

mine-laying patrol boat Town Point Barrow, Alaska

Stavanger, Egersund, Fle-

armed with 20mm and 40mm Northern Rhodesia Zambia’s

kkefjord, Kristiansand, Grim-

guns former name

stad, Arendal, Tvedestrand,

Nutmegs Connecticuters Northern Way Norway

Langesund, Brevik, Porsgrun,

Nutmeg State Connecticut Northland Riviera Sweden’s

Larvik, Sandefjord, Tonsberg,

Nuuk correct name for Green- summer beach on the Gulf of

Horten, Drammen, Oslo,

land’s capital—Gothab Bothnia and the Polar Route

Moss, Sarpsborg, Frederiks-

Nyasaland o l d n a m e f o r North River H u d s o n R ive r

tad, Halden

nose candy cocaine for sniff-


(Battery to 59th Street on Nye Aneurin New York waterfront)


NZedder(s) [ E n - z e d - d e r ( s ) ] North Sea Canal Amsterdam

nose paint alcohol (whose pro-

longed use breaks the arteri-

New Zealander(s)

Ship Canal O Oprah Winfrey

oles of the skin and leaves a

Oak City Raleigh, North Caro- North Side North Side of any

reddened nose)

lina city or place

nose powder a powdered drug

Oakhill Vi rg i n i a h o m e o f North Slope Alaska north of-

such as cocaine, any of sev-

James Monroe the Brooks Range

eral hallucinogens, or heroin

Oakie migratory farm worker North Star Minnesota

when snorted

or sharecropper from Okla- North Star City St Paul, Min-

Nostradamus Michel de Nos-

homa nesota

tradame also called Michel de

Oasis City R o s w e l l , N ew North Star State Minnesota


Mexico North Western Line Chicago

Novalis Friedrich Leopold von

Obediah Skinflint ( p s e u d - and North Western Railway


onym—Joel Chandler Harris) Norumbega historian John

Nova Scotia Girls N ova

Oberon British class of diesel Fiske’s name for what is now

Scotia School for (delin-

submarines New York City (see Norvegia)

quent) Girls at Truro

Objectivist Poet William Car- Norumbegaland New York to

November witches fierce No-

los Williams Nova Scotia including New

vember storms on the Great


Ob River City Novosibirsk,

England Siberia

Nuclear Falcon Hughes air-to-

Norvegia (Italian—Norway); Occam’s razor What can be

air missile also called Super

(Latin—Norway)—appears done with few assumptions is


on early maps of the east done in vain with more (for-

Nuclear-Power Admiral H y -

mulated by William of Oc- coast of North America over

man George Rickover, USN

cam, 1285–1349) an area extending from the

Nuestra Familia (Spanish—

The Ocean The Atlantic, Ant- Bay of Fundy to Florida and

O u r Fa m i l y )— H i s p a n i c

arctic, Arctic, Indian, or Pa- known for its Norse viking

prison gang

cific Ocean explorations and settlements

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

Oceania islands of central and in pre-Columbian times;

de las Vegas ( S p a n i s h —

southern Pacific sometimes spelled Norvega

Our Lady of the Sorrows of

Ocean Personified O c e a n u s or Norbegia as well as

the Lowlands)—former and

(Roman); Okeanos (Greek) Norumbega

somewhat prophetic name of

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ocean State Rhode Island

Norway’s Most Popular Sculp-

Oder-Neisse Line rivers form- tor Adolf Gustav Vigeland

Nueva España ( S p a n i s h —

ing boundaries between Ger- Norway’s Principal Port Oslo

New Spain)—Spanish colo-

nial name for Mexico

many and Poland

Eponyms, Nicknames

Odetta Odetta Holmes

Old Chapultepec G e n e r a l Offenbach Jacques Offenbach

duced during DNA synthesis

Winfield Scott whose victory (adopted name of Jakob Levy

(named for Reiji and Funeko

at Chapultepec ended Mexi- Eberst)


Okie Oklahoma; Oklahoman

can War in September 1847

Offshore Capital of the World

Old Chief Henry Clay Aberdeen, Scotland—home

Okie City O k l a h o m a C i t y,

Old Coat Hanger Melbourne- port of many offshore oil ex-


originated nickname for the ploration rigs

Oklahoma’s Yodeling Cow-

Sydney Harbour Bridge offshore China nationalist Re-

boy Gene Autry

Old Colony Massachusetts— public of China headquar-

Olav Hunger King Olav I of

founded in 1620 tered on Taiwan


Olav the Stout Olav Harolds-

Old Corndrinking Melliflu-

Ogden Ogden Nash (American

ous William Faulkner, ac- humorist)


cording to Ernest Hemingway O Henry William Sydney Por-

Olav Tryggvesson King Olav I

The Old Country w h e r eve r ter

of Norway, Sweden, and Den-

anyone or their family origi- Ohio Ports Conneaut, Ashtab-


nated—especially if in Eu- ula, Fairport, Cleveland, Lo-

The Old King Grom of Den-

rope rain, Huron, Sandusky, To-

mark (860–935)

Old Country Lawyer Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina Ohio’s Beautiful Capital C o -

Old Abe Abraham Lincoln


Old Ace of Spades L i e u t e n -

ant General Robert E Lee,

Old Creepy bank robber-bur-

glar Alvin Karpis Ohio Valley Ohio, West Vir-



Old Aches and Pains L u ke

Old Curmudgeon Harold Le ginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and

Claire Ickes Illinois

Appling (baseball player) Old Andy Andrew Jackson—

Old Denmark General Chris- Oil Baron John D Rockefeller

seventh President of the

tian Febiger, USA oil of ben fine lubricant ex-

United States

Old Dirigo Maine whose state tracted from seeds of Arabian

Old Bay State Massachusetts

motto is Dirigo (Latin—I di- tree called Moringa oleifera

Old Beeswax Captain Raphael

rect) oil of cade juniper oil

Semmes, CSN

The Old Doctor Andrew Tay- oil cake cottonseed, linseed, or

Old Billie Brigadier General

lor Still, who developed oste- soybean mass used for cattle

William Tecumseh Sherman,

opathy feed after oil is extracted


Old Dominion Virginia— old- Oil Capital of Canada Edmon-

Old Blighty n i c k n a m e f o r

est English colony in Amer- ton, Alberta

London before air-pollution


ica—founded in 1607

Oil Capital of the Rockies

Old Dorp n i c k n a m e o f Casper, Wyoming

Old Blood and Guts General

George S Patton, USA

Schenectady, New York

Oil Capital of the United

Old East East Asiatic Com- States Tulsa, Oklahoma

Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra

pany Oil City Bartlesville or Tulsa,

Old Bory G e n e r a l P i e r r e

Old Economy industrial, retail Oklahoma

Gustave Toutant de Beaure-

and financial firms Oil Dorado n o r t h w e s t e r n

gard, CSA

Old Faithful geyser in Yellow- Pennsylvania in the Oil

Old Brown of Osawatomie

stone National Park; spouts City—Titusville area

abolitionist John Brown

about every 67 minutes oilies oilskin coats; oilskin gar-

Old Bruin Commadore Mat-

Old Four Legs coelacanth ments

thew C Perry—father of the

Old Fox Clark Griffith (base- Oil Islands Chagos Archipel-

steam navy of the United

ball player) ago in the Indian Ocean just

States Navy

Old French Town N ew O r- north of Diego Garcia

Old Buck Admiral Franklin

leans oil of mirbrane nitrobenzene

Buchanan; President James


oil of palm b r i b e ( s ) ; p a l m

eral Winfield Scott, USA grease

Old Buena Vista General Za-

Old Fuss and Feathers G e n -

chary Taylor who attacked

Old Gib Gibraltar Oil Province Alberta

Mexicans at Buena Vista in

Old Glory the American Flag Oil State Pennsylvania

February 1847; later was

Old Greasy West Virginian oil of vitriol concentrated sul-

twelfth President of the

nickname for the Kanawha furic acid (H 2 SO 4 )

United States

River or K’naw oil of wintergreen methyl sali-

Old Bullion Thomas Hart Ben-

Old Guard conservatives; Na- cylate


poleon’s imperial guard who Okazaki fragments small dis-

Old Cape Stiff Cape Horn

made the last charge at Wa- continuous strands of deox-

Old Catawba fictitious name

terloo; the establishment yribonucleic acid (DNA) pro-

Thomas Wolfe assigned

North Carolina

Old Harry (the devil)—Satan

Eponyms, Nicknames

Old Hickory General Andrew

Old West American West be- Jackson—seventh President

Old Pam Lord Palmerston

fore it was settled during the of the United States

(Henry John Temple)

19th century Old Iron Pants V y a c h e s l av

Old Party W(illiam) Somerset

Old World Africa, Asia, and Molotov (1890–1986)


Europe Old Ironsides USS Constitu-

Old Peg Leg Petrus Stuyve-

Old Zach Zachary Taylor— tion

sant—director-general of

twelfth President of the Old Jeb M a j o r G e n e r a l

New Amsterdam and the New

United States J(ames) E(well) B(rown) Stu-


Ole Olaf(sen); Olav(sen) art, CSA

Old Pretender James Francis

Oleander City G a l ve s t o n , Old Jefferson Joseph Jeffer-

Edward Stuart (son of King

Texas son

James II)

Old Professor Casey Stengel

Oleander City by the Sea

Old Joe slang nickname for

(baseball player)


Old Providence island in the

Galveston, Texas

Ole Bull Ole Bornemann Bull Old Kinderhook Martin Van

Colombian West Indies off

Ole Miss Old Mississippi (The Buren—eighth President of

the Caribbean coast of Nica- ragua

University of Mississippi) the United States

Old Lady the boss; mother;

Olive Fremstad O l iv i a wife

Old Pueblo Tucson, Arizona

Old Put General Israel Putnam


Old Lady of Eagle Bridge

Oliver Hardy Oliver Norvell Grandma (Anna Mary Rich-

Old Reliable Tommy Henrich

Hardy ardson) Moses of Eagle

Old Roman Charlie Comiskey

Oliver Optic pseudonym of Bridge, NY

(baseball player)

Old Rosey General William

William Taylor Adams

Old Lady of the Thames

Ollie Olive(r) London

Starke Rosecrans

Old Rough-and-Ready G e n -

Ol’ Man River M i s s i s s i p p i

Old Lady of Threadneedle

River Street Bank of England

eral Zachary Taylor—twelfth

Ol’ Miss O l d M i s s i s s i p p i Old Lady White a ny p ow -

President of the United States

(nickname of river, state, or dered narcotic

Old Salamander A d m i r a l

university) Old Legal Lion Clarence Dar-

David Glasgow Farragut

Ol’ Mo Old Missouri (the great row

Old Sarum Salisbury, England

river) Old Line State Maryland

Old Scratch Satan

Omani Ports Masquat (Mus- Old Lion Joshua Nkomo

Old Sol the sun (see Sun God)

cat) and Matrah Old Man the boss; the captain;

Old South southern United

States before 1865

Omar Sharif Omar Cherif,

father; the skipper Omar Michel Shalhoub Old Man Eloquent Isocrates

Old Spanish Trail Saint Au-

one-armed bandits slot ma- in the opinion of Milton; John

gustine, Florida to San Diego,

chines Quincy Adams in the opinion

California; Gulf Coast and

Mexican Border route to Cal-

One-Armed Man of Lepanto

of the Congress he served af-

Miguel de Cervantes ter being sixth President of

ifornia Old Sparky Florida’s electric

Only Town in the U.S. with an

the U.S.

chair Old Swamp Fox B r i g a d i e r

Apostrophe in Its Name

Old Man of Ferney Vo l t a i r e

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho who lived in Ferney, France

General Francis Marion, USA

Old Tecumseh General Will-

onyx marble alabaster

Old Man of the Mountain

Oom Paul (Afrikaans—Uncle New Hampshire’s Profile

iam Tecumseh Sherman,

Paul)—sobriquet of Stepha- Mountain—the Great Stone


n u s J o h a n n e s Pa u l u s Face

Old Three Stars General US

Kruger—leader of Boer re- Old Man of the Rhine Ko n -

Grant, USA

bellion and president of rad Adenauer

Old Thumb Buster Colt .41-

Transvaal Old Man River the Missis-

caliber revolver

Opener of Japan Commodore sippi

Old Tippecanoe General Will-

Matthew Calbraith Perry, Old Manse Nathaniel Haw-

iam Henry Harrison—ninth

USN thorne’s house in Concord,

President of the United States

Operation Keelhaul A l l i e d Massachusetts

Old Ugly .45-caliber pistol

policy of returning escaping Old Nick (the devil)—Niccolo

Old Vic Royal Victoria Hall in

anti-communists to their Machiavelli’s diabolic sobri-


homelands quet; Satan

Old Viking Norwegian-Ameri-

Opium Eater T h o m a s D e Old Noll Old Oliver Cromwell

can labor leader Andrew Fu-

Quincey Old North State North Caro-


Opium Kingdom any country lina

Old War Skule L o u i s i a n a

where the opium poppy is Old Ossawatomie John Brown

State University, formerly

Louisiana State Seminary

cultivated for use in making

Eponyms, Nicknames

heroin (Bolivia, Burma, Co-

Ouida pseudonym of Marie lombia, Ecuador, Laos, Mex-

oriental topaz yellow corun-

Louise de la Ramée ico, etc.)


Ouragan ( F r e n c h — H u r r i - Opium Land poppy fields of

Orient Express fa m e d

cane)—Dassault single-en- the Golden Triangle or north-

Paris-to-Istanbul train; hyper-

gine jet fighter plane eastern Burma, northern

sonic jet designed to fly at 25

Our Crowd New York City’s Laos, and northern Thailand

times the speed of sound to

carry passengers from Wash-

German-Jewish elite

Opium’s Golden Triangle

Our Gracie Gracie Fields (cre- opium-growing fields be-

ington to Tokyo in two hours

ated Dame Commander of the tween borders of Cambodia,

Orient’s Cleanest City S i n -

Order of the British Empire Laos, and Vietnam


after years of entertaining Oppenheim’s disease congeni-

Original Glamour Girl Theda

many millions of Britons and tal lack of muscular develop-

Bara (Theodosia Goodman)

others around the world) ment of the ankles and feet

also called Queen of the Vam-

pires in the early days of

Our Lady of the Harbour

Oppie Oppenheim(er); J(ulius)

nickname of the Statue of Robert Oppenheimer

American motion pictures

Liberty Oprah Oprah Winfrey

Orinoco River City C i u d a d

Our Lady of the Snows K i - Oracle of Omaha Warren Buf-

Bolivar, Venezuela

pling’s nickname for Canada fett, chairman of Berkshire

Oriole Maryland’s state bird

our wayward sisters Confed- Hathaway

and symbolic nickname of

erate States Orange Bowl Miami, Florida


Outer Banks North Carolina’s orange flag potential danger

Orion Lockheed P-3 antisub-

sand-dune islands separated signal

marine and patrol aircraft

from the mainland by Albe- Orange Irish P r o t e s t a n t s ;

Orizaba Citialtepetl (Mexico’s

marle, Croatan, Pamlico, and orig., followers of William of

highest volcano)

Bogue sounds Orange

Orlando di Lasso Roland de


Orangemen P r o t e s t a n t s o f

Orwell’s Year 1984

Outer China Mongolia, Sinki- ang, Tibet

Northern Ireland; orig., fol-

Outer City metropolitan area lowers of William of Orange

Oscar Wilde O s c a r F i n g a l

surrounding Peking’s Inner Florida, and Texas

O’Flahertie Wills (also used

Orange States C a l i f o r n i a ,

the anonym: C.3.3.)

Oskar Werner J o s e f


Orator of the American Revo-

Outer Mongolia The Mongo- lution Patrick Henry

lian People’s Republic for- Orator Jim J i m O ’ R o u r ke


Oslo modern name for Chris-

merly called Mongolia

Outer Ring English counties (baseball player)

tiania or Kristiania

adjacent to London Iowa also called Porkopolis

Osloenser native of Oslo

Orchard City B u r l i n g t o n ,

Oslo Fjord formerly Kristiania


Outpost of the British Empire

nickname given to any remote Orchard of Ireland C o u n t y

of Iowa

British settlement Armagh

Ossie Oswaldtwistle, England

Ossining-on-Hudson f o r-

merly Hunter’s Landing or

Outpost of the West the Phil-

Orchid Capital of Hawaii

ippines Hilo

Outside a ny w h e r e o u t s i d e The Orchid Island Hawaii

Sing Sing

Alaska Orchid Set in the Sea S u -

Ossip Gabrilovich

Salomonovich Gabrilovich

Overthrust Belt Rocky Moun- lawesi (Celebes)

Ostend Manifesto President

tain gas-and-oil lands Oregon Girls Wi s c o n s i n

Ovid Roman poet Publius Ovi- School for (delinquent) Girls

Franklin Pierce

Other Side of the Herring

dus Naso at Oregon

Pond British nickname for

Owen Meredith Edward Rob- Oregon Ports Empire, Coos


ert Bulwer-Lytton’s pseud- Bay, Astoria, Portland

O-town Our Town

Ottawa Convention U n i t e d


Organist-Medical Missionary

owlsville London’s post-mid- Dr Albert Schweitzer

Nations treaty banning anti-

night nickname or any other oriental amethyst purple co-

personnel land mines

place after midnight rundum

Otter De Haviland utility air-

Owl Without a Vowel B i l l oriental anesthesia acupunc-

craft (DHC-3 in Canada, U-I

Mikvy (basketball player) ture

A in U.S.)

Oyashio (Japanese—Father oriental emerald green corun-

Ottoman Empire t h e o l d

Current)—cold Okhotsk Cur- dum

Turkish Empire extending at

rent Oriental Republic E a s t e r n

its height from Iran to Mo-

Oyster Center Apalachicola, Republic of Uruguay

rocco, including the Balkans,

Florida (República Oriental del Uru-

parts of Hungary and south-

Oyster(s) Marylander(s) guay)

ern Russia as well as much of

Spain; Turkish Empire

Oyster State Maryland

Eponyms, Nicknames

Ozark Ike Gus Zernial (base-

Palestrina Giovanni Pierluigi ball player)

Pacific War Japan’s involve-

da Palestrina Ozark State Missouri

ment in World War II begin-

Palgrave Francis Meyer Cohen Ozzie Aussy; Australian; Os-

ning with the Manchurian In-

Palladian windows semicircu- born(e); Oscar; Oswald(o)

cident in 1931 when Japan

lar windows divided into Pablo Neruda Neftali Ricardo

invaded China

small sections, named for An- Reyes

Paco Pancho (Francisco)

drea Palladio, 16th-century Pablo Picasso Pa b l o D i eg o

Pac-8 Conference Pa c i fi c - 8

Italian architect José Francisco de Paula Juan

Conference consisting of

Palma Vecchio palette name of Nepomuceno Crispin Crispi-

University of California (Ber-

Jacopo Negreti ano de la Santísima Trinidad

keley), Oregon, Oregon State,

University of Southern Cali-

Palm Coast F l o r i d a ’s e a s t

Ruiz y Picasso coast from Daytona to Jack-

fornia, Stanford, University

Paca Francesca sonville

of California at Los Angeles,

University of Washington,

Pachuco (Mexican-American-

Palm Springs of Washington

state Yakima ism—El Paso, Texas)—also

Washington State University

Palmerston Henry John Tem- called Pachucolandia

Pac-10 Conference Pacific-10

ple, Viscount of Palmerston Pacific Bitch navalese for Pa-


Palmetto City C h a r l e s t o n , cific Beach, San Diego, Cali-

Paddie(s) Irish person(s)

South Carolina fornia

Paddy an Irishman; Patrick

Palmetto(s) South Carolin- Pacific Canada B r i t i s h C o -

Paddyland Ireland

ian(s) lumbia and the Yukon Terri-

Padre de Independencia (Span-

Palmetto State South Carolina tory

ish—Father of Indepen-

palm oil bribe(s) Pacific Coast Province B r i t -

dence)—José Marti—Cuban

patriot, poet, and soldier

Pamphleteer for American

Independence T h o m a s Pacific Coast States Califor-

ish Columbia

Padrone of the Pedernales

Paine nia, Oregon, Washington

Lyndon B Johnson

Panama Panama hat (made Pacific Commonwealths A u s -

Paganini of the Double Bass

from finely plaited young tralia and New Zealand and

Giovanni Battesini; Serge

palmlike leaves) their territories


Panama Canal Ports B a l b o a Pacific Crest Trailways f o r

Paganini of the Guitar

(Pacific terminus) and Cris- hikers, historians, and natu-

Fernando Sors, Andres Seg-

tóbal (Caribbean terminus) ralists—includes John Muir


Paganini of the Plains J u a n

Panama Canal President

Trail—extends from Canada

Theodore Roosevelt to Mexico through Washing-


Panama red high-grade mari- ton, Oregon, and California

Paget’s disease bone distortion

or cancer of the nipples of

juana grown in Panama and

Pacific Division States

the Canal Zone Alaska, California, Hawaii,


Painted Desert petrified for-

Panama’s Principal Ports

Co1ón, Cristóbal, Panamá Pacific Dominions A u s t r a l i a

Oregon, and Washington

mations and colorful rock de-

City, Balboa, and Puerto Ar- and New Zealand and their

posits on desert floor of north-

muelles territories

eastern Arizona

Panama turkey i g u a n a t a i l Pacific Northwest Alaska to

Painter of Japanese Prosti-

meat California, includung the

tutes Kitagawa Utamaro

Pancake lee small, thin, circu- Yukon, British Columbia,

Painter of Light Joaquin So-

lar cakes of ice that form on Washington, and Oregon

rolla de Bastida

Painter of Prostitutes H e n r i

a sea’s surface as it begins to

freeze Pacific Ocean Eden G a l á p a -

Marie Raymond de Tou-

gos Islands Pancho Francisco; native nick-


name for Valparaiso, Chile Pacific Paradise Hawaii

Pakistan’s Principal Port

Pancho Villa Doroteo Arango Pacific Province British Co-


Pandemonium South Pacifiic lumbia

Palatinate southwest German

nickname for New Hebrides Pacific Rim Japan, South Ko-

districts once ruled by counts

islands British-French Con- rea, China, Taiwan, the Phil-

palatinate of the Holy Roman

dominium ippines, Malaysia, Hong

Empire and referred to as

Panhandle Southeast Alaska Kong, Singapore and other

Oberpfalz or Rheinpfalz

Panhandle States F l o r i d a , Pacific nations associated

Palau Pelew (Pacific islands in

Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, through trade

Caroline area)

West Virginia Pacific States Alaska, Wash-

Paleontologist Priest P i e r r e

Pantaleone patron saint of ington, Oregon, California,

Teilhard de Chardin

Venice; nickname for an Ital- Hawaii

Palestinian Salt Sea the Dead


ian taxpayer or for a Venetian

Eponyms, Nicknames

Panther Grumman single-en-

Patriarch of Ferney Vo l t a i r e gine single-seat naval fighting

Parkinson’s law wo r k ex -

who lived from 1758 to 1778 aircraft

pands so as to fill the time

in Ferney, France now called Papa Bach Johann Sebastian

available for its completion

Ferney-Voltaire in his honor Bach

Park Maker Frederick Law


Patriarch of the Gold Indus-

Papa Bok Jean Bedel Bokassa,

try Nicholas Deak feared former President of

Parlour Panther New York Re-

view of Books

Patriarch of the Modern Con-

sumer Movement R a l p h Papa Doc Haiti’s former dicta-

Central African Republic

Nader tor François Duvalier

Parmigianino Francisco Mas-


Parrish blue blue favored by il-

Patriarch of New England

Papa Haydn F r a n z J o s e p h

John Cotton Haydn

Patriarch of Philosophy B e r- Papaji Hariwansh Lal Poonja

lustrator Maxfield Parrish

trand Russell Pappas Papadmitropoulos

Parrot’s disease syphilitic in-

fantile paralysis (named for a

Patriarch of Puerto Rico Luis

Pappies Papists Muñoz Marfn

French physician—Jules

Marie Parrot)

Papua New Guinea’s Principal

Patriarch of the West the Pope Port Port Moresby

Parry’s disease exophthalmic

Patricia Wentworth Dora Amy

Paquita Francisca (Frances) Elles Dillon Turnbull’s Paracelsus T h e o p h r a s t u s


pseudonym Bombastus von Hohenheim

Pas de Calais (French—Cal-

Patrick O’Brian R i c h a r d Paradise of New England Sa-

ais Strait)—also called Dover

Patrick Russ lem, Massachusetts


Patriot Financier Robert Mor- Paradise of the Pacific H a -

Paso del Calais ( S p a n i s h —

ris waii

Calais Strait)—Dover Strait

in the English Channel

Patriot of the Piano P o l i s h

Paradox of South America

patriot-pianist-premier Ig- Paraguay—an affluent mili-

Passionate Pilgrim John Bun-


nace Jan Paderewski

Patriot Printer of 1776 Will- tary dictatorship

Passionate Skeptic B e r t r a n d

Paraguay River City A s u n -

iam Bradford ción


Pastoral God Pan

Patron of Bawdy House E n -

gland’s King Charles II, the Asunción

Pat Patricia; Patrick

Merry Monarch Paraiba old name of Joao Pes-

Paraguay’s Principal Port

Patron of Explorers H e n r y soa, Brazil

Patau syndrome genetic syn-

drome resulting in malforma-

tion of organs (for Klaus Pa-

the Navigator (Dom Henrique o Navegador)—Prince of Por-

Paramilitary Paradise Pa r a -

tugal guay


Patron Saint of Abandoned Parched Heart of Australia

Pathetic Peter P y o t r I l y i c h

Children Jerome Emiliani Alice Springs, Northern Ter-

Tchaikovsky whose composi-

tions are soaked in sorrow

Patron Saint of Accountants

Matthew Parchman Mississippi State

ritory—The Alice

Pathfinder M a j o r G e n e r a l

Patron Saint of Actors Gene- Penitentiary at Parchman

John C Frémont, USA

sius Pareto’s law income distribu-

Pathfinder of the Seas M a t -

thew Fontaine Maury

Patron Saint of Air Travelers

Joseph of Cupertino to remain constant

tion in a given economy tends

Path of Gold Market Street,

San Francisco

Patron Saint of All Who Work

Paris Expressionist Henri Ma-

with a Hammer Cloud tisse

Pathmaker of the West J o h n

C Frémont

Patron Saint of Alpinists

paris green copper acetoarse-

Bernard of Menthon nite (poison)

Patience and Fortitude

Mayor LaGuardia’s nick-

Patron Saint of Altar Boys

Parisian Italian Luigi Carlo

John Berchmans Zenobio Salvadore Maria

name for the couchant lions

flanking the steps of the New

Patron Saint of American

Orchards John (Johnny Ap- Paris of North America M o n -

Cherubini (1760–1842)

York Public Library

pleseed) Chapman tréal Parkbench Philosopher B e r-

Patland Ireland

Rosa de Lima Park City Bridgeport, Con-

Pat Nixon Thelma Catherine

Patron Saint of the Americas

nard Baruch

Patricia Ryan Nixon (1912–

Rene Goupil necticut

Patron Saint of Anesthetists

Patriarca de la Independencia

Patron Saint of Angina Suffer-

Parkinson’s disease n e r vo u s

ers Swithbert tremors accompanied by

(Portuguese—Patriarch of In-

dependence)—Brazil’s José

Patron Saint of Architects

muscular weakness and rigid-

Thomas, Apostle ness; also called palsy, paral-

Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva

Patriarch of American Labor

Patron Saint of Armenia

ysis agitans, or the shakes

George Meany

Gregory the Illuminator

Eponyms, Nicknames

Patron Saint of Artillerymen

Patron Saint of Bridgebuild-

Patron Saint of Dancers


ers Benedict


Patron Saint of Astronomers

Patron Saint of Brushmakers

Patron Saint of Dentists

Apollonia Patron Saint of Athletes S e -



Patron Saint of Builders Bar-

Patron Saint of Desperate

Situations Jude Patron Saint of Austria S ev -


bara and Vincent Ferrer

Patron Saint of Bullfighters

Patron Saint of Diseases of the

Breast Agatha Patron Saint of Authors Fran-


Virgen de la Macarena (also

Patron Saint of Seville)

Patron Saint of Domestic Ani-

cis de Sales

Patron Saint of Butchers

mals Anthony

Patron Saint of Aviators, Por-

Patron Saint of Domestic ters, Seafarers, and TraveIl-


Workers Zita ers Christopher

Patron Saint of Cab Drivers


Patron Saint of the Dominican

Patron Saint of Bakers Eliza-

Republic Dominic beth of Hungary

Patron Saint of Cabinetmak-

ers Anne

Patron Saint of Druggists

Patron Saint of Bankers Mat-

James the Less thew

Patron Saint of Canada

Patron Saint of Dyers Ly d i a Patron Saint of Barbers C o s -


and Maurice mas, Damian

Patron Saint of Candlemak-

ers Ambrose

Patron Saint of Dying B a r-

Patron Saint of Barren

bara Women Felicity

Patron Saint of Canonists

Raymond of Peñafort

Patron Saint of Dysentery Suf-

Patron Saint of Bavaria K i l -

ferers Matrona ian

Patron Saint of Carpenters


Patron Saint of Earthquakes

Emygdius Patron Saint of Belgium J o -

Patron Saint of Beggers Giles

Patron Saint of Catechists

Charles Borromeo

Patron Saint of Ecologists


Patron Saint of Catholic

Francis of Assisi

Patron Saint of Black Missions

Patron Saint of Editors J o h n in North America B e n e -

Action Francis of Assisi

Bosco dict the Moor

Patron Saint of the Catholic

Patron Saint of Emigrants Patron Saint of Blacksmiths

Press Francis de Sales

Francis Xavier Cabrini Dunstan

Patron Saint of Charitable

Patron Saint of Engineers Patron Saint of the Blind

Societies Vincent de Paul

Francis III Raphael

Patron Saint of the Chase

Patron Saint of England Patron Saint of the Blind and


Edward the Confessor or St the Near Blind Clara

Patron Saint of Childbirth

Gerard Majella


Patron Saint of Bloodbanks

Patron Saint of Children

Patron Saint of Epilepsy


Nicholas of Myra, also known


Patron Saint of Boatmen

as Santa Claus—derived from

Patron Saint of Eucharistic

Julian the Hospitaler

the Dutch, Sant Nikolaas

Congresses Paschal Baylon

Patron Saint of Bookbinders

Patron Saint of Choirboys

Patron Saint of Expectant

Peter Celestine

Dominic Savio

Mothers Gerard Majella

Patron Saint of Book Collec-

Patron Saint of the Church

Patron Saint of Eye Trouble

tors Jerome (credited with

Lucy compiling the Latin Bible)


Patron Saint of Falsely Patron Saint of Bookkeepers

Patron Saint of Clerics G a b -

Accused Raymond Nonna- Matthew


Patron Saint of Clothiers


Patron Saint of Booksellers


Patron Saint of Farmers

Isadore Patron Saint of Borneo Fran-

John of God

Patron Saint of Comedians


Patron Saint of Fathers of Fam-

cis Xavier

Patron Saint of Confessors

ilies Joseph

Patron Saint of Boy Scouts

John Nepomucene

Patron Saint of Finland

Henry of Uppsala Patron Saint of BraziI P e t e r


Patron Saint of Convulsive

Children Scholastica

Patron Saint of Firemen

of Alcantara

Patron Saint of Cooks


Patron Saint of Brewers and

Lawrence and Martha

Patron Saint of Fishermen

Pawnbrokers Nicholas of

Andrew Myra—the prototype of Santa

Patron Saint of Coppersmiths


Patron Saint of Flagpole Sit-


Patron Saint of Cripples

ters Simon of Stylites

Patron Saint of Bricklayers


Patron Saint of Florists


Patron Saint of the Dance

Therese of Lisieux

Patron Saint of Brides

Vitus, according to Washing-

Patron Saint of Foresters

Nicholas of Myra

ton Irving

John Gualbert

Eponyms, Nicknames

Patron Saint of Founders

Patron Saint of Interracial

Patron Saint of Motorists


Justice Martin de Porres


Patron Saint of Freethinkers

Patron Saint of Invalids

Patron Saint of Mountaineers

Chapman Cohen of London



Patron Saint of French Attor-

Patron Saint of Italy Francis

Patron Saint of the Movies

neys Ives

of Assisi, Catherine of Siena

John Bosco

Patron Saint of Funeral Direc-

Patron Saint of Music Cecilia tors Joseph of Arimathea

Patron Saint of Jewelers

Patron Saint of Nailmakers Patron Saint of Gardeners


Cloud Dorotea

Patron Saint of Journalists

Patron Saint of Navigators Patron Saint of Gardens

Francis de Sales

Brendan of Ireland Dorotea

Patron Saint of Jurists J o h n


Patron Saint of the Nether-

Patron Saint of Girls Agnes

lands Willibrord Patron Saint of Glasgow Mu-

Patron Saint of Laborers Isa-


Patron Saint of Norway


Patron Saint of Lawyers and


Patron Saint of Glassworkers

Thieves Nicholas of Myra

Patron Saint of Notaries


Patron Saint of Librarians


Patron Saint of Goldsmiths

Patron Saint of Nurses Agatha Dunstan


Patron Saint of Lighthouse-

Patron Saint of Orators John

Patron Saint of Gravediggers

Chrysostom Anthony

keepers Dunstan

Patron Saint of Greetings Patron Saint of Orphans

Patron Saint of Lithuania

Jerome Emiliani Valentine


Patron Saint of Grocers Patron Saint of Painters

Patron Saint of Locksmiths

Patron Saint of Lost Articles

Patron Saint of Hairdressers

Patron Saint of Paris Genev- Martin de Porres

Anthony of Padua


Patron Saint of the Hard of

Patron Saint of Lovers

Patron Saint of Parish Priests

Hearing Ovidius


Jean-Marie-Baptiste Vianney

Patron Saint of Hatters

Patron Saint of Maidens

Patron Saint of Pawnbrokers

Severus of Ravenna

Catherine of Alexandria

Nicholas of Myra

Afflicted with Coughs and Patron Saint of Headache Suf-

Patron Saint of Haymakers

Patron Saint of Malta Paul

Patron Saint of Persons

Colds Judas ferers Teresa of Avila


Patron Saint of Mariners


Patron Saint of Persons Patron Saint of Heart Patients

Patron Saint of Married

Women Monica

Afflicted with Hydropho-

John of God

Patron Saint of Medical Record

bia Hubert

Patron Saint of Hernias and

Librarians R a y m o n d o f

Patron Saint of Persons

and Snake Bites Sebastian Druon

Ruptures Drogo, according


Afflicted with Insect Stings

to believers who also call him

Patron Saint of Medical Tech-

Patron Saint of Persons Con- Patron Saint of Hispanic Amer-

nicians Albert the Great

demned to Death Dismas ica Our Lady of Guadalupe

Patron Saint of the Mentally

Ill Dymphna

Patron Saint of Peru Rosa de

Patron Saint of Hospital

Lima Administrators F r a n c i s

Patron Saint of Merchants

Nicholas of Myra

Patron Saint of Pharmacists

Xavier Cabrini

Patron Saint of Messengers

James the Greater

Patron Saint of Hospital Dieti-


Patron Saint of Physicians

cians Martha

Patron Saint of Metalworkers


Patron Saint of Hospital Phar-

Patron Saint of Pilots J o s e p h macists Gemma Galgani


Patron Saint of Mexico

of Cupertino

Patron Saint of Hospital Pub-

Virgin of Guadalupe

Patron Saint of the Plague

lic Relations Paul

Patron Saint of Midwives


Patron Saint of Hospitals

Raymond Nonnatus

Patron Saint of Plasterers

Camillus de Lellis

Patron Saint of Millers


Patron Saint of Hotelkeepers

Patron Saint of Poets Cecilia Julian the Hospitaler


Patron Saint of Missions

Patron Saint of Poland Cune-

Patron Saint of Housework-

gunda ers Anne

Francis Xavier

Patron Saint of Policemen Patron Saint of Hunters

Patron Saint of Mississippi

Michael Hubert

Eudora Welty

Patron Saint of the Poor Patron Saint of Impossible and

Patron Saint of Monaco

Anthony of Padua Desperate Cases R i t a o f


Patron Saint of Mothers

Patron Saint of Porters




Eponyms, Nicknames

Patron Saint of Postal Workers

Patron Saint of Spain S a n t i -

Patron Saints of Ailments of


ago de Compostela (St James

the Eyes Clare and Lucy

Patron Saint of Preachers

the Greater), Teresa of Avila

Patron Saints of Artists

John Chrysostom

Patron Saint of Speleologists

Catherine of Bologna, Luke

Patron Saint of Pregnant


Patron Saints of Bohemia

Women Margareta

Patron Saint of Stenogra-

Wenceslaus, Ludmilla

Patron Saint of Printers

phers Cassian of Tangiers

Patron Saints of Canada


Patron Saint of Stonecutters

George and Joseph

Patron Saint of Prisons


Patron Saints of Cancer Vic-

Joseph Cafasso

Patron Saint of Students

tims Michael; Peregrine

Patron Saint of Prisoners

Laziosi Barbara

Thomas Aquinas

Patron Saint of Tailors Ho-

Patron Saints of Chile Santi-

Patron Saint of Public Rela-

ago (James), Virgen del Car- tions Bernardino of Siena


Patron Saint of Tanners


Patron Saint of Radiologists


Patron Saints of Denmark


Patron Saint of Tax Collectors

Ansgar and Canute

Patron Saint of Radio Work-


Patron Saints of Doctors

Cosmas and Damian Patron Saint of Retreats I g -

ers Gabriel

Patron Saint of Teachers

Patron Saints of France D e - natius Loyola

Gregory the Great

Patron Saint of Telecommuni-

nis, Our Lady of the Assump-

Patron Saint of Rheumatics

tion, Joan of Arc, Therese Gervasius

cations Workers Gabriel

Patron Saints of Germany Patron Saint of Rheumatism

Patron Saint of Television

Boniface and Michael Affliction James the Greater

Clare of Assisi

Patron Saint of Theologians

Patron Saints of Greece

Patron Saint of Russia A n -

Andrew and Nicholas drew whose cross adorns the

Alphonsus Liguori

Patron Saint of Toothaches

Patron Saints of Housewives

flag of Imperial Russia

Apollonia of Egypt

Anne; Martha

Patron Saint of Saddlers

Patron Saint of Travellers

Patron Saints of Hungary

Blessed Virgin—Great Lady Patron Saint of Sailors Elmo



Patron Saint of Troubled Par-

of Hungary and Stephen

Patron Saint of Scholastic Insti-

ents Monica

Patron Saints of Ireland

Patrick, Brigid, Columba Patron Saint of Scotland An-

tutions Thomas Aquinas

Patron Saint of the United

States Our Lady of the Im-

Patron Saints of Lawyers


maculate Conception, accord-

Genesius, Ivo, Thomas More

Patron Saint of Sculptors

ing to Roman Catholics

Patron Saints of Moravia


Patron Saint of Universities

Cyril and Methodius

Patron Saint of Secretaries

Contardo Ferrini

Patron Saints of Morticians


Patron Saint of Uruguay Our

Dismas and Joseph of Ari-

Patron Saint of Seminarians

mathea Charles Borromeo

Lady of Lujan

Patron Saints of Philosophers Patron Saint of Shepherds

Patron Saint of Vocations Al-

Justin, Catherine Drogo


Patron Saint of Wales David

Patron Saints of Poland C a -

Patron Saint of Shoemakers

simir, Florian, Stanislaus Crispin

Patron Saint of War Prisoners

Patron Saints of Portugal Patron Saint of the Sick


Anthony Padua, Francis Camillus de Lellis

Patron Saint of Watchmen

Peter of Alcantara

Padua, George, Vincent

Patron Saint of Silversmiths

Patron Saint of the West

Patron Saints of Scholars

Brigida; Gregory Patron Saint of Singers C e -


Indies Gertrude

Patron Saint of Widows

Patron Saints of Schoolteach-

ers Gregory the Great and Patron Saint of Skaters L i d -



John Baptist de la Salle wina

Patron Saint of Winegrowers


Patron Saints of Scotland

Patron Saint of Skiers B e r-

Andrew and Columba nard

Patron Saint of Wine Mer-

Patron Saints of Stonemasons Patron Saint of Skin Diseases

chants Amand

Barbara; Stephen Marculf

Patron Saint of Writers Lucy

Patron Saints of Surgeons Patron Saint of Social Justice

Patron Saint of Yachtsmen

Cosmas, Damian, Luke Joseph


Patron Saints of Sweden Patron Saint of Social Work-

Patron Saint of Youth A l oy -

Eric, Bridget ers Louise de Marillac

sius Gonzaga

Patron Saints of Theologians Patron Saint of the Sore

Patron Saints of Advertisers

Alphonsus Liguori and Au- Throat Blaise

Barnardine of Siena, John



Eponyms, Nicknames

Patron Saints of Weavers

Pearl of the Sharon Netanya, Anastasia; Paul the Hermit

Pavel Ivanovich Jones J o h n

Paul Jones (when he served as


Patron Saints of Victims of

rear admiral commanding

Pearls of the Pacific 7,000 Phil-

Abusive or Unfaithful Hus-

ippine islands; Honolulu, Pago bands Blessed Anna Maria

Russia’s Black Sea fleet for

Pago, Papeete Taigl, Blessed Margaret of

Catherine the Great)

Pearls of the South Seas Ta - d’Youville, Blessed Paola

p-bills personal-computer coun-

hiti, Tonga, Samoa, and other Gambera-Costa, Saint Eliza-

terfeit currency

South Sea islands beth of Portugal, Saint Gode-

P’burg Philipsburg, Montana

Peasant Bard Robert Burns lileve, Saint Monica, Saint

Peacefield Quincy, Massachu-

Peasant Breughel P i e t e r Rita of Cascia

setts home of John Adams

and his son John Quincy Ad-

Breughel the Elder

Patron Saints of Victims of


Peasant with a Pen Eric Link-

later’s nickname Blessed Eustochium of

Peace Garden State N o r t h

Peck’s Bad Boy pseudonym of Padua, Blessed Sibyllina Bis-

Unmarried Parents


George W Peck cossi, Saint Briget of Ireland

Peacekeeper LGM 118 inter-

continental ballistic missile

Pecos Bill General William Shafter, USA

Patron of Science P t o l e m y

Peacemaker William Penn peace pill pcp, phencyclidine

Pecos Wilderness eastern New (Claudius Ptolemaeus)

Mexico and West Texas Patroon Stephen Van Rensse-

Peach Bowl Atlanta, Georgia

(nothern New Mexico east of laer’s nickname

Peach Capital of British

Santa Fe to the Rio Grande Patry Williams pseudonym of

Columbia Penticton

above Del Rio, Texas) M Patry and D Williams (En-

Peach State Georgia

The Peerless Leader F r a n k glish writers)

Peacracker(s) n a t ive ( s ) o f

Chamice (baseball) Patsy Cline Virginia Patterson


Peetie Wheatstraw Wi l l i a m Hensley

Peanut Capital of Alabama

Bunch Patti Page Clara Ann Fowler


The Peg Winnipeg, Canada Patton U.S.-made M-47 or

Peanut City Suffolk, Virginia

Peggy Margaret M-48 medium tanks armed

Peg Leg Petrus Stuyvesant. with 90mm guns

Peanut King Amadeo Obici

who organized the Planters

Dutch governor of Nieuw Patty Martha; Patience; Patri-

Peanut Company in 1906

Amsterdam, who lost his cia

Pear City Medford, Oregon

right leg in the siege of Sint Paul VI G i ova n n i B a t i s t a

Pearl of the Adriatic D u -

brovnik, Croatia


Peg Leg Howell Joshua Barnes Montini

Howell Paulina; Pauline; Paulita

Pearl of the Antilles Cuba

Paula Pa u l c e l a ; Pa u l e t t e ;

Pearl of the Atlantic Madeira

Pearl of the Baltic Bornholm

Peg-Leg Sam Arthur Jackson Pelican Louisiana’s state bird

Paul Bunyan’s Capital

and symbolic nickname often Brainerd, Minnesota

Island, Denmark

given Louisianians—Pelicans Paul Celan Paul Ancel (1920–

Pearl Buck P e a r l S y n d e n -

Pelican State Louisiana 1970)


Pearl of the Chilean Paciric

Pen of the American Revolu-

Paul Creston J o s e p h G u t -

tion Thomas Paine toveggio

Viña del Mar

Penang (Malay—Betel Nut)— Paul Éluard Eugéne Grindel

Pearl Gulf Arabian Gulf, Per-

formerly called George Town (1895–1952)

sian Gulf

when British Malaya Paulette Goddard M a r i o n

Pearl of Ireland Saint Brigit

Pence Springs West Virginia Levy

Pearl Island of the Caribbean

State Prison for Women at Paul Horiuchi C h i K a m a s a

Margarita, Venezuela

Pearl King Mikimoto Kokichi

Pence Springs

Horiuchi Pencil of Nature photography

(Japanese who discovered the

Paul Klenovsky Sir Henry J Penguin Ron Cey (baseball

secret of creating cultured

Wood’s pseudonym used player)


when he presented his orches- Peninsula Portugal and Spain

Pearl of the Lagoons A b i d -

Peninsular Malaysia States of tral arrangement of Bach’s

jan, Ivory Coast

the Federation of Malaysia Toccata and Fugue in D mi-

Pearl of the Orient Sri Lanka

(Federated Malay States also nor; pupil of Alexander Gla-


known as Malaya) zunov

Pearl of Persia Isfahan

Peninsula State Florida Paul Lukas Pal Lukacs

Pearl and Petroleum Sheik-

dom El Qatar on the Persian

Penmen of the Revolution

Paul Muni Muni Weisenfre-

John Dickinson of Dover, und


Delaware, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Vesey Samuel W Allen’s

Pearl of the Planet Black Sea

and Tom Paine pseudonym

Pearl S Buck Mrs Richard J


Pennie Penina

Eponyms, Nicknames

Pennsylvania named for Will-

Peter McGill ( A m e r i c a n iam Penn’s father

Persian cat (long-haired

slang—Pedro Miguel)— Pan- Pennsylvania Farmer J o h n

breed); Persian lamb (young

ama Canal Locks near Balboa Dickinson’s pseudonym

lamb of karakul sheep); Per-

Peter Mennin Peter Mennini Pennsylvania Ports Erie, Phil-

sian melon (greenish musk-

Peter Mikhailov pseudonym adelphia. Chester, Marcus


of Peter the Great, which he Hook

Persian Gulf States Bahrain,

Qatar, and the United Arab

used while travelling and

Pennsylvania of the West

working in Dutch shipyards Missouri


Peter Pan of Politics Winston Penny Penelope

Personification of Death Tha-

Churchill Penobscot River City Bangor,

natos (Greek)—whose

Peter and Paul St Peter and St Maine

brother was Hypnos or sleep

Paul island fortress-prison on Peony Indiana state flower; In-

Personification of the Destroy-

the Neva facing Saint Peters- diana girl’s nickname

ing Principle Siva

burg Peony Center Faribault, Min-

Personification of Justice (see

Peter Pindar Dr John Wolcot nesota

Justice Personified)

Peter Porcupine William Cob- People of the Lion S i n g h a -

Personification of the Preserv-

bett’s pseudonym lese of Ceylon

ing Principle Vishnu

Peter Principle in a hierarchy. People’s Lawyer A s s o c i a t e

Personification of Sleep Hyp-

every employee tends to rise Justice Louis Dembitz Bran-

nos (Greek)—whose brother

to his level of incompetence deis of the Supreme Court of

was Thanatos or death

Peter Warlock Philip Arnold the United States

Personification of the Soul

Heseltine People’s Poet Paul Lawrence

Psyche in the Greek mythol-

Petit Caporal (French—Little Dunbar


Corporal)—Napoleon I People’s Princess Diana, Prin-

Persuasive Evolutionist T h o -

Petrarch Francesco Petracco cess of Wales

mas Henry Huxley

Petr Makadonski (Russian— Peory Peoria, Illinois

Perugino Piero Vannucci

Pepe José (Joseph)

Peru’s Principal Port Callao

Peter the Great)—Peter Alek- seyvich

Pepita Josefa; Josefina

Petrograd (Russian—City of Pepper Jimmy Austin (baseball player)

Peruvian Peruvian balsam

used by chocolate makers,

doctors, and perfumers; Peru-

Peter)—place-name during socialist revolution of Febru-

Pepper Coast Liberia

ary 1917 and communist Perce Persival; Percy Percy Percival

vian bark (cinchona) Peruvian Ports Iquitos on the

Amazon’s headwaters; Ta-

takeover in following Novem- ber; called Leningrad after

Percy Grainger George Percy

death of Lenin until Septem- Grainger Père-Lachaise Pa r i s ’ b e s t

lara, Callao, Matarani, Mol- lendo, Ilo, Pisco, Chimbote,

and Salaverry

ber 1991, when replaced by the original Saint Petersburg

known cemetery and generic

Petroleum Emirate Kuwait eponym for other burial

Pesach Hebrew Passover

Petroleum V Nasby D av i d places

Pessimistic Composer Gustav

Mahler (nicknamed Gloomy

Ross Locke’s pseudonym

Perfector of Opalescent Glass

Petya (Russian nickname— Louis Comfort Tiffany

Gus by some music lovers)

Pyotr)—Peter Peripatetic Philosopher Aris-

Pessimistic Painter Hierony-

Pewee Kentucky Correctional totle

mus Bosch

Institution at Pewee Valley Peripatetic Pope John Paul II

Pessimistic Philosopher

Peyronies’s disease (see bent- perks nickname for percodan

Arthur Schopenhauer

nail syndrome) permatemps permanent tempo-

Pesthole of the Pacific Pa n -

Peyton Place Gilmanton, New rary workers (who go from

ama City, Panama; Buenaven-

Hampshire one temporary job to another)

tura, Colombia; Guayaquil,

p funk synthetic heroin Pernambuco old name of Rec-


Phantom F-4 fighter airplane ife, Brazil

Pete Herman Peter Gulotta

Pharaoh’s Curse diarrhea Pero (Russian—pen)—Trotsky


phd poor, hungry, driven nickname because of his skill

Peter Arno Curtis Arnoux Pe-


Philadelphia Jack O’Brien

Joseph Hagen (boxer) Perry Como Pierino Como

in writing revolutionary tracts

Peterhouse St Peter’s College

Philadelphia Lawyer Andrew Perse Percival; Percy


Hamilton, Philadelphia attor- Pershing Martin surface-to-

Peter Lorre Laszlo Loewen-

ney who in 1734 and 1735 surface missile (MGM-31A)


successfully defended New Persia ancient name for Iran

Peter Lynch factor a d d e d

York printer Peter Zenger Persian Persian blinds (exte-

value that a good manager

whose newspaper criticized rior blinds); Persian carpet

may bring to a mutual fund

British colonial policy in (handwoven oriental rug);

Peter Martyr Pietro Martin

d’Anghierra’s pseudonym

America—Zenger had been

Eponyms, Nicknames

unsuccessful in getting a New

Pieter Timmerman (Dutch— York lawyer to take his case;

Photo Reporter M a rg a r e t

Peter Carpenter)—pseud- an attorney who will defend a


onym used by Peter the Great case others are afraid to touch

Phrasemaker of Versailles

of Russia while working as a Philadelphia Painter Thomas

Woodrow Wilson—twenty-

shipwright in Dutch ship- Eakins

eighth President of the United

yards Philander von der Linde J o -


Pig Alley Place Pigalle hann Burkhard Mencke

Phronie Sophronia

pig iron slag iron, named for Philidor François Andre Dani-

Phyllis Diller Phyllis Driver

alignment of iron on ground can

Physician to the Body Politic

that looked like piglets suck- Philippine Ports Aparri, Port

Émile Zolá

ling a sow Legazpi. Cavite, Manila,

Physician Extraordinary S i r

Pig Islander New Zealander Poro, Masbate, Tacloban,

William Osler

(Australian slang) Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Zam-

Physician’s Physician J a c o b

pig’s ear (Cockney English— boanga, Ozamiz, Isabela, Jolo

Mendez Da Costa

Philippines Principal Port

Pianist’s Pianist Richard Buh-



Pilgrim of the Most Illustrious

Waves Caspian Sea sturgeon, Philipp Melanchthon Philipp Schwarzerd


Piano Legs Charles Hickman

(baseball player)

according to Ovid

Pillars of Hercules promonto- Philistine Temptress Dalila _

Pickle Works n i c k n a m e o f

ries flanking the Straits of (Delilah)

building occupied by Central

Gibraltar—Abyla in Africa Philomela Mercy Otis Warren,

Intelligence Agency in Lan-

facing Gibraltar in Europe Pillow Lava lava solidified un-

called the First Lady of the

gley, Virginia

American Revolution

Pickpocket Heroine of Daniel

derwater assuming pillowlike

Philosopher of the Absolute

Defoe’s Moll Flanders

shapes Georg Wilhelm Friedrich He-

Pilsner Country Czechoslova- gel

Pick’s disease brain disorder

characterized by loss of mem-

Philosopher of China C o n -

ory and speech

kia Pinball Dave Twardzik (base-


Pico Bolívar (Spanish— Boli-

var’s Peak)—Venezuela’s

ball player)

Philosopher of Democracy and

highest mountain also called

Pineapple Face Manuel Anto-

nio Noriega, former leader of Philosopher of Freedom John

Humanism Sidney Hook

La Columna

Panama Locke

Picture Island Enoshima, Yo-

Pineapple Island Lanai, Ha- Philosopher Freethinker E l -


waii bert Hubbard


Pineapple Paradise Hawaiian Philosopher Kung Ku n g

Land Switzerland

Islands Pine Trees i n h a b i t a n t s o f

Futzu (Confucius)

Picture Province C a n a d a ’s

New Brunswick

Maine Philosopher Physician Ave r-

Philosopher of Malmesbury

Thomas Hobbes

Picture Province of Canada

Pine Tree State Maine roes

New Brunswick

Piedmont Plateau A p p a l a -

Piney Point Harry Lundeberg

Philosopher of Sans Souci

School of Seamanship at Voltaire’s nickname for Fred-

chian Mountain region ex-

Piney Point, Maryland erick the Great

tending from Alabama to

New York, including Georgia,

Pink City of Rajputana

Philosopher of Sex Havelock

Jaipur Ellis

the Carolinas, Virginia, West

Virginia, western Maryland,

pinks newborn rats

Philosopher of the Superman

Pinky conductor-violinist Pin- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

and Pennsylvania

Pier Angeli A n n a M a r i a

chas Zukerman’s nickname

Philosopher of the Third

Pinky Lee Pincus Leff Reich Alfred Rosenberg


Pinturicchio Barnardino Betti Phiz Hablot K Browne—illus-

Piero della Francesca Piero di

Piombo palette name of Sebas- trator of the Pickwick Papers

Benedetto de Franceschi

tiano Luciani of Dickens–Boz

Pierre Loti ( p s e u d o ny m -

Pioneer deep-space probes de- Phoenix of Spain L o p e d e

Louis-Marie Julien Viaud)

signed for interplanetary in- Vega

Pierre Louÿs (pseudonym—

Pierre Louis)


Photographer of the Himala-

Pierre Nord A n d r é


Pioneer Aeronautical Experi-

yas Samuel Bourne (1834–

mentalist Otto Lilienthal 1912)

Brouillard’s pseudonym

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon P i e r r e

Pioneer Airship Designer

Photographic Pioneer Wi l l -

Ferdinand von Zeppelin iam Henry Fox Talbot


(1838–1917) Photographic Purists A n s e l

Pietermaritzburg South Afri-

can city also called Mar-

Pioneer American Composer

Adams and Edward Weston


William Billings

Eponyms, Nicknames

Pioneer in American Science

Platine States Argentina and Benjamin Franklin

Pisanus Fraxi Herbert Spen-

Uruguay Pioneer of Antisepsis I g n a z

cer Ashbee

Platinum one million (record- Philipp Semmelweis

Pistol Pete P e t e M a r av i c h

ing) copies Pioneer Bacteriologist L o u i s

(basketball player)

Plato (Greek—broad-shoul- Pasteur; Robert Koch

Pitcher Plant Province N ew -


dered)—the famous philoso-

Pioneer of Biblical Criticism

pher’s real name was Aristo- Thomas Paine (1737–1809)

Pitch Lake Trinidad’s asphalt



Pioneer of British Aviation,

Pitch Lake Island Trinidad

Plato’s School the Grove of

Designer, Industrialist

Academe near Athens, later Geoffrey De Havilland

Pitigrilli Dino Segre

referred to by the Romans as (1882–1965)

Pius XII Eugenio Pacelli

Pizza (PIE) Pacific Intermoun-

the Academia

Pioneer of Child Psychoanaly-

Plattensee (German—flat sea, sis Dr Anna Freud

tain Express (stock exchange


level lake)—Hungary’s Lake

Pioneer Dutch Aircraft

Balaton—largest lake in cen- Designer Anthony Fokker

placazos ( M ex i c a n b o r d e r

tral Europe (1890–1939)

Spanish—graffiti originally

Playground of the Middle Pioneer German Aircraft

placartes)—placards or post-

West Indiana Designer H u g o J u n ke r s


Pleasant f o r m e r n a m e o f (1859–1935)

Place of Many Waters Wa l l a

Walla, Washington


Pioneer Heart Surgeon

Place of Plenty Indian name

Pleasure City of the South

Daniel Hale Williams

for what is now Toronto, On-

Seas Sydney, Australia

Pioneer Inventor of Aerial and


Plein-Air Painter Manet

Plejad Swedish class of fast pa- tems Brigadier General

Space Photography Sys-

Place of the Seven Wells

trol boats George Goddard—USAF


Plight of Pizarro d y s e n t e r y Pioneer of Law H a m m u r a b i

Place of the Winds

named for the Spanish con- (1792–1750 B.C.)

Nouakchott in Mauritania on

the coast of West Africa

queror of Peru

Pioneer of Modern Geogra-

Plough-Share City Yo r k , phy Alexander von Hum-

Plague of the Twentieth Cen-

Pennsylvania boldt (1769–1859)

tury AIDS

Plain Joe C a n a d a ’s P r i m e

Plow City Moline, Illinois

Pioneer of Modern Orchestra-

Plucky Pierre Salinger tion Hector Berlioz (1803–

Minister Joe Clark

Plum Sir Pelham Warner; Sir 1869)

plain vanilla c o nve n t i o n a l

PG Wodehouse Pioneer of Oceanography Sir

stock offering

Plains States Nebraska, Mon-

Plumb-line Port to Panama

Charleston, South Carolina Pioneers Pioneer Mountains of

John Murray

tana, Wyoming, Colorado,

(due north of the Panama Ca- Idaho and Montana

Oklahoma, North Dakota,

South Dakota


Pioneer of Technological

Plumed Knight Robert G In- Change Eli Whitney

Plank Island Aberdeen, Wash-

gersoll’s name for James G Pioneer of Two Worlds T h o -


Blaine when nominating him mas Paine

Planner of the New York Pub-

lic Library John Shaw Bill-

for President

Pioneer of University Surgery


Plus Brave des Braves

William Halsted

Plantation State Rhode Island

(French—Bravest of the

Pioneer of Visceral Surgery

Brave)—Napoleon’s nick- Theodor Billroth

whose official title is the State

name for Marshal Ney Piotr (Russian—Peter)—nick-

of Rhode Island and Provi-

Plymouth Rock landing place name for Petersburg, St Pe-

dence Plantations

of the Pilgrims in 1620 in tersburg, Petrograd

Planting Corn Moon f u l l

what is now Plymouth, Mas- Piper Laurie Rosetta Jacobs

moon in May

sachusetts Pippa Philipa; Philippa

Planting Moon Full moon in

Poet of Affection M a r i a n n e Pirandello Stefano Landi


Moore Pirate City Tampa, Florida

Plant Wizard Luther Burbank

plaster of paris white, pow-

Poet of the American Revolu-

Pirate Coast Trucial Coast of

tion Philip Freneau Arabia including Abu Dhabi,

dery gypsum—first prepared

from calcinated gypsum of

Poet of the Body—Poet of the

Soul Walt Whitman’s self- al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and

Ajam, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras

Paris, France

imposed nickname Umm al-Qaiwain

Plateau Continent Africa

Poet of Childhood E u g e n e Pirate of the Gulf Jean Lafi-

Plateglasses ultra-modern style

Field itte

in universities

Plate River Ports B u e n o s

Poet of the Common People

Pirate Port Port Royal, Ja-

James Whitcomb Riley maica 17th century

Aires, Argentina and Montev-

ideo, Uruguay

Eponyms, Nicknames

Poet of Democracy Wa l t

Poor Richard Richard Saun- Whitman

Pola Negri Appolonia Chalu-

ders (pseudonym used by Poet of Despair James Thom-


Benjamin Franklin in writing son

Polar Bear Land the Arctic

Poor Richard’s Amanack) Poet of the Excursion Wi l l -

Polar Star State Maine

Poosh ’Em Up Tony Lazzeri iam Wordsworth

Polaris brightest star in the

(baseball player) Poet of Friendship R o b e r t

constellation of Ursa Minor;

usually called the Pole Star or

Popcorn Capital of the World

Shaller, Iowa Poet from Jersey Wi l l i a m


the Seaman’s Star (Stella

Pop Warner Glenn Warner Carlos Williams of Ruther-

Maris) as within a degree or

Pope of Geneva Calvin’s nick- ford, New Jersey

two it points to true north

name Poet of Harlem L a n g s t o n

Polaris-Poseidon L o c k h e e d

Pope John XXIII A n g e l o Hughes (1902–1967)

submarine-launched missiles

Giuseppe Roncalli Poet of Imperialism Rudyard

Pole Star (see Polaris)

Pope John Paul I Albino Lu- Kipling

Polish City Hamtramck, Mich-

ciani Poet of Individuality Wa l t


Pope John Paul II Karol Woj- Whitman

Polish Ports Nowy Port, Stet-

tyla Poet King Ossian of Ireland

tin, Gdynia, Ustka, Swinouj-

Pope Paul VI Giovanni Bat- Poet Laureate of England Sir


tista Montini John Betjeman

Polish Siberia N owo g r o d e k

southwest of Minsk

Pope of Peppers Dave DeWitt

Poet Laureate of New

Pope Pius XI Achille Ratti England John Greenleaf

Polish Story Teller Isaac Ba-

Pope Pius XII Eugenio Pacelli Whittier

shevis Singer

Polish Town Pa r m a M a r i a .

poppers amyl nitrate (also

Poet Laureate of Venezuela

called amys, pearls, or snap- Irma De Sola Ricardo

Texas—America’s oldest Pol-

pers) Poet of Liberty Johann Chris-

ish settlement

Pops Arthur Fiedler toph Friedrich von Schiller

Polka King Frankie Yankovic

Popular Porter Cole Porter Poet Naturalist Henry David

Polly Mary; Paula; Paulette;

Pori Finnish name for what the Thoreau

Pauline; Pollyanna

Swedes call Björneborg; Po- Poet of Nature Jean Sibelius

Polo Capital of the South

laris operational readiness in- Poet of Passion Ella Wheeler

Aiken, South Carolina

strumentation Wilcox

Pol Pot Saloth Sar

Pork Chop Gang a 1940s con- Poet of the Piano F r é d é r i c

Polygon of Drought northeast

federation of rural Florida Chopin

Brazil along the Rio San

legislators and business lead- Poet of Poets Shelley

Francisco and east of a line

ers Poet Sire of Italy D a n t e

between Bahia and Fortaleza

Pork Dump nickname of Clin- Alighieri

Polynesia (Greek—Many Is-

lands)—the South Pacific

ton Prison near Utica, New

Poets Laureate of the United

York States Robert Penn Warren;

Polynesian Kingdom To n g a

Porkopolis Cincinnati, Ohio Richard Wilbur; Howard

(The Friendly Isles)

Pork Packer Philip D Armour Nemerov; Mark Strand Jo-

Polynesia’s Sacred Isle R a -

Porn Capital of America S a n seph Brodsky; Mona Van

iatea (in the South Pacific

Francisco Duyn; Rita Dove; Robert

west of Tahiti)

Pommy British emigrant to

Portage La Prairie Girls

Hass, Robert Pinsky, Stanley

Correctional Centre for Kunitz

Australia or New Zealand

Pompey Cneius Pompeius;

Women at Portage La Prairie,

Poet of the Subconscious

Manitoba Giovanni Pascoli

nickname of Portsmouth, En-

Portcouver urban corridor from pog milk-bottle cap


Portland, Oregon, to Vancou- Pogo Joe Caldwell (basketball

Pom(s) Prisoner(s) of Mother

ver, British Columbia player)

England [Australian nick-

Porter of Heaven J a n u s t h e Point Coma Point Loma

name for person(s) newly ar-

Two-Faced Poison Ivy Upton Sinclair’s

rived from Great Britain]

Port Everglades Fort Lauder- nickname for publicist Ivy

Pony Express Terminus S a c -

dale, Florida’s port Lee

ramento, California

Portia pen name of Abigail Poitiers formerly Poictiers

Ponzi scheme named for pyra-